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You might get the impression from the British tabloids that nothing unusual is happening in Northern Ireland right now 🙄

#Brexit #BrexitIgnitesTheTroubles
Mind you, if this terribly insensitive juxtaposition from @MetroUK is anything to go by, maybe it's best that British tabloids don't mention Northern Ireland 😬
At least #Newsnight managed to address the situation in Northern Ireland tonight and although Theresa Villiers was plain lying, there was some sanity
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Some American bloke (Eric something?) stating boldly on #Newsnight just now that the purpose of businesses is to provide shareholder value.

Not goods & services - shareholder value.

Good to see Aisha Moodie-Mills take him down.
Ooh he stormed off. Eric Bolling it was. Proper spat his dummy and ran.

Apologies for getting your name wrong @AishaMoodMills, didn't realise you'd changed it.

Good work on #Newsnight tonight. Clear truths. He really went off half-cocked.
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“This is a report produced by a govt that would rather belittle the realities of institutional racism in this country than take steps to address it”

Truth bombs being dropped by @RunnymedeTrust’s
@kapoor_alba to @CliveMyrieBBC @bbc5live re #RacismReport
“The problem has been diagnosed, it has been given a name: it’s called institutional racism.”

More truth bombs on the #RacismReport, this time from

She tells @katierazz on #Newsnight “the denial of its existence is a complete whitewash”
This report into institutional racism - run by Tony Sewell who, 15 years ago, said he doesn't believe in #institutionalracism was designed to demoralise

Don’t be demoralised

These are their tactics

Tactics designed to get you to switch off the news & apply for an allotment. Image
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#Newsnight digs up a clip of @David_Cameron (then PM) saying that lobbying was "the next big scandal waiting to happen".


@David_Cameron .@campbellclaret on #Newsnight, saying that Johnson and his ministers regularly break all 7 of the #NolanPrinciples - and he finds it "scary" that no one seems, with this government, to care very much about those breaches of public standards, or to view them as scandals.
@David_Cameron @campbellclaret Prof Elizabeth David-Barrett says on #Newsnight that the matters around Cameron/Arcuri are not so much about rule-breaking as "declining [public] standards".

And she gives examples, including those around (lack of) transparency.

@JolyonMaugham @GoodLawProject
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Blistering introductory monologue by @maitlis on standards in public life covering the #AcuriAffair #BorisJohnson #DavidCameron & #PritiPatel

The last time #Newsnight did such a
powerful opening was in May in the midst of the Barnard Castle scandal
“A great journalist puts into words the things people feel. They seek truth & speak truth & are never seduced by the gilded strumpet of power”
(E. Warner)

Following her monologue on Cummings, the govt complained to the BBC

Instead of backing @maitlis, the BBC issued an apology!
“What is spectacularly gutless is that these ministers have avoided @GMB , @Channel4News, @BBCNewsnight & anywhere they might get rough ride. That’s a dereliction of their duty as govt ministers. It’s completely shameful.” @piersmorgan

It’s a national scandal & nothing is done!
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Repeatedly of late, we’ve seen cases where at the very least the perception exists that there are inadequate investigative and enforcement mechanisms around standards in public life and holding politicians to account.
What mechanisms do exist have in some cases been diminished. So for example, the Prime Minister’s independent adviser on the ministerial standards Sir Alex Allen resigns, after the PM chose to ignore his finding that the Home Sec in beach of the code- and he has not been replaced
As I’ve pointed out many times, it’s the Prime Minister’s job to adjudicate the code. He’s judge, jury and executioner (especially in the absence of an independent adviser on ministerial standards). Given it’s his government, the potential conflict of interest is clear.
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@Ellie74327894 @JadeAeg 1. See

I perfectly "understand what women go through & our struggles"

I KNOW It's REALLY problematic for most of you to use male logic & reason instead of FEEEELLLZZZZ

While clearly you "never understand what MEN go through & OUR struggles"

Issue is a TINY minority of men...
@Ellie74327894 @JadeAeg 2. As I said

The issue is a TINY minority

Yes of men

As well as now most WOmen

Brought up to HATE by WOMEN

Boys are brought up to hate men & themselves as #ToxicMasculinity #EvilPatriarchy


And many of those boys no doubt end up hating women too...
@Ellie74327894 @JadeAeg 3. Is it any wonder so many boys but still a tiny minority are driven to rejecting themselves & wanting to become part of Gay community or even Trans one

Or that some grow up to kill women who hate them & spend lives in what seems to be sole motivation & focus of lives: misandry
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Barrister Harriet Johnson tells @Maitlis: “I and others in my profession are seeing a growing body of evidence that police are institutionally misogynist. I see rape victims blamed, belittled, ridiculed and ignored by officers who are supposed to be supporting them.” #Newsnight
“I see police officers who just don’t believe women until the man who has raped them does it again and suddenly their evidence is not only creditable but vital.”
Ngozi Fulani, CEO Sistah Space: “Missing from the misogyny is seems that black women who go through domestic abuse, who are missing or who are murdered we don’t get the same response, we don’t get the outcry, we don’t get the concern, the public coming out for us.”
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WOW. Speaking to @theJeremyVine today @Keir_Starmer said quite clearly he personally decided to suspend Jeremy Corbyn. On the day he said he had nothing to do with it, later his team briefed #Newsnight he was merely 'consulted'.

This man has a profound inability to be honest!
. @Keir_Starmer told the BBC it was not his decision to suspend Corbyn on October 30…
Later it was briefed to #newsnight that he was 'consulted' on the decision to suspend Corbyn.

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1/2 On #Newsnight I referenced @Tamsin_J_Ford's new study on mental health of children & adolescents. Do read #covid19 #Children #schools. Here's @BBCNewsnight clip. There's…
2/2 more of my thinking about #COVID19 public health issues at #Smartlockdown
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Toby young has a banner in his living room
And in this vicious debate, Ian Dunt agrees with Toby.
Toby now desperate to change the subject from, *checks notes* his own published words.
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Presumably Claire Fox is on #newsnight because Tommy Robinson, David Starkey, Darren Grimes, Katie Hopkins, Nigel Farage, Laurence Fox, Allison Pearson, Isabel Oakeshott, Richard Tice, Tim Martin, Toby Young, Brendan O'Neill & that Scottish bloke from 'Coast' are all unavailable.
People asking why I included Coast Guy:

1 For bigging up David Starkey after his racist outburst

2 For saying young people shouldn’t go to university because Universities have succumbed to a "Maoist" cultural revolution

3 For RTing unhinged hard-right crank Paul Joseph-Watson
4 Saying #BlackLivesMatter is essentially a plot by anarchists & communists to undermine the fabric of the British nation

5 Amplifying the antisemitic conspiracy theory about 'Cultural Marxism' which inspired Anders Breivik..

Just do your own research👍…
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Why the fuck has #Newsnight put JVL up. They speak for no one other than a tiny group of elderly Trots. Just fucking controversialism. Everything that is wrong with TV journalism, @esmewren @nicholaswatt
Now Kirsty Wark is telling her that she speaks for only a tiny sliver of opinion. So why the fuck is she on the set?
Just spouting lies. EHRC does *not* validate the Chakrabarti report. Uncorrected by Wark.
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🦠🦠🦠 24,405 new cases

⚰️⚰️⚰️ 274 deaths

🏥 Admissions running v close to 1500 a day now
Last data to Mon

🛌 Patients In hospital 10,564 yesterday without NI
Must be at 11k by now

Ventilator beds 975 . 39 in NI suggest they must be at or near their 69 limit (30 non CV19)
And just look what the excellent @JoePajak has done with his already good graph.

Given it an extra polish to make it easier to read.

You can now track more easily where we were in March v direction of travel now

27/11/20 - 1k deaths

The Y axis is deaths @JoePajak ?
The point is as much to show how far and how fast we are continuing to move upwards since SAGE recommended the circuit break.

In fact at the height of the Spring Surge (April 12) we had ⬇️20k in hospital. Now we have c 11k.
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1/ Thread: Don't mean to join the tin foil hat brigade but I have concerns the rate of infections in schools is being suppressed from public knowledge.
In March the government made NHS bed capacity its key metric for success. This led to people being put into care homes without
2/ testing, and other measures to free up bed space while the Nightingales were prepared.
Ignoring the death toll, government ministers continue to cite their management of the first wave as a success due to the NHS not being overwhelmed.
3/ In the Summer under pressure from papers and some poor messaging from Labour "no ifs no buts" a full reopening of school became another metric of success that I have heard MPs mention as a sign of good governance.
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David Davis is on Peston. This should be a laugh.
Also: Newsnight
Should be fireworks here #newsnight
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Kim Darroch being pretty frank there. In diplomatic language basically said the UK gov is batshit crazy. #newsnight
As for this former MEP from the Brexit party: also batshit crazy #Newsnight
Well he's right that the Tories are a problem #newsnight
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Strapped in to watch this #newsnight
Mind blown
This is genuinely mad
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If you think the big reason Conservatives hate the BBC is because they can't profit from it, you're hugely mistaken

Of course, there are some juicy assets to carve up & sell at a discount to their friends & family there, but that's not what drives Tory hatred

#r4today @lbc
The reason they loathe the BBC is because it stands as a bulwark against the essence of their ideology

Whether news or drama, every show the BBC produces shares the same basic principles

Racism: bad
Poverty: bad
Hate: bad
Caring: good
Society: good
Facts: good
..and so on

But worst of all it's popular.

It's seen as jewel in the national crown, not only by most at home, but globally, & thus very difficult to destroy

In recent decades, foreign billionaire press barons have combined their muscle with secretly funded right wing lobby groups..

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The breezy reporting of the Republican convention on #Newsnight, skipping over how 2 individuals that pointed guns at peaceful protestors were celebrated, and drooling over the “battle for the suburbs” on Trump’s “economic record”, is an exercise in normalising fascist politics
Even if Trump was not a far right politician, the implication he has a “solid” economic record, would itself be an absurdly one sided piece of reporting
This FT article is a good antidote to the nonsensical claim on #Newsnight that the election will be won or lost “in the suburbs” on the basis of “Trump’s economic record”👇

Donald Trump’s Orwellian jamboree
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It’s 3 months since something ‘shifted’ within the British media.

The warnings had been there since the start of the pandemic (see this article from 13 March👇) but, in my view, the shift happened in the aftermath of a @BBCNewsnight episode & this opening monologue by @maitlis. Image
The #BarnardCastle scandal had been rumbling on for days

Cummings’ attempt to shut it down the previous day had convinced no one & Ministers kept being asked about it in every press briefing

The govt was pushing the message, “time to move on”

But the media wasn’t playing ball.
So the govt turned their guns on the media (Andrew Bridgen demonstrates on the same #Newsnight episode)

When he talks about “throwing Cummings to the wolves”, the wolves are the media

When he talks about fighting “the monster”, the monster is the media.
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After a v brief flirt with #Newsnight about NHS Test & Trace.
The few points I'd make:
-Cases rising in England wk by wk
-Contact tracing is hard, but can def be better, incl. with real-time data sharing b/w T&T, PHE, and local gov.

(data: )

-PHE health protection teams & local gov have been working together to effectively and efficiently manage disease outbreaks for years. They just need to the data and resources to get on with it. Getting rid of PHE is not part of the solution.

-Those who NHS T&T struggle to reach may be more likely to be those w/o phones or the internet: more deprived, more elderly, more vulnerable.

These are the very people local gov public health teams work hardest to reach.

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