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⚫It's the 2nd time #Spain's "SECRET CESSPIT" (#cloacas) has confirmed #PP's ex-PM #Rajoy knew about anti #Podemos & #Catalunya operations

⚫In recordings made in his office revealed by ⁦@publico_es⁩, then Interior Minister, #FernándezDíaz says: "The President knows"
Audio from @Moncloa_com shows that #PP interior minister Fernández Díaz sent officers to NY to investigate allegations #Podemos received funding from Venezuelan govt. Hugo Chavez' ex-finance minister was offered #Spanish nationality and new ID for info.
Insp. Fuentes Gago, attaché to #Spanish embassy in the Netherlands, & top fraud squad officers secretly recorded Isea & his lawyer at the meeting in the #Spanish consulate.
Chavez's ex-confidant had fled to the US & was concerned for his family's safety.
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I'm glad you enjoyed my past thread on the ancient star & crescent. In the coming days, I hope to cover the star and crescent symbolism in the post-classical era. This thread will focus on the #Ottomans, but you might be surprised about its other users.

To recapitulate a bit, we might conclude that the star and crescent were extensively present in both #Byzantine and #Sassanid symbolism. The Sassanids saw it as the astral representation of Mithra and Anahita. Together with their dynasty, however, this symbolism declined.
The #Ummayads copied the Sassanid coins for a while to use as silver dirhams, like the two 7th century coins below. However, the symbolism of star and crescent were in no way meaningful, and were a mere reflection of the fading Sassanid existence in the new conquerors' coinage.
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#Spain’s Supreme Court aims to render #Catalan political prisoners defenceless in court
@jcasulleras @VilaWeb_EN

The panel of judges have admitted almost all witnesses and evidence proposed by the Public Prosecutor, the Solicitor General and far-right political party Vox but rejected 50 defence witnesses, some key to their case, a host of expert witnesses and vital pieces of evidence
Rajoy and Sáenz de Santamaría, PM and deputy PM at the time of the referendum, have been accepted as witnesses
Exiled president Puigdemont president and ERC no 2 Rovira will not, considered by the judges to be ‘in rebellion’, ‘incompatible with the obligation to tell the truth"
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📰Financial Times📰

📺Televised trial of #Catalan secessionists set to reignite passions

⚖Courtroom drama comes at delicate time for coalition government

📃The declaration of independence was not ratified or published in the official gazette of the Generalitat

🕵The charges ARE rebellion, sedition, disobedience and misuse of public funds

🙈Lazy: "Fled", "One of Spain's wealthiest regions", etc

🔥"Hardcore separatists come to the fore" - there's been non-violent direct action (cf. #GiletsJaunes)

🕵A family affair: the Pérez de los Cobos - Falangist family, Fuerza Nueva in youth and it was Francisco's brother, Diego, who gave the order to beat Catalan voters on #1Oct

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Integrity Initiative And Affiliates Behind Multiple Attacks On Disobedient Media…
In the weeks following the hack, major narratives pushed by legacy press in the last two years have been exposed as state-friendly propaganda, including but not limited to: #Russiagate, the #Skripal poisoning, the smearing of #Corbyn, & attacks on the #Catalan independence mvt.
In April last year, Disobedient Media reported on Joseph #Mifsud’s ties to UK intelligence figures, and other connections suggesting British influence at the heart of the #TrumpRussiaCollusion narrative, concluding:…
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1) Cal analitzar els esdeveniments d'ahir a BCN des d'una òptica estratègica:
- Ens apropen a la República o ens hi allunyen?
- Ens fan avançar cap a la Rep o ens frenen?

Crec q la resposta és clara: ens apropen i ens fan avançar

Però també hem d'aprendre algunes lliçons

2) Fa unes setmanes vaig publicar aquest fil, on explicava els diferents escenaris polítics que tenim al davant i l'estratègia que crec que hem de seguir:
3) Aquests escenaris són:
- Escenari 1: replegament i tornada a l'autonomia
- Escenari 2: intensificació del conflicte, intervenció d'Alemanya i referèndum
- Escenari 3: intensificació del conflicte, causa justa, i esclat popular que desbordi les estructures.
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The multipolar spin: how fascists operationalize left-wing resentment. Read what the @splcenter & @MaxBlumenthal don't want you to read here:…
And download it here:
"​During his recent tour of Europe, disgraced former Trump strategist Steve Bannon declared “Italy is in the lead.” /1 #antifa #Fascism
Amid the historic resurgence of the Italian far right that returned right-wing populist Silvio Berlusconi to prominence, Bannon fantasized about “the ultimate dream” of unifying the anti-establishment Five Star Movement with the far-right League (formerly the Northern League)- /2
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This is what Javier Pérez Royo, Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Seville, has to say about @jordialapreso's investiture.
The one and only requirement of the Spanish Constitution & of the Statute of Catalonia is for the proposed candidate to be an elected MP and not to have lost his/her right to vote & be voted through a final judicial sentence.
If this requirement is fulfilled, nobody can stop the proposed candidate from attending the session.
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