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Attention grosse #arnaque en cours depuis quelques temps sur #Facebook, via des pubs. Beaucoup de gens semblent se faire avoir. Le principe vous promettre un produit à moins 99% mais c'est une arnaque

Je refais un thread dessus, ici + structuré ⤵️ ImageImageImageImage
Vous voyez donc cette pub #Facebook avec beaucoup de commentaires vous disant que le produit est bien reçu avec parfois photo avec visage de la personne à l'appui, mais que des faux avis de faux comptes pour que vous ne soyez pas méfiants. Ils discutent entre eux dans les coms ! ImageImage
Le but vous faire aller sur un site bidon, vous répondez à des questions OUI/NON (vous pouvez répondre n'importe quoi) puis on vous fait croire que vous devez retrouver la boîte cadeau qui contient le cadeau. mais c'est truqué, vous l'aurez forcément à la 3e fois. Image
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"Dürfen die das? Ist das nicht irgendwie verboten, ist das tatsächlich erlaubt?"
Das fragt ihr uns immer mal wieder, wenn wir eine #Datenschleuder-App an den Online-Pranger gestellt haben. Antwort: Für uns spielt es gar keine große Rolle, ob die das dürfen. Ein Thread.🧵⬇️1/15
Wenn wir die #Privatsphäre-Freundlichkeit einer App bewerten, steht am Anfang immer die Frage: Was ist für euch als Nutzer*innen das erwünschte und erwartbare Verhalten einer App – und wie nah kommt die App diesem Verhalten? 2/15
Daraus folgen Grundsätze wie:
-Eine Gesundheits-App muss vorsichtiger mit Daten umgehen, die euch identifizieren, als eine Spritpreis-App.
-Eure Adresse sollte nur abgefragt werden, wenn der Anbieter euch etwas zuschicken oder die App euch nach Hause navigieren soll. 3/15
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Erin O’Toole’s mercenary PR team, Topham Guerin, that handled Boris Johnson’s campaign & Brexit, have a history of malign influence tactics that seem to follow them around. They learned at the knee of Lynton Crosby, aka Australia’s Karl Rove. #Elxn44 #NeverVoteCPC
#Facebook is utilized heavily in Topham Guerin strategies. Skirting election laws by using front groups setting up Facebook pages that pretend to be grassroots, thus avoid inclusion as 3rd party advertising. Working for Crosby, TG oversaw an entire disinformation network. #Elxn44
When working for Scott Morrison, Australia’s current conservative PM (the Liberal Party in Australia is the equivalent of the #CPC), similar tactics that we’re witnessing in 🇨🇦, could be seen. The left was targeted in addition to the right. An oft used tactic by the Right #Elxn44
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Can ethical, inclusive tech help to create a better world?

This @wef report argues that critical #technologies such as artificial intelligence (#AI) and machine learning, have already defined our world.

@AlbertoMChi @oost_marcel @SaeedBaygi #ML #BigData
Their point is that it's not the #technology, but its curation that matters. Technology for technology's sake is neither positive nor negative.

To paraphrase Tim Cook over the's all about trust.

@jaypalter @terence_mills @KeithKeller #TimCook #BigTech Image
It's a theme I keep coming back to because there are lots of examples of "bad #tech", by which i mean "bad USES of tech".

#Facebook and #Robinhood come to mind, and there are many more.

@efipm @profgalloway @SpirosMargaris #Gamification
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Darf #Facebook legale Inhalte löschen, wenn sie gegen seine Hausregeln verstoßen? Vor kurzem hat @BGH_Bund der Plattform ihre Grenzen aufgezeigt – nun ist die erste Hälfte der Entscheidungsgründe online.
Ein Best-of der 61 Seiten Fließtext gefällig? Be my guest!
Ich erspare euch die Details zu Revisionszulassung und AGB-Einbezug und springe zum Kernproblem vor: Darf Facebook Inhalte sperren/löschen, die rechtlich unproblematisch sind? @BGH_Bund sagt: Jawoll, Drittwirkung hin oder her. Dann folgt die erste Spitze gegen das @BVerfG:
Das BVerfG hatte einst angedeutet: Wenn insb. digitale Plattformen "die Bereitstellung schon der Rahmenbedingungen öffentlicher Kommunikation selbst übernehmen", könnten sie staatsähnlich an Grundrechte gebunden werden:…
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Mo Brooks and Priscilla.

The Pachyderms of #Alabama...

I'm baffled about why all your favorite pundits haven't gotten this far in all their self-promotional glory.

Or the cops.


Contact Priscilla for the Contract Award... Image
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Person allegedly involved in the bomb threat #RayRoseberry has an open facebook and it looks like he may have been planning this since at least May. #LibraryofCongress SS thread below in case they get removed
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Thread of the very best #YouTube channels and #Twitter accounts to follow for:

#AI/ #ML, #DeepLearning, #neural and all things #datascience

#AI #machinelearning @wiserin10 #datascience #bigdata #artificialintelligence


Analytics India Magazine includes discussions on news, tips for the data ecosystem and a deep dive into #AI/#ML, #deeplearning and #neural networks

#YouTube subscriber count: 38k


Krish Naik is co-founder of and specialises in #machinelearning, #deeplearning, and computer vision. Krish’s #YouTube channel is a deep dive into all things #AI/#ML, perfect for beginners

YouTube subscriber count: 421k
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Kekuatan Taliban berasal dari rakyat Afghanistan yang ingin menegakkan syariat Islam.… #Taliban #Talibans #TalibanTrump #Islam #KabulFalls
Video Viral Tentara Taliban Asyik Main Bom-bom Car di Taman Hiburan Kabul Setelah Ambil Alih Ibu Kota.

#Republika #Taliban #afghanistan #Islam #KabulFalls
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Why is #Apple getting so much heat over its new Child Protection Mesures?

They are well-intentioned, present no risk to anyone who doesn't store child abuse material on their devices, and, frankly, there's nothing new here

#CSAM #Privacy @WiserIn10…
Collectively known as #CSAM (child sexual abuse material), #Apple are not the first in #BigTech to use #technology to surveil its users for this
#Facebook has been using #algorithms to detect child abuse images since at least 2018 (which the CEO of Facebook-owned #WhatsApp seemed to have forgotten when he launched an outraged #Twitter tirade at Apple's new measures last week)
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Nuovo thread con l’aggiornamento della situazione in #Afghanistan oggi 17 agosto. Vi anticipo che mi attendo che gli aggiornamenti saranno meno rispetto ai giorni scorsi.
Si inizia subito con questo: una prima assoluta nella storia dellmAfghanistan. Il portavoce dei #Talebani che risponde alle domande di una giornalista donna di @TOLOnews.
I #Talebani hanno dichiarato l’amnistia generale per tutti i funzionari statali. (Furbi: senza di loro non possono governare, la burocrazia serve sempre).
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$FB's case in📊1/:

#Facebook is the core #moat to $FB with arguably the largest (2.9B MAU) and strongest (fundamentally interpersonal SM) network effect on the market. Displacing the #1 keep-in-touch SM'll be tough, competes w/ email and phone, but enables blitz-scaled bolt-ons.
🌏2/ While #Facebook has seemingly saturated the market in NA (at ~53% of MAU/pop) and EU (~47%), bulk of user growth is in AP-RoW, long runway from current ~28% penetration (some more incl. #WhatsApp).
Using DAU/MAU as proxy for engagement we see the stickiness of FB-Messenger.
📈3/ Billions of users in #Zucc's hands driving unrelenting growth in ARPU, across the board. As NA-EU prints money, AP-RoW will further develop and get online while $FB's SMs enables ppl & businesses to prosper. Long-term opportunity of growing ARPU on this userbase is immense.
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#Facebook could be forced to sell off GIF platform #Giphy in response to UK regulators

by @CNNBusiness #competition #bigtech #regulation @WiserIn10 Image
15 months ago, #Facebook said it was buying the popular #GIF search engine #Giphy for about $400 million

Now the acquisition may be a bust, thanks to an #antitrust probe by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority Image
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Gee whizz, I wonder how much longer this nazi --

'He boasts of “bossing around the f---g n----rs” who are his subordinates at Crown. “I just get them to do the shit jobs to be honest with you.”'

-- will be Security Services Manager @CrownResorts? Image
.@YouTube proudly hosts #nazi David Hiscox's [@/itsyourxyz] propaganda, tho' #Facebook DELed his pg after he published batsh!t about @theprojecttv's Waleed Aly.

Win some, lose some, I guess. ImageImage
'David Hiscox is a 50-something who despises his casual work as a piano teacher.'


Get some new material bro!

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1/9 ⚠️ AlgorithmWatch was forced to shut down its #Instagram monitoring project after threats from #Facebook!

👉🏻 Read our story:…

✍🏻 And sign our open letter to European lawmakers to protect future research on online platforms:… 🧵
2/9 ☝🏻 Our example shows that platforms continue to suppress public interest research – also in the EU. We call on European lawmakers to make sure the #DigitalServicesAct gives academics, journalists & civil society watchdog orgs access to platform data
3/9 🔎 Only if we understand how our public sphere is influenced by platforms' #AlgorithmicChoices, can we take measures to ensure they do not undermine our autonomy and freedom, and the collective good. To do so, we need access to platform data!
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#BombayHighCourt bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice Girish Kulkarni to shortly hear petitions filed by @TheLeaflet_in & @waglenikhil challenging #NewITRules2021 arguing the same are an assault on #FreeSpeech. Union govt to respond today if the laws can be stayed.
Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh would make submissions opposing the temporary stay.

ASG: The new rules are beyond the parent statute. Nothing in IT act that regulates content on online platforms. Only section 69A provides for blocking of content. #NewITRules
ASG: These were the grounds urged before this court by the petitioners. My submission is as on today there is no urgency to stay the rules. No adverse action is taken against the petitioners herein. It is their own case that they have complied with the new rules.
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THREAD: Being a veteran “treasure hunter” that sources from developing countries with histories of antiquities looting isn’t an asset — its a serious problem.

@insidehook may want to consider the risks associated with what they’re promoting here.

We’ll break it down👇
.@insidehook says Casa Berbere sells “antiquities from the four corners of the world… work[ing] with a wide network of reputable dealers from Thailand to Tunisia.”

Problem: Tunisia doesn’t legally allow the sale/export of antiquities so not sure how reputable those dealers are.
“Under Tunisian law, the export of movable property is prohibited. Temporary export of movable cultural property is subject to authorization of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.”…
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#POCUS con USPed Latinoamérica🌎

En #SabadosdePOCUS Roberth González Cardiólogo Pediatra de 🇵🇪 nos habló de #Ecocardiografía en el Paciente #Critico en #Pediatria.

¿Quieres saber un poco de qué trato?

Abrimos 🧵 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️
Comentarios iniciales #PedsICU:

No vemos internamente la interacción cardiopulmonar. El #POCUS ha cambiado eso.
Dicha interacción regularmente había sido estudiada por separado.
La integración ❤️-🫁Pulmón debe ser siempre en contexto.

Algo que le sirvió mucho al Dr. Roberth: la #Fisiología, su funcionamiento.

Ojo, este dato se ha mencionado mucho en nuestras sesiones. El #POCUS en verdad te ayuda a mejorar tus conocimientos básicos, cuando ves lo que tanto estudiaste.
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Given everything that’s been happening in the world, I think it’s time to revisit the subject of #ActiveMeasures.

Not just for Soviets anymore.

A 🧵.

#USpoli #cdnpoli #UKPolitics #EUpolitics #nzpol #auspoI #Brexit
When the Kremlin launched its weaponization of social media prior to 🇺🇸 2016 election, there was great concern that other malignant actors would quickly adopt these techniques.

They did.
Now, not only state-actor operations, but for-hire malign influence operations are reaching epidemic proportions as well, in countries around the world. (…) #disinformation #propaganda #ActiveMeasures
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Army Chief Censor in Talks to Join Controversial Israeli Cyber Attack Firm NSO Group
Brig. Gen. Ariela Ben-Avraham plans to leave the army for a private sector cyber job amid rising tensions between IDF and cyber attack firms #GreatReset…
FBI vs Israeli firm's spyware
The FBI is trying to learn if any U.S. or allied government officials have been hacked with NSO tools and which nations were behind those attacks, according to a Western official briefed on the investigation.…
Israel using Sexual blackmail on closet gay politicians? Yes
(originally written in Sep 2007 by Ryan Dawson, Updated 2019)
#Blackwater, 911, rape, Neocon, #Epstein, #Mossad, #Bush, etc, etc 🤓…
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Mega #thread on #exploretalent & the phenomenon of failed aspiring entertainers of the Right

Some context: in the late 90's-early 00's, there were numerous nationwide talent searches that would advertise at the high schools in Southern California

Once I attended a search, & when my dad found out they were intending on putting me on the internet, he demanded my photos back & rescinded any permission to use my likeness

These searches "presented" themselves as different "companies"

#exploretalent is a live database that quite literally is the stitching together of numerous databases & different technologies. That's why the site is weird. It also looks very similar to early #facebook You can even register to vote, "like" "friend" etc

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Dear all,
We at Chesham and Amersham - ForwardTogether (@chilterns4) have set up #facebook pages for supporters of a #ProgressiveAlliance #DemocraticAlliance to meet/talk/organise. We have started with marginal constituencies, plus where we were asked to do so. #FBPA #FBPPR (1)
Please do join these pages, if you live in these areas or nearby! Please also let us know (message me or @chilterns4) if you would like us to set up a page in your constituency or area.

#ProgressiveAlliance #DemocraticAlliance (2)
Below is our current list of pages that have been set up (not all in alphabetical order - apologies).
You can find them by searching Facebook by [Constituency name]-ForwardTogether

Please share!

Here we go!

#ProgressiveAlliance #DemocraticAlliance #FBPA #FBPPR(3)
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After #Amazon, #Facebook Has Launched an Online Marketplace For #Pakistan: Razak Dawood

Almost a month after announcing that the e-commerce giant Amazon has added Pakistan to its official sellers’ list, Advisor to the PM on Commerce, Abdul Razak Dawood Image
has acknowledged another ground-breaking revelation for the country’s strengthening connection with the global market.

“I am happy to see that, after amazon, Facebook has recently launched a marketplace for Pakistan, it will encourage small entrepreneurs to sell online.
Such opportunities during COVID-19 could be a lifeline for micro-enterprises”, remarked Dawood in a tweet.

He further acknowledged the impact of Facebook integrating its business offering with Pakistan’s emerging traffic and particularly mentioned the significant role
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