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PhD Political Communication ▲ Department of Communication @uni_mainz ▲ Speaker @NapoKo_ ▲ Researching Data-Driven campaigning (#Targeting #DoorToDoor)
8 Apr
Want to know more about the effects of #Facebook political online #targeting (POT)? At 15:45 we show results of 2 studies that investigate the impact of party preference & the mediating role of message & sender perception in "S4-P2 PolitischeKampagnen&Akteure" #dach21 #btw21
First, we examine the effect of party preference on attention/reception of POT with an eye tracking experiment. hypothesise that greater party preference results in more attention he/she will spend to a POT message
Second, want to know H2) how party preference affect the message evaluation & H3) the willingness to redistribute the POT message using an online experiment.
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