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Sommige Tesla fans vragen mij wel eens

Ton. Is nou werkelijk álles wat Tesla doet & zegt even lachwekkend onbenullig, behalve voor ScienTeslagy beliebers?

Zeker niet (zeg ik dan)

Héél verstandig van Tesla om te zeggen dat je even niet moet botsen. Nu je gordel kan afbreken .. Image
PS, beste 30.339 mensen in NL die in precies dezelfde 2019 model 3 Tesla uit precies diezelfde fabriek rondrijden.

Als waar ze in China nu elke terughalen. (Net als met al die afgebroken wielophangingen)

Geen zorgen. Bij jullie breken je gordels vast 'niet' af bij een botsing. Image
En .. het vervolg.

De dingen gaan hard nu. Letten we op, beste media in NL die zich niet afvragen waarom er hier niets gebeurt.

Aan bij botsing afbrekende Tesla autogordels?…
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Дугорочни уговори за испоруку литијумског хидроксида, хемикалије која се користи у батеријама, доносе $13,000 по тони на северноамеричком тржишту, док у Кини спот цена лебди на око $23,000 по тони. (подаци из 2017).……
Сличну тржишну цену наводи и други ауторитативни извор по овом питању, "Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin".…
Када помножимо 200 милиона тона званично процењених резерви литијума са ценом од $13,000 по тони, добијамо цифру од 2 трилиона 600 милиона америчких долара као приближну вредност налазишта литијума #Јадар код Лознице.
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I genuinely believe MATs could play a key role in innovating the #SEND system. This is a biased view.
MATs already lead the way on many areas of innovation in schools - curriculum, assessment, teacher training, school improvement /2
Some of the Directors of #SEND and #Inclusion I know are really experienced and dedicated leaders and they work alongside heads trying to do their best. People like @Nic_Crossley1 and @simontanner_SEN - there are many others /4
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🔷#WINWIN fanart
cr 4DSC春卷 ImageImageImage
🔷#WINWIN fanart
cr 4DSC春卷 Image
🔷#WINWIN fanart
cr 4DSC春卷 Image
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#2NE1 Image
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📌LJ video selection 📹🎞️📽️ for first Sunday of the year.


..... loading
@EllyKaruhanga 📌 2⃣ How to speak at a political rally #MILTON OBOTE

#Politics 🇺🇬

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@Wandaspangler2 @SunshineTheGrey @cureworks I'm using a Hemp rope. ? Did they think I got off the bus yesterday?
@Wandaspangler2 @SunshineTheGrey @cureworks @Ally bank forced me to sell shares below @NYSE listed prices for my @PlugPowerInc shares. I tried numerous times and took #screenshots for my records >…
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not to spoil a green party, but does Blackrock still own shares of agribusinesses Bunge Limited and ADM, allegedly linked to Amazon deforestation?
US agribusiness greenwashing strategies in Brazil quite something:
1. Sign Amazon Soy Moratorium in 2006, committing not to purchase from farmers destroying Amazon.
2. Move operations to Cerrado, neighbouring ecosystem, slash & burn there, reject calls for Cerrado Soy Moratorium Image
3. When investors threaten to divest, hide behind Amazon Soy Moratorium and remind them Bolsonaro and Brazilian farmers serious about destroying it. #winwin Image
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@AdrianBarbon y @CarolinaDarias La semana pasada fue cesada del @GobAsturias una brillante funcionara interina con dilatada experiencia y demostrada capacidad para el desempeño de su trabajo.
Abro hilo...
Afortunadamente para ella, esta ya ex compañera fue ayer fichada por una empresa de BigData y en adelante trabajará en Bruselas. Esa empresa se beneficiará de la experiencia laboral en el @GobAsturias y de la formación adquirida en el @iaapAsturias.
Esa valía se va y con ella su familia. Tres niños pequeños y un marido freelance, que abandonan esta tierra. Éxodo y fuga de cerebros. Leyenda urbana. ¿Puede Asturias seguir permitiéndose esto, Sr @AdrianBarbon?
#FijezaYA #ContigoYLosTuyos
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Jetzt in Zeiten der #Corona-Krise sehen wir noch klarer, warum Arbeitnehmer und insbesondere Eltern ein Recht auf #HomeOffice bzw. auf mobiles Arbeiten brauchen, denn es gibt ihnen ein Stück Selbstbestimmung über ihr Leben und verbessert die Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Beruf.
Wenn ich mir anschaue, was meine Mitarbeiter im @TeamEsken und im WBH der @spdde derzeit von zu Hause aus leisten, dann muss ich sagen: Das ist eine absolute #winwin-Situation. @hubertus_heil liegt völlig richtig mit seinem Vorschlag, einen Rechtsanspruch daraus zu entwickeln.
Ich verstehe nicht, warum Arbeitgeber den Rechtsanspruch als Belastung der unternehmerischen Freiheit ablehnen und #mobilesArbeiten lediglich zugunsten der betrieblichen Flexibilität akzeptieren wollen. Partnerschaftlich können beide Seiten profitieren!…
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just keep going yr awesome @econbrkfst
get us all killed

yr not my cult leader.
yr not my cover story.
yr not my vladimir putin, not my chinese communist party.
you are one human being, with no humility

trying to bully people to death
and please do not target ayaan hirsi ali

for more death threats.

she has been living under death threat since 2004. this is not funny. show some respect and go educate yourself, b4 you make so many gross assumptions.…
do not incite your Violent Mob
against me.
Cease your Misogyny
your Transmisogyny against me.

This is an intervention, for nonviolence. and yes i will de-escalate Farley.
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A packed room for our Urbanising in Place workshop at @organiclea on Land, Soils & Nutrients!
Graeme Willis from @CPRE kicking us off with some facts about the importance of soils ... something so fundamental to life that we rarely speak of - other than as ‘dirt’
We have started to realise that we need to care for the quality of our air and water - we need the same awareness about soils
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Apparently, I never knew we have more than 5 Locally packaged Rice in Nigeria until yesterday and that alone makes it interesting.
I made a funny tweet yesterday, so others showed us the Local Rice in numbers: Ayam shook
Govt closed border & as expected, Local men & women shouted & cried & abused the Govt.
Lo and behold, it's like the Govt we abused was correct on this PARTICULAR STEALTH OPERATION....Copy that, C-in-C you are correct.
Border closure don reduce smuggling!…
Remember when CBN announced the FX restriction on importation of milk & the OMNI-KNOWING errconomists on twitter were crying on twitter....
Wait o, how many people dey even drink imported milk for Naija, why e come be say na Local men come dey cry pass?…
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🎞: Ilford Delta 3200

by choi jiwoong

🎞: Fuji Pro400H & Kodak Portra 400
📷: Contax G2, Hasselblad 500C (probably) with Vivitar soft focus filter

The photographer who was in charge for NCT127’s Regular-Irregular album and WayV’s debut album just posted these pics 💚

#winwin #윈윈 #엔시티 #nct127_regular_irregular
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Mega #Forestry day today in #Hexham ... 👍
A thread on #trees, forestry, #jobs, #climatechange, #environment + so much more:
- start with thanks to @EGGER_UK + @John_Forestry for hosting @treechampion + #Defra Forestry Minister @DavidRutley + many more 1/ Image
#Egger provides over 650 jobs in Hexham + is the largest, + probably best, private sector employer in #Northumberland. Staff are understandably v proud of this family owned business. Great for #Forestry Minister @DavidRutley to meet, support and talk to them 2/ Image
David was here to convene a round table to listen + address:
- #Forestry industry opportunities
- challenges
- discuss an action plan for the way ahead
- getting the many arms of #Defra working together to get more trees planted 3/ Image
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Mini thread/rant about anthropocentrism in comparative communication: an increasing pet peeve of mine is our tendency to explore other species communication as it relates to ours through a human lens e.g. most studies are on vocal communication b/c of our speech bias 1/n
But we have to do this right, much easier to get that grant if we chuck 'evolution of language' in somewhere right? I don't think so. Studying species communication from the perspective of the species using it 1. allows us to explore awesome species specific capacities AND... 2/n
Critically, if we do it properly we'll understand what is meaningfully (rather than superficially) similar or different about human & other species. We can be anthropocentric about the question (if that's what rocks your world), but it's crucial that we're not in our methods 3/n
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What I find strange about
eliminating 50 Million Tree program is that it’s exactly type of land stewardship program conservatives should like as it supports volunteer action by landowners rather than impose regulatory req. to plant trees on private property #WINWIN
The PR folks in Premier's Office are claiming that tree planting by the Forest Industry (which is a legal requirement and mostly happens in northern Ontario to reforest logged areas) some how makes up for the elimination of tree planting programs in southern Ontario. It doesn't.
Firstly, the Forest Industry is legally required to re-establish forests on crown lands that they log through tree-planting or other means. 95 % of lands in southern Ontario are privately owned and reforestation regulations don't apply.
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And this, kids, is why Sanctuary Cities exist. Police in such cities get more trust & thus cooperation from immigrants (both documented and non) &are therefore better able to solve crimes & put bad guys away, making those cities safer for everyone.

#WinWin #NotADifficultConcept
We all know how much trump hates Sanctuary Cities,& how much ICE & CBP hate them, too.

WELL, GREAT NEWS FOR AWFUL PEOPLE: ICE has figured out a way to get around the whole state's rights/schmates schmites felgercarb &really stick it to those immigrants!…
What they're gonna do, see, is train local and state cops as Warrant Service Officers for one whole day, thus making them complicit in the whole "rounding up of immigrants and holding them for ICE" thing, despite whatever negative effects it WILL have on local communities.
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Just thinking while unloosing the caboose:

Wouldn’t it be great if colleges and universities ( in sanctuary cities) make some dorm rooms available and create a 90 day English and skills program for all the immigrants trump will dump at their cities soon?
#SanctuaryCities #winwin
I think i am going to run with this.
While hiring a ton of down on their luck veterans who have labor skills ( mechanics, engineers, electricians...)

We can 501 (c) this.

@AltHomelandSec @AltWHKitchen @AltNatSecAgency @AltDIA
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« Les trains circulent à vide ! C’est un problème. »

Petit thread sur un argument qui n’aime ni les trains ni le climat.⬇️

(Photo: André Knoerr… )
L’officine patronale AvenirSuisse sonne la charge : les trains sont vides. (En langage techno « Des capacités inutilisées dans les transports en commun ».)…
Les chiffres semblent impressionnant :

« le taux d’occupation des sièges des CFF est de 32% seulement pour les longs trajets et de 20% pour le trafic régional. »

Et ils sont à peu près vrais (en 2017, d’après les CFF : 31,2% et 22,4% respectivement )…
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Kicking-off #EMTA meeting sessions.
Great introduction given by @jaume_mateu, let’s enjoy!
#publictransport #sustainablemobility
New Regional Master Plan in the #BalearicIslands is willing to overturn #transportation planning from traffic to #mobility management.
"If you plan cities for cars and traffic, you get cars and traffic. If you plan for people and places, you get people and places". Fred Kent.
The last 16 years of planning and transportation management has been nearly useless to reduce private motorized vehicle trips mode share. It's time to change if we want to keep living on this precious islands.
Push and pull policies need to be implemented in the short term.
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1/ TWEETSTORM about #Wyoming’s BIG REVEAL. This is long & info-packed, so buckle in. My native state is about to do bigger things for #blockchain, & the sector is about to pay Wyoming back big-time. Win-win! @Tyler_Lindholm @SenatorDriskill @TraceMayer @ForbesCrypto
3/ New bill 2 parts. 1-Digital asset custody via #SEC #CustodyRule wld create first true #QualifiedCustodian for digital assets (for investors who by law can’t self-custody). 2-Defines property rights for digital assets—doing something HUGELY IMPT for #bitcoin/virtual currencies
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Un nuevo libro sobre la mesa "La economía WTF, el futuro que nos espera y por qué depende de nosotros" de @timoreilly Inicio nuevo hilo 👇…
Hay factores que empiezan a ser una constante en textos de innovación y futuro. La llegada de la IA, un nuevo mercado laboral y un sinfín de cambios que de una u otra manera ya están aquí. La clave es como los utilizemos para generar un futuro mejor 😉
El mapa no es el territorio.- Alfred Korzybski
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