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🚨 New Article 🚨 dissects the criminological components of Alberta's Supervised Consumption Site (SCS) Report. I'll summarize and extrapolate below. 🧵 1/15

(Spoiler alert: SCSs don't cause crime)

#abpoli #ableg #scs #CrimTwitter @GoAHealth…
There are countless reasons why the Report isn't worth the paper it's written on. #WastedTaxDollars 2/15
The Report mistreats and misconstrues police service call data, relying on crude measures of "crime". #CrimeFiction 3/15
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Disappointed to see @RCPCHtweets promoting this elearning module which contains outdated, inaccurate and potentially damaging information. The module appears to rely heavily on the deconditioning theory with very little mention of #PEM a hallmark feature of this condition 1/10
ME/CFS is NOT just about tiredness and fatigue. Additionally there is no mention of the abnormal physiological response to activity in people with ME/CFS - instead Graded Exercise Therapy/Graded Activity is heavily promoted and the NICE guidance quoted repeatedly. 2/10
It is important to acknowledge that the NICE guidance frequently referenced in this module is currently under review - the draft updated version takes a very different position regarding GET/graded activity 3/10
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Since the beginning of the pandemic, Fox News opinion shows have been pumping out dangerous disinformation about COVID-19, endangering the public and the people on the front lines trying to save lives.

The medical community has had enough. #DoNoHarm
Together with medical professionals, we are asking Fox’s advertisers, including several drug companies, to stand with us and stop advertising on Fox News until they end this horrific campaign of misinformation which, according to studies, has cost lives.…
.@pfizer, as a drug company and a leading advertiser on Fox News, will you stand with the medical community stop spending ad dollars with the network until they stop their horrendous COVID misinformation?

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Ok...Honeymoon is over & now time to dissect the exciting new data presented @ #ESMO2020 for #GEC #KN590 #CM649 #ATTRCN4 #CM577
1st, thank you to all the pts who participated!
& 2nd, congrats to all the investigators involved!
It's fantastic to have +ve studies! Lets dive deep:
I think the facts are accurate - please correct if not. (seeking the truth here)
My opinions are my opinions.
~15 min read (it's complicated)
No CME offered unfortunately 😒😉
IO monotx effective in a subgroup of GEC pts in 1L+:
1. MSI-H
2. High PDL1 (cut-off at least CPS 10 22C3)
3. low tumor burden
4. PS0
5. Asian > Western pts
6. SCC > AC
7. GC > EGJ
Outside of above, most pts are better-served w chemo based on crossing #yinyang curves
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From #CDC website ‘Improving the ways opioids are prescribed through clinical practice guidelines can ensure patients have access to safer, more effective chronic pain treatment while reducing risk of opioid use disorder’. What I have seen as a parent of children w #chronicpain 1
as well as an advocate for those with #hereditarypancreatitis is increased stigma, lack of access to a medication that has worked for many, malpractice and deaths due to #suicidedue2pain. I find it inane that physicians will prescribe essential oils (lavender) to a child 2
in the midst of a pancreatitis attack for fear of addiction. #Untreatedpain and under treated pain has significant consequences particularly in children. The harm done since the release of the guidelines has been significant YET actions to address these harms and 3
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This morning @EUCouncil agree on historic 3y spending to kickstart the economy (750Bn€, w/ 390Bn grants & 360Bn loans) + 7y #EUbudget to invest in the long term (1.074Bn€). Before @Europarl_EN decides on this deal, let's see what’s in it: the good, the bad and the ugly. #Thread
Good n°1: Good news: there is a deal, and we are in July. I personally did not expect them to find an agreement before the fall, so having a deal in mid-July is already a positive piece of news in itself.
Good n°2: The overall architecture has not changed. Yes, less money will be invested than what was originally proposed (more👇), but we still get a reasonably sized budget (1.074bn€ over next 7y) + significant input of fresh money (390Bn€ in grants) that is good for #recovery
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In this thread, I'm live-tweeting @sgdambrauskas awesome talk for @AKUGlobal series on #COVID19 in #PedsICU

Critically important topic #Zentensivist #ICURehab #BacktoBasics #DoNoHarm
Defining iatrogenic via @sgdambrauskas #PedsICU
Critical Illness is an iatrogenic disorder- @sgdambrauskas highlights an important perspective by John Marshall in @CritCareMed #PedsICU
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"Cytokine Storm". The idiot's buzzword of the week. It makes you sound smarter if you say it often enough. When I first heard of it in 1994 it sounded AMAZING! Then this RCT came out showing it increased mortality. Ouch…
Next came rhAPC (drotrecogin). Don't knock out the immune system: we need it to survive. APC has signalling properties to modulate inflammation. NEJM PROWESS was touted a success!…
Just as we were celebrating and retrospective analyses showed efficacy correlated with drotrecogin reducing Il-6 levels, bad news came in and the dream turned sour…
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Hey @guardian @guardianscience This would be a really interesting dialogue to continue if you opened it up to the majority of researchers who don’t support the PACE trial and have good relationships with patients, instead of just giving Sharpe a platform.…
There are so many flaws in Sharpe’s argument that I won’t be able to cover them all myself (due to ME), but for one, his attempt to differentiate between ME and CFS to justify their work when he knows full well that in practice it is all considered the same. @guardianscience
This means that if you are anywhere on the spectrum including #SevereME (see #SevereMEday yesterday) with extreme exercise intolerance, then you can be put forward for CBT/GET, and actually many Severe patients were formerly moderate before these “treatments” @guardianscience
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Ppl are having a hard time understanding if they want to boost their NAD, why not just take NAD? /1
Guess what: there is NAD+, NADH and NADPH in foods we eat (lesser amounts of NADP+ and other compounds). But these co-enzymes are digested to NR, NAM and NA in order to ever cells /2
Know how skin loses production of collagen over time? You can’t get skin to incorporate collagen from the outside. Best you can do is ingest or apply collagen peptides, which break down to collagen amino acids. Then skin cells can incorporate those amino acids into collagen /3
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1. New #QAnon drop: #Q's last post before going dark 19d ago on how Planned Parenthood uses our tax dollars to politically fund D's for their abortion campaigns was made before all the recent fury on post-birth, 40 wk+ abortion initiative. Coincidence? #QProof #AbortionIsMurder
2. #QAnon: From before the prior week, #Q noted, despite her multiple bouts of cancer, pancreatic, Ruth Bader Ginsburg failed to show for work on Supreme Court for the first time in 25 yrs since Jan 7 after doctors discovered & removed cancerous lung lobe assoc w her broken ribs.
3. #QAnon Leftists realized Ginsburg's health's a threat to Planned Parenthood's continued termination of lives in the womb, so, that same day, Hillary & Cuomo announced plan to have NY extend legally killing the babies up through the time of birth.…
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Welcome to this week's live tweet of Hestia! Following our discussion last week on translating Ovid's rape scenes This week, we read Liz Gloyn's 2013 article "Reading Rape in Ovid’s Metamorphoses : A Test-Case Lesson" (CW 106:4). CW: rape, sexual assault
This week's discussion is led by @rympasco. Gloyn's article is unique in that it is a case study of teaching translations of two Ovidian rape scenes - Proserpina and Philomela/Procne. All in all, a great way to look at some #teachancient methods.
@ala_Camillae brings up concerns about an example given in Gloyn's article of a student disclosing information about their own personal experience with sexual assault. Does this cross a line into a title IX issue?
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2018 = 25th year of @NYCPride! Look at HOW MUCH PROGRESS has been accomplished over the last 25 years!
Diverse & Accepting America is the best America.
Don’t lose hope-without hope, there will be no progress. Let’s keep fighting for civil rights for ALL PEOPLE. 🦄🌈🌈🌈💖😍
Diverse and Accepting America is the BEST AMERICA.
Proud of our Differences and Proud of our shared humanitarian values is the BEST AMERICA.
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Doctors are no longer a driving part of the #OpioidHysteria. They never really were. Why why why are we still getting these stories instead of what’s really going on? Alt facts much? How very Trumpian. News media needs to take a good look in the mirror & start facing the truth.
Define “overprescribing” please. 91 ppl per day die from overdoses: from what exactly? Which meds? Multiple meds or just Opioids? God I’m fucking tired of this whole bs narrative still going on.
How about the painful stories of vulnerable ppl -disabled-Veterans-elderly- being cut off from #opioids & committing suicide b/c their pain is so bad?? #SuicideDue2Pain #PainKills
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THREAD: #GrahamCassidy isn’t just bad for women's health - it’s catastrophic. Here are FIVE things you need to know:
1. #GrahamCassidy wld block care at @PPFA, leaving many w/ nowhere to turn for basic care like cancer screenings & birth control. #DoNoHarm
1 in 5 women rely on @PPFA. Over half of PPFA patients rely on Medicaid. 56% of PP clinics are in underserved areas. #DoNoHarm #SaveMedicaid
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What is the rationale foe disproportionately harming children in your new proposal? (1)
The Medicaid per capita cap is a disaster for children. (2)
Children begin with a much lower Medicaid cap than everyone else. But then children are given the lowest inflation growth rate. (3)
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