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USA: Research indicates one quarter of 12-14 year olds who died by suicide were LGBT, which is very alarming.

Suicide disparity was shown to be greater for LGBT youth at younger ages.

What can we do to reduce risk?
#LGBTQ #Youth #Suicide #Prevention
LGBT youth who died by suicide were more likely to have mental health concerns, prior suicidality, and family problems contributing to their death.

These risk factors are often related to minority stress, which show how homophobia & transphobia create hostile environments.
Lack of social support can increase LGBT youth feeling that others do not care about them.

Homophobic & transphobic victimization can make LGBT youth feel like a burden to those around them.
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Very sad to hear about the #suicide of #KeithFlint (#TheProdigy ). If you're in the UK - you can find a list of #MentalHealth resources and support in this thread.

So first up - 1. #Mind - Mind Infoline – Phone: 0300 123 3393, Text: 86463
2. Elefriends - a peer to peer community forum

3. Samaritans (you do not need to be suicidal to call them) 116 123 (UK)
116 123 (ROI) (UK) (ROI)
4. Rethink Mental Illness - broad array of services + part tackling mental health #stigma --- along with 5. #TimeToChange and 6. SANE which also has a helpline 0300 304 7000 from 4.30pm – 10.30pm daily
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1/ #MentalHealth #Suicide #ParentPerspective #TeenSuicidality Just hung up phone with a family member of a teen girl who is suicidal. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare & it evokes pure terror. No one talks about it and parents often have no literal idea what to do.
2/ This thread is simply parent to parent support I wish I’d had. I share with full permission of my kids who share the belief that we want to comfort others with the comfort God gave us. (2 Cor)
3/ First, parent, you will feel terrified. The most important thing is to project love & nurture like never before. UBER NURTURE. And, be CALM & CONFIDENT with your child. “Sweetheart, we’re going to get you the help you need & we’ll be right there with you all the way.”
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Must-read study in @JAMAPsych. Vulnerable adolescent psych inpatients were asked to name 3-4 caring adults in their lives, who then received brief training in how to be helpful. 10-14 yrs later, death rate (often #suicide-related) was 85% lower than in treatment-as-usual group.
The adults received a training session & 3 months of support. Over the years, seemingly they encouraged young patients to follow the treatment plan &, when necessary, undergo substance abuse Rx. No one who attended drug treatment committed suicide. Remarkable long-term follow-up.
Can't believe that I omitted the link. Sorry:…
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I have spent the last few years trying to rethink #mhealth. As we work to lessen #stigma and fear I ask everyone to keep an open mind, give feedback, and join me as I delve into some unique hypotheses. 1/
This started with my sphere of mental health. (Pinned) . I don’t believe true “normal” exists and feel everyone has issues that fit within the sphere. A dx comes because of observations that are inherently flawed & variable due to relative perceptions. 2/
I use the word “flawed” because none of us can read minds, therefore, there is no objective way to truly know exactly what someone is going through or how extreme their suffering is. This is one reasons #mhealth pros have such a difficult job. 3/
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@CDCgov releases mortality rates at the end of every year. Importantly, the #suicide rate in the US last year was 47,173—up from 44,965 suicide deaths in 2016 and 44,193 in 2015. (THREAD) #SPSM
@CDCgov To some extent, this comes as no surprise: the suicide rate has been rising steadily for the past 2+ decades. We knew that. What *is* surprising is the jump in the number of suicide deaths in 2017; according to government records, this is the sharpest increase in 50 years. #SPSM
Something has to be done. The #suicide prevention field has proven itself useless (thus far). Despite our best efforts, the rates continue to rise. We have to change EVERYTHING. #SPSM
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This week @10DowningStreet announced the appointment of the UK’s first Minister for Suicide Prevention – a monumental move for CALM, everyone in this movement, and, importantly, everyone in the UK. Here's why, and how we got here. THREAD 👇
Around 6,000 lives are lost to #suicide in the UK every year. 76% of those are male, which makes suicide the biggest killer of men under 45.
Suicide has a huge emotional impact – on families, communities and on society as a whole. Government figures estimate the cost of each suicide at £1.67 million, but we know the real cost is the devastation each and every suicide leaves behind.
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It's #WorldMentalHealthDay.

DYK: Half of all #mentalhealth conditions start by 1️⃣4️⃣ years of age, but most cases are undetected and untreated.
WE ALL have a role to play in supporting adolescents 👧🏾🧒🏼👦🏿👩🏽 with their mental health #LetsTalk
Some adolescents are at greater risk of #mentalhealth conditions due to their living conditions, stigma, discrimination or exclusion, or lack of access to quality support and services #WorldMentalHealthDay
Emotional disorders commonly emerge during adolescence.
In addition to depression or anxiety, adolescents with emotional disorders can also experience excessive irritability, frustration, or anger #WorldMentalHealthDay
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A lot of brouhaha in the #gunviolence world about this well-reported article showing that @CDCgov data on the number of NON-FATAL gun injuries is not accurate.…

I want to highlight a few things about this article.
1. First, kudos to the writers for highlighting an issue that all of us #gunviolence researchers bemoan: that there are NO GOOD SOURCES OF DATA on non-fatal gun injuries. As the article reports, even the CDC admits that its data on #gunviolence injuries are unreliable.
2. Please note that this issue is not unique to #gunviolence non-fatal injuries. It’s also observed for other types of injuries (like drownings).

It’s because of the way that the CDC is forced to collect non-fatal-injury data.
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Pues me voy a animar como dije el otro día a hacer un proyecto 365, pero en vez de haciendo fotos, editando fotos mías antiguas, random, basadas en el mood de cada día.
La única limitación que me voy a poner, va a ser el formato 1:1... A ver lo que sale xD
I´ll say it also in English :)
I´m gonna try a photography 365 project, but instead of taking photos, processing old random photos of mine...
Only one rule: the square format.
Let´s see what I got, which will be directly affected by the mood of the day...
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With the shocking @ABSStats #suicide rate stats circulating, thought I’d share my story for 1st time. I attempted suicide in March, no one thought I’d survive but I did, luckily with no remaining physical consequences. I’d been doing a PhD & supervisor found out I had bipolar 1/6
(which was well managed, not interfering in any way) & started to see all stress (normal to a PhD) as the bipolar & decided I couldn’t do it (I’d received a scholarship for being the best commencing 1st yr PhD student in entire uni). Cue bullying & discrimination. 2/6
Uni helpful at first, advisor even indicated supervisor was sabotaging my work. That person was promoted & new one didn’t care. Supervisor got NHMRC grant & media attention & suddenly I was at fault. This bought back the depression & it wasn’t worth staying. I couldn’t get 3/6
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#WorldSuicidePreventionDay thread. 👇
1) Lost 7 male pals over 10 yrs to #Suicide & the devastation does not ease.
I don't do 'feels', but perhaps you'll gleam something useful from my rambling account of what it leaves behind.
I'm not subtle, for that I cannot apologise.
2) Long term friendships disappear, as you begin to find remaining pals are nothing but a reminder.
When all your socialising & reminiscing is related to the dead, it becomes less inviting.
When the things you have in common are death-related, your relationship changes.
3) The family of the dead are never the same.
Mothers devastated. Sisters broken. Children damaged.
That constant feeling you have let them down, knowing you HAVE let them down, because you were helpless, useless, & ultimately irrelevant when it mattered. It bites bad.
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#BREAKING : At least 20 people have been killed in a suicide bombing at a #Shiite #mosque in the province of #Paktia, #Afghanistan.
Reports of two gunmen entered a Shiite mosque during Friday prayers, one starting firing & the other blew himself up in Gardez City of #Paktia Province.
Casualities feared. #Afghanistan
#Pakta Attack update: 60 wounded people shifted to hospital after #suicide attack in a mosque in #Gardiz city of #Paktia province, provincial Helath Department head confirmed @Sayed_Anwer
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#EllieSouter didn't "die"--she committed suicide. Shocking thay her tragic loss is framed as a natural passing.

She chose her 18th birthday to exit this life. Her memory deserves more than #suicide hotline numbers tacked on at the end. Soutter was a star & role model. Do better.
We need to discuss #suicide
more, not less. Pretending that Ellie Soutter just died instead of having a plan to kill herself on her birthday is bad journalism. Her ex talked about her ongoing depression. Teens are under special stresses, especially those in the spotlight. 2/
Teens are also susceptible to copycat suicide--romanticizing the suicide of an 18 yr old star is dangerous. The suffering people endure prior to killing themselves and the suffering their loved ones endure after their passing is extreme and demands and deserves discussion.
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1/Bettman was consistent in answering the many questions in his deposition: Because there is no medical or scientific certainty, he said, there is no reason to warn @NHL players about the risks of #CTE Nor is there reason, even after the premature…
2/in recent years of several #NHL “enforcers” such as Bob Probert , Wade Belak, Rick Rypien, Derek Boogaard & Steve Montador to look for a link between fighting in hockey & brain injuries. “I think the sample has been too small,” Bettman said... #tbi…
3/when asked about the players who died “I would respectfully suggest that, as tragic and as unfortunate as it is, there isn’t even enough circumstantial evidence to draw any conclusions.” Asked whether he had ever spoken to family members of these players…
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Hi, tweeps, gimana harimu? Semoga dalam kondisi baik-baik aja yah. Sekarang kita akan mulai nih kultwit mengenai stigma bunuh dirinya #suicide #stigma #EndStigma @IntoTheLightID .
Stigma secara umum didefinisikan sebagai evaluasi negatif dari pemikiran, perasaan dan perilaku kita terhadap aneka ragam objek yang bisa berupa benda, institusi, ataupun kelompok tertentu. Stigma bunuh diri dapat diartikan sebagai evaluasi negatif terkait perilaku bunuh diri.
Perlu ditekankan terlebih dahulu bahwa stigma bunuh diri ini berbeda dengan stigma gangguan jiwa, meskipun keduanya seringkali muncul bersamaan pada satu individu.
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@CharlieAngusNDP Wow are you guys ever colonized. The Trump family is working to take down the human trafficking rings that are connected to the scoops and #mmiwg. You get your news from our oppressors. #QAnon #GreatAwakening
@CharlieAngusNDP @Jordan_Sather_ is a major voice of the #8thGeneration. He has provided extensive coverage of the ongoing battle to restore truth to the people. #QAnon #GreatAwakening
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#QPosts #QAnon

Weather related false flag?

#NK #Singapore
Q !CbboFOtcZs No.101 📁
Jun 10 2018 22:53:46 (EST)
Failure per WH instruction / agreement.
EO dated_official
IG redactions [heavy+][remove]
Hussein [WH [call] [tarmac] BC/LL] #RR#
Operative insertion(s).
Dark to LIGHT.
Shall we play a game?
You have a choice.
Do what is right.
FBI agents willing to testify +24
Next DOJ - offer open [2].
Next C_A - offer open [3].
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After the #suicide of Anthony Bourdain, so many of you have said that you are available to listen to those who are contemplating suicide.

If that's you, and your DM's are open, please comment in this thread so people can reach out. You can help.

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Hello. I'm someone living with depression and there have been times where I've just wanted to end it all, to disappear, to make it stop. Here's what I want you to do instead of posting #suicide hotline numbers:
Lobby for better healthcare conditions in America. Call your representatives and ask them to support affordable and easy access to mental healthcare treatment. Stop thinking emotional people are 'weak.' Help suicide prevention volunteers get paid for helping people stay alive.
The healthcare crisis in America impacts people with mental health issues. Medicine, therapists and wellness programs are expensive without healthcare. We can't afford treatment. We don't have access to the needs and conditions that can truly help prevent suicide.
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You didn't know #AnthonyBourdain. You know nothing about his life, torments, demons, nothing. You didn't know #KateSpade either. Watch the torrents of albeit genuine but odd shows of public grief to two complete strangers but nothing for the 20 vets who commit suicide daily.
You want to mourn #suicide? Mourn this. In 2013, the US Department of Veterans Affairs released a study that covered suicides from 1999 to 2010: roughly 22 veterans were dying by suicide per day, or one every 65 minutes. Some suggest that this rate may be undercounting suicides.
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1. Noby Ngombane opened the front door to his assasin with his 5 year old daughter, Zandile next to him. 13 years later, urged by her mother, Nokwanda to check on her, I found her hanging in her room on 9/05/2018. She was 1st year student @ AFDA, in CT. #ZandileNgombane #Suicide
2. The young woman hanging in that little room was, silent. On Friday 4/05/2018, we hung out together. In my B&B room, had deep conversation about her dreams & her family. Our discussion on semiotics of film & feminism was passionate & incredibly stimulating. #ZandileNgombane
3. I gave her my Mac and asked her to google a number of authors. She was 18. She’d read a lot for her age. Her eyes widened, as she discovered names and theories that were new to her. Shortly before 10pm, I put her in an Uber & she left. #ZandileNgombane
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I want everyone to look at this chart.

#GUNVIOLENCE by root cause.

Light blue is #SUICIDE.

Bright yellow is targeted homicide includes both domestic violence and crimes where shooter knows victim .

Does this surprise you? Doctors must educate/dispel falsehoods. #enough

In 2014, homicides involving strangers represented 11 percent of the nationwide total included in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program……
Raw data: Pie chart based on gun related deaths. 2010 to 2012, more than 32,000 people (n = 32,529) died/year in the U.S. from a firearm-related injury. 62 % were suicides (n = 20,012), 35% were homicides (n = 11,256), and 2% were unintentional firearm deaths (n = 582).
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I condemn in the strongest words possible the stigmatization of the mentally ill in the wake of mass shootings. Included below is a well sourced discussion thread that I had with Dr. Megan Ranney, leader of @AFFIRM, for #gunviolence prevention.…
The media and legislators must stop pointing blame at the mentally ill with a broad brush in the wake of shootings. It is so stigmatizing. Doesn't appropriately target the small subset of VIOLENT individuals and worsens the ability of people with mental illness to get care.
The ACP cautions against broadly including those with mental illness in a category of dangerous individuals, but recommends every effort be made to reduce the risk of suicide and violence, through prevention and treatment, by the subset of Violent patients
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