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1/ About white privilege, checking one's privilege and what to do with it

Brazil is a predominantly brown country, considered to rank the highest or very high in the miscigenation rate
2/ Genetically, it still has European predominance (pretty mixed and browned):…
3/ Our Europeans, however, have strong Middle Eastern roots:
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If I were to become pregnant, my life would be at risk, and I would choose an #abortion. I lost two years of my life after the birth of my second son because the hormones it takes to create human life make me lose my mind.1/14

#ExForcedBirth #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #PPD
I became crippled with fear, and my thoughts were dark. The thoughts told me I needed to die. They told me this all day long. It took every bit of strength I had to fight them. I could barely leave my house. For. Two. Years. 2/14
I had 2 sons, ages 4 yrs. and newborn. I fought hard to stay alive for them. The energy it took to fight my own brain in order to stay alive took so much out of me; I didn't have much left over to give to them. I kept them alive. It was the best I could do. They deserved more.3/
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Are tax payers aware of the political propaganda being pushed on students at @OregonState? This thread provides a small sample of what you’ll find on campus. Are you at another institution & encounter similar things? Email or DM me.
.@OregonState’s diversity office spends resources on a series of “social justice retreats” for students & faculty. Earlier this year, there was one that seeks to remake “white identity” centered around how to become an activist against white privilege.
In Tabeau Hall at @OregonState, there is a big display about the “Myth of Reverse Racism” that explains white privilege, oppression, etc. It says reverse racism can “perhaps” only happen if whites were enslaved & lynched today in the US and West.
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People in modern Progressive America are now so woke, they are self-segregating themselves.

"I'm so woke I just can't ever possibly even date someone from a different race."

I'm having so much fun watching this.
Who knew that interracial dating/marriages were really just another insidious form of #WhitePrivilege? 🤷‍♂️
Soon Progressive white people will only be able to eat white food, dress white, marry and date white, listen to white music and vote for white politicians.

Because hey, white guilt will compel them to.
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Angelic, Backpacker!
Disgusting choice of photo of a white, blond child instead of a mass murdering terrorist.

Whitewashing white supremacy brought us here.
Looks like many more muslims, jews & black folks have to die before hate spewing islamophobes are taken off the pedastal.
For those in denial of #WhitePrivilege...
Either call them all "gunmen" or all "terrorists" @nytimes
via @KhaledBeydoun
Of course the UK press has been paving the way for hate, radicalization and MURDER for years.

Attackers who happen to be Muslim have caused a fraction of the mayhem in comparison with their (mostly Christian) #WhiteSupremacists
via @OmarWaraich
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#Roseanne said President Trump loves the Jewish people and has a Jewish daughter and grandchildren and declared that is why they hate him. (1) #Trump #POTUS #TrumpLovesTheJewishPeople #JewishDaughter #JewishGrandchildren #TDS #TrumpDerangementSyndrome #JewHate
#Roseanne also addressed the thousands of years war against the Jewish people that rises again every 70 years. She said BDS is the current incarnation of that war. (2) #AntiSemitism #Genocide #DestructionofJewishPeople #DestructionofJewishState #Holocaust #70YearCycle #BDS
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Is there really a “fuller picture” or are y’all just twisting yourselves into knots trying to sugarcoat blatant racism and White rage per usual?
Here’s a novel suggestion: if you don’t want your life ruined by public vilification because you behaved like a fucking racist in public, DON’T behave like a fucking racist in public.
Y’all elected this racist farce, it’s way too fucking late in the game for you to be too ashamed of yourselves to face the inevitable consequences.
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This is what #WhitePrivilege looks like. Also, what issues are more important than issues of equity and justice?
☝🏽 Ts, next time you find yourself tempted to hate on social media & share this opinion w/Ss, know that for many Ss, social media can actually be a place where marginalized groups can find each other & be heard—that it’s perhaps even a safe space, safer than some of our clsrms.
And if you don’t already, follow @deray @MsPackyetti @samswey about the relationship btwn social media and activism, and for everything else they share. :)
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I always bring this up when *certain* ppl wanna ask why Black American communities won't pull themselves up from their bootstraps. REPEATEDLY successful Black communities were purposefully destroyed by direct violence or intentional policy. Ppl don't know history.
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Settlers act like its oppression when you ask them not to use a few words because they are slurs. They act oppressed when you tell them not to dress as your culture when they have created endless media with majority White characters to be. #WhitePrivilege
This attorney was a speaker at my law school & his speech was The Left’s War on Free Speech. He talked about milo yiannopoulos getting punched & The Bell Curve author getting banned. Meanwhile, the right is passing laws to ban ethnic studies & to criminalize protesting.
That attorney was talking about individuals, but ignoring systemic encroachment on freedom of speech directed at BIPOC. I called him out of it. He didn’t hear about the law they tried to pass in North Dakota saying you get off for “accidentally” running over protestors.
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@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz Uhhhh...
Wait what?
White dudes, calm DOWN.

"Everyone" doesn't "hate you."

But societally, you're experiencing something new that many other people are used to but you haven't had to deal with.

Let me explain.
">" Means "to be continued"
@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz When I, as a Black man, read about a reprehensible crime being committed, at my core, all my brain starts repeating is


@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz It's a visceral, illogical fear that strikes me because I know if the perp IS, the media (esp @foxnews, etc), #maga, and even some "good" folks will (or may) ingest that news and think it's the group (Inc me) and not just a person.

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So let's break down this newly unsealed complaint charging Russian national Elena Alekseevna Khusyanova with conspiracy to defraud the United States, shall we? Here we go:
Prosecutors claim Elena Alekseevna Khusyanova was the chief accountant who managed the books of an online troll farm that was tasked with promoting disinformation and disrupting the U.S. political system.
The operation was known as Project Lakhta, which according to FBI Special Agent David Holt's affidavit, has been ongoing since at least 2014. She managed a budget of $35M. Where did all this $ come from?
Known Putin associate and oligarch Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin.
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20 y/o Anderson drugged, choked & violently raped a fellow student at Baylor University. A grand jury indicted him on 4 counts of sexual assault. McLennan County DA dropped the charges in exchange for a plea to 1 count of unlawful restraint. /1
He will receive only three years unajudicated probation, fined $400, and will not have to register as a sex offender.

Judge Ralph Strother could still reject the plea. If he does, Anderson could withdraw his no-contest plea and a trial would likely be scheduled. /2
The survivor did everything one is supposed to do. She reported the crime. She underwent a hospital exam. She was prepared to go to trial. But her rapist could walk free. /3
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I'm taking a class this term in #ReproductiveJustice and I have got to say, it's really eye opening how narrowly we look at it as a society. Almost all of the focus is on abortion (currently the hot button issue in #Oregon) but there is so SO much more to it!
From my own personal experience as an advocate for #ReproRights this course has forced me to step back and come to terms with how "white" my views have been and how even when focusing on access to reproductive options, it's been a focus on white middle class women. 2/n
Even during times when the focus was on people of color, the solutions that were given used white cis women as the standard. When talking about poverty, it was the poverty of white cis women. Access? Same thing. People of color were often an afterthought. 3/n
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Les problèmes de pansements ou de cheveux "afro" ne sont pas du cru de Madame #Diallo. Ces idées sont loin d'être originales et nous viennent du concept américain de #WhitePrivilege ou #PrivilegeBlanc.

#thread ⤵️
L'idée de #WhitePrivilege est vieille de plus de 80 ans : en 1935 William Edward Burghardt Du Bois théorisait déjà l'existence d'un « salaire psychologique » qui aurait permis à un travailleur blanc pauvre de se sentir supérieur à un travailleur noir pauvre.
Mais la plus célèbre théoricienne du #PrivilegeBlanc est Peggy McIntosh, une activiste féministe qui en 1988, à l'age de 54 ans, décida de lister privilèges dont elle avait profité au cours de sa vie, selon elle du simple fait d'être une Blanche.
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Randy Bryce (@IronStache), a history of lawless behavior & arrests:

Arrested in WI for marijuana possession, property damage, trespassing & theft in 1991.

OUI/DUI in MI in 1998, resulting in a suspended license & warrant for failure to appear in court.…
When Randy finally showed for his OUI/DUI in Michigan court FIVE YEARS LATER, he was sentenced to 65 days in jail, which the judge suspended for four days of community service and a $850 fine. #WhitePrivilege
During those 5 years of fleeing Michigan justice, Randy was arrested 3 times for driving in Wisconsin on a suspended license (Sept '98, Oct '00, Jan '03), resulting in another warrant and subsequent arrest for failure to appear in court (Feb '01).
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#AndrewSullivan has been a contrarian conservative transplant for decades now.
Pro-Bush, pro-Bell Curve, #misogynist to the core.
His latest screed is an embarrassment to @NYMag, which reps some stellar writers. There's so much awful to excerpt here.
We're at a racial crossroads in America right now. Some of us white people have tried to write about it with passion and humility. Not #AndrewSullivan, who refers back to the atavism of 1920s xenophobia and racism with an appallingly anti-intellectual lack of self-awareness.
This latest screed is a paean to white male fragility. The bluster and outrage #AndrewSullivan reserves for #SarahJeong is typical of his sneering, superior form of racist baiting with a hefty dollop of misogyny folded in.

It's essential to decry such writing when we see it.
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If another young, Black gay man overdoses or worse dies at Democratic donor Ed Buck’s apartment it’s going to be the fault of the sheriff’s dept and L.A. District Atty for not stopping him when they had the opportunity to. #GemmelMoore #Justice4Gemmel
If the roles had been reversed and Ed Buck had died and Gemmel Moore had lived—and there were 24 syringes, meth, cocaine, other drugs and paraphernalia visible to the police I guarantee you Gemmel wouldn’t have been able to talk his way out of it like Buck did. #whiteprivilege
For those who are confused about why we believe Ed Buck injected Gemmel Moore with meth, please read Gemmel’s journal.
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“If I were still at the I.R.S., based on the lawsuit, I would make a criminal referral, on charges of tax evasion or false statements on a tax return, or both.” #trumpFoundation

BTW, these are felonies.…
Here’s FindLaw explanation…
“The government could anchor a tax evasion and false statement case upon the multiple instances of self-dealing”
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Thread: things #white people are accused of doing wrong. Sometimes it's not even about doing, it's simply about white people being.





#WhiteDomain #WhitesStole

And no doubt more along the way..
"Is your spin class too...white?" 🤔

#TooManyWhitePeople #WhatToDo?
The unbearable whiteness of cycling..." 😬

#TooManyWhites #WhatToDo?
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1. At Indian Social Institute, Benson Town, Bangalore, a group of white Americans was asking Indians to leave lunch room & sit separately in adjacent room. A friend, who was staying there, yelled at them: "How dare u do this in India?" Stunned Americans apologised. @BlrCityPolice
2. This happened at 1pm, February 13. Indian Social Institute is a Christian run organisation so the Americans may have been part of a church group. They were occupying the main dining room where catering was going on. Indians were asked to take their food and leave.
3. There was a couple sitting in the adjacent room. When my friend asked why they were sitting separately, they said: "We are black, they are white." They later said they were Goan Christians.
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1) Today's story is called The Brink.

They never thought she'd lose, now we understand the #NWO plan to destroy America, see 1991 Bush I vid. Obama took over the process from Bush II and embarked on an 8 year wrecking ball. #QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS
2) For years rogue operatives have been getting installed. Shadow government/#DeepState. All centers of #Government. Controlled by the wealthiest on the planet, most rogue was the CIA. Goal was complete control to dismantle. Check Out Barry's Book: Post American World #QAnon
3) The systematic leaking of classified intel was everywhere, so was exposure of #military assets. Instead if de-funding military (bad optics), you starve thru corruption. Notice #Mattis has a massive audit of DOD? Think why.……
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