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SaaS-y salaries are 30% more than traditional IT services — and they’re making it tougher for traditional IT service firms to find the right talent…

By @pabsgill Image
@pabsgill If you’re an #Engineer in India, the job market is tough. There’s a lot of competition and companies are selective about who they hire. But one thing that can give you an edge over other candidates is the right set of skills — SaaS-y skills.

#SaaS #IT
@pabsgill India’s software-as-a-service (#SaaS) market is still young, but that’s where the real money is, if you’re an #Engineer. The demand is overflowing, especially after the #COVID19Pandemic’s ‘digital transformation’ wave. Image
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#It's appearing 2023 is the most "pressing need" now amongst politicans.

While we demand for better & best from Government, let us not forget 2023 is just "FEW WEEKS AWAY.."

PDP&APC, daily in the news... PLOTTING & PLANNING. Now, I ask, where are the other political parties
that "SUDDENLY" showed up in 2019?

What are their strategies?
Where are the youths in all these?
Where are those clamouring for a better Nigeria or are we going to pour New Wine in Old Wine Skins?
Are these silent political parties going to suddenly emerge again in November of 2022 to get grants from Government and then go back into oblivion?

It's beginning to look like we are walking the same ropes of 2019 elections, making the same errors or believing the unbelievable
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Tata kehte hain TCS bada naam karega!

#Tata Sons is one of the biggest #business conglomerates in India and around the world. Its reliance on the IT-specialisation wing, TCS has only increased.

In FY19, TCS’ contribution to Tata’s revenue increased from 70% the year before to 90%. Contribution of non-@TCS companies shrunk by 23%.

#TCS is among the top three most valued #IT brands, but Tata’s reliance on the subsidiary may be risky.

It has been solely responsible for the consolidation of all its digital businesses. Ratan Tata’s decision to not go public with the company may have been another factor for TCS’ operations.

Over one week, TCS lost its top place to @reliancegroup in terms of market cap.

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Mache mich fertig für #stadtratlive und merke, ich wusste nicht mehr, wie sich eine #Jeans anfühlt.
#teamjogginghose #teamleggins #stadtraetinlive
Test ist negativ, aber da noch alle getestet werden, die sich testen lassen wollen, fangen wir offensichtlich nicht pünktlich um 9.00 an
So, der Aufruf der nicht öffentlichen Tagesordnung ist durch, ebenso das durchackern der öffentlichen Tagesordnung. Jetzt Sachstandsbericht #Corona #muenchen und #impfen
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#Sachverständigenanhörung zum #ITSicherheitsgesetz. Und die IT funktioniert (noch) nicht. Fängt ja gut an ;-) @Linuzifer
Hat angefangen. Bislang viel Kritik am Gesetzesvorhaben.
Sebastian Artz von #Bitkom kritisiert die Regelungen zum #5G Netz. Die #Vertrauenswürdigkeitsprüfung sei so wie vom @BMI_Bund geplant nicht rechtsicher und sei daher abzulehnen. Er fordert ein #EU abgestimmtes Vorgehen.
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@BMG_Bund @PEI_Germany 1

Dringend geboten, #ImpfVO zu überarbeiten.
s. Norwegen
Ü85 nur impfen,
wenn physisch wie psychisch stabil,
nur nach gründl. Untersuchung !
Vorsicht bei #Demenz !
24h-Überwachung !
In Pflegeheimen !

... / 2
@BMG_Bund @PEI_Germany @HBraun @Karl_Lauterbach @RegSprecher @rki_de 2
KEIN bürokrat. Fließband-Impfen u. Abhaken!

Erhöhen d. Abstände zw. 1. u. 2. Impfung bei #BioNTech max. 42 Tage ! Gemäß Studien zulässig, damit Überbrückung v. Engpässen.
Impfen in Arztpraxen für Ü80, Logistik anpassen!
Schlechte Hilfe, Betreuung f. Ü85 zu Hause.
.../ 3
@BMG_Bund @PEI_Germany @HBraun @Karl_Lauterbach @RegSprecher @rki_de 3

Dringend überarbeiten,
Widerspüchlich bzgl. Dosen vor, nach Verdünnung.

Spitzen ua. für Erbeuten
6. Dosis beschaffen !…

... / 4
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Interestingly, if you replace #SovietUnion with #USA and #Communism with #Capitalism, you have a very exact display of our current, turbocharged #LateCapitalism that is willing to sacrifice peoples' lives across the globe for #profit.

So no matter if your facism pays in Mark, Ruble or Dollar: At the end of the day, it's #ModiOperandi are similar if not identical.

It's just Germany that industrialized human slaughter for profit during WW2.
Similarly, people lie to themselves that they either enjoy #capitalism or are "better off with this system than X" when it's not true...

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Read this book at the time of #CAMS #IPO.
A brilliant read to know about the #growth trajectory of the #company & why it's only starting.

@YMehta_ @finthusiasts @nid_rockz @manurishiguptha @MadrasMobile @MarketScientist
@AnyBodyCanFly @ipo_mantra

Thread coming.👇 Image
Foreword by- Mr. Deepak Parekh, Chairman @HomeLoansByHDFC

He writes about India's #economy post #Liberalization & how #companies that have come up have one thing in common- #knowledge.

#CAMS began as a #software development & #computer education firm, moved to share registry services handling #IPO's, later became a Registrar & Transfer Agent (#RTA). It now also handles documentation requirements in #banking, #insurance & #microfinance.

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#uk #tier5 #lockdown #mondaythoughts.
The amount of companies in #London that suffer #CyberAttack|s is unprecedented.
#hackers were preparing for months. #scoping, network exploration, #SocialEngineering was employed months. #zoommeetings and #email led to bad communication.
#IT/#redteam/#BlueTeam|s etc are not in proper collaboration. People do not know what to do and what are their roles or which tools they need to use.
So far the #Ransomware demands are crazy and the worse is the #databreach leading to #intellectualproperty theft.
Due to #COVID19 #MutantStrain and #londonexodus, working from home has been intensified but lessons from the previous #lockdown on #secure access failures were not learned. #infosec community is still trying to survive.
People have no funds to invest in #cloud infrastructure.
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Dear family.

You can gift someone or an entire family any of my books on Prayer & Intercession. Either of them will surely enhance your prayer life.

Both books are equipped to gain your attention from d first page.

Here are some feedbacks from those who have "tasted" from them
@greaterbayo wrote;
#It's difficult to describe this book in one sentence. Reading through it feels like a devotional more than a book on prayer. And then it feels like a motivational text also. Emerge will get you to pray even as you read the book.
This is one book that
a reader is sure to read more than once. It's very rich in scriptural illustrations and practical in its application
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SQL(stands for Structured Query Language)is the popular query language to manage databases. So, here is a collection of the most asked SQL interview questions to help you prepare

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🧵A Thread 🧵

#SQL #Coding
What is Database?

A database is an organized collection of data, stored and retrieved digitally from a remote or local computer system. Databases can be vast and complex, and such databases are developed using fixed design and modeling approaches.

#100DaysOfCode #SQL #Coding
What is DBMS?

DBMS stands for Database Management System. DBMS is a system software responsible for the creation, retrieval, updating, and management of the database.

#100DaysOfCode #SQL #Coding
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Wanted to analyze #Pakistan's #export performance, benchmarking with structural and aspirational countries, along 4 dimensions - #growth, #diversification, #quality, #survival. Thread below: 👇👇👇
1/n Since the turn of the century, #Pakistan has become a more inward oriented economy, with exports/GDP falling from 16 to 10%.
2/n As a result, #Pakistan's share of world markets fell from 16USD to 12USD out of every 1000USD traded between 1990 and 2019. #Bangladesh moved from 5 to 18USD in the same period. #Vietnam from 14 to 113USD!!!
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2 great mind blowing christian materials on prayer & Intercession I recently published.
The 1st, Emerge, Much More Lies Ahead, is a short Burst of prayers & Intercession with personal mind blowing testimonies, while d 2nd, The One Year Word & Prayer Devotional
is not your regular devotional, but also a short Burst of Prayers & Intercession.
Both books were Forewarded by my Spiritual father Pst. @VictorAdeyemi
Rev. @albertoduwole , Professor Shyngle Bologun & Ambassador (Prof. Hide Osuntokun)
Endorsed by Pst. @greaterbayo
Pst. @SeyiAkinyoyenu
Brief intro of the 1st book as written by @greaterbayo ; (Banker, Author & Life Coach) EMERGE
#It's difficult to describe this book in one sentence. Reading through it feels like a devotional more than a book on prayer. And then it feels like
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Do you believe #markets are #cyclical in nature?
Do you think #history #rhymes, if not #repeats?
Do you agree #greed and #fear are two main forces in the market?
If answer of above Q's is yes then following tweets will solidify ur view if its a no then they will change ur view.
Above is a monthly chart of #Sensex. It goes through an alternating #greedandfear cycle of 8 years. Sensex moves up in greed phase and consolidates in fear phase. It was up 469% in greed phase of 1992. was up only 20% from 1992 to 2000. From 2000 to 2008 it was up 271%.
In fear phase of 2008 to 2016 it was up only 48%. #Sensex has entered greed phase in 2016 and will stay there till 2024. So far its up more than 50%. But the story doesnt end there. The sectors which move up during these phases also go through a cycle.
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नरेंद्र मोदींनी नुकतंच #RAISE2020 या परिषदेमध्ये, उदघाटन प्रसंगी आपले विचार मांडले. बऱ्याचदा आपण माहिती तंत्रज्ञान (#IT) / #digital अशा मोघम विषयांवर परिषद होत असल्याचे ऐकतो. पण ही परिषद माहिती तंत्रज्ञानातील एका विशिष्ट विषयावर #ArtificialIntelligence (कृत्रिम बुद्धिमत्ता)
आणि त्याचा सर्वांसाठी / समाजासाठी #AIForAll कसा वापर करता येईल त्याबद्दल होती. देशाच्या प्रमुखाने अशा विशिष्ट (specific) विषयावरील परिषदेला हजेरी लावणं हे क्वचितच..पंतप्रधानांनी फक्त औपचारिकताच दाखवली नाही तर पूर्ण तयारीशी सर्व सहभागी तज्ज्ञांना मार्गदर्शन देखील केलं.
१३७ देशातून सहभाग नोंदवला गेलेल्या या ५ दिवसीय परिषेदेत @narendramodi जींनी पहिल्या सत्रातच भारताच्या योजना, अपेक्षा आणि त्या दृष्टीने देशाची वाटचाल मांडली आणि त्यांची विषयावरील जाण व माहिती जगाला दाखवून देऊन उपस्थितांची मने जिंकली.माझ्यासारख्या १०+ वर्षे संबंधित क्षेत्रात काम
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Sweet memory of interviews that Ss conducted w school staff to appreciate and value al of the services they provide.
#it takes a village
#community #culture
3/ Ss researching how our school cafeteria manager went to culinary school 🏫 and the many ways her job supports their health
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Weekly NIFTY50 analysis thread.
September Week4.

All posts are for educational purposes.
Adani enterprises
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Todos los estrenos de Netflix para octubre 2020, comenzando por "Batman: El Caballero de la Noche" hasta "Misterios sin Resolver 2" y joyas del terror que debes ver como "Un lugar en silencio" y "Cadáver"
En octubre llega a Netflix: #BladeRunner2049. Con Ryan Gosling y Harrison Ford, esta cinta nos lleva al año 2049 de la mano del oficial K y futuro que deslumbra a cualquiera Image
La segunda parte de Misterios sin resolver llega en unas semanas a Netflix con nuevos casos internacionales y "sobrenaturales" Image
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I am still trying to make sense of the #FinCEN files & believe me it’s not easy. Yesterday I tweeted abt some specific stories I could find, & so far I haven’t changed my mind: apart maybe from the details on the DB Mirror trades, I don’t see anything significant *and* new.
But what about the actual files, now? Unfortunately, ICIJ only published 4508 items, 35bn$, so around 2% of the total. We’re missing a big chunk (not sure why, tbh. ICIJ says it’s because the rest has not enough details.) Let’s assume it’s representative – what does it tell us?
First obvious question: where is money going to and from where? Let’s chart the countries with more than 5% of the transactions.
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#KRITIS Sektor #Gesundheit und #IT und #TK

#Sonderbeauftragter des #BaFin - #Apotheken-#Rechenzentrum AvP stellt #Insolvenzantrag

AvP steckt in tiefen Schwierigkeiten. Ein BaFin-Sonderbeauftragter hat Insolvenzantrag gestellt. 1/x…
»AvP zählt zu den großen Abrechnungszentren mit ~3.500 Kunden. Das wäre etwa ein Fünftel des deutschen Marktes. Die Beträge, um die es geht, sind gesalzen. Das sind durchaus bis zu 400.000 Euro pro #Apotheke, die ausstehen – im Durchschnitt wahrscheinlich rund 120.000 Euro.« 2/x
#Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht #BaFin...bestätigte..., dass am 14. September der Sonderbeauftragte Ralf R. Bauer eingesetzt wurde, ihm wurde die alleinige #Geschäftsführung übertragen.

Wow, krasse Maßnahme! Oo 3/3
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It's here again.
Prayer for our nation Nigeria.

#30 pastors from different countries & continents..Sept1st-30th

Arguably, many Nigerians have been pushed to the wall and from this situation, many are profiting. The Bible in
Psalms 118:5 MSG says
Pushed to the wall, I called to ImageImageImageImage
God; from the wide open spaces, he answered.

We are calling on God again while we commit to make changes to the way we do things.

Psalms 108:9 MSG
Moab's a scrub bucket - I mop the floor with Moab, Spit on Edom, rain fireworks all over Philistia."

We will use the enemy of our
nation as a mob for cleaning the floor and also rain fireworks on them

Nigeria is not CURSED.

Someone once said to me during the cause of preparing for this September program...

He said, "Pastor, Nigeria is a cursed country"

I said no... We are not cursed, we have only
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So, Herrschaften, das wird jetzt ein längerer #Thread zu Servicequalität und #IT-Kompetenz der @DB_Bahn. Eigentlich fing alles ganz einfach an: man will mehr #Bahn fahren, wg. #Klima, auch wegen des unmöglichen Verhaltens der @lufthansa gegenüber ihren Top-Kunden. Also kaufe /1
ich mir eine (Partner-) #BahnCard 50. Und damit man die nicht immer mit als Plastik durch die Gegend schleppen muss, möchte ich diese in der #DBNavigator-App hinterlegen. Dazu muss man sich bei den BahnCard – Services anmelden - und das #CRM-Drama begann. Anmelden geht nicht, 2/
da meine Bahn-Account ein – Account ist. Und mir dem kann man sich aber nicht in die BahnCard Service einbuchen. Zumindest nicht so einfach. Und auch keine PIN anfordern. Man landet immer wieder bei: 👇🏻 Start. X-Anläufe, erfolglos. Unzählige Anrufe und 3/
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