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9 Jun 20
On 03 June, Yale Professor of History @TimothyDSnyder warned us that "The next few months will determine the future of our republic" and he tweeted each of these 20 lessons in a thread.

He is now tweeting them one-by-one with detail. Not as a #thread. I'm threading them.
1/20. Do not obey in advance. #OnTyranny

"Most of the power of authoritarianism is freely given."

2/20. Defend institutions. #OnTyranny

"It is institutions that help us preserve decency"

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5 Jun 20
Normally, I say "thank goodness for smartphones" but in this case it's "thank goodness there was an NPR news crew."

The cop who pushed the 75 year old man down went out of his way to do so. Another told the TV crew to stop filming. They appear to have filed a false report.
You can HEAR his head hit the concrete.

Video from @wbfo @MikeDesmondWBFO put a quick lie to the initial PIO statement

Think about this for a moment. There was a someone from a news crew on the steps immediately in front of these cops. Those microphones are distinctive.

These cops either had zero situational awareness or they didn't care that there might be a witness with a megaphone.
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17 May 20
With this headline and framing, the NYPost equates coronavirus virus with “the flu.” Again.

The virus H3N2 is not in the same family as SARS-CoV-2, @ericspitznagel

Flu != coronavirus which seems to have as many neurological issues as breathing ones
H3N2 was the THIRD major outbreak of influenza in the 20th century. There had also been minor outbreaks.


Moreover, @ericspitznagel frames* H3N2 as being in the middle of Woodstock, which Reuters has already dissected/debunked.

* photos frame.
Tiny disclaimers in captions do not override the framing

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13 May 20
Global research is suggesting that low levels of Vitamin D may increase risk of covid-19 severity.

This does not mean you should take mega-doses of Vitamin D! That's not good for you.

But it does suggest you should check with your doctor about your Vitamin D levels. #Thread
From Ireland - 11 May
"the data suggests that [Vitamin D] is also likely to reduce serious COVID-19 complications."


See the article: imj.ie/vitamin-d-and-…

Warning about excess Vitamin D
From Northwestern University - 07 May
Vitamin D may suppress cytokine storm in COVID19 patients. Data from 10 countries suggest patients with vitamin D deficiency were 2x as likely to experience severe complications, including death.
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4 May 20
DHS is running with HUGE gaps in leadership. Keep that in mind anytime you hear or see something that echos Trump's current narrative.
DHS leadership, continued

Under Secretary, Management (vacant)
Chief Financial Officer (acting)
Chief Information Officer (acting)

Under Secretary, Science and Technology (vacant)
Deputy Under Secretary (acting)
DHS leadership, continued

Director, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (vacant)
Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (acting)
FEMA Deputy Administrator (acting)
Director, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), (vacant)
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4 May 20
Trump and the DHS are full of shit.

Vietnam has had zero deaths, despite being a next-door neighbor.

Why? How?


Through experience, they knew SARS had been a helluva threat. They listened to their scientists. Unlike Trump.
DHS is a political entity reporting to the White House and is rudderless. NOT independent. Not trustworthy.

Deputy Secretary (vacant)
Chief of Staff (acting)
Executive Secretary (acting)
General Counsel (vacant)

MORE later (the list is LONG)
TIMELINE for Vietnam, which got the same covid19 news that the US did. (One supposes the US might actually get some news sooner.)

16 January : The Vietnamese Ministry of Health issued urgent dispatches to government agencies

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12 Apr 20
Arizona has received 100 ventilators.

It has a #covid19 per capita case rate of 46.6 per 100,000 (11 Apr data).

This is SIGNIFICANTLY below US the median of 66.

Delivering to Native Americans: good!

But let's see where these 100 are going.
Because THIS does NOT look like a state with a health care system that's currently under #covid19 stress.

HELL. NO. It's just one with a Republican governor.

Nor is there much in the "look out for yourself before asking for help" behavior kit.

But Louisiana case rate is ~4x AZ!
Gov. Edwards said the state received 200 ventilators from Trump but expected to run out on April 9.

Lots of self-help steps, unlike AZ
THEIR #covid19 stats look NOTHING like AZ > 173.38/100K
Alas, the governor is a D

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15 Mar 20
Key points from California @GavinNewsom news conference

- Social distancing
- close bars, wineries, breweries
- limit visits in nursing homes, hospitals
- 65+/health condition: stay home

When it works, we'll have #Y2Ksyndrome🤞🏼
Positive #covid19 tests in California up 14 % in past 24 hours - there is a two- to three-day turnaround for the tests.

"Bars that serve food fall in the restaurant category, and were permitted to stay open at 50-percent capacity"

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14 Mar 20
I have extremely mixed feelings about this thread.

First yellow flag: No report that the mother had talked to a doctor or that daughter had been directed to get #covid19 test. You can't just "show up" and get a test.

Nor should you just "show up" at an emergency room ...
... unless it's an emergency. And for most of us, #covid19 is NOT an emergency (for our own health).

Nor did the poster answer my question about referral but she did thank me for info shared. That was before the tweet blew up.


Second, teaching moment:
WHY GET A #covid19 TEST?
1 - rule out other causes of symptoms
2 - health care worker checks
3 - provide data for scientists

We are no longer in containment. We are in mitigation. Public health officials aren't going to track your tracks.

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23 Feb 20
Before Obama said “you didn’t build that” in 2012, @ewarren #PresidentWarren said THIS in 2011:

“There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own — nobody. You built a factory out there? Good for you. But I want to be clear...
“You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for.

“You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate.

“You were safe in your factory because of police-forces and fire-forces that the rest of us paid for...
“You didn't have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory — and hire someone to protect against this — because of the work the rest of us did...
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11 Feb 20
Saturday Night Massacre is today, but in full daylight.

Aaron Zelinsky, prosecutor in Roger Stone case, has "moved to withdraw"
Jonathan Kravis, has filed a notice withdrawing from the Roger Stone case. He has resigned his position as assistant U.S. attorney in D.C.

But if all the people of moral courage and conscience in DOJ resign ... Trump will fill with toadies. There is no hammer over his head like there was with Nixon.
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9 Feb 20
You @davidfrum and the other male east coast pundits need to get out from behind your gilded keyboards and talk to women and PEOPLE OF COLOR.

GIVE UP ON THEM, dammit.
Women seem to have been making almost 9-in-10 calls to Congress in 2017 to block Trump. And it was POC and about 1-in-2 white women who voted for HRC. (And remember, she won popular vote).

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7 Feb 20
Why aren’t national broadcast media and national pubs doing this?

Every American deserves to have his or her ears and eyes ROCKED with Trump’s press statements. Unedited. Unvarnished. Unparaphrased.
Here’s another example. It’s hard to grok that this is Not The Onion or @colbertlateshow or @TheDailyShow

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11 Dec 19
Quoting Trump lies without context is not journalism.

It is stenography.

It is being an active participant in spreading propaganda.


As always, it takes more words to rebut a lie ...

From @pewresearch last year:
Western Europeans have a strikingly negative views of Trump. And worldwide, people think we aren’t very important anymore

“Seven in 10 people around the world have no confidence in Trump, according to the @pewresearch survey of 26,112 people in 25 countries.”

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12 Nov 19
Let's clear up a few things about Dean Foods and its filing for bankruptcy protection.

FIRST, Dean Foods does NOT own @LandOLakesInc, which you state in a headline, @MSN @CNN , that has been live for THREE HOURS.


Seriously, all of you guys writing about this story should have talked to someone about how the dairy industry works.

Dean Foods is dairy PROCESSOR. It. Owns. Manufacturing. Plants.
It buys milk from farmers and sells packaged milk to retailers.
Dean Foods does not OWN the Land O'Lakes brand, @FastCompany . Most Americans probably associate LOL with butter, as that's its national brand. So headlines like this are incredibly damaging to the brand.

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5 Oct 19
GEE. This sounds A LOT like cooperative business models.

A BIG reminder that grocery store margins were historically very low single digits. Ditto most department stores (although theirs were a bit larger due to slower turnover).

Costco is using the countervailing power of its large membership (customers) to negotiate price with mostly very large sellers.

Yes some aren’t huge (Tillamook farmer cooperative comes to mind). But most name-brands: big.
Costco also used its market power for private labeling, a staple (pun intended) of traditional grocery stores. It invests in research and prepares healthy take-home-to-cook food.
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22 Sep 19
This is one of the “intellectuals” of the Right. His 1+1=2 claim here is breathtakingly false and designed as red meat for his followers. Propaganda at its worse.
A reminder that Dinesh is a convicted felon for making an illegal campaign contribution. Trump pardoned him. Yes, I’m deconstructing the messenger; it’s not always a rhetorical error.
A native of India (privileged upper class) D'Souza attended Dartmouth, where he was an editor of the Dartmouth Review, “the leading conservative college publication of the early 1980s”

From an interview with ex-KKK leader complete with pic of lynching ...
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21 Sep 19
Digital ink, fleeting soundbites, and impatience for depth > collateral societal damage. Our brains are adapting without thought of consequence.

More than 6,000 years ago, our brains created a new circuit which enabled literacy. It’s not genetic but environmental. #Thread
“Thinking, Fast and Slow” documents the challenge of moving from emotional (fast) to thoughtful (slow) reactions when communication was slower and paper-based. Now, with frictionless likes/shares and bite-sized windows into text on phones...
Researchers like @MaryanneWolf_ point out that “slower, time-demanding deep reading processes” help the brain (us!) think critically, form empathy, develop logic (reasoning). Yet our smartphone/Kindle/iPad culture discourages those practices.
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18 Sep 19
Sometimes... things that are shocking are, in fact, true.

The facts around this claim about the anatomy of the clitoris are both shocking and appalling.

The claim, however, remains unverified.

Read on.
“Urologist Helen O’Connell and her colleagues described all of the important internal clitoral structures and their dimensions in a Journal of Urology paper— in 1998”

From 2004-2006, MRI studies imaged the clitoris during arousal.
Yet here’s a 2005 critique of textbook illustrations of the clitoris (aside: my phone doesn’t have clitoris in its dictionary). NOTE: urologists, again.


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17 Sep 19
@double_whammied Two important points about Cokie Roberts:

First, she was integral to the success of @NPR

Second, news reports do not articulate that Cokie Roberts died from metastatic breast cancer (aka Stage 4). You don't "die of complications from breast cancer") at stages 0-3. @MBCNbuzz

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