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Apr 4 5 tweets 2 min read
We all know #NonVegetarian food & #alcohol are generally prohibited for spiritual seekers. Part of the reason comes from the trifurcation of food into #Satvik, #Rajsik & #Tamsik categories but there's also two very specific instances due to which these are forbidden for Brahmins: Image The first is related to #Agastya Muni who is one of the most celebrated sages of ancient #India. Two demon brothers Ilavala & Vatapi used to invite poor priests to their home for a meal enticing them with freshly cooked lamb, but would end up eating the Brahmin instead..2/5 Image
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A lot of propaganda is spread about the hereditary nature of #castesystem in #Hinduism where professions were supposed to be fixed for families, but do you know none of the #Vedic scriptures mention it as a birth-based phenomenon? Read on for some interesting details.... Image In the verse 9.112 of #Rigveda on various #professions, the young rishi says:

Various are our acts, (various) the #occupations of men; The carpenter desires timber, the physician disease,
The brāhmaṇa a worshipper who effuses Soma;
Flow, Indu for #Indra.... Image
May 25, 2023 6 tweets 7 min read
It took #India 75 years to revive an ancient tradition with the ceremonial sceptre of #Cholas called the #Sengol planned to be used once again as India inaugurates its #newparliament on the 28th of May. Read more about the ancient Indian coronation traditions in the thread.. Image According to #AitareyaBrahmana when a new king assumed power he was sprinkled with the purifying waters of holy rivers while he knelt next to the throne. This tradition was followed from the time of #Manu right upto #Bharat the son of Dushyant & Shakuntala & hero of my 3rd book Image
Dec 19, 2022 5 tweets 8 min read
The #Vedic #PurushSukta is dedicated to the Cosmic Being from whom Creation manifests & serves as the source of Puranic accounts of Lord #Vishnu as the #Cosmic Purush. I have earlier mentioned His 3 Purush #Avatars so sharing some details in this thread, do read till the end 1/5 According to the #Satvata #Tantra the first form is known as #Karanodakshayi #Vishnu, #MahaVishnu or #Narayan who is the cause or 'Kaaran' of our #multiverse. #DeviBhagwat #Puran states that it is impossible to measure how many #Universes emerge from His body pores..2/5