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Dec 20, 2019 12 tweets 2 min read
The issue with transit commission is bigger than smells. The discussion is about equity - who matters. Only tall people? Only people with poor sense of smell? Those able to deal with commute times than vary by 30min from day-to-day? The rich? 1/ The commission's job is to balance the competing demands. They represent a review board when choices / directives need to be made. They consider and give feedback on staff and council plans / decisions. 2/
Dec 3, 2019 7 tweets 3 min read
Some observations on night service:
1.why oh why is @OC_Transpo running articulated buses at 2 am? (97 both directions, 45 Hospital and 39 Rideau)
2. Why is 39 Millenium running 10 mins late on 30 min schedule in middle of night with perfect weather? 1/n 3. I'm not an @OC_Transpo rookie. There were multiple places the route entirely confused me ie 97 Rideau goes to Lees and Chapel before Lees LRT.
4. 39 Blair leaving Blair towards Rideau is mislabeled. I don't know if the problem is GPS or data. 2/n
Oct 29, 2019 29 tweets 11 min read
This will be unpopular. Please read full thread before telling me off. #transit #octranspo #meeting #ottpoli 1/n The Nov 6th #Transit Commission will be extraordinary meeting and should be treated as such. #ottpoli
Oct 23, 2019 104 tweets 64 min read
All day today I'll be taking the #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge ... "spend a day avoiding anywhere that is not accessible" and detail the day on Twitter as I go. So today some tweets will not be transit related. My current home is only suitable for a person who can climb stairs. Like thousands living in a townhouse, I would have to move if mobility changed. A stair lift is not an option. No ground floor bathing or possible bedroom. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
Mar 20, 2019 33 tweets 11 min read
Winter Operations has had a challenging winter. 24/7 all hands plus any contractor on approved list plus staff from Parks if they could. #OttSnowChallenge Standards have not been revised in some years but will be reviewed this spribg/summer. #OttSnowChallenge
Mar 19, 2019 16 tweets 12 min read
No mention of #Gatineau serving @OC_Transpo buses in post #LRT readiness report? Specifically not in remaining route adjustments summary. Only STO service?
@AllanHubley_23 @AltaVistaWard18 @TimTierney @tm_kavanagh @glengower @cmckenney @JennaSudds @RiverWardRiley Ready for Rail My Route page has some information but doesn't address peak hour capacity provisions. 85 will have to run a lot to handle all East Ottawa folks transferring at Pimisi. (Western folks seem to have more trips / route options.) #LRT #transit