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1. News Thread 9.19.2020: Ted Cruz: "We are one vote away from losing our fundamental constitutional liberties.

I believe @realDonaldTrump should nominate a successor next week & the Senate should take up & confirm that successor before Election Day." #Trump #SCOTUS #Ginsburg
2. News: OH MY! Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman Show up at Supreme Court and Announce Roe v. Wade Is Dead (VIDEO & PHOTOS)… #Trump #SCOTUS #Ginsburg
3. News: Dem - Lib Woman Posts Selfie Video of Hysterical Meltdown Over Death of Justice Ginsburg:

“Ruth! You Just Had to Make it to 2021!”… #Democrats #Trump #SCOTUS #Ginsburg
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I’ve been working on two investigative reports simultaneously: 1-The #Second #Trump #Impeachment Track Gaining Momentum; 2- China ... 1 Report was ready to go up today (exclusive), BUT An Unexpected New and Explosive info I got today calls for a short “delay” ... Image
My exclusive video report will be published in 5-Part series via my independent platforms at #Newsbud & via #Patreon. Stay Tuned for Part 1 coming out This Sunday. Join my communities if interested in independent fact-based media with integrity. Image
Okay- just learned about #Twitter settings! From now on: My tweets will be displayed only to account who follow me- I’ll read through other restriction steps and implement them.
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1) The first problem with research like this is that we, the public, have no agency to choose whether or not we wish to participate in this experiment—even though our taxes pay for the Commons where this will take place. #privacy #trust #security
2) This ‘experiment’ is inhumane to FB’s employees, who also have no choice in the matter and who, as part of their employment, are must comply. (See Applin and Fischer on Forced Compliance… ) and our paper on workplace #surveillance…
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■ 1983 मध्ये रंगीत फोटो काढणारे मोदी
■ 1983 मध्ये मेल करणारे मोदी
■ लहानपणी मगर पकडणारे मोदी
■ 40 वर्ष अन्न मागून जगणारे मोदी
अस्तित्वात नसलेल्या रेल्वे स्थानकावर चहा विकणारे मोदी
प्रत्येकाच्या खात्यात 15 लाख जमा करणारे मोदी
■ 100 दिवसात काळा पैसा भारतात आणणारे मोदी
■ जनतेच्या पैशातून विदेशीदौरेची हौस भागवून घेणारे मोदी
■ लाख रुपयाचा Mont blank Pen वापरणारे मोदी
■ फेक डिग्रीवाले मोदी
■ 2020 मध्ये पत्र लिहिणारे मोदी
■ 130 कोटी पैकी 600 कोटी जनतेने निवडून दिलेले मोदी
वेगवेगळे पागोटे आणि पक्ष्यांच्या पिसांच्या टोप्या घालणारे मोदी
■ जनावरांच्या शिंगाचे बाशिंग लावुन मिरविणारे मोदी
■ 50 दिवसानंतर चौराहेवर फाशी घेणारे मोदी
■ पाकिस्तानला शिव्या घालणारे मोदी
■ पाकिस्तान पंतप्रधानांच्या bday ला बिर्याणी खायला बिन बुलाये मेहमान मोदी @paddy_064
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काल #Facebook वर ‘Amit Shah Fans’ ह्या पेजवरचं पंतप्रधान नरेंद्र मोदींचं शिवछत्रपतींच्या रुपातलं छायाचित्र वायरल झालं.

निश्चितच प्रत्येक शिवभक्ताला ते छायाचित्र पाहून क्रोध अनावर झाला नाही.

त्याच क्रोधाच्या भरात लोकांनी पंतप्रधान मोदींना आई-बहिणीवरुन शिव्या दिल्या...

...त्यांची लायकी काढली आणि भाजप ला #महाराष्ट्रद्रोही घोषित केलं.

पण लोकं हे विसरतात की ह्यात पंतप्रधानांची काही ही चूक नाही. मोदींना ह्या गोष्टीची काही कल्पना पण नसेल. त्यांना आई-बहिणी वरुन शिव्या देऊन फायदा काय?

कित्येक वेळेला मी स्वत: अनुभव घेतलाय की उत्तर भारतातील...

...अनेक भाजप चे समर्थक मोदींची तुलना छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराजांशी करतात.

पण महाराष्ट्रात हे कधीही होत नाही. काल देखील महाराष्ट्रातल्या प्रत्येक भाजप समर्थकाने ह्या छायाचित्राचा विरोधच केला.

आणि महाराष्ट्रात हे न होण्याचं कारण म्हणजे आपल्याला महाराज माहिती आहेत.

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They are removing actual police evidence that arsonists have created the fires. What a joke. You guys are hella exposed #Facebook. #TickTock
Apparently this is all fake, if I eye rolled any harder I’m gunna go blind
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Last year, I reported via @EpochTimes that #Google is a DRUG COMPANY involved in the decade of vaccines!

Now, @RobertKennedyJr is also saying that Alphabet, markets and manufacture #vaccines via their subsidiaries Calico and Verily.…

#Google’s algorithms censor "negative" information about #COVID #vaccines and positive information about therapies like #hydroxychloroquine that compete with the #vaccines in development. Google censors reports that diminish public panic about #COVID19.

Google’s definition of “misinformation” is “any information, even if accurate and true, which criticizes #vaccination products.” #Facebook and #Google hired “FactChecker” (Politifact) to censor #vaccine misinformation.…

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Genau deshalb habe ich mich nicht näher zu dem Videospiel geäußert, das die #Identitären entwickelt haben u. in wenigen Tagen veröffentlichen wollen. Sie spekulieren auf eine Welle der Empörung, mit der ihre Propaganda erst ihre Wirkung entfaltet. Tut ihnen nicht diesen Gefallen.
Meldet diesen Mist, der das Weltbild der neofaschistischen #Identitären verherrlicht, auf #Steam. (Anleitung ⬇️) Aber empört euch nicht darüber in langen Threads, mit denen ihr Inhalt und Namen dieses Machwerks verbreitet. Genau das wollen diese Leute.

Was hingegen sehr wohl debattiert werden sollte, ist die federführende Rolle, die der Verein #EinProzent bei diesem Thema spielt. Die Faschisten um Philip Stein haben dieses Projekt erst ermöglicht. Hier ist Stein neben dem Entwickler dieses #identitären Videospiels zu sehen. Image
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#BREAKING:Turns out in July 2016, #Facebook board member #PeterThiel DINED WITH a prominent White nationalist who advocates for the creation of a WHITE NATION and soon afterward, endorsed #Trump. OH BOY!!

#TheResistance #FridayThoughts #FBRParty…
Folks, there have been allegations that #Facebook is basically a #MAGA-run platform. This👆 sure is confirmation

#TheResistance #FridayThoughts #FBRParty
#Facebook's #PeterThiel reportedly sent an email the following day saying he had ENJOYED the White nationalist's company. Hmm--good to know Thiel

#TheResistance #FridayThoughts #FBRParty
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Great article on how #ByteDance's #tiktok algorithms made it such a success in #China; mainly because in #China, AI algorithms have been applied at scale to entertainment. With AI, the more inputs you have, the better and more accurate the algorithm becomes.
2/ #Tiktok would not likely be as effective in the US because the market is smaller (fewer inputs) than in China. This means that the algorithms could not be optimized as it has with #Douyin in China. In the US, algorithm optimization at #Microsoft, #Google, #Facebook, #Apple
3/ is a much slower and better documented process. With #facebook, it monetized advertising mainly through small ads and political ads targeting extremist subcultures and conspiracy groups, which adds to social fracturing in the US. #Facebook makes money from US collapse.
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Des dégâts de la pensée magique !
Sur #LCI @juliendray et Charlotte d'#Ornellas s'indignent de ce qu'#Instagram ait suspendu (puis rétabli) les comptes de rédacteurs de #Charlie_Hebdo qui ont re-publié les caricatures du prophète Mohamed à l'origine des tueries de janvier 2015.⬇️
Personne ne se dit qu'#Instagram, société commerciale filiale de #Facebook, est en parfaite conformité avec sa logique et son objet : c'est un réseau social de droit privé à vocation ludique.
Par conséquent, tout discours non consensuel y est mal vu.⬇️
Ce n'est donc pas la suppression des comptes #Instagram des rédacteurs de #CharlieHebdo mais les pressions politiques et médiatiques ayant conduit à leur rétablissement qui constituent une censure.🔴
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1. News: BRUTAL!! Trump Parody Video of Him Firing Obama Was Bumped, Never Aired at 2012 RNC — It’s Awesome! - Thread 9.6.2020 President Trump looks as young today as in 2012!… #Trump #Obama
2. News: WATCH: ‘Protesters’ Set Man on Fire with Bomb Thrown at Portland Police More Videos of Peaceful Protests…
3. News: EXCLUSIVE: Militant Leftist Tries to Kill Conservative After Memorial for Trump Supporter Murdered By Portland Antifa:

“Blood was pouring out of his ears & his nose. ”
(VIDEOS)… #Antifa #BLM #Riots #Terrorists
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#Australien ist die Blaupause für das, was global bevorsteht: #Lockdown Phase 4. In #Melbourne wurde nun ehemaliger Soldat verhaftet, der sich kritisch zu d Maßnahmen auf #Facebook geäußert hatte. Anstiftung zu Protesten wird als Straftat geahndet. Das steht im #Lockstep /2
Verfahren der #Rockefeller Foundation. Seht selber, was dann geschah.

#nichtohneuns #querdenken

Auch in #Melbourneprotest zieht die Polizei gezielt einzelne Personen aus dem Menge, um die Masse zu frustrieren. Zur Wahrung der Demokratie wird man dies nur entschlossen aufhalten können.

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Facebook in the news.
News unlocks the map.

2 year Deltas lining up?
They are doing everything they can to stop us.

Facebook Will Ban Campaigns from Uploading Ads in Last Week of Election to Avoid ‘Civil Unrest…

Facebook "new" Terms of Service conveniently before the election.

Not another 4 year election.

Freedom of speech?
Censorship much? ImageImage
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“The investments were made through a Russian technology magnate, Yuri Milner, who also holds a stake in a company co-owned by Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior White House adviser.” #FaceBook #Russia…
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Facebook’s new ad policy announcement is designed to fool the media and the public into thinking the company is taking disinformation seriously; this new policy is pointless - and may even do more harm than good.…
Five years late, and billions of dollars short. Zuckerberg and his board of directors need to be investigated and indicted. SEE:…
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Kritischer #Journalismus ist demokratierelevant, heisst es. Doch die strukturelle Krise in der Medienbranche führt zu einem kontinuierlichen Abbau. Ein steter Abbau an Leistung, an Qualität, an Abdeckung der ländlichen Regionen. Hier meine Situationsanalyse als Thread:
Journalismus hat sich noch nie über Inhalte finanziert. Früher kam das Geld auch vom Anzeigengeschäft (Jobs, Immobilien, Kleinanzeigen) und von klassischer Werbung. Doch dieses Geschäft hat sich ins Internet verlagert, allerdings weg von den klassischen Medien.
Der Schweizer Medienbranche gingen in den letzten 10 Jahren nicht weniger als 1 Milliarde Franken Werbeeinnahmen verlustig. Die grossen Profiteure heissen #Facebook und #Google. Sie bieten präzises Targeting und den grössten verfügbaren Topf an Kundendaten.
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We can't just shrug our shoulders and let @news18dotcom @CNNnews18 get away with platforming an anchor who displays such a cruel enjoyment in the suffering of a human being. @CNN
#KashmiriLivesMatter #KashmirBleeds #SackAmishDevgan
. @TwitterIndia you want to be like #AnkhiDas on #Facebook? You are allowing this tweet & this handle to remain on the platform? @Twitter
Devgan claims this tweet is "defending India". No. It's shaming India with its glee at fate of Kashmiri Muharram mourners riddled with pellets
We've all seen crowds of people shopping for Ganpati, participating in worship at Tirupati & other temples. No pellet firing on those crowds. So, Covid-19 is no justification for pellet firing on Muharram procession in Srinagar, Kashmir.
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“Behind every great fortune there is a crime.” ~ Honore de Balzac

The state failing to do so, the press can investigate that crime, and bring it in to the light. Justice also dies in darkness. #Zuckerberg #FaceBook
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Today the German Supreme Court published its #facebook decision!
Here is a (long!) THREAD with a quick summary after a first read:
1st impression: despite its preliminary nature (re interim suspension of @Kartellamt 's prohibition) it likely is a landmark decision that will shape the application of #competition law & #abuse of #dominance rules in Germany for the next years.
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