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This is my video. For a second I thought I was filming the next Heather Heyer moment. It was absolutely shocking and horrifying and I'm a bit shaken up. Fortunately it appears no one was seriously hurt #NeverAgainIsNow #NeverAgainIsNow #JewsAgainstICE
After the truck attack, the prison guard driving it just sat there and apparently called for backup, guards came out in very aggressive posture and started pepper spraying people
Several people ended up going to the hospital. Meanwhile the guards, including the driver of the vehicle, returned to the private prison where they are holding #ICE detainees. The police did nothing other than take witness statements. #NeverAgainIsNow
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Jaco Booyens has been fighting against human sex trafficking for nearly a decade, so he has an accurate idea of how much help his cause has received from the government. 2) #JacoBooyens #Traffick911 #Trump
#8Days #humansextrafficking
So when Booyens — who also directed the movie “8 Days,” which is based on true stories of victims of sex trafficking — says former President Barack Obama didn’t do anything to help fight the problem, it carries credibility. 3) #ObamaFail
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This is Cynthia (9), Diego (6) and Esau (5). Their Mom, and only parent, was detained in Wednesday’s #ICERaids #ICERaidsMs. They’re staying with their Aunt (whose husband was also detained and has 6 kids of her own). They don’t know where their Mom is or if she’s ever coming back
Meet Stephanie (18)and her sister Ingrid(3). Their Dad and Aunt were taken right in front of Ingrid, who was sitting in the back seat of the car. She sat outside the car for two hrs until a friend could pick her up. Stephanie says Ingrid keeps asking “where’s Daddy?” #ICEraidsMS
The PH Food Inc. meatpacking plant in Morton #Mississippi After Wednesday’s #ICEraids #ICERaidsMS the plant is empty inside. One worker says those who weren’t detained are afraid to go back & they fear the plant will close w/out enough workers, so they’ll all be out of a job
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HAPPENING NOW: In Forrest, Mississippi where one of the #ICE raids happened nearby Children of those who were arrested are left alone in the streets crying for help. Strangers and neighbors are taking them to a local gym to be put up for the night. FULL STORY TONIGHT ON @WJTV.
More images as volunteers try to feed the kids donated food and drinks for dinner tonight. But most children are still devastated and crying for their parents and can’t eat. FULL STORY TONIGHT ON @WJTV. #FocusedOnYou
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US Atty Mike Hurst says ICE swept up 680 people across 6 MS cities today. ICE officers stormed facilities where workers were trying to make a living for their families & carried them off in buses.

He claims it's about "enforcing the rule of law...throughout our great country."
From the release: "Family members of those detained can call ICE’s toll-free detainee locator hotline for
information about an individual’s detention location & status, as well as info about the
removal process. The phone number is 1-888-351-
4024." (Eng+Spanish hotline)
The immigrants whom ICE detained are being sent to a prison camp in Jena, Louisiana. #MSIceRaids #ICE
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There are WAY MORE than 2 #ConnorBetts.

✔️When news 1st came out of #daytonshooting in OH it was #ConnErBetts, then corrected to ConnOr
✔️His sister #Megan or #MeganBetts was 1st called BECKY (#BeckyBetts)
✔️Like #elpasoshooter they seem to have clones or... as well as MANY other news outlets posted all this CRAP about #ConnorBetts

✔️Meet the multiple Connor Betts
✔️Same article
#MeganBetts is also known as #BeckyBetts, and not just in this article...
•So is she #MeganBetts or #BeckyBetts?🤔

Here’s the article link:…
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Amazing footage - apropos this and the Watson River flood of 2012, my colleagues and I were inspired to write a paper looking at the potential for high runoff events in the future in this paper…
In our future #climate simulations the region in western #Greenland that includes #Kangerlussuaq from the #icesheet to the shores of the #DavisStrait we show how melt + runoff of early 2000s was outpacing mid-century projections*

*Caveat: only one GCM #ECEARTH shown here
The more extreme the scenario - the more extreme the projected melting, but note the very high interannual variability.
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▪Trump has attacked LGBTQ people in the US
▪Trump's DOJ disallowed discrimination suits brought by LGBTQ based on Title VII & Title IX
▪Trump banned trans people from enlisting in the military and tried to get those already serving out.
▪Trump has restricted #LGBTQ healthcare
And @RichardGrenell, the US funds countries that put gays to death, as I reported here:…
And, @RichardGrenell, Trump had his #HHS attack transgender healthcare access, as I reported here:…
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- Ansage: "Liebe Fahrsgäste, dieser #ICE endet heute außerplanmäßig in #Köln."
- Tumult.
- Liebe Fahrgäste, aufgrund einer Weichenstörung können wir nicht weiterfahren. #Köln erreichen wir 40 Minuten später.

- Gut, dass es hier eine Mistgabeln gibt.
*KEINE. Nie war ein "K" wichtiger!
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1/ I believe in keeping kids in #cages for a time; if it means they’re being protected from their traffickers who use them to gain access to the US and rape them on the forced journey here it’s a necessity. @CBP and @ICEgov need time to figure out who they actually belong to.
2/ The press protected Obama from criticism even when he was royally fucking up and bringing great harm to children so you all might not know about this:…
The immediate processing centers are maxed out because the cogs on the Democrat and socialist left think anyone should be able to cross our border freely at any time. They’re sending reps south of the border to coach people on how to sneak in and game the system.
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In the country illegally!

Three Elmis change their last name, join the Omar family, receive asylum, and eventually receive US citizenship.

@IlhanMN is a complete fraud!
"Ilhan Abdullahi Omar’s name, before applying for asylum, was Ilhan Nur Said Elmi.

Her father’s name before applying for asylum was Nur Said Elmi Mohamed. Her sister Sahra Noor’s name before applying for asylum was Sahra Nur Said Elmi."

Complete article…
Ilhan Nur Said Elmi marries her brother, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in 2009. They run off together to college at North Dakota State University. How cozy!

How sick and twisted do you have to be to do this?
Explains her staunch support of illegal immigration! She's illegal!
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In light of Peter Thiel's smear of Google as "treasonous," this is worth re-visiting.

An overlooked aspect of the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook 2016 election tampering: #Palantir's involvement.
Also note that Peter Thiel's #Palantir is profiting handsomely off racial profiling and #Trump's ethnic cleansing.
Thiel: "I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible."

There's a word for that. So this comes as no surprise:

"An intelligence platform designed for the global War on Terror [#Palantir] was weaponized against ordinary Americans at home."…
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(1) The whole "#Deportation" phenomenon by #ICE is a farce, facilitated by the present administration.

I am pro-#ICE and pro-#CBP, but they do not have enough manpower to deport illegals to the extent we need.

This is a "Wag The Dog," scenario, being utilized to distract ....
(2) from at least four major issues: the flood of 300,000-400,000 inbound illegals per month, the failure to build a wall and/or deploy troops, and the failure to address any of these issues through legislation.

Our country is falling and falling fast, via the ....
(3) #ClowardPiven take-down strategy (see attached).

It's the ultimate, modern-day Trojan Horse.

Hey #MAGA crowd, we aren't "winning."

We're losing and in 2024, the #IslamoMarxist government will be ushered in, whether under acknowledged socialist #IvankaTrump ....
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If ICE is outside your door, don’t panic, and remember: YOU HAVE RIGHTS. Don’t open the door. Ask to see a warrant. View & share #WeHaveRights to be prepared. 4 scenarios, 7 languages WeHaveRights.Us
If ICE forcefully makes their way inside of your home, remember: YOU HAVE RIGHTS. View & share #WeHaveRights to be prepared. 4 scenarios, 7 languages WeHaveRights.Us
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Just got word from a very reliable source that #ICE raids in Harlem rounded up 50 people this morning.

This is fascism and it will not end until we stop it.

Please note that it is apparently only people with final deportation orders who have been raided.
Spanish Harlem 116th Street & Bayside, Brooklyn around 9 am this morning, just confirmed.
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HAPPENING NOW: Text from friend. ICE agents knocking on doors in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. This morning. “All of us are in fear.” She asked that I reshare the link to the Spanish version of We Have Rights know your rights films so she can share w/ family:
There is an expanded Immigration helpline run by @LegalAidNYC now operating 7 days a week. Please call 1-844-955-3425 for essential legal assistance if you or a family member need help. For more information, visit:
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#ICE plans to conduct raids in the following cities on Sunday, July 14th in the following cities.

ICE planea realizar redadas en las siguientes ciudades el domingo 14 de julio en las siguientes ciudades.

#ICEraids #immigrants
I'll list information & resources about immigrant's rights and legal help, in Spanish and English.

Enumeraré información y recursos sobre los derechos de los inmigrantes y la ayuda legal, en español y inglés. 2/10 #deportation #MassArrests
Information & resources about immigrant rights from the @ACLU.

Información y recursos sobre los derechos de los inmigrantes en español de la Unión Americana de Libertades Civiles.
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BREAKING: Office of the Inspector General releases new pictures of overcrowding at Border Patrol Facilities in TX. One senior manager calling this a “ticking time bomb.” #Immigration #ICE @NBCNews
IG review finds out of the 8,000 detainees in Border Patrol custody during their visit, 3400 had been held for longer than the 72 hours permitted. 1500 had been held for longer than 10 days. #Immigration #ICE @NBCNews
31% of the 2,669 children being housed during IG RGV inspection in June had been held longer than 72 hours.
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If you think being an American citizen protects you, you're not paying attention. I already knew that, but being questioned by #CBP was another reminder. #ice can and will do what they want no matter who you are. Know your rights and know when they're being trampled. 1/
I would like to share my story. #freelance #writers what are your go to, ethical news sources to #pitch to? I don't want them to edit my words to sensationalize a situation that is already out of control. I want to share how I was #questioned about #kidsincamps 2/
And how they entered private property without a warrant to question me. Stay safe friends, and know that until everyone is safe, no one is safe
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Tomorrow, the US begins largest act of forced relocation since WWII - aided by @PalantirTech, the CIA-linked data firm that undermined elections using Facebook in 2016, plotted against press in 2010, and is locating children for ICE at this very moment. It must not survive 2020.
Soon I’ll present specific methods by which this scummy little outfit can gradually be starved of talent and resources like the apartheid South Africa wherein its co-founder was raised. For now, here’s what you need to know, from 2011.
And here’s a name you need to learn, as it’s been hiding in plain sight for far too long

Gilman Louie

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