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2 Feb
#UnionBudget2021 opened up! Oppositions claim it to favor some business leaders. However, the reality is that budget tends to benefit each and every individual of India.

Here's what business leaders have to say about the Union Budget!

#Budget2021 #Budget #BudgetSession2021
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1 Feb
Finance Minister
rises to present #Budget2021-'22 in Parliament

Watch the Budget Speech LIVE


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Finance Minister begins #Budget2021 speech by recounting the unprecedented circumstances through which the nation and the world had to go through and recognizing the service rendered by #COVID Warriors during the crucial months of the pandemic #AatmanirbharBharatKaBudget
The total financial impact of all #AatmaNirbharBharat packages, including measures taken by
@RBI , was about Rs 27.1 lakh crore, more than 13% of GDP

- FM @nsitharaman
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10 Jun 20
Niyanta Pandita,the daughter of Ajay Pandita,is an inspiration for a new India,an India where displaced Kashmiri Pandits can return to their homeland.Terrorists killed the only Hindu ‘SARPANCH’ of INC from Anantnag. He was the only Hindu political activist in valley. 1/6
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