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8 Jul
THREAD On 6 July 2020 I issued proceedings in the High Court naming ADRIAN YALLAND (a Middle Temple student) as the Defendant. On 3 July 2020 I was presented with evidence (by a solicitor) proving the involvement of Yalland, Dr Louise Moody, and a social affairs commentator ..(1)
In a WhatsApp chat group called ‘Operation Nine Iron’. The group focused on sharing information about me, which was then subsequently used on a well known website of harassment and hate to abuse, harass, and intimidate me. Yalland, Moody, and the “commentator” were all involved.
Adrian Yalland, Louise Moody, and the “commentator” shared images of my friends and me. They harvested social media profiles of the mother of my recently deceased cousin. The group chat was full of homophobic and transphobic abuse. All this whilst an injunction was in force.
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21 Jun
I owe Maria MacLachlan an apology. Maria points out that she was not stalking my Facebook profile at 3am but rather that it was at ‘About 2am’. Maria also wishes to clarify she was helping a “friend” ascertain whether there were photographs of me on my FB as woman.
Maria MacLachlan also wishes to clarify that she had been drinking some wine and had “accidentally” sent me an FB friend request. She also feels it is my fault for having an FB profile in public. Any similarities with her behaviour to cyberstalking are purely conincidential.
I thank Maria MacLachlan for her mea culpa but point out that my FB is in no way “public” but highly restricted to friends and family, and not random stalkers seeking to abuse, harass, and defame. There are photos of me as a woman Maria because (oddly enough) I am a woman.
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17 Feb
One of the odd aspects of R v #Scottow was the involvement of Adrian Yalland. Initially very much part of her 'team' there was a spectacular fall out involving Joani Walsh. Yalland has emerged as a lawyer offering his legal experience in support of gender critical women.
However, Yalland's legal credentials are of some 'interest'. Adrian has no practising certificate and appears to have been a law student as recently as 2018/2019. The @middletemple has an 'Adrian Yalland' listed as Vice-President of their Students Association in October 2019.
Adrian Yalland was today asked by me to confirm whether or not he had been called to the Bar. He refused to answer my question. On the face of it Yalland was but a student of the Bar Professional Training Course whilst telling the world he was an experienced lawyer. #Scottow
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28 Mar 19
PLEASE RT: Statement about Graham Linehan. Following discussions between the parties I can confirm that I have discontinued the High Court claim against Linehan.
On 22 March 2019 Linehan’s solicitors requested that I discontinued the legal action against him. A request was made to share the costs of the action on a 50/50 basis. This request was rejected by me.
Considering that Linehan had not repeated his conduct towards me I was happy to offer a ‘drop hands’ settlement on the basis that Linehan was responsible for 100% of his legal costs. It was made clear that Linehan’s conduct towards me was inappropriate on any analysis.
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18 Dec 18
PLEASE RT: STATEMENT on Interim Injunction obtained from High Court of Justice. Today 18 December 2018 I was awarded an interim injunction prohibiting the Respondent from misgendering me, making any reference to me on social media, dead naming me, sharing information about me.
The application was heard before Jason Coppel QC sitting as a Deputy Judge of the High Court and was 'on notice'. The injunction will remain in force until trial or further order and applies to the Respondent or anyone acting on the Respondent's behalf or with encouragement.
At this time I will not be formally naming the Respondent due to an ongoing criminal investigation; however, I can confirm that it is the same person who was arrested by Hertfordshire Police on 1 December 2018; i.e. a 38 year old female from the Hitchin area.
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1 Dec 18
Positive news regarding the #harassment I have received in recent weeks from #transgender hostile "feminists". Tonight I have been informed by Hertfordshire Police that they arrested a 38 year old woman from the Hitchin area on suspicion of harassment and malicious communications
Following an interview whilst in custody the suspect has now been released under investigation whilst further evidence is gathered from seized electronic devices #transgender #harassment
In due course a report will be submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service with a view to charging the suspect with harassment and malicious communications. #transgender #harassment
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6 Oct 18
PLEASE RT: I want to say something about recent matters involving West Yorkshire Police, Norfolk Constabulary and me #transgender #harassment

On 2 October 2018 I attended the HQ of Norfolk Constabulary to give a statement in connection with allegations of harassment (1)
I spent 5 hours providing a statement and evidence in connection with the well publicised allegations made by me to the Police concerning #transphobia. Norfolk Constabulary then liaised with West Yorkshire Police to decide how best to deal with this matter (2) #transgender
Following discussions between West Yorkshire Police and me I expressed my view that my preference was for the Police to take proportionate and swift action to make clear that #transgender #harassment was unacceptable. I made clear my preference was for a harassment warning (3)
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1 Oct 18

London, Monday 1 October 2018

STEPHANIE HAYDEN SUES FATHER TED CREATOR GRAHAM LINEHAN following 5 days of targeted #harassment and a defamatory article in #TheTimes

#transgender #Law #Legal (1)
#GRAHAMLINEHAN (GL) On 26 September 2018 GL retweeted (republished) a series of defamatory and harassing tweets made by an anonymous Twitter troll account known for targeting #transgender women for #harassment. (2)
In doing so GL magnified the audience of the troll account from the hundreds to the hundreds of thousands. Within those tweets were photographs of Hayden, her family, and her friends. (3) #transgender
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