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1 Oct 19
So here's a thing. @fema has started a new grant program to help cities and states cover the cost of Trump's travel.…
@fema Here's the key language:
@fema While it's normal for cities & states to request funds to support these things, the frequency of such trips far exceeds what cities and states can cover. So if Chicago hosts a summit, someone has to pay Chicago for the police, fire, etc support they provide that exceeds the norm.
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28 Sep 19
This makes me so angry. Ivanka's little project pales in comparison to similar efforts by Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama...and they weren't even White House staffers. They created new programs. Fitting with the family biz, hers is a rebrand of existing efforts.
By sticking to only economic empowerment, she ignores violence faced by women, empowerment in family decisions and many other challenges. I'm glad she supports women, but the idea that she is some innovative diplomat is simply ridiculous.
If she really wanted to help, the list could include:
--ensuring foreign assistance stayed intact
--fighting for $ to implement the Women, Peace and Security strategy
--leading a process for 2020 and the anniversary of Beijing and UNSCR 1325
--reversing the Mexico City rule
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5 Jun 19
How did the Elaine Chao story not get more traction?
Oh wow, you feel the same way, Twitter.

At this point we must be considered one of the most corrupt governments in the world.
Copy to the article with the proof points of one of the most common beliefs in Washington.…
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13 Mar 19
I'm leaving #SXSW and we haven't talked about @ElaineChao yet.
She started the event 15 min late and spoke from the podium for about 15 min. The top part was a "thoughts and prayers" statement about Ethiopian Airlines. No strong action here from the person overseeing FAA! ...
But what happened next was better. She sat down to be interviewed BY A MEMBER OF HER STAFF where she repeated her statement.
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4 Jan 19
Hi, I know it was on your to-do list to look at embassy holiday videos. In the spirit of #DigitalDiplomacy, my favs...
In the category of pretty traditional: @GermanyinUSA...bonus points for recognizing the multilingual aspect of the US.…
.@franceintheus brings 2! The first...simple. artistic...…
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4 Jan 19
The @StateDept historians do amazing and critical work literally writing the official foreign policy history of the US. I learned something every time we met...which was often.
You can follow them on twitter: @HistoryAtState

(When they aren't furloughed)
It's also worth noting how often Secretaries relied on them...sending queries about tactics on negotiations, outcomes, etc.
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3 Jan 19
If the US govt were a Trump enterprise, he would quietly dump it, get someone to clean it up, and move on to Trump steaks, or ties or whatever.

He can't run away from the #shutdown and he has no one around him who knows how to solve it and save face.
oh just thought of one: he could resign
I hope someone in the WH reads this because it's a great idea. Trump gets to pull a Costanza and leave on a high note (ie, Washington is soooo broken...) and start a Wall Building Company and the rest of the world wins.
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19 Dec 18
Alternate theory on what Sanders is talking about here that MAY NOT BE A LIE:

Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is the fee paid by non-US citizens from Visa Waiver countries (Canada, Mexico, Europe) to facilitate their travel to the US.…
ESTA started after 9/11 to help us get better biometrics on people coming in and out of the country.
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19 Dec 18
So there's a move to crowdfund Trump's wall.

Just one small obstacle: It's currently illegal for the federal government to accept money from tax payers…
Why is that illegal? Mostly because then you can't be pressured into "donating" to something and then get a pardon or a political appointment in exchange. I mention this because @MarshaBlackburn has introduced legislation to reverse this anti-corruption measure.
progressives could be tempted to say "whatever! let them pay for their stupid wall" but that would be an endorsement of corruption and the opposite of measures proposed by Democrats in the probable HR1 legislation
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18 Dec 18
Best thread...and thinking put there right now. Completely agree. The solutions exist, but just like other points in history, we have to stretch ourselves to make them work.
Only one quibble with @alexstamos: 9/11 Commission is a bad example in the results department. How much safer does the behemoth TSA make us relative to the industry decision to lock cockpit doors?
And creating a flexible department to fill gaps between fed agencies and locals for new threats? Well it's pretty clear how that one is going. I would counter that the collective convening power around CVE is a better example. Or Deepwater Horizon.
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14 Dec 18
Here's a fun fact for this administration...what time zone do we use for Dec 21? We run the risk of hundreds of gov employees breaking the law by working there jobs on Asia...
As a reminder this would be the first shut down for @StateDept. In previous years we were on multi-year funding. Congress gotad we stayed open (because by law we had to) and made it single year.
Americans abroad are advised not to die, have problems with their passports or get arrested this year.
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13 Dec 18
I know the world is on fire, but I need to draw your attention to a fast one being pulled at @statedept.
I have ranted before about the proposed merger of PA and IIP and. Going to do it again, because it is happening at a time when the global information playing field is only getting more dangerous.
To those who need a refresher, Public Affairs (PA) is America's global microphone on news. International Information Programs (IIP) educates the world about American values like civil liberties and human rights. Sounds pretty similar, doesn't it?
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29 Nov 18
This is not the right answer. It needs to be fixed. But it s a good example of a failure of governance rather than the partisan issue it is likely to become...…
Leaving aside feelings on the value of the law Trump signed for a minute, when things like that happen, glitches happen. Good intentions turn into computer problems and people getting screwed. Fixes mean lengthy procurement cycles. This is not new.
Here's the problem: when something like this happens, someone like @RonaldKlain is designated by the WH to stand on desks, beat on doors and empower the people getting creative. They make govt get to the right answer.
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29 Nov 18
Worth noting, when a development expert says "headed for famine" it means Yemen NOW is at the point where people will be physically stunted for a generation and hundreds are distict from the idea that empty shelves at a grocery store could happen.
Sorry but this haunts me from my time in govt when we had to embrace these nuances because of international norms when you want to scream "BABIES ARE DYING" at the top of your lungs to get people motivated to fix it vs meeting an outdated technical definition.
"headed to famine" is the difference between "they are starving to death" and "they starved to death"
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19 Nov 18
The #CampFire deserves more of our attention. The loss of life is astounding, as is the heroism. But unlike hurricanes and floods, there seems to be collective shoulder shrug about what can be least here on the East Coast.
Our structures are outdated. Wild lands firefighters are geared to be seasonal. Now they are year round. And DC folk, did you know that most people WHO JUMP INTO A FIRE are GS-5s and GS-7s?
And rebuilding? No such thing as "build back better" in Paradise. It will take a year or more for the land to be cleared. These survivors must start from scratch. Do we have resources in place to adequately help them with that process? Of course not.
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17 Nov 18
Pence is pretty fond of the trite "on the world stage" expression. He must be talking about a show off-off-off Broadway.
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25 Oct 18
The President cares more about riling his base than about reassuring the nation in the face of the most frightening, systematic terrorist attacks we have seen in years, if ever.
Bad guys didn't pull this crap because they knew they couldn't get away with it. But now? The White House doesn't even pay attention and his white nationalist friends make up things to diminish ACTS OF TERRORISM.
He chose a warehouse full of sycophants over the Sit Room tonight.

a Republican President has fallen apart in the face of terrorism. He is too weak to face himself and what he has done. He is too weak to lead.

That's my take away.
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22 Oct 18
Well, I suppose I'll add my 2 cents on @RobbieGramer's piece and what everyone is talking about in my old stomping grounds.…
Here's where I always stood on consolidation questions like this: I didn't really care what the org chart looked like, so long as the one we would spend the time, $ and energy to build was better than what we had. And frankly, that's a really high bar.
So the one "for instance" everyone picked on was the video unit in PA and the one in IIP. It surprised me because very smart people often assumed that the same equipment = duplication. Which seemed dumb since it's not like we had an "Office of Computers"
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5 Oct 18
And this! 👇
I still don't really get the reaction but glad someone is listening.
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5 Oct 18
Hey @DefenseOne @smallwars @defense_news and others...I think the @NobelPrize committee would like a word with you. Because as far as I can see, you've missed something today.…
see, those of us in the #nationalsecurity world know that you consider rape a #humanrights thing and a little more fluffy than the big toys you all usually write about. But that's exactly the point, and why you should take the message that is being sent to you. 2/
The @NobelPrize was awarded to Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad for their efforts to end sexual abuse AS A WEAPON OF WAR.

So you guys cover wars, right? So where is the discussion of this? From what I can see, you didn't even cover it. 3/
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2 Oct 18
This is the woman that had the @StateDept and others listening closely years ago when she gave us the first reports of the Internet Research Agency. Meet @Savchuk_L
She literally walked right in to the troll farm. #stratcomDC
Why be a troll? You can get paid to live your life being someone else instead of facing your reality. #StratComDC @Savchuk_L
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