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https://t.co/CYpl1VvUto. U of Guelph. Former Director General at David Suzuki Foundation. Scientist working in solidarity w Indigenous Peoples for the conservation of nature
4 May
Too often the only things we read about in western media about Pakistan are stories about corruption & violence, if media covers this beautiful country at all. This 📸 of brown bear in the country's Deosai plateau region brings me such joy.1

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One of my former grad students is from this stunning region. Inshallah I will one day see Pakistan's beautiful wildlife and ecosystems for myself #LoveNature #Fight4Nature
Heartwarming to see such positive response from people to 📸brown bear from Pakistan, including citizens from that beautiful country. I'd love to hear about nature from other similarly under-reported or poorly reported regions of🌍 - Palestine, Syria, Kurdistan, Afghanistan etc.
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4 May
In my humble opinion as someone who has devoted most of their life to conservation, Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas, Indigenous Guardians networks are the most exciting and impactful development in nature conservation in a very very long time.

Important to remember that Indigenous conservation is nothing new. Indigenous Peoples have been stewarding traditional lands & waters for millennia. Colonial Govs and the conservation science and NGO community is finally recognizing its significance, collaboration, support.
Today's @thenarwhalca panel on Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas offers wonderful opportunity for us to learn from Indigenous leaders in conservation and to transition away from colonial conservation models to those that are more effective and just #decolonizeconservation
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3 Feb
There is a crisis in leadership among @bcndp @jjhorgan in making tough (but common sense) decision to cancel #SiteC dam which reporters like @sarahcox_bc have drawn attention to.I'll give you a small personal perspective as scientist working in support of several First Nations 1/
2/ I have testified before Joint Review Panel, published several peer-reviewed studies, advised #BCUC and had informal conversations w @bcndp elected officials on how #SiteC threatens critical ecological resources, that First Nations and others rely upon #naturalcapital 2/
3/ I, others who have tried to engage @bcndp have been met w total silence. They will not engage w critics of #SiteC. I am not naive.This is likely a directive from Premier's Office that caucus is not talk to anyone,choosing to let @jjhorgan make vague talking points instead 3/
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8 Jan 20
One of my wonderful PhD students, Ghanimat Azdahri, was on the plane that crashed in Tehran this morning. Ghanimat was on her way back to @uofg after visiting her family and traditional Indigenous territories in Iran over the December break. The students and I are in so much pain
@uofg Ghanimat was a beloved member of our research group. Her PhD research was devoted to advancing the rights of Indigenous Peoples in conservation and protection of biocultural knowledge. Our @ICCAConsortium colleagues have released a beautiful statement: iccaconsortium.org/index.php/2020…
@uofg @ICCAConsortium 14 other students at Sharif Industrial University (Tehran) perished on flight and there may be other Iranian students studying in Canada who were killed. My heart is breaking at the loss of so many precious young Iranian lives and their potential to make the world a better place.
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28 Apr 19
What I find strange about
eliminating 50 Million Tree program is that it’s exactly type of land stewardship program conservatives should like as it supports volunteer action by landowners rather than impose regulatory req. to plant trees on private property #WINWIN
The PR folks in Premier's Office are claiming that tree planting by the Forest Industry (which is a legal requirement and mostly happens in northern Ontario to reforest logged areas) some how makes up for the elimination of tree planting programs in southern Ontario. It doesn't.
Firstly, the Forest Industry is legally required to re-establish forests on crown lands that they log through tree-planting or other means. 95 % of lands in southern Ontario are privately owned and reforestation regulations don't apply.
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