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Spread #Forex #Trading. How to make money from #FX #markets?
Greetings Client,
LC Digital is regulated as #digital #investment bank in #Canada. I would like to explain you about our profitable strategies platform.
Forex trading is all about attempting to profit by anticipating the price direction of a currency pair. But what if you could profit from the Forex market without having to do this?
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1. Firstly I am sorry it has taken several days to reach this landing. People are understandably stressed and need a pathway forward.
2. I can confirm Optus will contact customers in coming days to confirm whether or not they need to apply for a replacement driver licence.
3. People in NSW with a digital driver licence will have an interim card number issued instantaneously via the Service NSW app. A new plastic licence card will be issued within 10 business days. Information can be found here:…
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When we hand over copies of our driver's licence - we “over-share” personal information that could potentially compromise our security - see previous post ➡️…

Recently @Optus informed the Australian public of a major cyber-attack.
Optus is conducting a forensic analysis to understand the exact number of customers affected - and the type of information that has been compromised in each case.
Behind the scenes the @NSWCustomer, @TransportforNSW, Cyber Security NSW, ID Support and Registry of Births Death and Marriages - are working with Optus to make the process of re-issuing of NSW identity documents as seamless as possible.
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When #cryptocurrency projects distribute their native #tokens straight to their customers' wallets.

[#web3 glossary thread]

Important or insider knowledge, notably about the value of #digital assets such as #cryptocurrencies and #NFTs; a measure of an investment's return over and above that of the market or other benchmark.

[#web3 glossary thread]

Formerly used to describe any #cryptocurrency that wasn't #Bitcoin; however, #altcoin is now used to describe any new cryptocurrency with a low market valuation.

[#web3 glossary thread]
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#Twitter, vous êtes déjà 100 à nous suivre avec une dynamique d'interaction énorme ! 🙏
Merci de vous intéresser à notre approche éthique et raisonnée de la #tech 😊
... On ne va pas s'arrêter là 🔥
Vous voulez nous soutenir ? 😇
On vous explique tout en dans le🧵
🚀On a de l'ambition 😅On veut rejoindre les comptes qui nous font rêver @fadouce, @cathbarba @gchampeau @delphine @ChanPerco @souverainetech @pixeldetracking @framaka @tariqkrim et les autres twittos qui nous inspirent 😍
👉 3 actions pour nous soutenir
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2 key milestones were attained for the future of our country and all of #Africa:
1) Sango has successfully launched, surpassing 10M Sango Coins;
2) Beac is urging the development of a common digital currency for all Central African states.
Thread 🧵 1/11
We knew at the start that it would not be an easy road. Being the first #African country to adopt #Bitcoin as legal tender and launch its own #digital currency.
Sango represents our country’s opening to the world: attracting global talent, #investment and resources.
Sango is not any regular #cryptocurrency, it is the first attempt to have a sovereign National Digital Currency.
Sango is the future of our country.

Our #vision. Our past. Our future.
We support #Bitcoin and #blockchain adoption at a national level.
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#telecommunications #infrastructure ownership is something we're going to have to somehow find a nice balance in, particularly for #submarinecables, our primary means of trans-oceanic digital communications. 🧵1/
On the one hand, it's great for #DigitalDevelopment and #digital #connectivity that more telco infra is going in. But infrastructure is expensive... 2/
So some telcos want content providers (big tech like Facebook and Google) to share the cost, which makes sense if content makes up a big chunk of the internet traffic. 🗞️🔗👉Platform content makes up 55% of internet traffic in #France #Italy #Spain. 3/…
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/Thread about possible #ad_fraud and how I analyzed it.
I am a big fan of twitter and until now I thought it is a great marketing platform to reaching a good target audience - but I seem to be wrong. But read yourself
For this analysis I used the @newrelic telemetry data platform and the data analyzed are access logs from @fastly where I got some excellent support from.

So our access logs told us: 138k visits in the past week from @Twitter - wow. NOT BAD !!
My motivation in the first place was to help our #marketing team getting more insights into the success of our paid #socialmediamarketing campaigns to make them more successful - getting faster in removing those who don't perform and allow them to experiment.
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By - Tope Amujo (10:07:22)

As a UK-trained Development Finance Expert, financial analyst, industrialist, africapitalist and a user research consultant,
I want to authoritatively posit that the solution to most under-developed or developing African nations is to adopt a user-centered evidence-based approach in delivering public services (digital or physical).
Using Nigeria as a case study, with specific empahises on the 2023 transitional year, the best approach that any incoming government could adopt to fight the incessant poverty and economic down-turn is to adopt, a system I called the "user-centered development approach"...
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After 800 years, I’ve pumped something for R1 of Extracalibur in @ExcaliburOCT! Featuring @Xartin1’s Rood! (1/13)
#ExcaliburExperiment #OCT #myart #digital
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Celebrating now the end of wild west on #Internet with a glass of tea! #Europe is designing its digital future & need sharp teeth to its new powers! #Platforms will operate in a legal framework that until now was nonexistent #DSA #DMA 🎊 @EU_Commission @Europarl_EN #Mythread 1/1
No more domination of technological giants in 🇪🇺 VP @vestager said #DSA #DMA are basic pillars of the efforts to impose stricter rules on #usedandabused technology groups& establish regulations suitable for #Internet era. 1/2
#Democracy now sets the rules for #digital world, rather than the tech giants. #DSA #DMA. #Vestager 1/3
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#Mythread on #Ukraine & #Africa from a #GlobalGateway perspective! Good news from @EU_Commission, #Ukraine’s recovery will cost $750 billion. Probably a lot will come from from seized #Russian assets! @vonderleyen said #EU already raised €6.2 billion for #Ukraine #MyPhoto 1/1
More to be done via a new special platform to be co-chaired by #Kyiv and #EuropeanCommission! Good initiative, but it will probably not automatically scale up private finance & create conditions for companies to think long-term! 1/2
Many questions still need to be answered: How will #EU support #Ukraine's neighboring countries affected? What are the #privatesector priority sectors: #digital solutions, #green transition, #water and #sanitation, and in which countries? 1/3
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1/ #Stablecoins have become inseparable part of #DeFi and gained immense popularity in early 2022. After the disaster of $UST and $LUNA, demand of stable medium of #exchange never dissipated.

#Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL #visualguide Image
2/ #Stablecoins are stable-price digital assets. These coins are 'pegged' against reserved assets. Unlike digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are volatile, stablecoins value remain relatively stable. Image
3/ Digital assets such as Bitcoin and Altcoin are subject to high volatility in the market, making them hard as store of value and medium of exchange. #Stablecoins designed to provide stable value of asset. Image
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En tant qu’industriel du #digital chez @STDIGITAL_corp nous travaillons à sécuriser l’énergie dans une logique d’autoproduction et d'efficacité énergétique pour notre datacenter #Afrique #Cloud #Cameroun #énergie #GoingGreen #TIC #datacenter
Cela passe par l'#innovation, on étudie l’utilisation du biodiesel à base d’huile végétale pour nos générateurs de secours. Ce nouveau carburant nous permettra aussi de réduire nos émissions de GES
Nous travaillons aussi à la mise en place d'une mini centrale #solaire avec pour objectif la diversification du bouquet énergétique et l’utilisation de sources d’énergie propres et renouvelables
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Here’s an interesting problem regarding the #aesthetics in reproduction of #digital #image|s. (Interesting to me, at least, and also, maybe, to people like @_menkman, @jbirken, @Sierra_Offline, @kevindriscoll and @GIFmodel). 1/38
What I’ll say is true for all digital images, in a way. (And more generally, for all works of art.) But I want to focus on one type of images and on one set of aesthetic qualities in particular here. 2/38
The problem that’s bothering me is this: What is the proper way to show an early digital #screen image in #print? (Reproduced as a figure in an academic monograph, for example.) 3/38
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India is leveraging technology in every sphere of governance. Here’s the big picture of how technology is transforming lives in a major way. #8YearsOfTechPoweredIndia
BharatNet - connecting rural India and promoting tech-powered development! #8YearsOfTechPoweredIndia #AatmaNirbharBharat
India now consumes more data than many countries combined, highlighting the transformation in #digital infrastructure in the country! #8YearsOfTechPoweredIndia
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Want to thank @Bindestriche for the retweet. Inspired the need to vent my thoughts in this🧵
An article on Peter #Thiel & his vision, to me a sign: we need to reclaim our #future & not let #techgurus take over.
Let’s start to look at our daily routines: fast pace thru … 1/21
#digital tools for working, shopping, researching, studying. communicating & more, made possible by mostly #SiliconValley’s tech companies for a “convenient” life. And I wonder if this is really the concept of the #goodlife that I dreamed of in my childhood? …2/21
..& will it be favored by unborn generations? It seems we are letting a certain type of tech vision take over.
Let me try to look behind that future that seems to be favored now:
As I see it the few leading tech companies now are mainly white men in their 30‘s & 40‘s … 3/21
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Meeting Time, Gotta come to the Middle …
It’s the only way.
XYZ Clothing = Nice A Clean Laundry …

2x4 ImageImage
Royal Flush the Toilet …

#DIGITAL ImageImage
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The wait is over!🔥

Dear members; Please welcome Thais Akanne @thaisakanne - The talented #creator behind your monthly (3rd) #ElrondNFTs #Art airdrop!🐍 ⬇️ Image
Thais is a Brazilian #artist based in #SaoPaulo. She has drawn inspiration from her fascination with the #supernatural, #cinema & language and how those create connections & brings people together. She specialises in expressing the #female form as a #protagonist. ⬇️ ImageImage
Thais Akanne spent weeks working on unique 6 #Medusa themed #ElrondNFTs and named them Hera, Eva, Hydra, Asmodeus, Adelina and Apophis. ⬇️ ImageImage
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attn @UTDCLisa @joan_zoellner -- no 3 on this list, "Quality Matters Accessibility Policy for Online Courses," (20pp PDF) is among best overviews I've seen on enacting organization-wide work to make #digital #content #accessible

Item 10, resources, lists core a11y


resources (#WCAG, which is foundational is covered n part 5b of pdf)

Resources I didn't see, so will add here for completeness -

DAISY Consortium - access to reading…

CAST: Center for Applied Special Technologies
AEM at CAST: (National Center on) Accessible Educational Materials…


What else? Still questing for 1 #accessibility #wiki to rule them all!
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[DIRECTO 🟠] Empezamos con el directo del encuentro #DoñaAdministraciónHablaRaro, hablamos de cómo lograr una información más comprensible en servicios públicos y empresas.

🗨️Con @evabelmonte, @Tyrexito, @mtascon y @emontoliod.

¡Streaming aquí!👇🏽…
🤔¿Alguna vez te ha costado leer el BOE? Es normal.

A veces el lenguaje administrativo usa una serie de tecnicismos y fórmulas solemnes que hacen que sea difícil de comprender. #DoñaAdministraciónHablaRaro

Hoy hablamos de esto aquí. ¡Sigue el directo!👇🏽…
⚖️Modera y abre el acto @Jwdith: "Entender a nuestra Administración es un derecho, pero es un derecho que no se puede dar por supuesto porque muchas veces no la entendemos". #DoñaAdministraciónHablaRaro Image
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You wanted my attention this whole time, now you got it …

People I love, those MANY MANY MANY people that have sacrificed/dedicated their entire lives for 1 individual —YOU spit in ALL OF THEIR FACES & on their graves !!

Every skate Video!
Every Artist/Band member
Of the light has done all they have for 1 PERSON !

Bob The Builder, John & everyone else that dedicated their lives building up A world so people like YOU would be exposed & so that all the others that try to be me Would also be brought into the light, EXPOSED!

I AM The Alpha & Omega
The First & the LAST

YOU ph don’t deserve ANYTHING until you give THE 9 A good reason WHY you deserve what I have to give? As of right now, NONE OF THEM CAN
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For the first time, Valereum's new Bridge Financial Platform will provide a tradeable #NFT on multiple crypto exchanges that will securely link specific fiat listed securities (shares) and listed debt of all kinds - from Alibaba to Zoom and from Chinese debt to US Treasuries.
Purchasers trading a Valereum launched Bridge NFT can be sure it is backed by the underlying security due to the use of the Mattereum Asset Passport. This is a world leading financial innovation to create 24/7/365 digital trading bridging the Crypto world to the fiat world.
The NFT sector is projected to move around $800 billion over next 2 years!
#crypto #cryptocurrency #NFTs #blockchain #adoption #VLRM #NFTcommunity
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