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In an enormous miscarriage of justice, a Peruvian judge has found against anthropologist Marcela Poirier in the defamation suit filed against her by twice confirmed sexual harasser Luis Jaime Castillo Butters. The penalty is a $48K fine and one year, eight months in jail.
The judge also suspended Marcela's lawyer, Brenda Alvarez, from practicing law on the grounds that she supposedly tried to delay the trial. Brenda will immediately appeal, of course. The judge dismissed the testimony of all of Marcela's witnesses, including me...
the reporter who initially investigated allegations of sexual #harassment against Castillo and found them to be well supported (as did the sexual harassment commission of Castillo's university, the @pucp, and @theNASciences, which ejected him from its ranks.
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ग्लामर क्षेत्रमा हुने ठ्याक्कै, यो मुद्दा उठाउन मैले @PlanNepal (sorry to mention but you have to know it) को प्रोटेक्कट परियोजना अन्तर्गत अर्को एउटा संस्थाले बनाईरहेको रेडियो नाटकमा कोसिस गरेको थिएँ तर त्यो संस्था भित्रै, मैले दुर्व्यवहार भोग्नु परेको थियो ।
त्यो व्यवहार मन नपरेपछि मैले ती व्यक्तिलाई छुट्टै भेटेर नम्रतापूर्वक 'त्यो नियत थिएन होला तर तपाईंको अभिव्यक्ति मलाई मन परेन भनेँ । म यस्तै हो मेरो व्यवहारमा कसले के सोच्छ त्यो मेरो समस्या होइन भन्ने जवाफ आयो ।
मलाई त्यस्तो व्यवहार गरेको मिटिङमै, त्यहाँ अर्को महिला कर्मचारीमाथी पनि असंवेदनशील टिप्पणी भएको थियो र मैले मेरो कुरा गर्दा त्यो विषय पनि उठाएको थिएँ । तर अरूको विषय उसले नै नबोलेपछि तपाईं किन बोल्नु पर्‍यो भनियो ।
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#NZ This is a long thread on the issue of harassment & threats made against #WomenInLeadership, primarily #WomenInPolitics.

⬇️ Reviews incidents over time, highlights the danger & escalation of #misogyny & the real life consequences on the personal & our democratic institutions.
This thread is being woven, the week Michael Cruickshank was sentenced to jail in #NZ for threatening to blow our #WomanPrimeMinister’s head off & to “..wipe you off this f---planet”- Also arrested this week Richard Sivell who has allegedly been posting threatening messages.
Here you can take a look at #OnlineAbuse ~ ⬇️ is a really useful article by @shesource & @WMCLive that names online hostile behaviour, how it is that #Women are targeted, & explains why “online harassment exists on a continuum with offline violence”…
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There was a time a freshly graduated urban student from #Karachi 🏙️ (#Pakistan 🇵🇰) upper urban middle class, with an expensive British education, had a real talent for writing fictions and for advertising an expertise...1/20
Photo: Casey Horner
...she did not have thru her re-formulation of trendy topics. Surfing the wave, she considered herself as a #Writer and as a #Consultant.
Unfortunately, nobody in “patriarchal #Pakistan 🇵🇰”, as she says, was ready to hire a young... 2/20
Photo: #BernardGrua @BernardGrua Ramla Akhtar, Postgrowth, @BarfeootRara at Baltit fort, Kari
a young professional #female with no experience for the jobs she was pretending to. Her career disillusions and her unsuccessful personal life caused her severe depressions with more and more frequent mental disorders. 3/20
Photo: #BernardGrua @BernardGrua Ramla Akhtar, Postgrowth, @BarfeootRara at Karakoram mountai
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To: @GBPolice1422, @IDGB_Official, @police_gb,
@GovtofGB, @DC_DM_GILGIT, @RNAKOfficial, @RandhawaAli, @samirashackle, @francescam63, @FranceInPak. Under the direction of PM @ImranKhanPTI, 🇵🇰Pakistan decided to promote tourism for creating millions of jobs…
In April 2019, influential foreign vloggers such as @migrationology, @evabiankaz, @RosieGabrielle1,
@Travellight_, @LostWithPurpose, were invited to Islamabad Tourism Summit . @Dawn They have been made in charge of 🇵🇰Pakistan PR to the attention
of western holiday makers. In Islamabad, these influencers were used to boost an international attractive image of the country 🇵🇰. It was a strong evidence of the government commitment to this foreign tourism strategy. However, such an impulse is facing resistance,
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Wasn't Bryan Trottier, the Canadian far right social butterfly whose comrades keep accusing him of being a fed (and who I have confirmed is a fed), working with or otherwise trying to get in with Exeintel?
For greater clarity, Trottier bragged about being the source of this info #AndyNgo reblogged about a local Syrian activist (and friend) following a #DaveRubin/#MaximeBernier protest in Canada. They also made this information available to Hamilton Police.
This means that the harassment of a Syrian immigrant, and subsequent #harassment of his family's restaurant (an incident which elicited a tweet from Justin Trudeau) was directed through an organization being run by an #FBI special agent.…
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#Global #PartyPanopticon:

#PRC "gov't, which has built an extensive digital infrastructure & security apparatus to ctrl dissent on its own platforms, is going to even greater lengths to extend its internet dragnet to unmask & silence those who criticize"…
...the #PRC "on @Twitter, @Facebook & other international #SocialMedia.

These new investigations, targeting sites blocked inside #China, are relying on sophisticated technological methods to expand the reach of #Chinese authorities & the list of targets"…
"To hunt people, [#PRC] security forces use advanced investigation #software, #PublicRecords & #databases to find all their #PersonalInformation & international #SocialMedia presence.

The operations sometimes target those living beyond #China’s borders."…
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1/10 - Dear Pakistan FIA, cybercrime wing, @CyberCrimeFIA, @FIA_Agency, Ms Ramla Ahtar (born in Faisalabad, former Karachi resident, former Gulmit resident), aka Rmala Aalam, says you are currently investigating her case against me, #BernardGrua, a French citizen from #Nantes Dear Pakistan FIA, cybercrime wing, @CyberCrimeFIA, @FIA_Age
2/10 - @Johanna_Rolland (mayor of #Nantes) , Bassem Asseh (@3asseh), @NantesFR and French police authorities @PoliceNat44, @PoliceNationale are the adressees of frequent deniciations coming from Ms Ramla Akhtar.
#JohannaRolland #BassemAsseh #HateSpeech #CalumniousDenunciations
3/10 - They are fully aware of the situation because of these communication and because of the enlightments I keep them informed with. That's good news, @FIA_Agency is, eventually, in charge.
#FederalInvestiagationAgency #Cybercrime
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I hate @cbouzy is now a victim of #targeted #harassment.

It's 2021 FFS.

In these 3 videos, I pointed out receiving the worst traumatic online stalking I could've ever imagined IN 2015-2017.

So went to the @FBISanAntonio & @FBIChicago with this. They said it was a #1A right.
@cbouzy BTW, someone @TheJusticeDept really came through for me. NO #FOIA request was ALLOWED but then one day the report at the end of this vid arrived and I was delighted to find out that I have so many mental disorders, ailments, and addictions. 🙄

@cbouzy Naturally, it'd be easier for everyone ELSE if this were swept under the rug with my death (means vary, but the paper trail seems to have set a fairly predictable narrative). 😑


PLEASE let me know where I can be of assistance.
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left a message for jeff vaughan of seaside oregon police about a rape by Joe a former safeway employee @ tent encampment behind @Safeway and @CityofSeaside at avenue D homeless camp + meth dealer + chris duffy of SEPRD meals on wheels new violent assault victim coming forward
3 independent sources now confirm sunset empire park &recreation district employee chris duffy "meals on wheels nutrition coordinator" formerly worked for @playboy in the pornography industry.
Department of Human Services fund MOW thru Northwest Senior and Disability Services
Breaking: assault victim who reached out----states that Christopher Guest Duffy is evil, aggressive, violent, and pinned her down in violence in a similar attack as he did to me. that he should be in jail.

Exercise Caution around Seaside Oregon Parks district
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🇵🇰Ramla Akhtar, instead of DOXXING & STALKING a @BernadGrua, a 🇫🇷 French citizen since more than 2 years under @GruaAbuseArkive & @BetterInventory YOU HAVE TO FILE A COMPLAINT BY YOUR LOCAL POLICE AUTHORITIES.
@FranceinPak,@cybercrimefia, @CcpoLahore, @ICT_Police, @PoliceNat44
🇵🇰Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam French Embassy in Islamabad, @FranceinPak, already told three times to CONTACT YOUR LOCAL POLICE AUTHORITIES. First time was June 2019. Why did you not do it?! 🇵🇰Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam French Embassy in Isla
@FranceinPak compte-tenu du fait que la nuisance de la 🇵🇰Pakistanaise Ramla Akhtar, alias Rmala Aalam, contre un citoyen français dure depuis plus de deux ans, je vous demande exceptionnellement d'interviewer cette personne. Voici sa photo.  @FranceinPak compte-tenu du fait que la nuisance de la 🇵
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I am a Florida resident and I have a False Arrest for Stalking in Elizabethtown Pennsylvania.…
I was verbally told by Detective Ryan over the phone that I could write about my arrest as long as I don't try to contact the victim of harassment who lives in Pennsylvania.
So I decided today to exercise My First Amendment right to talk about my false arrest of Stalking.
Sargent Jaime Costas with the Fort Lauderdale Florida Police department threatened to arrest me when I tried to have my Stalking Criminal Complaint supplemented.
#Stalking #harassment…
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This is why I am outspoken when #MedEd or #Education faculty and/or administration and/or HR falsely label a POC, BIPOC, WOC.

People end up dead.

Verify identity and do not spread rumors, innuendo, threats. Refer cases to appropriate authorities or #ethics committees.
Am learning about social network analysis.

As an American Muslim I have always been looked at with suspicion or been under surveillance.

Once I looked at how closely connected some faculty or healthcare ppl are to QAnon posts (or believe it selves) 😱…
During the Trump administration, well before the #CapitolAttack, many minorities were experiencing increasing workplace #harassment & #bullying, especially for simply speaking (up). Just seeking accurate data for patients can = “threat” #MedTwitter…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/13/2021…
Prevalence of Optimal Metabolic Health in American Adults: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2009–2016…

#MetabolicHealth #SurveyResults #DataAnalysis #ResearchFindings
A new era of innovation: Moore’s Law is not dead and AI is ready to explode…

#InnovationRate #MooresLaw #ArtificialIntelligence
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When you want to know why
-women & minorities leave medicine
-why research lacks data to serve needs of anyone not white & male
-why different mortality rates in patients by gender, race, SES

this is why

This is #MedBikini#professionalism” again

Is insidious
but highly effective
-different access

As women, LGBTQ, minorities, disabled enter or advance in medicine, this professor’s public stance will be cited to mislabel having #ethics as “lacking #professionalism…
#medbikini is not one article
=attitude of many physicians
=drives this

We saw this happen with @ayshakhoury and @uche_blackstock and so many others. It especially happens at midcareer to WOC, especially black. Also if Muslim, LGBTQ, disabled, #mentalhealth

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Criticizing Public Figures, Including Influential Journalists, is Not Harassment or Abuse…
As social media empowers uncredentialed people to be heard, society's most powerful actors seek to cast themselves as victims and delegitimize all critiques.

It is a majestic reversal of power dynamics, in which the most influential unite to silence everyone else.
Knowing you will be vilified as some kind of brute abuser if you criticize a New York Times reporter is, for many people, too high of a price to pay.

So people instead refrain, stay quiet, and that is the obvious objective of this lowly strategy.…
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Happy #InternationalWomenDay! Today #CFWIJ pays tribute to women journalists around the world, who continue to speak truth to power despite being persecuted through #threats, #harassment, and #imprisonment. #IWDwithCFWIJ
➡️ Image
In 2020, #CFWIJ recorded 716 acts of persecution against women journalists across 92 countries. In the first two months of 2021 alone, we have catalogued 157 cases. #IWDwithCFWIJ
Read More Here: Image
On #InternationalWomenDay, it is only appropriate we begin with @LoujainAlHathloul, who continued to persevere and today walks free, despite all the attempts by the state of #SaudiArabia to silence her. #IWDwithCFWIJ
Link: Image
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What is the connection between State-sponsored disinformation and online harassment? Well, closer than you'd think. See how this works and get 3 suggestions for how to fix it in my latest article in the Colorado Journal of Law and Technology.
Many works discuss online harassment harms; few discuss harassment's influence on elections/democracy. Online harassment has created serious policy, technical, and structural vulnerabilities that are exploited by malign actors & go largely unnoticed—or unprioritized—by companies.
Online harassment became mainstream with Gamergate. The problem is still plaguing social media, with progress being made in fits and starts after publicized incidents of bullying or silencing of minority voices. However, the problem has grown past these applications to new harms.
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In light of the recent events involving the owners of #Cannoli and their manager,
we at the Centre for Labour Research (CLR), in the interest of protecting the
fundamental human #right to #dignity, condemn any and all forms of #harassment.
The viral video in which the owners of Cannoli are seen singling out and
humiliating their manager due to his inability to speak the colonisers language for
their entertainment depicts a form of #workplaceharassment. Such behaviour is
It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that each and every employee,
regardless of their #employment status, the sector of employment, or their
occupation feel safe, respected and included at the workplace.
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@ClarenceHouse @KensingtonRoyal PLEASE help #police re #MI5 group wrecking State victims' lives-you know who 'sees off' victims as per your 1997 letters protecting Peter Ball; I + my family suffer the same #harassment #policebrutality @churchofengland

Just as Charles defamed Diana as 'mentally ill' my brother, father, mother and I have all dealt with the same kind of brother 'detained' 1986-87 as Harvey Proctor convicted for abusing underage boys and Leon Brittan's #surveillance removed;…
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@ClarenceHouse @KensingtonRoyal PLEASE help #police re #MI5 group wrecking State victims' lives-you know who 'sees off' victims as per your 1997 letters protecting Peter Ball; I+my family suffer WORSE #harassment #PoliceBrutality @JustinWelby @AppgCsa
Just as Charles defamed Diana as 'mentally ill' my brother, father, mother and I have all dealt with the same kind of brother 'detained' 1986-87 as Harvey Proctor convicted for abusing underage boys and Leon Brittan's #surveillance removed;…
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