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Victoria Derbyshire on 🔥 owning forgetful MPs .. tonight Bob "𝗜 𝗱𝗼𝗻'𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗸 𝗜 𝗱𝗶𝗱" Seely couldn't remember being on Newsnight & saying the #PrivilegesCommittee report on Boris Johnson was a Kangaroo Court. Here's your reminder Bob Seely #newsnight @IoWBobSeely…
The way he leans misogynisticly forward in a 'silly woman' way.
@vicderbyshire was a joy to behold.
Looking forward to @mrjamesob's take on Bob Seely's forgetfulness, which will be available on Global Player later
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🧵a thread for trolls (as I would no more argue w/ a troll than I would argue w/ a fish), #covid19 in a neurology ward w/ a sizeable number of tracheostomies in March 2020 was INCREDIBLY dangerous.

It wasn’t just a cold, I didn’t kill my patients,Covid did &it spread like 👇
That 🎥is from ward at the time, I leaked my own peer reviewed paper to #Newsnight at the time … I’m not a Big Pharma shill, part of the World Economic Forum or part of a depopulation experiment.

🤪I know, but that’s some of the suggestions!🤪👇
…here is the paper that the trolls are misquoting…..ironically it shows exactly how I have direct first hand experience of how tough #Covid19 was before we had vaccination programme…
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What's going on with UK interest rates? 📈💵

And are we now being sucked back into an economic crisis we thought we’d escaped?

A thread...🧵1/
...This is the chart which is fuelling the perception that we're back in the mire.

Two year UK sovereign market borrowing costs are now actually higher than they were in the wake of last Autumn's mini-Budget...2/ Image
...The good news is that the economic context today is different.

Unlike after the mini-Budget, today the rise in UK borrowing costs is being accopanied by a *strengthening* of sterling.

What that means is that investors are *not*, this time, dumping UK assets in a panic...3/ Image
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this was Brexit Alex Phillips' gang, @campbellclaret was right to cast this up on her given she's a Faragist
even if she's right to say she wasn't in with Johnson's Vote Leave £350M for the NHS lot

pack of lies

Alex Phillips was a Brexit Party MEP for half a year in 2019 but before that she worked for disgraced data mining and campaigns consultancy Cambridge Analytica during a controversial Kenyan presidential election (in 2017)

#Newsnight… Image
TIL that in February 2023, Alex Phillips joined Reform UK (successor to the Brexit Party) as a policy adviser to party leader Richard Tice

#Newsnight ImageImageImage
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EXC - FOI figures obtained by #Newsnight show over 300 outstanding crown court cases been waiting 4 yrs or more for a conclusion as of Sept last yr. Data for cases in Eng & Wales reveals most up to date figures on long delays facing victims & defendants. 173 cases remain .. 1/6
stuck in system after 6 yrs. @TheCriminalBar calls it “crisis”. Says more barristers needed to deal with backlog. Analysis of MoJ data shows 118 sexual offence cases adjourned on the day cos no barristers available btw Oct & Dec 2022 - 10 fold increase over same time in 2021. 2/6
Lawyers say most cases covered by FOI will be bail cases - they have no deadline but ppl put on remand must have case heard by certain time. Means bail cases repeatedly adjourned & pushed to back of queue with newer trials taking priority causing delays. 3/6
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It is a 'Labour smear campaign' but this is the Telegraph and this is 2023 UK BP demands guarantee that B...
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The fuss about ACOBA & #SueGray is pathetic.

Nearly a third of all new jobs taken by former ministers and senior officials had a significant overlap with their previous brief.

The Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (ACOBA), the body responsible for regulating the ‘revolving door’ between the public & private sector, reveals 604 post-government roles were taken up by 217 high-ranking civil servants, SPADS & ministers (January 2017 - June 2022).
Of these 604 roles, 177 (29%) had an overlap with the minister’s or official’s former policy area.

Nearly every issue of @PrivateEyeNews details some falling or other by the toothless ACOBA.
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After a fun 24 hours of being called a nazi I thought I’d do what I never do & that’s defend myself against Twitter BS. Because the ludicrousness of social media has no bounds when it comes to misinformation targeting women.
Ok. So first my views of Gary Lineker ….
Gary Lineker is great. I agree with his view on asylum seekers. We need to do much more & government policy on this needs to be challenged. The problem I have isn’t political. We totally agree on that. It’s about his comparison his star power & the shift in focus by social media
Comparisons to Germany in the 1930’s means the nazis (Hitler was made Chancellor in 1933) are deployed by everyone from anti vaxxers/anti maskers/ trans activists & those opposing Self ID & gender ideology. It’s used by everyone & IMO it shouldn’t be.
It diminishes genocide.
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🧵“That’s the only thing that keeps every Ukrainian going right now, it’s hope for a better future for your family."
Elya, from Kharkiv, is thinking about her parents who have stayed in Ukraine as the conflict reaches a year.

#Newsnight | #Ukrainecast |
"The hardest part of it all was to accept and to realise all of our pre-war life was in the past and we might never have it back.”

Marianna doesn’t know when she will be able to reunite with her family in Odessa.

#Newsnight | #Ukrainecast |
“I realised this is not just destroyed buildings, this is my childhood memories, this is a part of my life…part of my identity.”

Yaroslava reflects on her journey back to her home town in Ukraine, Makariv.

#Newsnight | #Ukrainecast |
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We’re told wholesale #energy prices are falling, which should bring our bills down.

Yet we’re also warned household #EnergyBills are going to spike by 40% in April & the gov is being called on to act.

How can we reconcile the two?

Feeling confused?

A thread for you...🧵1/
...To understand what’s going on we need to go back to the design of Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng’s Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) from last October...2/…
...In the face of soaring wholesale energy prices, this EPG capped the rate households could be charged by their suppliers for their gas and electricity, meaning a typical household’s bills would only rise to around £2,500 a year...3/
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Here my Murrell 2014 thread. Now you may remember 'Yes Scotland' (eh #SNP HQ) were going to launch at intervals 3 billboards featuring a woman, started as a baby. Anyway ahead of the first billboard launch I'd a call from #Newsnight London saying they were heading to #Edinburgh/
For a 'Yes' focussed package, I'd already set them up for an interview with the Yes shop in Easter Rd from memory anyhoo could I tell them the locations of the billboards.I of course said yes, I'd get that detail for them. Turned to Blair J on the top table adjacent to/
the media desk, asked him the question expecting to be emailed all locations in Scotland WELL he very embarassedly told me Yes didn't hold that info that only Peter Murrell did and I quote ''he may or may not tell you'' #WTAF Blair gave me his email as he didn't take calls/
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Quick note nn this idea that the NHS Pay Review Body's recommendations on pay increases were reasonable at the time they were made, but were overtaken by adverse events such as the invasion of Ukraine etc...
...worth noting this paragraph below from the body's report when it was published in July - it was explicitly working on Bank of England projections of a 10% inflation rate in 2022...… members must have been aware they were recommending a real terms pay cut for NHS staff.

It's possible some of the initial submissions/analysis assumed a lower inflation peak, but by the time the recommendations were *formally* made the picture on price rises was clear.
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Are we potentially facing "Austerity 2.0" in the #AutumnStatement because of the fallout from the #MiniBudget?

Or is it because of economic forces beyond the UK, such as the energy crisis and rising *global* interest rates?

Explanatory chart thread 🧵...1/
...To attempt an answer, go back to the last set of official forecasts we had from the @OBR_UK back in March.

The government was then projected to be borrowing around £32bn in 2026-27 (the final year of the forecast period) and to be *meeting* its fiscal rules...2/ Image
...The @resfoundation (similar to other forecasters) now expects borrowing in that year to be around £90bn and for the government to *break* its fiscal rules.

So what’s driving that £58bn projected increase in borrowing?...3/ Image
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The media is awash with talk of a “fiscal hole” that needs to be filled with tax rises/spending cuts in next week's #AutumnStatement.

But what is this "fiscal hole" & how worried should we be about it?

A thread... 🧵1/
...The first thing to stress is that it’s NOT some kind of hard financial limit on government spending or borrowing, which, if breached, means disastrous things automatically happen...2/
...Rather, it’s a measure of how far off course the government is from meeting its own fiscal rules, the main plank of which has been to have the national debt falling as a share of the overall economy in three years' time, implying the financial year 2025-26...3/
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UPDATE on #AutumnStatement

No final decisions yet taken but #Newsnight understands it will likely...

- Target debt falling as share of GDP in 5 years' time (not 3 years, as per existing rule)...

- Cuts to departmental spending likely to be pencilled in for *after* the current Spending Review period ends in 2024/25 - though no compensation for departments for higher inflation *in* Spending Review period so de facto real terms cuts...

- Despite backdating of spending cuts, will still be significant fiscal consolidation in next 2 years aswell

- Real terms cuts to benefits not ruled out, ditto suspension of triple lock

- Capital spending cuts (infrastructure) still in play...
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'Leftist @BBC Maitlis' - here pushing the 1935 myth - did her bit to help Johnson's Tories beat Corbyn's Labour in 2019. And in the ashes of our broken, polarised country, with millions facing poverty, & our economy & public services ruined, NOW she's found her voice? 🧐
In July 2007, Maitlis was appointed as a (unpaid) contributing editor to billionaire Barclay's right-wing #Spectator. This was approved by her immediate manager, then head of @BBCNews Peter Horrocks, but the decision was subsequently overturned by BBC News director Helen Boaden.
By 2019/20, Maitlis was amongst the highest paid @BBCNews & current affairs staff, receiving a salary between £370,000-£374,999!

This was just over a decade after Peter Mandelson said: "We are intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich - as long as they pay their taxes."
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Below is a #THREAD on just one of the articles in the journal 'Discourse & Society' from their new Special Issue on The Normalisation of Far-Right Populism & Nativist Authoritarianism: Discursive Practices in Media, Journalism & the wider Public Sphere/s.
The introductory article postulates broadening as well as deepening the agenda for critical research on the role of discursive practices in media, journalism & the wider public sphere/s in normalization of far-right populism & nativist authoritarianism.…
The authors' argument is that, on the rise since the early 2000s & especially from the 2010s onwards, authoritarian & nativist populism has posed some very significant challenges to contemporary media & journalism.
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Oh no it’s the IEA #newsnight
The wholly unspecified “reforms” that will unleash growth have had another trot around the media paddock. #newsnight
Anytime anyone asks what they’ll be we get a wink and “you’ll see”.
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Mohamed El-Erian, former Deputy Director of IMF asked what govt should do to restore credibility, absent a tax cut u-turn: "I'd look to the Bank of England to make incredible increases in interest rates and accept a much deeper recession." #Newsnight
"We are now deep in the world of third and fourth best. There is no action which doesn't have a collateral damage to it. The least bad action right now is not to go forward with the tax cuts and stabilise the economy."
Reminder again that these tax cuts are supposed to be about preventing deep recession, helping with cost of living and ensuring long term growth.
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"It would be a tragedy if this ends up in further cuts," Mohamed El-Erian tells #Newsnight ...
...UK has "an incredibly incoherent" economic policy says El-Erian, citing government pushing liquidity into the economy and the Bank trying to take it out...
...El-Erian "What we need is for the tax reductions to be withdrawn, we need the Bank of England to act on interest rates...& protect the most vulnerable"...
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"There's even a slight whiff of concern about the ultimate debt sustainability [of the UK government]" says Larry Summers on #Newsnight...
..."There's been a major loss of market credibility and market it's appropriate that the IMF be watching"...
..."It seems an odd response to developments on Friday & raised real question of whether British authorities were grasping the reality of their situation"...
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I heard Rees-Moog on #Newsnight yesterday, and wanted to look at the detail on Govt support for business and energy bills.

I ask this with some hesitation, but is there anything at all beyond what's in the next tweets? 1/
First, there's this from Sept 8, setting up the scheme for households, and promising help for business. 2/…
Second, there's this from yesterday, with a more specific focus on business (and a lot padding with supportive quotes from Govts and business). 3/…
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This is Josh Farrant, front of house manager of Ye Olde Fleece in Kendal, Cumbria.

The pub's energy costs are set to rise SIXFOLD from next month... Image
...this is Kate Phillips who manages Kendal's Lakeland Climbing Centre.

Her business' gas bills are heading up FOURFOLD from next month... Image
...This is Scott and Mel Walmsley who run Lakes Sandwiches in Kendal.

Their firm's energy bills have ALREADY risen sevenfold... Image
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Just how much more severe is the financial hit now facing UK households due to rising energy bills? 📈

And how big is the financial hole in household budgets the government is being urged to fill? 💰

A thread...🧵1/
Start with May, when the government brought in its latest financial support package.

Here's @resfoundation modelling showing the projected hit by household vingtile from rising bills over 2022-23 (blue).

And the total financial support coming from government (red)... 2/
Notice that for those in the bottom quarter the financial supoort was more or less matching the expected increase increase in energy bills, which is why the May package was widely praised for being (belatedly) progressive...3/
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