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.@maitlis hits nail on the head when she contends this wasn’t just boisterous, it was horrendous. Bernard Jenkin offers a Trump-style ‘both sides’ defence. #Newsnight guests are ashen-faced. This is new and dangerous and feels utterly unreal.
Honestly, watching Britain over the last few days, weeks and months has been like suffering a bereavement. When we lose something this precious we lose it forever.
Barry Gardiner genuinely angry when he argues that civil servants couldn’t tell truth about prorogation because they didn’t want to commit perjury. Haven’t always agreed with him on Brexit but have nothing but solidarity with him over this #newsnight
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Lord Sumption: “I don’t see how he [the PM] can leave without a deal on October 31st. It [the Benn Act] is a very tightly drafted bit of legislation.” #Newsnight
Sumption: “The problem is Boris Johnson has taken a hammer and chisel to our constitution and political traditions...The government has behaved disgracefully.”
Just to remind you, until quite recently, Sumption was the most senior Judge in the land.
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THREAD : This is a full on National Scandal.
I've gone back and looked at BBC's mendacious and cynical use of biased 'vox pops' during #GE2017 all trying to portray one message "disaffected Labour voters who'll vote Tory"
#BBCbias @Ofcom @bbcnewspr @esmewren
@Ofcom @BBCNewsPR @esmewren April 18th -
BBC Newsnight : TONIGHT: The long-standing Labour voters planning to vote for Theresa May this time...
@NickSW9 @nicholaswatt reports for #newsnight
@Ofcom @BBCNewsPR @esmewren @NickSw9 @nicholaswatt April 19th
“I have voted Labour all my life, but I don't think I will in the next election” – long-standing Labour voters on supporting Theresa May

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#Newsnight: the claim that the U.K. is automatically expelled from the EU if it refuses to nominate a Commissioner is simply false. Incorrect. Wrong. Please correct it.
Indeed, Art 17 TEU would appear to allow the EU27 - if the U.K. is still a member on 1/11/19 - to appoint a British national to the Commission themselves (say a UK national who is a senior EU official).
I was asked what the basis for my position is. The answer is simply that there is no Treaty provision that has the effect of expelling a Member State automatically for not appointing a Commissioner. Nothing more to say.
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1/ A reminder re today’s #Yellowhammer story👇

The government haven’t got back to the v experts they have been seeking advice re #nodealbrexit pharmaceutical supply issues...since March
2/which is why all of @BorisJohnson & @MattHancock s ‘updated’ plans for pharmaceuticals for #NoDealBrexit can be summarised like this👇...A BLANK SHEET OF PAPER...cos nothing has changed since I spoke to #Newsnight in APRIL🤷‍♂️…
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Sajid Javid says prorogation of parliament would be "trashing democracy"

@lbc #c4news #newsnight #r4today

In June 2019 Amber Rudd said Boris Johnson proroguing parliament would be outrageous and ridiculous

@lbc #c4news #Newsnight #r4today #bbcpm #PoliticsLive #bbcaq

And here's secretary of state for health and Johnson lickspittle, Matt Hancock, saying prorogation would go against "everything that those men who waded onto those beaches fought and died for"

@lbc #c4news
#wato #Newsnight #r4today #bbcaq #politicslive
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Mark Francois tells #newsnight that even without the backstop *in its entirety* he and the ERG wouldn’t vote for the WithdrawalAgreement not least because Johnson has said it’s dead, repeatedly. Why would the EU even try and negotiate anything when the PM can’t deliver the votes?
He also just used the phrase “herr Juncker in the bunker.”
As I said back in the spring, the backstop was always just a figleaf, an excuse: the ERG doesn’t want a deal, full stop. If it wasn’t the backstop, it’d have been something else.
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Alright, I'll bite. Wanna know the TRUTH about transgender healthcare, and supposed treatments for trans gender non-conforming children? Strap in... #newsnight
I literally wrote the book on trans healthcare in the UK. It's all here - a history of pathologisation, waiting lists that stretch for years, clinical gatekeeping, debates over who gets to decide what trans people do with our own bodies. #newsnight…
Where did transgender children come from? What is the role of the clinic in this? Nowhere better to look than Gill-Peterson's "Histories of the Transgender Child". Read all about it in this interview with the author. #newsnight…
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Debunking a few myths following @BBCTwo @BBCNewsnight report about puberty blockers

1. Blockers are not harmful to bone growth:…

#newsnight @BBCNewsnight
2. Puberty blockers don't affect greater brain function:…

#Newsnight @BBCNewsnight
3. Puberty blockers are reversible:

#Newsnight @BBCNewsnight
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As #newsnight investigates puberty blockers, a reminder that Susie Green, CEO of trans kids, and lottery funded, charity Mermaids, last year tweeted that we should give more of these drugs to children & not be bothered if they become sterilised - or even if they're actually trans
#newsnight found that suicidal thoughts among young people INCREASED when they were given puberty blockers. The whole 'a trans child is better than a dead child' argument is even more mendacious than the bogus 40+% attempted suicide rate figures for trans kids
Children are supposedly given puberty blockers to give them time to decide if they want to take sex change hormones or not. #Newsnight finds 100% of kids at GIDS who took them went on to take hormones. GIDS admits it doesn't know the reasons for this statistical anomaly
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To celebrate Rod Liddle’s triumphant appearance on #Newsnight here’s some of the transcript of Stewart Lee’s description of him:

"Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times would write...with all gravy, and...soup or something on his...his sleeve's gone in the soup, hasn't it?... (1/15)
"Rod Liddle. You know what I mean? Anyway. Er, sort of soupy bloke, isn't he? Anyway, Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times would write...the...soup and...gravy and... Rod of suet or something on his...on his collar. A bit of suet on him. Anyway... (2/15)
"Rod Liddle in...Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times newspaper would...has sort of gravy...soup. It's gone in the soup, hasn't it? Suet, splat, on there.

Yeah, Rod the Sunday Times. a sort of mackerel fish kind a paste that's on the... (3/15)
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@HardLineDemocat @thaumag The speaker on A Point of View today was the novelist Howard Jacobson.
@HardLineDemocat @thaumag This reminds me of what, for me, has been the festering sore of the 22 May #Newsnight interview with former Chief Rabbi "Lord" Jonathan Sacks by Emily Maitlis:

@HardLineDemocat @thaumag One of the YouTube comments is that this lauding of democracy comes from the lips of an unelected member of the House of Lords🤣🤣

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BREAKING: Lord Triesman has resigned the Labour whip, citing "institutional anti-Semitism".

"We may one day be the Party of anti-racism once again but it certainly isn't today," the former Labour Party general secretary writes in his resignation letter

BREAKING: Former Labour Health Minister Lord Darzi has confirmed to #newsnight that he too is resigning the Labour whip.

"As an Armenian survivor of the Armenian genocide, I have zero tolerance to anti-Semitism, Islamophobic or any other discrimination against religion or race."
Lord Darzi will now sit as an independent.

He told #newsnight that "this decision has not been taken lightly".
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My #tftd:

Tory members: who are the people deciding on the future of Britain?

They want the death penalty, they're climate change deniers and they're racists.


@LBC #r4today #PoliticsLive #newsnight #PMQs #bbcaq
@LBC Tory members: who are the people deciding on the future of Britain?

They are also massive Islamophobes, obvs


@LBC #r4today #PoliticsLive #newsnight #PMQs #bbcaq
@LBC Tory members: who are the people deciding on the future of Britain?

Many are hard right Brexit Party and UKIP entryists.


@LBC #r4today #PoliticsLive #newsnight #PMQs #bbcaq #ToryLeadership
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After the #MetPolice tried & failed to frame me & after ex #MetPoliceUK turned private investigators @Surelock_ tried & failed to frame me & my mum, attempt number 3 was #EE & #UKMail. I had never used @EE but they made me their customer

#SwitchtoO2 #o2 #Vodafone #Three #LBC
#EE said I had ordered mobile phones & sim cards & #UKMail said they had delivered them to me (with me showing my passport) at home. I did neither. I didn't order any mobiles & I didn't receive any mobiles. It was a complete stitch up

#dontbuythesun #c4news #r4today #itvnews
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Stanley Johnson, experienced ex-EU official, sounding like he’s never been to Brussels and learnt everything he knows about Brexit from reading his son’s garbage in the Telegraph. What happened to these people? #newsnight
Extraordinary that experienced and clever people still think you can have a ‘standstill transition’ without a withdrawal agreement. It simply beggars belief that they can’t understand something so basic. It’s like Brexit has turned their brains into mush.
Close second is ‘put the backstop into negotiations’. The whole point of it was that it shouldn’t be contingent on future negotiations BECAUSE IT’S A BACKSTOP. Again, this argument is so obscenely stupid you want to give people the benefit of the doubt by assuming it’s malevolent
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@ITVTonight @RachelRileyRR @ITV 1/x

You are seriously falling for this? - She is smearing 850,000 Labour members and affiliates with disgusting language attacking Jeremy Corbyn who has supported Jewish causes for decades.

It is Rachel trolling!

@ITVTonight @RachelRileyRR @ITV 2/x

Here was an Early Day Motion to stop the closure of Jewish Radio Manchester - who was trying to stop the BBC cuts? Take a look! Is that antisemitism - or the opposite!…
@ITVTonight @RachelRileyRR @ITV 3/x

Here again Corbyn supporting Jewish causes in 2010 - welcoming Jewish refugees fleeing persecution.

Is that antisemitism or the opposite?!

NOTE: Margaret Hodge didn't give a toss, her name isn't seen here - was probably covering her tracks with the PIE connections?
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This reporter showed up the empty scaremongering & dearth of talent in the BxP with a few questions

By contrast on @BBCNewsnight @KirstyWark spent her entire interview asking @EdwardJDavey the same question 6 times about a mythical coalition following a GE yet to be called
@BBCNewsnight @KirstyWark @EdwardJDavey Now, I've seen @maitlis really turn up the pressure in some interviews and ask insightful questions...

But generally newsnight consists of panels of rent a gobs answering random questions through their narrow (often paid for) perspectives or lightweight pointless interviews
@BBCNewsnight @KirstyWark @EdwardJDavey @maitlis @EdwardJDavey is up as possible Lib Dem leader, Peterborough just happened, #Brexit is everywhere - is it really in the public interest to spend the *entire* #newsnight interview trying to trap him into a coalition possibility confession to the exclusion of all other issues?
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This is how the Brexit Party dominated social media ahead of the EU elections.

But on Facebook, more is going on. Here’s our investigation into the murky world of closed groups


#newsnight | @mariannaspring
Closed Facebook groups are private; only approved members can see their content.

On both pro and anti-Brexit groups, Newsnight found disinformation and abuse

#newsnight | @mariannaspring | @Lucy_Webster_
Some posts share links to known conspiracy or alt-right websites.

For example, several groups shared content from a website, Brexit Betrayal News, with links to the QAnon conspiracy

#newsnight | @mariannaspring | @Lucy_Webster_
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@Badgerflaps1 10 years and still same #fakenews on #TommyRobinon
EDL had black,asian,white,lesbian,gay,Jewish,sikh,etc... sections!
Their banners said "black and white unte"
Tommy was accused of punching his own, he wasn't! He was kicking a Nazi out of the #EDL!…
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Coming to #Newsnight slighly late, and wondering if I've stepped through a looking glass? Two Tories, then UKIP and Tommy Robinson. Is this the day the BBC stopped pretending to even have a semblance of bias?
No better on the panel discussion. When you have one person shouting "betrayal" and "17.4 million people" that instantly kills any chance of rational debate. Because it's impossible to counter something as irrational as that.
Also a genuinely bizarre setup to their TIG panel guest, with a question along the lines of "given the rise of far right parties, how do you have a hope in the European elections?" (paraphrased - it's late and I'm tired) Basically ignoring the 48% and the 6 million petition folk!
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Brextremists constantly bang on about how impt it is for the UK to Leave the EU because it was a Tory party manifesto promise. What is true for Brexit, must presumably be true for other Tory manifesto promises, so let's see how they've done.
@LBC #PoliticsLive #newsnight #r4today
@LBC Page 15 of the Tory manifesto promised "effective" regulation of industry and markets and that govt would save £9bn through cutting two regulations for every new one created.


@LBC #PoliticsLive #newsnight #r4today #bbcpm #PeoplesVote
@LBC Page 17 of the Tory manifesto promised to regulate tax advisory firms to reduce extreme tax avoidance, increase transparency and reduce "misuse of trusts".


@LBC #PoliticsLive #newsnight #r4today #bbcpm #PeoplesVote
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Virtually every panel from #newsnight to #bbcqt has been dominated by Tory Brexiters & born again Labour "we must deliver #brexit" ones

One key outcome of @TheIndGroup is it's forced @BBCNews to actually feature authentic Remain voices rather than just red/blue Brexit supporters
@TheIndGroup @BBCNews The BBC has failed on #Brexit on many areas but a key 1 has been "balancing" Labour & Tory #Brexit voices - in reality you can barely put a cigarette paper between Corbyn and May on their positions

Labour & Tories are on the same side on this

@TheIndGroup @BBCNews We're still seeing this lack of true balance on the BBC. Labour's ask for a CU in May's deal is being called a soft #Brexit alternative when in reality May's deal already includes a CU in all but name. They're arguing over wording, not substance.

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