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Grassroots health justice organization at the forefront of the patient-led #LongCovid movement. Home of the Body Politic COVID-19 Support Group!
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26 Sep
Today we want to thank all the organizations in the #LongCovid, Covid-19, and disability justice space that we have worked with. We are grateful for the solidarity that exists in this movement + encourage our followers to show the groups listed below some support! 1/25
first up, @patientled: born from our support group, this patient-led, diverse, all-female leadership team was the first to study #LongCovid, with their work recognized by @NIHDirector. All the researchers are people with Long Covid and they emphasize patient privacy. 2/25
next, @MarkedByCovid: as leaders in the grief space, this org provides resources to those who have lost loved ones to Covid-19 and trains their members as advocates. Founded by @kdurquiza, this org centers and is led by those most impacted. 3/25
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20 Aug
📢 Job opening at Body Politic: we are looking for a part-time remote social media manager to help run our IG & Twitter.

Experience with disability justice or chronic illness communities is a plus. BIPOC and LGBTQ+ applicants to the front!

More info:…
We are hoping to fill this position quickly with a start date in early September.

Applicants should have experience in graphic design and social media strategy and a passion for community-building.
About us: Our work at Body Politic seeks to destigmatize issues facing the COVID-19 community & people w/ related chronic illnesses & disabilities, by offering alternative narratives that show what it’s like to live with a novel or chronic illness.

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19 Aug
Over the next 3 days we'll be tweeting the IACFS/ME conference! The amazing lineup is available here:…

Tweets by @AlisonSbrana, @ItsAngInLA, & @ahandvanish.

Follow this thread! #LongCovid

Dr. Jarred Younger is up to talk about imaging techniques for neuroinflammation. He has found a way to visualize elevated temperature in the brain and found that people with ME have pockets of heat across the brain - up to 100.8F!

This is related to overactivated microglia.

He talks about how we're repeating research in #LongCOVID and how we need to be focused on treatments & clinical trials right now, prioritizing the drugs we think will work, which he says there are a ton of. We can't wait for a perfect biomarker before we start trials.

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27 Jul
📢 Body Politic & our research partner @patientled explain President Biden’s announcement yesterday about #LongCovid disability rights in the US, with quick links to federal agency publications on #LongCovid that patients should bookmark. #ADA31
First, links to publications from federal agencies on #LongCovid yesterday:

- Guidance from DOJ & HHS…
- For students & educators:…
- Employment support @USDOL…

- @ACLgov resources…
One of the main takeaways:
awareness for people with #LongCovid who now realize they may be considered disabled under ADA, IDEA, etc. and therefore may be entitled to accommodations & services that make everyday life activities, work, and school more accessible.
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