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fem!bkdk; mainly drabble and socmed; dekubowl ; often nsfw; pfp: @spiced_covfee
May 15, 2022 83 tweets 30 min read
#bkdk soc med au where Izuku is working at Dynamight agency, he can’t wait to work with his idol. 👀 ImageImage here there are some “warnings”:
- age gap, ofc, Izuku is out of UA he’s 18/19. Dynamight is 23.
- Izuku has social anxiety! I don’t think I’ll describe panic attacks (in detail, there might be a mention), but I’ll put the TW!
- I suggest to open fully(?) all the photos-
May 14, 2022 13 tweets 3 min read

🏷: college au, nsfw, cheating (not bkdk)

Shindo cheated Katsuki. He’s furious, he doesn’t understand how he could find someone better then him.
But then he gets it.
He meets Izuku, who happens to be Shindo’s new boyfriend, so the cause of his broke up. They meet at a party, Izuku keeps talking with Shindo, he seems uncomfortable ti have Shinso near him.

Katsuki keeps looking not at Shinso but at Izuku.
He understands why Shinso cheated on him.
That boy was so freaking cute and hot at the same time.
He’s wearing-
May 13, 2022 14 tweets 3 min read
#fembkdk #bkdk
fem!izuku and fem!kacchan.

Kacchan has a nose ring and a lip piercing.
Izuku goes wild whenever she spots her, they don’t know each other, but there were /clearly/ pining on each other. They didn’t talk to each other until they got to know each other at a party. They played beer pong together and the tension was high.
Izuku wouldn’t stop looking at Kacchan’s lips and she was fantasizing about feeling those lips and the lip piercing on her pussy.
May 13, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
#bkdk #fembkdk and #dkbk

nsfw thought fem!deku and fem!kacchan

I want Kacchan to eat out Izuku’s pussy making her squirm and crying from overstimulation and them making her squirt.

They it’s Izuku’s turn and she’s actually not going easy on Kacchan. Izuku fucks Kacchan with her strap, thrusting into her and reducing Kacchan in a mess, she’s trembling, quivering and she can’t stop moaning Izuku’s name.

Izuku phrases Kacchan calling her “good girl”.

Izuku played with Kacchan boobs, twisting and sucking her nipples.
May 12, 2022 8 tweets 2 min read

🏷: nsfw, public sex, degradation.

izuku and kirishima as something like gym buddies (?) even if Iuzku is not super muscled he has to keep active, so he always asks for help to Kirishima, who shows Deku how to do properly those types of exercises. Eijirou knows that Izuku is fairly attractive, he’s not blind, but he doesn’t know if the other boy is interested in him.

But it was as soon as Izuku started stretching in front of Eijirou, clearly in a provocative way, that Eijirou though that making a move was-