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Oh bin ça alors holala quelle surprise c'est vraiment incroyable mince alors

Ils le font depuis toujours et sur tous les formats.

Les likes (2010)…
Les analytics au global (2016)…
Les vues des vidéo (2016)…
Les audiences (2017)…
Ils ont toujours menti sur absolument tout, même dernièrement sur le fait qu'ils n'utiliseraient ô grand jamais leur dernier produit, "Portal", à des fins publicitaires
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Do you want to end up living like they do in China?
Take 5 min to read what happens if ppl there talk negative about the Gov. No journalism. Not even school. All published articles, tv, radio must first be approved by government. Talk bad in China, you WILL be jailed
Your family ruined.
Your finances taken away from the ppl of China if they talk bad about their government.
90% of the internet is blocked. No out going emails without being monitored etc etc..
Nothing to worry about though, npt like Google is moving all of their cloud
storage to China.
Not like certain China made microchips in your Iphones, androids, lapTops, Ipads etc are opening a secret program in the background , listening 24/7 and recordinf on behalf of #Zuckerburg #Facebook @jack and others.
They thought @HillaryClinton would win
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NEW THREAD - Last week, the Canadian Parliament's ETHI committee continued their pursuit of the truth, regarding Aggregate IQ and Brexit, when they interviewed CEO Zack Massingham. It was brutal; because, as you can see from this previous appearance, AIQ had lied to them. 1/14
It's shameful that a group of Canadian politicians are doing the hand tied UK authorities work. From this hors d'oeuvres from Frank Baylis through to the main course by Charlie Angus, their pursuit of Massingham, who would only speak from his lawyers office, is relentless. 2/14
Ruthlessly persistent @frankbayliss continues to set-up Massingham, for questioning by other MPs, by repeatedly asking if the evidence of wrongdoing presented by @BindmansLLP is incorrect....yes or no. 3/14
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🔴Facebook ha avuto un problema di sicurezza che ha esposto 50 mln di utenti. Altri 40 a rischio. Per questo 90 mln di utenti devono fare di nuovo il login. Storia in divenire qui comunicato Facebook…
Facebook dice di non sapere origine o identità degli attaccanti e di dover valutare ancora la portata, riferisce il NYT. Ad essere stati sottratti i token di accesso attraverso una vulnerabilità (che sarebbe stata chiusa)…
No accesso a password, no accesso ai messaggi privati o alle carte di credito degli utenti, ha detto Facebook in conferenza stampa, aggiungendo di stare lavorando con l’Fbi. Comunque bruttissima storia. Info via Reuters
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1. #Antitrust Sherman Act
Antitrust Clayton Act
Antitrust Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914.

#Google , #Twitter and #Facebook violate all 3 Laws.
they must be broken-up and shattered.

remember United States vs. Rockefeller's Standard Oil - 1911
2. "United States Antitrust Law is a collection of Federal and State Government Laws that regulates the conduct and organization of business corporations to promote fair competition."
3. "The Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. Department of Justice, State governments and private parties may bring actions in the Courts to enforce the #Antitrust Laws."
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This is the THREAD for all #QPosts for Sunday September 16, 2018.
"[RENEGADE], NUNES, THE FIGHT IS REAL, THE TIME IS NOW, TEST [Thursday], [think 'the football'], and more."
@POTUS #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnited #QArmy
The briefcase is called "Nuclear football".
Briefcase used by the President of the United States to authorize a nuclear attack while away from fixed command centers. #QPost 2186 mentions:
POTUS SPEC AUTH REQ [think 'the football'].…
Define 'Traitor'.
1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.
2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.
Synonym = Renegade
What was the USSS codename for HUSSEIN?
@POTUS #QAnon #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #PatriotsUnited
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#Facebook SUPPRESSED A STORY About #BrettKavanaugh’s Opposition to Roe v. Wade. We’re Republishing It

#Kavanaugh said he would kill Roe v. Wade last week and almost no one noticed

#Kavanaugh needs to give #SusanCollins (R-ME) PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY regarding his anti-abortion views.

#Collins, who is nominally pro-choice, said shortly before Kavanaugh’s nomination that a Supreme Court nominee “who would overturn ROE v. WADE would not be acceptable

#Kavanaugh’s views on abortion weren’t exactly a state secret

He gave a speech to a think tank in 2017 praising #Rehnquist’s dissent in ROE v WADE, and he wrote an opinion arguing that the administration could temporarily imprison undocumented women seeking an abortion

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Is this your official comment, @Google? Do you have a comment on the content/questions (in thread) below?
Q's for @Google @GoogleDevExpert
Can you confirm that Mikey Dickerson and Todd Y. Park routed election data through the White House during the Obama administration?
Is this system still functional?
Who operates and/or operated this US Digital Service? VJarrett?
Wikileaks release: June 29th, 2014 - 'Urgent Call' from Robby Mook to John #Podesta
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A thought as to why this might be...…
See, Google is very well positioned in the market. They are tied to the Android phone platform (the only viable option other than @Apple) not to mention "Google it" is synonymous with answering questions. That's whats called massive brand aweness.
Google has prositioned themselves as a utility. Utilities don't need to be fresh or hip. They need to work and work effectively.
Don't get me wrong, Google is into some seemingly spooky 💩, however facts are facts...

Google it.
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JUST IN: @Twitter CEO @Jack Dorsey says in prepared testimony to Congress: ' #Twitter does not use political ideology to make any decisions'.
He is due to appear before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Wednesday 5th Sept 2018.
Here’s the full testimony:…
WATCH #LIVE : @Twitter CEO @jack and #Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg testify on foreign interference.…
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#QAlert 9/4/18 This will be my THREAD for all #QPosts for Tuesday September 4, 2018. The more you know and more!

Let’s Go!

@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #MAGA #PatriotsUnited
#QAlert 9/4/18 Q2075…📁
"as some compromised home systems have been reconfigured by these actors to automatically forward copies of all composed emails to an undisclosed recipient.”
Pages 33 & 34
The More You Know….

“You’ve been a bad boy. [NP].”

Could this be Nick Pickles? Senior Stratigist for Twitter Policy?

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Exclusive: U.N. Human Rights Experts Directly Engage With Facebook on "Overly Broad" Definitions in Regulating Terrorist Content

UN expert sends letter, two sides meet. So, how was the meeting?…
UN Rapporteur @NiAolainF:

“I wish to emphasize the importance of ensuring that any relevant definitions adopted and employed by #Facebook are compatible with standards set by international law, including international #humanrights law and international humanitarian law.”
UN Rapporteur @davidakaye:

“It undermines the ability of #Facebook to push back against the efforts of governments to impose ever broader definitions of terrorism…when the standard is not tied closely to standards in #humanrights law and other international instruments.”
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Aus aktuellem Anlass: #Nazis in unseren #Behörden
Ein Thread.
#Haftbefehl 1/
Es geht um all die #Hutbürger in den #Behörden. Denn dort keimt schon seit langem das Gefühl, ungerecht behandelt zu werden. Die #Arbeit ist eintönig, die Bezahlung unterdurchschnittlich, das Ansehen schlecht und die Zukunftsperspektiven eher mau.
#Haftbefehl 2/
Wenn dann noch täglich die hetzerischen #Bild-Schlagzeilen in den Teeküchen ausliegen und der Frust auf #HartzIVEmpfänger, #Griechen oder eben #Migranten projiziert wird, entwickelt sich schnell ein immer tiefer sitzender #Rassismus bei den #Beamten/Angestellten.
#Haftbefehl 3/
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Isso é grave!

Tudo começa na noite do dia 30 de julho de 2018, quando @jairbolsonaro destruiu, ao vivo, os militantes disfarçados de jornalistas do #RodaViva ... Naquela noite tivemos o Tweet abaixo: #VotoBolsonaro17
Antes de prosseguir, vocês precisam saber quem é Glenn Greenwald e de onde ele é. De forma bem resumida, as imagens a seguir explicam bem:
Continuando... Pelo desespero do establishment, com a já provável vitória de Jair Bolsonaro, como o próprio jornalista disse, eles estão em busca de uma "estratégia eficaz para bater Bolsonaro", então, eis que surge, no dia 23 de agosto, a seguinte matéria:
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I told you 10 days ago a major lawsuit against Facebook was being announced. @HUDgov filed theirs last Friday.

Here is the next big one filed today!

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Thread: If you want to know how fake likes, loves and follows get industrialised on #Facebook, here's a good example from #Brazil.

The fakes boosted hyper-partisan posts in Mexico ahead of the election.

Fake engagement's an international business.…
Here are the reactions to two hyper-partisan Mexican posts, on different pages.

Note the number of accounts in common. Looks like an organised brigade.
Following the traces of the brigade led back to this account. Note the letters PCSD, which are diagnostic for this particular network.
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Facebook e Instagram mostrarão o tempo gasto no aplicativo! Quão viciado você acha que é?
Quão viciado você é no #Facebook e no #Instagram? Os dois aplicativos vão dizer quanto tempo você gasta neles todo dia. A funcionalidade foi anunciada em 1º de agosto e ficará disponível aos usuários nas próximas semanas.
Quantas horas você fica no Instagram por dia?
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I am taking daily screen shots of my Gofundme page ea. posting on @LinkedIn The viewing stats don't increase while both posts it's between do & the most recent (in recent activity) has 0 views, yet it's the 1st post, while generic posts following it increase in views @DarrellIssa
😠Can't win for losing when all popular social media sites are #DeepState #PedoProtectors💥 @FTC @realDonaldTrump @DarrellIssa
"LinkedIn doesn’t want you to know when they're censoring you… which is why I can still see it. At least #Facebook & #Twitter tell you they're shutting your content down." Quote👇… #YouTube #Google #LinkedIn #Censorship @realDonaldTrump @FTC @DarrellIssa
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🦉🦉🦉Explaining #Kremlin #propaganda technique “political pluralism imitation.” The Russian-state owned and funded mass media has been employing this model in #Russia for a while. Lately, the Kremlin-linked agents are implementing it in the US and other Western countries. 👇
1. In Putin’s Russia, the political discourse is suppressed.
2. Unlike the USSR ideologists, the Kremlin propagandists understand the importance of the public opinion and positive image. “The sublimation of emotions on a political topic” is an important part of the engineered collective mentality.
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Remember #MaxineWaters mentioned this powerful database #Obama created?
I wonder if she is speaking about this “little known spy agency” known as the #NCTC…
Oh look who used to be the Director at #NCTC #Rasmussen #QAnon
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New Q Saturday🐸

Welcome to the no borders, pro pedo, destroy ICE, socialist movement - Antifa (arm of Democratic Party).
Dark to LIGHT.

New Q Saturday-Connections🐸

Why are they trying to normalize this??🤬…

New Q Sat🐸

Peter Strzok’s Wife is lead SEC Investigator🤔

Follow the family.…📁
Think texts between PS/MH.
Think past settlements.
They have infiltrated every senior critical position.
The Circle.

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#QAnon #QArmy #POTUS @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #Winning #Q
Q !
Jul 27 2018 10:20:30 (EST)
Twitter near 20% slide?
FB near 20% slide?
All because of missed earnings?
What does the Street know?
Insiders dumping?
[DC moves slow]
Your hands are dirty.
#QAnon #QArmy #POTUS @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #Winning #Q
Down they go.
Goodbye @Jack
Look those robots up!
It's fun watching them lose all their money.
They are all spying …Will be shutdown and lose all their funding...
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