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Quick thread, after Newsnight elec special

And might there be a prevalence “Maginot Line” thinking - overly focusing/ fighting the political frontlines of the previous election battle instead of current ones?

Defra min Prentis said Gov not ‘in denial’ about losing 500 seats /1
The minister went on to argue that the PM had to stay in office to tackle the cost of living crisis…
The political analyst who spotted the impact of Ukip on working class Labour voters, Prof Matthew Goodwin, said that these results are the next stage of realignment and the Conservatives have to decide whether to lean into it… /3
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In hot seat for big #Newsnight tonight reporting from across the UK on the full slate of results…

interested in this chart, with Lab set to top equivalent vote share…

As EdMil had, which didn’t help in 2015.

But then Con had Ukip vote to squeeze hard. Now it’s LD/ Green… Image

BBC Projected National Share for GB, from Sir John:

Lab - 35%
Con - 30%
LD - 19%
Oth - 16%

As I said, matches Miliband, who didn’t go on to win GE2015, but then UKIP support significant, this time LD & Greens… Image
the 35% strategy returns…
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A quick reflection about #Partygate in the wake of the Met Police's decision to fine Johnson and Sunak.

The thing to watch is the way in which the justifications Tory MPs will offer for continuing to support Johnson will... change. 1/11
The Civil Service (first Case, then Gray) report, with the intervention of the Met Police, came about as a result of Johnson's refusal to answer questions about #Partygate. 2/11
He insisted that he could not talk about it because the investigation was ongoing.

And, many Tory MPs expressed significant reservations about his behaviour, while repeating the line that they were 'waiting for Sue Gray'. 3/11
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The discussion last night on #Newsnight on Liz Truss' visit India and 'Global Britain', with contributions from Andrew Bridgen and @pimlicat, was quite something. 1/14
We were treated to an account of how nimble Global Britain, free from the constraints of the EU, is now able to forge trade deals and prosper, seeking out opportunities for mutual advantage with like-minded partners. 2/14
Some of the difficulties were mentioned. India's reluctance to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And the possibility that some of India's asks in the trade negotiations might be difficult for the UK to accept. 3/14
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#Newsnight tonight…

At the mo we lead on Russia’s military publicly announcing what appears a major strategic shift, concentrating on Donbass in east & suggesting didn’t plan to enter major Ukrainian cities…

Regrouping or retreat? - with Mark, voices from Moscow, Kyiv, & here
… in itself interesting that this change in strategy is publicly announced by Russian generals in briefing with maps, at precisely the moment US President is near Ukraine’s border, after NATO/US/EU show of unity… #Newsnight
Meanwhile UK defence briefing that Ukrainian’s retaking towns near Kyiv, and Pentagon that Russia is no longer in full control of Kherson, the first town it occupied, after fight back from Ukrainian army… #Newsnight
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TONIGHT: #Newsnight is live from Warsaw, the first in a series of special programmes from key capitals looking at the impact of the war in Ukraine on the world.

Join @KirstyWark for Ukraine: The Global Fallout at 2230 on @BBCTwo Image
On the programme tonight:

🗣️ Polish interior minister @BartoszGrodecki
🗣️ Mayor of Warsaw @trzaskowski_
🗣️ Polish member of parliament @MagdaBiejat
🗣️ Polish Ambassador to Nato @T_Szatkowski

#Newsnight Image
"We are going to defend every inch of Nato territory and that is what should be crystal clear to Putin in Russia. I don’t think that’s lost on him."

US Ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski, speaks to @KirstyWark

2230 on @BBCTwo

#Newsnight | @USAmbPoland Image
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1/ Putin's claim that Ukraine is run by 'Nazis' is absurd - Zelensky's government is patently liberal/democratic;

It's also deeply hypocritical, given Putin/United Russia's increasing ultranationalist bent, and Aleksandr Dugin's influence...

#bbcnews #newsnight
2/...But it would be good to see a proper analysis of the armed far-right in both countries;

Some minor reports note the paramilitary Azov Battalion & Right Sector in Ukraine, but almost none detail core far-right elements both of Donbas separatists & the Russian army #Newsnight
3/ I can't believe that no mainstream outlets have recently analysed Putin's ideological debt to Dugin, given the eerie alignment between the former's wild war rhetoric on Ukrainian 'illegitimacy' and the views of the latter.
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Latvian Deputy Prime Minister tells #Newsnight: “Sanctions cannot be too hard on Russia.”
Latvian Deputy PM: “If Ukraine falls the strategic situation in Europe will be totally different.” #newsnight
“I have authority to say this, because when we in the Baltics warned Western leaders about what happened in Georgia, we were right. When we warned about Crimea we were right. When we warned about Belarus being swallowed by Russia, we were right. We’re right now. Believe us.”
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Ukrainian Ambassador to UK: “I was listening to Putin for almost an hour, an historic debate with himself. And I have to tell you when a nuclear nation is calling your nation a historical mistake which has to be fixed, you have to be worried about what he has in mind.” #newsnight
Ambassador Vadym Prystaiko was speaking to the great @MarkUrban01
Video here
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Are the lorry queues in Dover due to #Brexit?


A thread 🧵...1/
...First some context on those queues.

The Port of Dover has a Transport Access Protocol (TAP) which it implements when it’s having trouble processing lorries through customs smoothly...2/

...The TAP sends lorries that are trying to get onto ferries bound for the Continent queuing down the A20 in Kent, so as not to have them clogging the roads of the town of Dover itself ...3/
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Quite the intervention. Former Conservative Chief Whip (who had previously condemned the PM's Savile intervention) links what happened to Keir Starmer with the Prime Minister's words.
And now another Conservative MP does the same. He told us he put a no confidence letter in on Friday.
.@RhonddaBryant on C4News: "This could be ended easily. The PM could come to the Commons and properly apologise and withdraw the remarks. It's extraordinary to me that minister after minister have come on the airwaves to effectively repeat them. It's got to stop."
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THREAD-Some news: After 3 very enjoyable years presenting Newsnight, I have made the decision to leave the programme. This is in part due to my role fronting Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, which I’m thrilled to say is reaching more listeners than ever,and I have many more plans for. 1/3
It is also because there are other projects in the pipeline to which I wish to dedicate more attention.
The biggest thanks go to my editors, the endlessly energetic team, my guests, and of course, our viewers. It’s been an absolute blast. 2/3
A clip from my last show on Monday - my @BBCNewsnight interview with the business minister Paul Scully - after the civil servant Sue Gray published her abbreviated report, confirming parties took place in Downing Street that shouldn’t have done during lockdown #Newsnight 3/3
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Jacob Rees Mogg: "It's my view that we have moved essentially presidential system and that the mandate is personal rather than entirely party and each PM would be advised to take a fresh view is a change of leader requires a general election." #Newsnight
Fact check: this may be JRM's view as to how the constitution has evolved but it is not the case. There would be no constitutional requirement for an immediate general election, as indeed there wasn't an immediate general election when Boris Johnson took over from Theresa May.
As long as the Leader of the Conservative Party could command the support of the majority of the House of Commons there is no constitutional requirement for a general election until the term of this Parliament expires in 2024.
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Why is always Peter Bloody Bone on #Newsnight?

Can't Big Dog dig up anyone less mundanely evil for once?

He uses up all his answering time with pompous whataboutery & barking deflection about his constituency doorstep
Wow Peter Bone did actually bark frenzied denial there at @peterkyle on Newsnight 👀
@peterkyle Here is a lot of that barking Boris boosting from Peter Bone on Newsnight last night
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“I don’t think she’s got any choice. She should call him as a witness but also call any other witnesses he can bring forward who are willing to give their version of events”

Andrew Bridgen as I ask: “do you think Sue Gray should call Dominic Cummings as a witness?” #Newsnight Image
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Andrew Bridgen on the “red meat” strategy: “I find it a little bit patronising. It’s a bit like offering sweets to placate children that you already had in your pocket and you’ve already promised. Most of this was in our manifesto and should have been doing anyway.” #newsnight
Bridgen says Sue Gray should interview Dominic Cummings about his claims.
Peter Bone says that he went canvassing in his constituency at the weekend: “I thought my goodness me I’m going to have a terrible reception on the doorstep. But no, they were wholly supportive of the Prime Minister.” #Newsnight
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Coming up @BBCNewsnight after quite a week for party politics, culminating in Number 10 apologising to the Queen @lewis_goodall unearths the guest list for the latest revealed party …. At 2230
Sir Simon Fraser, former leading diplomat told me: “this is not only a question of the behaviour of the PM.. But also civil servants who have been working at the heart of government seem to have been caught up in this series of bad decision making." #Newsnight
“how is it that they have actually been involved in not only attending, but convening these parties? I think that is an issue that is, I’m afraid, going to have to be looked at, and is damaging for the Civil Service,” said Sir Simon to me on #Newsnight
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Exactly what he did on 8 December when he said "I understand and share the anger" over the #DowningStParty - he got away with it that time.

Is the British public really going to fall for it twice?


#C4News @LBC
Johnson can't apologise tomorrow because that would be an admission he was an accessory in an unlawful act, in which case he would have to resign (surely)


The Times and Daily Mail are urging Johnson to apologise for breaking the law, claiming that will allow him to carry on as PM

Can you imagine what they would be saying if it was Starmer who had held the parties?


#Newsnight #PMQs
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.@EmilyThornberry on her reaction to the alleged May 2020 party: "Complete disbelief. But this falls into a pattern of their hiding the truth and then when things come out starting to lie about it and then spin about it and then hiding behind Sue Gray." #Newsnight
Thornberry: "Just four weeks ago the PM was furious he was that Downing St was that staff were making light of restrictions and how furious people would be that people setting the rules were not following them." #Newsnight
Thornberry: "A few weeks after this party Boris Johnson announced that because we'd all been following the rules...we are now able to meet one another in gardens. When all the time they had just been doing whatever they wanted because the rules don't apply to them."
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I hope ALL opposition parties will parade the faces of all the Tory MPs who voted down restrictions (that are generally popular with the public) over and over again.

So their constituents KNOW they are not focussed on public health.
I see @DerekThomasUK is on #Newsnight demonstrating a poor grasp of public health.

And I also see that @wesstreeting is so clear & so passionate

If these Tory MPs think that their Tory voting elderly people want to be treated & cared for by unvaccinated HCW and CW they are nuts
I also see that 11 @LibDems MPs voted it down and so did @CarolineLucas

I think they are misreading the mood of the nation…and most people who would ordinarily vote for them.

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So @Keir_Starmer's promise to do everything necessary to save OUR #NHS got me thinking about Blairite Alan Milburn, Secretary of State for Health from 1999 to 2003, charged with "modernising" OUR NHS & driving through Private Finance Initiative (PFI) deals on hospitals.
In 2002 Milburn introduced #NHS foundation trusts, "described at the time as a sort of halfway house between the public & private sectors".

The government increased expenditure on the NHS, although the public was sceptical over claims of improved performance.
Following his resignation as Secretary of State for Health Milburn took a £30,000/yr post as an advisor to Bridgepoint Capital, a venture capital firm which financed private health-care firms moving into the #NHS, including Alliance Medical, Match Group, Medica & Robinia Care.
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Senior Conservative MP Sir Geoffrey Clifton Brown (Treasurer of the 22) tells @faisalislam “If Lord Geidt feels he’s been misled he’s fully entitled to resign.” Then says if he does resign it’ll need to be investigated, potentially by a senior judge. #Newsnight
Clifton Brown on both the alleged party and the Downing St flat: “What we need is a really straightforward version of events from the Prime Minister on all of these issues ...all of these things need to be investigated and the truth must come out.”
Clifton Brown says the party issue could have been sorted in a day or two. “If there were gatherings the appropriate disciplinary actions should have been taken. The Prime Minister needs to get a grip on all of these matters.” #Newsnight
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