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Since 2011,the leading youth movement on Internet Governance, part of UN #IGF @intgovforum. Policy, literacy & awareness #YouthigfActs. Created by @vscybercrime
9 Nov
On October 28, @BradSmi wrote about the growing #cybersecurity skills crisis and the work done by @Microsoft to cope with the cybersecurity workforce gap namely by announcing the increase of investments in cybersecurity to avoid a lack of skilled professionals in a few years.
The importance of skilled #cybersecurity workforce is huge for the #tech sector and #IT companies. They need to ACT today, together with youth @PenningsFlorian…
We take the cybersecurity skills gap seriously at the #YouthIGF community and that is why we have created, together with the @MSEurope @KlyngeC @dws_c the First Cybersecurity Skills Summit @DigitalEU @DespinaSpanou. It is more that a Summit, its is a community @yourcyberskills
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15 Dec 20
The Youth IGF Movement has formed an alliance with ICANN Next-Gen and the #Swiss government to launch a series of focused youth debates on the most burning digital issues. @dw_akademie @dwnews
1/4 The first series of battles will take place in 10 regions in five different languages, and will be based on the eight focus points of the UN Secretary-General Roadmap for Digital Cooperation. @UNSGdigicoop
2/4 @ICANN is excited about this collaboration with the #YouthIGF through its NextGen@ICANN Program- said Deborah Escalera. Engaging young people from all of ICANN’s global regions and the broader Internet ecosystem is a key priority and an important step.
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18 Nov 20
How we steer digital tool, would determine what our #digital legacy will be. Whether it will just be a magnificent thing that benefits some or whether it will reduce inequality. Whether the majority will be left safer or more vunerable. @HochschildF @UNSGdigicoop #YouthIGF #UN
That, we would put before you as a challenge for your generation #YouthIGF, said Executives during the UN IGF @intgovforum High-Level Open Forum.

The #youth activism constitutes the vast part of our digital world.
Full recording of the debate between the executives and the young. Find out what are the expectations from the #youth and how the decision-makers can bring answers to these challenges in digital.
Moderated by Yuliya Morenets. @threadreaderapp tnx

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16 Nov 20
What do you know about #cybersecurity job and how to enter this profession? Tips from top world executives to the #youth. #digital #skills #jobs #future #cybercrime
4. I think most of the people now doing any sort of education, the job they will do in the future potentially doesn’t even exist, it will only be created in the future. @dws_ch
3. If you really care about the topic, you’ll go far with lots of opportunities for you. And there are a lot of opportunities for women too. Long before I was doing cybersecurity issues as a prosecutor at the WH or the State Department, I had a passion for it. @C_Painter
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22 Oct 20
Cybersecurity job is a combination of #skills. Look around, be passioned and get the right set of values. It's not a #scary topic. Tips from #CyberSec executives to the #Youth @C_Painter @KlyngeC @MarinaKaljurand @dws_ch
1/1: Hello, my name is Anna and my question is the following. I would like to know whether it’s possible for those people who don’t possess some specific technical skills to still become aspecialist in cybersecurity. Thank you. @krupnik_anna
1/2: You need that combination, particularly as we need to convince our ministers, our CEOs and others. This is not a scary topic. You don’t need to be a coder to understand the importance and the innovative importance of cybersecurity. We need those people. @C_Painter
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