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2 800 personnes ont manifesté à #Barcelone contre l'enseignement majoritairement en #catalan dans les écoles de #Catalogne, revendiquant davantage de cours en #castillan.
👉 Le #PP, #Vox et #Ciudadanos étaient du cortège.

©️📸 Toni Albir/@EFEnoticias
Depuis une loi de 1983, le #catalan est la « langue propre » de tous les niveaux d'enseignement. Le droit à recevoir un enseignement en #castillan est reconnu.
👉 Depuis novembre 2021, un arrêt du #TribunalSuprême impose qu'au moins 25% des cours soient dispensés en castillan.
Ce seuil de 25% n'est inscrit nulle part dans le droit positif espagnol. La justice espagnole est allé le chercher dans un arrêt de la CEDH de 1968, qui validait une décision du gouvernement belge d'imposer ce % pour l'enseignement en français dans les écoles flamandes.
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Information pri #Occidental/#Interlingue por li usatores de #Interlingua. On comensa...
Tui Cusino Occidental

De témpor a témpor tu ha videt it, un lingue quel es tam simil al tui, ma plu curt, con accentus, e denov vivent! Quo es ti-ci lingue e qual es li diferentie inter it e Interlingua? Lass nos decovrir tui cusino Occidental.
On save que Edgar de Wahl creat Occidental in 1922, ma lass nos parlar plu pri su essentie. It es simplic: natural, ma con tam mult regularitá possibil. Li centre del regularitá de Occidental trova se in li Regul de Wahl.
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👅 Tu a Uviéu i jo a Barcelona! Un fil per a conèixer #paraules que comparteixen l'#asturià i el #català.

👅 Tu a Uviéu y yo a Barcelona! Un filu pa conocer #pallabres que comparten l’#asturianu y el #catalán.

🧵 Obro fil. Abro filu. ⤵️
De mano vamos ves pallabres más asemeyaes, nes que namás hai diferencies ortográfiques:

🐝abeya - abella
🥵afogase - afogar-se
☀️asoleyar - assolellar
🏠casa - casa
👍bona - bona
👉caler - caler
🍻convidar - convidar
🍚farina - farina
⚒ferrador - ferrador
🔨ferrar - ferrar
🐜formigues - formigues
😮‍💨feble - feble
⛲️fontana - fontana
🫂gracies - gràcies
🌡grau - grau
👨🏿‍🦳home - home
🔥llar - llar
🦦llóndriga - llúdriga
🗺lloñe - lluny
💡llume - llum
🌖lluna - lluna
👎mala - mala
📂mena - mena
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⬛️⬜️ When the #US Department of State publishes a report dealing w/ #Spanish abuses of the #Catalan national minority, political prisoners & the increase in hate speech vs Catalans, the Spanish “internal affair” is already too big to try and hide it.(THREAD)

⬛️⬜️US @StateDept annual report: “On March 8, the @UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues @fernanddev expressed concern about the restrictions and criminal charges against Catalan politicians and civil society activists involved in the "referendum" of October 2017"
⬛️⬜️"The SR agreed w/ conclusions of the @UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention that the extended detentions & subsequent convictions of @jordialapreso & @JordiCuixart, as well as the Catalan political leaders in prison, were to intimidate them because of their political views"
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"The UN special rapporteur for minority issues expressed concerns about the restrictions and criminal charges against #Catalan politicians and civil society activists involved in the October 2017 “referendum.”
"He agreed with conclusions of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention that the extended detentions and subsequent convictions of @jordisanchezp and @jcuixart, the two civil society activists convicted in the case, as well as the other..."
"... #Catalan political leaders in prison, were to intimidate them because of their political views.
@amnesty International criticized the Supreme Court’s interpretation of sedition as “excessively broad” and alleged it resulted in the “criminalization of acts of protest...."
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.@KRLS Puigdemont: Threat to Catalan MEPs’ immunity means ‘Europe has a problem’

In interview, ex-president of Catalonia charged with sedition says ‘borders are not from God.’

Open thread
"The legal travails of the #Catalan MEPs led to EU court rulings regarding election rules after Madrid tried unsuccessfully to block them from taking their seats in Parliament.
"Their cases, and that of a fourth former Catalan official, Oriol @Junqueras, have also ensnared Spain and Belgium in a giant legal battle over the validity of EU arrest warrants, with wider implications for judicial cooperation among EU countries.
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Citizens protest against Spanish state's imprisonment of a #Catalan rapper @PabloHasel for "crimes of expression" (speech!) that wouldn't bat an eyelid in Ireland. But for the #EU, if it's not happening in #Russia it's not happening. #LlibertatPabloHasel
For comparison, under laws like these you could throw half of Ireland's folk singers in jail for "glorifying terrorism." It would have a massive chilling effect. Even humour wouldn't be safe. Would @Rubberbandits have self-censored their song "Up the Ra"?

#Spain's alarming lurch into repression of artistic freedoms and freedom of political expression has repeatedly earned it "country of concern" status from civil society watchdogs like @freemuse98, alongside such countries as #Turkey, #Egypt & #SaudiArabia…
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◼️◻️ After the International call to protect the rights of prosecuted #Catalan civic and political leaders, #Spain is positioning agents in @UN and @EUroparl_en decision-making boards, directly putting in danger the protection of human rights.


◼️◻️ Another new member of the @UN #HumanRights committee is #China, recently tarnished by the #Uyghur concentration camps scandal. Digital gag laws, political persecution and police abuses are also in #Spain's track record.

◼️◻️ In 2017, @UN experts Annalisa Ciampi, @leilanifarha, @Alfreddezayas & José A. Guevara, urged #Spain to stop police violence against #Catalan #indyref voters, while @davidakaye advised not to persecute political figures.

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#COVID19 lockdowns and quarantines seem to be reducing crime rates outside.

But inside - at home - increased rates of domestic abuse are a reminder of another kind of global pandemic: violence against women and children.

Home has never been safe for everyone. #coronavirus
Crime drops in lockdown, domestic violence risk climbs… #COVID19 #coronavirus
Reported domestic violence cases jumped 30% during lockdown in #France.

In #Paris alone, they were up 36%.

#COVID19 #coronavirus h/t @AchmatX…
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December 31. Time for my best productions in 2019 in English. 12 tweets with 12 articles. One for each month of the past year. Check it out. Thread 🧐🤓👇
January. "The European Union is more united than ever". Cited by @guyverhofstadt among others.…
@guyverhofstadt February. Nothing relevant in English. But don't worry. I will have a month with two relevant articles. Keep reading. ☺️
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The #Spanish judiciary on trial

The #Catalan pro-independence activists jailed on 26 September, 2019 are gradually being released on bail. Operation #Judas is falling to pieces already.

#Spain's dirty war on #Catalonia - October 1, 2019

The #CDR 7: #Spain’s new political prisoners

From presumption of innocence to isolation - October 14, 2019


Systematic rule breaking by #Spanish authorities

Illegal leaks from the case of 7 jailed #Catalan activists were designed to influence the #Spanish general election result.

14 November, 2019

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(1/3) In #Catalonia, li max grand partise separatist (li ERC, Levul Republican de Catalonia) ha expresset su suporte por li hispan Socialistes in li formation de un coalition, con li condition que on mey discusser con les pri li subjecte de índependentie. #Occidental #Interlingue Image
(2/3) Anc in li prospectiv coalition vell junter se li anti-capitalist partise Podemos (hispan: Noi posse), un altri sur li flanca levul. Ma un tal coalition vell posseder 155 sedes sin li suporte de un altri partise, mancante ancor li necessi 176 sedes por formar un majorité.
(3/3) Li ERC ha victet tri sedes plu quam su rivale sur li dextri látere, li partise quel nomina se in li lingue #catalan Junts per Catalunya (Occ: Junt por Catalonia). Junt por Catalonia es li partise del anteyan catalan Presidente Carles Puigdemont, nu in self-exilie in Belgia.
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We started this week with a blog from @DanielWinc @Jaclarner @WalesGovernance @UKandEU discussing #GeneralElection2019 in Wales, where this #election is likely to be different from those in the past.… Image
'The Spanish model of territorial accommodating its nationalities, once a factor for stability is now in crisis' Michael Keating reflects on the results of last week's election in #Spain… Image
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I'm reading through a document on #ECHR guidelines. Nothing to do, though, with the right to a fair trial (Article 6 ECHR)... where the violations preventing #FreeCatalanPoliticalPrisoners leave you punchdrunk. Just one article after another by #Spain, violated!
This is the "Guide on Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Right to liberty and security".

I'm still reeling. This is worse. It has to do with "arbitrary detention" on which the #UN #WGAD issued a severe Opinion ... that Spain pissed on.

"188. The second limb of Article 5 §3 does not give judicial authorities a choice between either bringing an accused to trial within a reasonable time or granting him provisional release pending trial..."

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Ministry of Truth
@JosepBorrellF asks #Spain's Superior Court of Justice to close #Catalan delegations in London, Geneva & Berlin for "damaging Spain's image" based on documents intercepted by his toytown spy network and social media posts.

The delegation is accused of ''retweeting messages in favour of Gibraltar" and criticising Borrell's comment on us history: "they only had to kill a handful of Indians".

In this case, surely it was Borrell was "harming #Spain's image"?

Borrell's toytown diplomats found it "damaging to #Spain's image" that "there were barely 20 people" at an event with Parliament VP, @josepcosta: an Estelada on a table "looked like a coffin" and "people mocked it on social media"

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No-show of #Spanish police and intelligence officials - Trapote, Gonzalo, Pérez de los Cobos - before commission investigating terror attacks #Catalonia, Aug '17. Disrespect of #Catalan institutions and still no news of what they knew.

Ex-chief of CNP Cat, Sebastián Trapote
Dir. CNI, Félix Sanz Roldán
Ex-chief of Civil Guard Cat, Ángel Gonzalo
Interior Ministry rep. to Security Commission Cat, Diego Pérez de los Cobos
Dir. of CITCO, José Luis Olivera Serrano
Ex-DG of CNP, Germán López Iglesias

#Spain’s secret service (#CNI) admitted “contacts” with Abdelbaki Es Satty, the mastermind behind the terror cell but didn't clarify their frequency, duration or remuneration, only that they were within the “protocol established for convicts” 17/11/2017

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Why @krls & @toni_comin must be allowed to take their seats in the @Europarl_EN
"The essential step to become an MEP is to receive enough support. #Catalans understood this and delivered massive majority support to @krls, @toni_comin, @ClaraPonsati, and the whole list"

"#Spain's #SupremeCourt should suspend the national arrest warrants against @krls & @toni_comin. Both now enjoy immunity that the Supreme can't interfere with. They must decide to respect the law or not, but the little credibility they still have in Europe is at risk."

Asked whether @krls & @toni_comin must swear to uphold the Constitution in person before #Spain's Central Electoral Board before taking office, @boye_g said the rule was out-of-date, against EU law, and, if the #SupremeCourt got involved in this battle, it would surely lose.

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⚫It's the 2nd time #Spain's "SECRET CESSPIT" (#cloacas) has confirmed #PP's ex-PM #Rajoy knew about anti #Podemos & #Catalunya operations

⚫In recordings made in his office revealed by ⁦@publico_es⁩, then Interior Minister, #FernándezDíaz says: "The President knows"
Audio from @Moncloa_com shows that #PP interior minister Fernández Díaz sent officers to NY to investigate allegations #Podemos received funding from Venezuelan govt. Hugo Chavez' ex-finance minister was offered #Spanish nationality and new ID for info.
Insp. Fuentes Gago, attaché to #Spanish embassy in the Netherlands, & top fraud squad officers secretly recorded Isea & his lawyer at the meeting in the #Spanish consulate.
Chavez's ex-confidant had fled to the US & was concerned for his family's safety.
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#Spain’s Supreme Court aims to render #Catalan political prisoners defenceless in court
@jcasulleras @VilaWeb_EN

The panel of judges have admitted almost all witnesses and evidence proposed by the Public Prosecutor, the Solicitor General and far-right political party Vox but rejected 50 defence witnesses, some key to their case, a host of expert witnesses and vital pieces of evidence
Rajoy and Sáenz de Santamaría, PM and deputy PM at the time of the referendum, have been accepted as witnesses
Exiled president Puigdemont president and ERC no 2 Rovira will not, considered by the judges to be ‘in rebellion’, ‘incompatible with the obligation to tell the truth"
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📰Financial Times📰

📺Televised trial of #Catalan secessionists set to reignite passions

⚖Courtroom drama comes at delicate time for coalition government

📃The declaration of independence was not ratified or published in the official gazette of the Generalitat

🕵The charges ARE rebellion, sedition, disobedience and misuse of public funds

🙈Lazy: "Fled", "One of Spain's wealthiest regions", etc

🔥"Hardcore separatists come to the fore" - there's been non-violent direct action (cf. #GiletsJaunes)

🕵A family affair: the Pérez de los Cobos - Falangist family, Fuerza Nueva in youth and it was Francisco's brother, Diego, who gave the order to beat Catalan voters on #1Oct

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Integrity Initiative And Affiliates Behind Multiple Attacks On Disobedient Media…
In the weeks following the hack, major narratives pushed by legacy press in the last two years have been exposed as state-friendly propaganda, including but not limited to: #Russiagate, the #Skripal poisoning, the smearing of #Corbyn, & attacks on the #Catalan independence mvt.
In April last year, Disobedient Media reported on Joseph #Mifsud’s ties to UK intelligence figures, and other connections suggesting British influence at the heart of the #TrumpRussiaCollusion narrative, concluding:…
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The manner in which the highest court in Spain has sought to bury the atrocities against democracy being committed by Madrid against Barcelona should have given rise to a protest from the other members of the EU.

#Catalan #Catalonia #Cataluña #Catalunya #Spain
EU is letting not only the Catalan people but its very ideological foundations down by ignoring the agony of the Catalan people at the hands of an autocratic Spanish regime. The sooner the Catalan people are given the freedom to go their own way, the better it will be for Europe.
Rather than an artificial unity (a coalition of the unwilling), the Eurocrats at Brussels should make plans for referendums in those parts of Europe that seek self-rule and accept the mandate of the people.

"EU should allow Catalonia to be free"
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