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Artist, harpist, and EDS patient w/a focus on pain, harm-reduction, COIs, and exposing #PainProfiteers and #DEACenteredCare. Researcher at #DoctorPatientForum
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May 7 11 tweets 3 min read
“Daniel Kessler and Mark McClellan (1996) found that these incentives translated into “defensive medicine”—use of precautionary treatments with minimal expected medical benefit out of fear of legal liability”
🧵#DoNoHarm #DEACenteredCare #TortReform #CAM… “The 1990s brought a new phenomenon: the use of litigation to impose regulation. In this scenario, exec-branch agencies or even private parties sue alleged wrongdoers and obtain settlements that govern the defendant’s future behavior through a system of highly specific rules.”
Apr 25 8 tweets 4 min read
Did you know that there’s a cloud based resource that was funded by the AGs through litigation funds, thats run by OSHU? I believe this was formed so anyone involved in litigation would have access to research that supported the demonization of opioids.… Here’s where it started:…
Apr 7 4 tweets 3 min read
A 5 yr old was tortured because no one wanted to treat his pain from a compound fracture and repair. I just spoke with the dad and he’s willing to to testify. How many more will be forced to suffer?


Feb 24 4 tweets 4 min read
The American College Surgeons is in bed with Pacira Pharma and gets millions in donations from them. Exparel was just FDA approved to be used in children last year. I saw this coming….… Image ROTTEN
1worst of all: there are virtually no patient protections in place at this point for the undertreatment of pain!… ImageImage
Jan 3 9 tweets 17 min read
@ejb1893 @CitizenViz @RyanForRecovery @praddenkeefe @geraldposner @RepKatiePorter @RepGolden Now do Indivior! Oops!!… @ejb1893 @CitizenViz @RyanForRecovery @praddenkeefe @geraldposner @RepKatiePorter @RepGolden I give you a head-start: Tom McLellan
Board member of the makers of Suboxone since they formed. ALSO board member of addx non-profit and lobbyist Shatterproof. Isn’t it so interesting that in the Shatterproof bio they leave that part out? No one cares..…
Jan 1 5 tweets 3 min read
Hey guys, remember this article? Remember the pill shaming comments from April Caraway? (as shown in the screenshots) Turns out she’s a witness for the prosecution in the Ohio opioid pharmacy trial.… ImageImageImageImage @aander1987 @OregonAdvocate
Jan 1 4 tweets 2 min read
What Your Death Certificate Says About You May Be Wrong: A Narrative Review on CDC's Efforts to Quantify Prescription Opioid Overdose Deaths - PubMed
Oct 28, 2021 14 tweets 7 min read
How’s #HFPP affecting the care of patients w/#pain? Was there public input when this partnership was formed w/#CMS #payers, #LE? We start with info links & near the end of the thread, an example of one payer’s efforts to fulfill their part.
#cpp #opioids……
Oct 26, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
You want to know why Durbin, a congress member, is trying to influence the whole opioid issue? Because his long time chief of staff’s wife is neck-deep in lobbying for clients that directly benefit from smearing opioid pharmaceuticals for money from the billions in litigation. ImageImageImageImage I stand by my belief that any politician at this point that continues to restrict rx pain meds has some major $ skin in the game. They’re all aware of the illicit poly drug OD crisis. There’s NO EXCUSE for torturing ppl in pain other than financial gain or depravity.
Oct 21, 2021 9 tweets 4 min read
October of 2017, AGs wrote letters to 15 PBMs, which were based on the cdc guidelines. No wonder ppl report issues getting RXs…… Here’s are the letters. I’m now understanding why CVS (along with BCBS) was allowed to be on the special voting committee for the Purdue case. A few examples in the screenshots ⬇️ Did they make a deal, I wonder?😡…
Oct 20, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
Listen at 1:41:40! We need to be reaching out to Orrin Hatch ASAP. He calls out the fact that the expert witnesses (like Kolodny & Rannazzisi) and the AGs are using congress to further their narrative to completely vilify the opioid pharma industry.…
Sep 18, 2021 5 tweets 3 min read
MARCH 26, 2015 (keep in mind he went to to testify before congress multiple times, then was a star witness for the prosecution against opioid mfgs.…
Sep 16, 2021 5 tweets 1 min read
Well this is disappointing.… I’m listening now….
Sep 15, 2021 8 tweets 6 min read
@LennonMaclean And guess what I found the other day? That the interventional pain industry groups that have recommended these as SOP for cpps are using doing this on purpose and then telling the govt that it’s cheaper in the long run to do procedures (SCS’s and IT pumps) More to come on this… @LennonMaclean Letter from AGs in Sept 2017, to America’s Health Insurance Plans, “To encourage healthcare providers to prioritize non-opioid pain mgmt. options over opioid prescriptions for the treatment of chronic, non-cancer pain.” I noticed this gem from #TimDeer…
Sep 9, 2021 7 tweets 6 min read
I know many of you will recognize the Sandgaard name due to their non-profit group the Sandgaard foundation. Did you know their founder is the CEO of a Colorado pain device company? They formed a group to combat opioids, which also sets them up financially… Here are some screenshots gathered from various sites that help highlight my concerns:
Sep 1, 2021 7 tweets 4 min read
Our govt wants to restrict new scripts for pain meds to only those with low risk, based on machine learning. @tomcoderre, asst sec of mental health at SAMSA, is involved in this. Where is the ethics committee?
@ibdgirl76 @BrookeM_Feldman… ImageImageImageImage
Aug 1, 2021 9 tweets 4 min read
Just so everyone knows, private ins. companies and CMS joined with the feds to go after opioids and doctors, with $ from tort litigation being the end-game. For example: BCBS Michigan supplied the dea under-covers with fake mris to trick MDs & then when they rxed, arrested them! Now BCBS gets to sue opioid manufacturers for billions. The corruption is unbelievable. We have MDs sitting in prison so companies could get rich from these lawsuits.
Jul 31, 2021 6 tweets 3 min read
@national_pain @speakingabtpain Came across these today and am wondering if you’re familiar with these “aggressive” guidelines (as Don Stader said) done in 2020 for Colorado. Don Stader is cozy with PROP.… At 8:30 on the surgery and anesthesia podcast from the above link, Don Stader “I feel like opioids are a lot like smoking”…
Jul 26, 2021 10 tweets 7 min read
Just so everyone knows, Dr Timothy Deer is a #PainProfiteer and opioid litigation #MDLShill that’s used his platform as an interventional anesthesiologist to sway opinions. In the last 7 yrs, 5 mill from industry/pharma. ImageImageImage Here is an article highlighting his testimony for the prosecution in WVA:… ImageImage
Jul 16, 2021 10 tweets 6 min read
@ZachWritesStuff Roger Chou works for OSHU and contracts to do the systematic reviews on opioids for AHRQ. He’s worked closely with PROP since they formed in 2011. He was also one of the 3 authors of the 2016 gl, as well as a part of the board of sci. councilors for cdc that approve the gls 🤦🏻‍♀️ @ZachWritesStuff So he chooses which studies are considered in to go into the GLs, writes them, and then also gets to approve them. I uncovered the fact that the Oregon AG has been funneling opioid litigation money into not only OSHU (and this was in 2015) but also into Oregon’s ORCrm state grp.
Jul 16, 2021 29 tweets 9 min read
It’s public comment time. #cdcowgChat @Amy_L_Partridge just killed it! Go Amy go Amy Gooooo!