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Here is how you can start securing links from day 1 of working with a new client 🧵
1. Introduce your client as an expert to relevant journalists. Send over a simple email explaining what area your client is an expert in, as well as highlight any interesting data & insights. This is a simple tactic I love and has journalists coming to you directly with requests.
2. Utilise existing blog content. Lots of clients have a goldmine of PR material on their blog and they don’t even know it! When working with new clients, I always head straight to their blog. This tactic has had us landing national & relevant links for clients on day 1!
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I need the record to show the way
The State of Florida
treats me, a queer disabled woman
who is also cyborg,
thus gender nonconforming
bc cyborg is not gendered

#LetTheRecordShow #DisabilityTwitter
I am employed by @floridastate

On November 8, 2022, an employee of FSU kissed me WITHOUT MY CONSENT in front of another employee of FSU in the parking lot of Gaines Street Pies
This is called battery. I am a tenured, Associate Professor at FSU, and I am not okay with battery committed against me by a colleague in my Department.

Here is the police report about the battery: 2023-90000198

@TDOnline @WCTV @mycbs4 @abc27
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For years Tate and others have radicalised men/boys into believing masculinity is about control and abuse.

We mock them and they become a 'joke' to us
We denounce them because we're angry

But what we *think* about them doesn't change much, because what they're doing *works* 🧵
I've met teachers who had male students come into classes refusing to learn from 'women' because they 'don't know anything'. Later, Tate's name was mentioned one group of boys who were parroting these sexist lines.
I've met parents who found out their son's were listening to podcasts by men that framed success as controlling women. They were terrified that their son's seemed exactly the same around the dinner table, but were deeply engaged with misogynistic ideas in private.
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NEW: Amazon workers at the BRS2 Site in Swindon have staged a walkout. I'm told workers at the BHX5 site in Rugby have also staged a walkout. Likely there will be more walkouts at other sites tonight as the dispute over pay escalates further.
Unofficial strike action began last week at the LCY2 Site in Tilbury over a proposed 35p pay rise described as 'insulting' and 'inadequate'. Across a number of sites, workers have been staging sit-ins in canteens in protest. A significant number have joined the GMB union.
NEW: Amazon workers at the LBA4 Site in Doncaster have now started a sit-in within the canteen over the current pay proposals.
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As we mark the start of
#SouthAsianHeritageMonth, I'm delighted to be able to start conducting oral history interviews for my public history project. I'm interested in speaking to South Asians involved in anti-racist organising and industrial disputes in the late 20th century.
I hope to record these oral history interviews and transcribe them for public record. These will feature on a publicly accessible online archive which will be up and running next year. Please do get in touch if you can connect me with people worth speaking to. #journorequest
If you know anyone who was involved in any of the following please do get in touch:

Indian Workers' Associations
Bolton Asian Youth Organisation
Newham Monitoring Project
Southall Youth Movement
Blackburn Asian Youth Movement
Afia Begum Campaign/Sari Squad
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I need your help. I'm making a short doc about the barriers to female participation in cricket.

1) What are the biggest obstacles (often teenage) girls in cricket face?

2) What changes could be made to make it more inclusive?

Please RT! #journorequest
@HGTCricket Any help spreading the word much appreciated!
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Working on SEO for a nonprofit or charity? Here are 13 tips to boost organic traffic ✍️
1. Keep your website user-friendly and in good SEO health

Ensure your website’s technical fundamentals are sound—you don't want your SEO efforts hindered in the long run. Try using our free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools to monitor your website’s SEO health:
2. Get listed in directories and articles about nonprofit organizations

Keywords related to nonprofits and charities can be extremely competitive. Your best chance of being included in that top 10 is to get listed on the pages that rank.
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EXC: Bombshell govt study finds nuclear test veterans were more likely to die, and more likely to get cancer.

This blows apart 70 years of official denial.

Full story here:… Image
Main findings:

* HALF the crew of HMS Diana, ordered twice to sail through fallout in 1956, died from tumours
* Atomic scientists were SEVEN times more likely to kill themselves
* RAF decontamination crews were FIVE times more likely to die from leukaemia
* There were more cancers than deaths, meaning some veterans have fought multiple malignancies
* And despite @DefenceHQ claims servicemen were well-protected, 77% were not checked for radiation, + clean-up workers were both unmonitored, and more likely to die from blood cancer.
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Fascinating to see the same public authority that have been telling me I've done a fantastic job, CEO of the same organisation now calls me "rude and aggressive" when I raise legitimate policy concerns about staff being ORDERED back to the office!! @Brent_Council @DawnButlerBrent
My contract as a manager was terminated without any warning, despite the fact that I had already resigned! I needed to work my notice, to make sure that the 4 staff I managed were all OK. Here's the irony, I doubt they would have had the guts to do this, had I been in the office!
I had to fight tooth and nail just to get my notice paid. It wouldn't have surprised me if they accused me of gross misconduct, but luckily I think they realised that they didn't have a leg to stand on, thank God! I am also still chasing them for numerous days in lieu from Xmas!
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Link building tactics that aren't "dead"

🤝 Guest posting
🔗 Unlinked mentions

Here's how to do these the right way 👇
I chose these three because:

• they're relatively easy to do
• there are tools that help make these easier to do
• they all add value (probably the most important factor)
FYI, this is part two of my mega thread from last week (I'd recommend reading this one first):
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Studies overseas show that omicron puts pressure on emergency and ward level care, rather than ICU. Staff are being redeployed from ICU to wards and ED.

So looking at ICU is exactly the wrong place to look.

Please find an advisor that tells you these things.
It’s obvious if you think about it. A disease that causes less respiratory symptoms and shorter stay, but in larger numbers, is going to impact ward level care and emergency the hardest.

Other pressure point to watch is potentially PICU.
#journorequest please focus on the above areas for questioning. Please do not accept “low deaths” and “low ICU” as the end of the story.

Omicron is different, and it is stressing the hospital in different ways.

Also, long COVID. The massive elephant in the room…
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So many people here. So many masks. We will uplift them all :) #HumDekhenge #HumanRights 🇮🇳♥️
Bangalore police will do literally anything but not ensure safety of women and artists in the city. Last night I called various helplines, shared my address and live location, but nobody believed, nobody came to rescue. #HumanRights #MeToo #MenTellAll @BlrCityPolice @CPBlr
I am at @BLRAirport, leaving the city and #Karnataka because the govt, authorities failed to ensure my safety despite multiple requests. Story out this week. Stay tuned. #JournalismIsNotACrime #journorequest Women in B’lore, if you have a similar story to share, please DM. TIA🇮🇳
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Got a story? Want to start #PR?

Here's how to build a list of media people or influencers most likely to be interested.

I do PR campaigns for clients.

This is what I do. Every time.


1. Why are you putting this into the world? Be clear on this. Get to the emotional, moral or important reason.
2. Why now?
3. You're a business. Who are your target clients? (we'll use this later).

Where do you want to be covered? Global audience? UK only? 50 mile radius around your business?

Would people in different countries be interested?
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Happy Friday!

I thought I’d share a list of all the useful tools I’ve collected throughout the years. Hefty thread incoming...

🔥 Here’s a list of 80 - yep, EIGHTY - tools, websites, and extensions to up your digital PR and content game 🔥
I’ve grouped the various tools, extensions and websites into different categories:

🎨 Creative
📊 Data visualisation
💭 Inspiration
🗒️ Notes / Project Management
📝 Organisation
📧 Outreach
🖥️ Research
🧰 Tools
🎨 @figmadesign - To leave feedback/comment on designs and mock ups
🎨 @photopeacom - A lot like Photoshop!
🎨 @unsplash - For deck imagery, you can sort by landscape and portrait which is helpful
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I'm writing an article on how disabled people are treated when it comes to life saving medical treatment, and I'm looking to speak to people with lived experience (for example, have you been made low priority or refused life-saving treatment?). DMs are open! #JournoRequest
The piece will use the recent news around DNRs being forced on people with learning disabilities as a springboard for a conversation on how disabled lives are valued differently to abled lives, and how the pandemic has shed light on an already existing issue.
It will discuss things like transplant lists, and how neurodivergent people can be refused a place on it because of their neurodivergence, and the blocking of ventilators and other potentially life saving care for people based on pre-existing disability.
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If you have been diagnosed with #coronavirus #COVIDー19 and feel you are able to come on our programme tomorrow to tell people in a straightforward, public service kind of way what it’s like, plse DM me - my DMs are always open #journorequest
we interviewed this US citizen who had it, on March 6.…
obviously via FaceTime/Skype
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London, Monday 1 October 2018

STEPHANIE HAYDEN SUES FATHER TED CREATOR GRAHAM LINEHAN following 5 days of targeted #harassment and a defamatory article in #TheTimes

#transgender #Law #Legal (1)
#GRAHAMLINEHAN (GL) On 26 September 2018 GL retweeted (republished) a series of defamatory and harassing tweets made by an anonymous Twitter troll account known for targeting #transgender women for #harassment. (2)
In doing so GL magnified the audience of the troll account from the hundreds to the hundreds of thousands. Within those tweets were photographs of Hayden, her family, and her friends. (3) #transgender
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#journorequest @ILGAEurope (thread):

There are documented cases from Germany that in the 80ies and 90ies custody rights were withdrawn from lesbian mums because of their sexuality – especially in divorce proceedings.
From summer on a scientific research project in Germany will for the first time in history examine these cases. As an LGBT*-journalist @BuzzFeedNewsDE I would like to cover this topic from the journalistic side.
#journorequest @ILGAEurope
Is this a national or international matter, what was its scope and how did it restrict the lives of lesbian women, their children and partner?
#journorequest @ILGAEurope
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