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13 Apr 20
With so many people around the world mourning the loss of loved ones at this time, I wanted to share some phrases from "A Grief Observed" by C.S. Lewis, given to me by a good friend when my mother died in 1988 at the age of 48.
Although Lewis wrote "A Grief Observed" about the loss of his partner and he talks a lot about his faith, which might not be relevant to everyone, this account of his grief helped me, like a friend who is going through the same as you. It made me feel less alone.
"No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear. I am not afraid, but the sensation is like being afraid."

"At other times it feels like being mildly drunk or concussed. There is a sort of invisible blanket between the world and me. I find it hard to take in what anyone says."
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26 Dec 19
The #Spanish judiciary on trial

The #Catalan pro-independence activists jailed on 26 September, 2019 are gradually being released on bail. Operation #Judas is falling to pieces already.

#Spain's dirty war on #Catalonia - October 1, 2019

The #CDR 7: #Spain’s new political prisoners

From presumption of innocence to isolation - October 14, 2019


Systematic rule breaking by #Spanish authorities

Illegal leaks from the case of 7 jailed #Catalan activists were designed to influence the #Spanish general election result.

14 November, 2019

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8 Dec 19
Report on visits to people imprisoned since Oct 14 during protests in #Catalonia against #Spain's Supreme Court ruling 459/2019 by @sirecovi (System for Registration and Communication of Situations of Institutional Violence) of the OSPDH-UB (@OSPDH1)

More than 200 people were arrested and 600 injured during clashes between protesters and police officers from various forces.

The @sirecovi report is the result of interviews with 22 of the people who were remanded in custody.

Pic: Enric Fontcuberta @EFEnoticias
The 22 detainees, aged between 18 and 35, were jailed in 6 different prisons across #Catalonia.

9 reported being arrested by Mossos d’Esquadra
5 by the National Police
1 by local police
6 by plainclothes officers
1 did not specify

Graphs: @sirecovi
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7 Dec 19
13 reasons why Josep Borrell Fontellas should never have become the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs

#Scotland’s Papers is one of the most revealing stories to come out of Borrell's 18 months as #Spain’s Foreign Affairs Minister.

Long read:…
Produced and directed by @JosepBorrellF

Starring Josep Borrell & M. Á. Vecino

Set in #Spain, #Scotland, #Catalonia, #basquecountry &

Co-starring @NicolaSturgeon, @QuimTorraiPla, @andoniortuzar, @junqueras, @ClaraPonsati, @AamerAnwar, SNP, JxC, ERC, PNV, PSOE, PP, Cs
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6 Nov 19
Disproportionate under #UK law

“The shambolic ‘arrogant’ attempts at extradition by #Spain should be a source of deep embarrassment to them. This is their 3rd attempt to extradite @ClaraPonsati - they stand accused of abusing the EAW process" @AamerAnwar…
@ClaraPonsati @AamerAnwar "There appear to be glaring contradictions in a 'rambling' warrant stretching to some 59 pages, which jumps from 'rebellion' to 'sedition'. @ClaraPonsati is accused of sedition, but it's only briefly mentioned on 2 pages, with no clarity as to her role"…
@ClaraPonsati @AamerAnwar "This EAW has not been certified and no further action will be taken" to arrest @ClaraPonsati quickly becomes "it is not disproportionate, it is just currently lacking in essential information", a "miscommunication".

The rectification has Don @JosepBorrellF's dabs all over it.
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30 Oct 19
Avui @elsmatins ha sortit una vella coneguda, l’eterna estudianta a @UABBarcelona, la @JuliaMorenoR, pres @ShaAcabatNo, activista @Ciudadanos @JovesSCC amb la mateixa jugada de sempre: “Som totalment independents de qualsevol partit polític” ha dit, tota seriosa ella
@elsmatins @UABBarcelona @JuliaMorenoR @ciudadanos @JovesSCC La mateixa @JuliaMorenoR que va sortir a @EspejoPublico de la @susannagriso fa 2 anys fent-se la víctima apolítica amb 2 activistes més. La seva amiga diu que li criden "espanyola!" o "mira, la fatxa!" al campus. Imagineu: "Espanyola!!!" Sí, sí, el que tu diguis.
En el mateix muntatge d'@antena3com, @JuliaMorenoR diu que la @UABBarcelona permet que "difamen informació sobre elles" [sic]. L'altra amiga fent-se passar per una apolítica, marginada pels seus origens, és la @laura_casado96 de @cssabadell, @jovenesCs i @JovesSCC.
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10 Jul 19
Ministry of Truth
@JosepBorrellF asks #Spain's Superior Court of Justice to close #Catalan delegations in London, Geneva & Berlin for "damaging Spain's image" based on documents intercepted by his toytown spy network and social media posts.

The delegation is accused of ''retweeting messages in favour of Gibraltar" and criticising Borrell's comment on us history: "they only had to kill a handful of Indians".

In this case, surely it was Borrell was "harming #Spain's image"?

Borrell's toytown diplomats found it "damaging to #Spain's image" that "there were barely 20 people" at an event with Parliament VP, @josepcosta: an Estelada on a table "looked like a coffin" and "people mocked it on social media"

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26 Jun 19
No-show of #Spanish police and intelligence officials - Trapote, Gonzalo, Pérez de los Cobos - before commission investigating terror attacks #Catalonia, Aug '17. Disrespect of #Catalan institutions and still no news of what they knew.

Ex-chief of CNP Cat, Sebastián Trapote
Dir. CNI, Félix Sanz Roldán
Ex-chief of Civil Guard Cat, Ángel Gonzalo
Interior Ministry rep. to Security Commission Cat, Diego Pérez de los Cobos
Dir. of CITCO, José Luis Olivera Serrano
Ex-DG of CNP, Germán López Iglesias

#Spain’s secret service (#CNI) admitted “contacts” with Abdelbaki Es Satty, the mastermind behind the terror cell but didn't clarify their frequency, duration or remuneration, only that they were within the “protocol established for convicts” 17/11/2017

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28 May 19
Why @krls & @toni_comin must be allowed to take their seats in the @Europarl_EN
"The essential step to become an MEP is to receive enough support. #Catalans understood this and delivered massive majority support to @krls, @toni_comin, @ClaraPonsati, and the whole list"

"#Spain's #SupremeCourt should suspend the national arrest warrants against @krls & @toni_comin. Both now enjoy immunity that the Supreme can't interfere with. They must decide to respect the law or not, but the little credibility they still have in Europe is at risk."

Asked whether @krls & @toni_comin must swear to uphold the Constitution in person before #Spain's Central Electoral Board before taking office, @boye_g said the rule was out-of-date, against EU law, and, if the #SupremeCourt got involved in this battle, it would surely lose.

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4 Apr 19
⚫It's the 2nd time #Spain's "SECRET CESSPIT" (#cloacas) has confirmed #PP's ex-PM #Rajoy knew about anti #Podemos & #Catalunya operations

⚫In recordings made in his office revealed by ⁦@publico_es⁩, then Interior Minister, #FernándezDíaz says: "The President knows"
Audio from @Moncloa_com shows that #PP interior minister Fernández Díaz sent officers to NY to investigate allegations #Podemos received funding from Venezuelan govt. Hugo Chavez' ex-finance minister was offered #Spanish nationality and new ID for info.
Insp. Fuentes Gago, attaché to #Spanish embassy in the Netherlands, & top fraud squad officers secretly recorded Isea & his lawyer at the meeting in the #Spanish consulate.
Chavez's ex-confidant had fled to the US & was concerned for his family's safety.
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3 Mar 19

Journalist John Carlin says:
⚖Rosell & Catalan 12 cases show "what's on trial is the Spanish justice system"

⚖pre-trial imprisonment "shows negligence and lack of seriousness" in system and "calls into question health of justice in #Spain"
Carlin was especially critical of High Court judge Carmen Lamela, who:
⚖remanded Rosell in custody 2 yrs ago
⚖originally ordered imprisonment in Oct '17 of civil leaders Cuixart and Sànchez
⚖2 weeks later, sent 8 members of Catalan govt to jail"
Judge Lamela has a fixation👇
Carmen Lamela is the Spanish High Court judge who, in the absence of ETA, sees terrorism everywhere. It's her unhealthy obsession.

Below are 3 recent cases where she insisted on charges of terrorism which were ultimately rejected in court.

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28 Feb 19
#CatalanTrial: PP - the Perjury Party 1
"A witness who doesn't tell the truth in his deposition in court shall be punished with imprisonment of 6 months to 2 yrs and a fine of 3-6 months"
Sáenz de Santamaría couldn't remember/lied
The PP can never remember/always lies
#CatalanTrial: PP - the Perjury Party 2
"A witness who doesn't tell the truth in his deposition in a court case shall be punished with imprisonment of 6 months to 2 yrs and a fine of 3-6 months"
M. Rajoy couldn't remember/lied
The PP can never remember/always lies
#CatalanTrial: PP - the Perjury Party 3
"A witness who doesn't tell the truth in his deposition in a court case shall be punished with imprisonment of 6 months to 2 years and a fine of 3-6 months"
Zoido couldn't remember/lied
The PP can never remember/always lies
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18 Feb 19
👨‍⚖️Day 3 of the trial of the Catalan govt, in 6 videoclips👩‍⚖️

🔴Quim Forn🔴

He'd only been Interior Minister for a few months when he was dismissed and remanded in custody on 2/11/17. His testimony produced moments of tension, and comedy.

[📽️Video thread - ST in English👇]
👨‍⚖️No laughing matter👩‍⚖️

Prosecutor: Do you know if any of those dismissed had declared themselves opposed to this insistence on holding a referendum when it had been declared unconstitutional?"

@quimforn: Well, I don't think so, because they all went to vote.

📽️ ST in English
👨‍⚖️Arrested for a flag👩‍⚖️

Prosecutor: Have you ever been arrested, charged or taken to court for your beliefs?

@quimforn: I was detained in '86 for taking a Catalan flag into a stadium.

Prosecutor: Yes, yes, but, apart from this?

@quimforn: ?

📽️ ST in English
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17 Feb 19
👨‍⚖️Day 3 of the trial of the Catalan government, in 12 videoclips👩‍⚖️

🔴Oriol Junqueras' testimony🔴

The voice of Catalan VP, Oriol Junqueras, hadn't been heard for 15 months since he was dismissed and remanded in custody on 2 November, 2017

[📽️Video thread - ST in English👇]
"I'm convinced that I am accused for my ideas and not for my acts and, considering that this is a political trial, as I understand it, and that I'm an elected representative and have a duty to my voters, I will not answer any prosecution questions." @junqueras

"In January 2016, I was appointed Vice President and Minister of Economy and Finance of the Generalitat of Catalonia, a post from which I was dismissed with the application of Article 155. I currently consider myself to be a political prisoner." @junqueras

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13 Feb 19
👨‍⚖️Day 2 of the trial of the Catalan process in 10 quotes (and 12 tweets):

🔴Prosecution counsels respond

Public Prosecutor, Solicitor General of the State and private prosecution, far-right political party, Vox, in the Supreme Court
[Thread in English]
Javier Zaragoza, the Public Prosecutor, stated that this is “a trial in defence of Spanish democracy”:

“Their aim is to turn those who have severely fractured and broken the constitutional order into victims of political persecution.”
Zaragoza said that the defendants were not persecuted for their ideas, but for having “committed criminal acts”:

“It's a fallacy of colossal dimensions that must be shouted from the rooftops: nobody, none of the accused, not one is, or has been, persecuted for their ideas.”
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12 Feb 19
☡Spanish Supreme Court filled with far-right militants☡

Spanish police give all 40 numbered tickets for the public gallery to sympathisers of the far-right party acting as private prosecution in the trial while obstructing entry of the 12 Catalan defendants' families.
☡"They're on our side"☡

Spanish police also allow militants of neonazi organisation, Hogar Social, through police cordons to demonstrate in front of the Supreme Court.
"Can you imagine an on-duty 🇩🇪 German policeman wearing a Hitler badge on his uniform?"

#JudiciAlaDemocràcia #JudiciALesUrnes

This is happening in Spain 🇪🇸👇 #ThisIsTheRealSpain
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9 Feb 19
How can the talks between the Spanish & the Catalans have broken down "before they even began"?
The Spanish government has rolled over to pressure from all sectors of Spanish nationalism, from the nominal left to the far far right, not to negotiate with Catalan independentists.
Pablo Casado (PP) and Albert Rivera (Ciudadanos) call to Spanish nationalism will be answered tomorrow in Columbus Square in Madrid by a toxic mix of pseudosocialists, neoliberals, ultraconservatives, fascists, fascist sympathisers, Falangists, Franco nostalgics and neonazis.
Partido Popular
Hogar Social
Falange Española de las Jons
España 2000
Alternativa Española
Democracia Nacional
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8 Feb 19
Spanish nationalists, Falangists, Fascists and Nazis rally against talks with Catalans:

Partido Popular, Ciudadanos, Vox, Hogar Social Madrid, Falange Española de las JONS, Alternativa Española, Democracia Nacional and España 2000 shoulder to shoulder on Sunday in Columbus Sq.
The Grandees of Sánchez's own party - PSOE leaders past and present - also protest against the talks with the Catalans.

Spanish Republicanism nowhere to be seen.

Wake up, Spain.

Manuel Valls, carpetbagging candidate for the mayorship of the Catalan capital, will be in Columbus Square, too.

Manuel Valls, candidat opportuniste à la mairie de la capitale catalane, sera à la Place Colomb lui aussi, con.

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7 Feb 19

SPAIN's nominal left, right, far-right and far-far-right announce demo for Sunday in Madrid's COLUMBUS Square (world's largest Spanish flag) in opposition to PSOE PM Sánchez's "HIGH TREASON"!!!

What has he done? 😰

👇[💣treasonous thread💥]👇…
Has he induced a foreign power to declare war on Spain?
Has he invited Brexit Britain to send the Royal Navy to protect The Rock?
Has he armed the Catalans?
Has he assisted an invader?
Has he starved the Spanish
armed forces?
Is he a Russian spy?


He has announced bilateral talks between Spanish and Catalan parties which include a "relator" - a word nobody understands - rapporteur, moderator, arbiter?

And now it's all kicked off, again, in typically hysterical Spanish nationalist style.

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6 Feb 19

#Spain’s Supreme Court aims to render #Catalan political prisoners defenceless in court
@jcasulleras @VilaWeb_EN

The panel of judges have admitted almost all witnesses and evidence proposed by the Public Prosecutor, the Solicitor General and far-right political party Vox but rejected 50 defence witnesses, some key to their case, a host of expert witnesses and vital pieces of evidence
Rajoy and Sáenz de Santamaría, PM and deputy PM at the time of the referendum, have been accepted as witnesses
Exiled president Puigdemont president and ERC no 2 Rovira will not, considered by the judges to be ‘in rebellion’, ‘incompatible with the obligation to tell the truth"
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5 Feb 19
"The Ballad of Johnny Longstaff" - a show

A story of extreme childhood poverty, sleeping rough, hunger marches, mass trespasses, the Battle of Cable Street, fighting fascists in the Spanish civil war, wounded 3 times, fighting Nazism in WWII, decorated...…
"The Ballad of Johnny Longstaff" follows the footsteps of a working class hero who witnessed some of the most momentous events of the 1930s
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