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What @doodles did last night was something I’ve never seen in NFTs. Forget terms like bullish and bearish…those are often short term phrases. Last night shows me Doodles is a brand ready to permeate pop culture for years to come. Here’s why…

👇(THREAD 🧵 1/8)👇 Image
Let’s start with Julian Holguin, the new @doodles CEO, previously President at Billboard. He looks like a home run hire. He delivered an Apple-like keynote (again, NEVER seen this in Web3) about the direction of the brand with polish and stage presence.

👇(THREAD 🧵 2/8)👇 Image
Off the rip, he read mission and vision statements. It cannot be overlooked the time and thought major multinational brands put into this sort of thing, sweating every word. Many NFT brands lack identity. Doodles has a clear direction and North Star.

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Today we launched YouWrite — an AI writing assistant built into

For me, this is a special moment that ties my past research to the vision.

YouWrite example below👇with thoughts on search, research, writing, and meaning. 🧵 Image
You can access YouWrite directly👉 or by searching for a “blank page” problem (i.e. “how to write an essay” or “how to write a blog”) on Here was my first attempt at using YouWrite this morning for this very thread:…

(I used the "Shareable link" button to get this direct link) Image
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Investment in Women Sports starring @RosenHaley Founder & CEO @justwsports and the new commissioner of the @NWSL, @JessicaBerman1
"We are very bullish on women's sports, even could be bigger than men's sports. " - @RosenHaley Founder & CEO @justwsports

#SXSW | @Sorare | #SXSW22 | @PointsBetUSA
"I believe that sports are a platform for change. Purpose and profit are intersecting in women's sports and it is ours to seize." - @JessicaBerman1

#SXSW | @Sorare | #SXSW22 | @PointsBetUSA
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📣Next @sxsw: Predicting the Future of Entertainment with @firesidefm

🎤Panel: Mark Cuban (@markcuban), Falon Fatemi (@falonfatemi), Craig Kilborn, Shira Lazar (@shiralazar / @WhatsTrending)

#SXSW  #SXSW2022  #SXSW22  #fireside #socialaudio ImageImage
Fireside is specifically for professional creators. It’s curated. But the audience is the co-creator.

I can’t emphasise enough the importance of audience participation. The whole dynamic of content creation changes.
🎤Mark Cuban

#SXSW #fireside #socialaudio
Creators will be able to create new forms of online entertainment with our streaming capabilities, live participatory audiences.
—🎤Mark Cuban

We provide real-time feedback to creators. These analytics used to require focus groups. —🎤@falonfatemi

#SXSW #fireside #socialaudio
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Investing in the Future of Sports Content starring:
@jonweinbach President of SkyDance Sports
John Skipper, CEO Meadowlark

#SXSW | @Sorare | #SXSW22 | @PointsBetUSA
"I am not worried to find people for high-quality content. People will watch it... We have deals with apple because they have a lot of capital, prestige value and that is a good partner to have"
- John Skipper, CEO Meadowlark

#SXSW | @Sorare | #SXSW22 | @PointsBetUSA
"I don't worry about attention spans, it is boom time for documentaries..Good storytelling is the solution... The greatest fear that people have watching long-form is that people don't watch games anymore." - John Skipper, CEO Meadowlark

#SXSW | @Sorare | #SXSW22
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📣Next @sxsw: Resuscitating Van Gogh & Co.

💭Story-driven immersive experiences

🎤Panel: @MarioIacampo (@ExhibitionHub); @HilaryKnight (Director of Digital, @Tate);
Charlotte Mikkelborg (@picturethis); @GaelleMourre (Fat Red Bird)

#SXSW #SXSW2022 #SXSW22 #immersiveexperiences ImageImage
🎤 @HilaryKnight (Director of Digital, @Tate): our most ambitious immersive experience to-date was in 2017-18 when we created a VR experience of Modigliani’s studio #SXSW #SXSW2022 #SXSW22 #immersiveexperiences #art
🎤Hilary Knight (Director of Digital, @Tate): we care very much about the rigor and scholarship of what we are presenting, even if it’s easily digestible. We are very interested in immersive but whatever we do has to hold up those values. #SXSW  #SXSW2022  #SXSW22 #art
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First session of the day: Sports Advertising & Sponsorship

@TJay - Head of Global Content Partnerships, @twitter
Elizabeth Lindsey, President of Brands and Properties @Wasserman

#SXSW | @Sorare | #SXSW22 | @PointsBetUSA
"4% of the coverage on TV is for women's sports. I am a big believer that you can do good and be good. I feel like sponsorship in women's sports can be both."
- Elizabeth Lindsey, President of Brands and Properties @Wasserman

#SXSW | @Sorare | #SXSW22 | @PointsBetUSA
"I think about the incredible women at the WNBA and March Madness. They literally changed the world during the pandemic through Twitter." - @TJay

#SXSW | @Sorare | #SXSW22 | @PointsBetUSA
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👋🏻 live-tweeting from @sxsw today

First up…

🎤 @FrancesHaugen: The Facebook Whistleblower

#SXSW #SXSW22 #franceshaugen #facebook
3 Truths about Facebook's Censorship
💭 Al Censorship is ineffective
💭 Al Censorship does not scale
for a diverse world
💭 Al Censorship distracts from real solutions
that protect free speech

🎤@FrancesHaugen / @sxsw #facebook #meta #censorship #SXSW #SXSW2022 #SXSW22
In 2019
💭 12% of Facebook posters in the US
made up 80% of Speech
💭 1% of posters in some countries
made up 80% of Speech

🎤@FrancesHaugen / @sxsw #facebook #meta #censorship #SXSW  #SXSW2022  #SXSW22 #misinformation
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Up next @MsCharlotteWWE and @PaulRabil headline the end of Day 1 for our Sports Summit

session title: Sports, Entertainment & Technology Image
"The novelty of social media was perfect for the off-the-beat-and-path sport like lacrosse. That's how it could grow." - @PaulRabil
#SXSW | @Sorare | #SXSW22 | @PointsBetUSA
Social media is the perfect barometer for the feedback in the @WWE. "I would use that tool in order to figure out if fans like my character or not. I would adjust from one who to another. -@MsCharlotteWWE

#SXSW | @Sorare | #SXSW22 | @PointsBetUSA Image
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Back with our first-afternoon panel, Crypto, Blockchain and NFTs: The New World of Sports Collecting with Michael Meltzer Head of Business Development at @Sorare

#SXSW | #SXSW22 | @PointsBetUSA Image
"Collectibles was just not enough. Combining gamification has been a core value of our company. For us that has been a day 1 mission and a big part of our success to date." - Michael Meltzer Head of Business Development at @Sorare

#SXSW | @Sorare | #SXSW22 | @PointsBetUSA
Sports 🤝 digital collectibles
"The leagues have the same concerns about how we are going to use their IP and create a good user experience. It is really about building up the trust like any relationship." Michael Meltzer Head of Business Development at @Sorare
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Next up: Sports Betting and the Big Picture

Kyle Christensen,CMO of @PointsBetUSA
@andyloughnane President of Austin FC 
and our @novy_williams Image
Why would I, as a consumer, know the importance of a sports betting company having its own tech staff?

"Live betting functionality, and we can change it on a time" - Kyle Christensen, CMO of @PointsBetUSA
How do sports betting properties like @pointsbet market to Texans, even though sports betting is not legal yet in the state?
- @PointsBetUSA bar
- Leveraging partnerships of local brands and teams like @AustinFC

#SXSW | @Sorare | #SXSW22 | @PointsBetUSA
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📆Next @sxsw: How to Inspire NextGen of Community Influence

🎤@Reddit) CMO Roxy Young (@roxyyoung) & @RGA CCO Tiff Rolfe

💭Impact of brand reactions to events, leading w/authenticity, ensuring sustained momentum beyond a moment & how to be “MVP” among your core audience #sxsw ImageImage
When @Reddit underdogs took the financial world by storm, it made headlines & altered the cultural zeitgeist. How do you harness the passion & influence of communities? You crash @SuperBowl w/ a 5-second ad.

🎤@roxyyoung called it “an authentic tribute to our community” #SXSW Image
🎤@roxyyoung: We asked “Is this a new model for how brands should think about community?’

Community = membership, belonging, influence, shared experiences

@Reddit’s takeaways:
- Culture is community at scale
- Treat your community as co-creators
- Stand w/ your community
#SXSW Image
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👋🏻 from #SXSW — I’ll try to share highlights / insights from some of the panels I’m attending. First up:

🎤‘Post-Brands Era: How Brands Spark Social Movements’ at @sxsw 2022

💭 Cultural relevance is the new currency —> Brands need to build & sustain long term social change. ImageImage
Key Elements of Social Movements (#metoo #BlackLivesMatter #ClimateCrisis)

—A group of people working together with a common social, political or cultural goal
—A moment becomes a movement when it accomplishes collective power
—Establishes a mass platform for action

#SXSW Image
Key Elements of POST- BRANDS:




#SXSW Image
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Made it home with 3% phone battery, a #sxsw miracle.
Last night at dinner, someone asked me if I thought people still wanted to watch “long-form content,” also known as TV and movies. It made me die inside just a little bit.
Tony Hawk broke his leg a few days ago, but that didn’t stop him from attending the premiere of a new documentary about him.
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I got an overview of XR at #SXSW 2022 including the XR Competition & Spotlight program from lead programmer @jblakeneyk + special XR music events in @VRChat worlds.
I'll be @sxsw Mar 11-16 serving on the XR Jury.
Reply below with XR events I didn't mention… Image
2/ Breonna’s Garden VR installation will be available remotely in @AltspaceVR starting March 12th at 10am CST until March 15th at 6pm CDT.
Use AltSpaceVR Hub event Code: JJI844
More details:…

I added to the list of #SXSW XR events:… Image
3/ I'm really looking forward to finally getting a chance to see @miro_shot's mixed reality, live music performance titled SIMLUACRA on Monday night at #SXSW at the @hideouttheatre.
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How I built a cat facial recognition app that got 72K users within 4 months of release

🧵 Image
Working at a venture studio I was assigned an AI project, technology to see if your cat was happy or not. My mission was to turn it into a multimillion dollar company.

Step 1: Discovery - figure out who this is for

Cat owners?
Pet pharma?
Pet insurance?
Step 2: Discovery - run experiments

I infiltrated cat communities on Twitter, FB, IG, Reddit to find options for problems to solve

Problem 1: End of life decisions - pet owner: I don’t know if it’s time to let go.

It's a heartbreaking decision. Pets are family 🐱🐶
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Cc: @GregAbbott_TX @TXAG @KenPaxtonTX

What do you have to say about cancelling #sxsw at the very last minute @MayorAdler ? Isn't that what you DC biased partisan hacks are so good at - taking care of each other? @sxsw IS NOT ISSUING REFUNDS. Even the State Gov't had to EAT IT!
Cc: @GregAbbott_TX @TXAG @KenPaxtonTX

"Want to do more? Contribute here:… #StandWithAustin " u say? @MayorAdler Why has @C3Concerts BLOCKED ME? @C3Concerts train isn't stopping for #ATX safety anytime soon!
Cc: @GregAbbott_TX @TXAG @KenPaxtonTX

@MayorAdler spams support exclusively for progressive democrat biased partisan "philanthropic" operatives in light of the coranvirus public safety concern!? #FireAdler
🚨 #DontStandWithConservativeAnythingAustin ⁉️ 🚨
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Just got off the phone with Diocese of Austin. They are NOT canceling services for coronavirus concerns now, and will move forward with plans to make temporary changes - like removing holy water, not giving communion directly to mouth, and avoid holding hands.
Until there is a confirmed coronavirus case, they won't cancel services. If there is a confirmed case, many options will be on the table, including canceling services.
Also of note: the Diocese of Austin encompasses 25 counties. They can ask churches in certain areas to make changes if there's an outbreak there, but not necessarily the whole diocese.
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From @MayorAdler, City of Austin is declaring a healthcare disaster. Cancelling @sxsw. @KVUE Image
From the county, a similar declaration will be applied to Travis County for the next 7 days due to #covid19 #coronavirus
There are no confirmed cases in Travis County. “Now is not the time to panic, now is the time to prepare.”
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BREAKING: #SXSW cancelled amid concerns about COVID-19, officials announce.
Mayor has declared a local disaster, but officials say there is no confirmed case in Austin yet.
Officials say “now is not the time to panic.” This is time to take precautions/prepare and think about how to respond when virus comes.
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I feel bad for #SXSW. If they cancel, they lose money. So would many Austin businesses.

But we've seen this movie before, in Philadelphia 1918 and Wuhan 2020. Holding an event with huge numbers of people in the middle of a pandemic fills hospitals first and then cemeteries.
Without exaggeration, this was Philly 1918 & Wuhan last month. Is it Austin 2020?

"Morgues & undertakers could not keep pace with demand. Grieving families had to bury their own dead. Casket prices skyrocketed. The phrase “bodies stacked like cordwood” became a common refrain."
Similarities are eerie.

Public health officials back then thought chastising coughing alone would stop spread at a 200k person parade.…

So similar to today's officials on how they proposed to stop spread at 400k person event!…
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Will #SXSW (due to start next week) be canceled due to coronavirus concerns?
Despite many of the big tech companies pulling out and 32k people signing a petition for #sxsw to cancel, so far they still say they're going ahead with the conference.…
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One year ago today, @JayInslee launched a campaign with a simple message: The next president must make defeating the climate crisis the top priority. It was an honor of a lifetime to be a part of it. I thought a share some behind the scenes photos from life on the trail.
The night before launch, @jayinslee checks out the scene
Just like today, last March 1 was a beautiful day in Seattle. We did one on ones with reporters from the top of Mbar with a stunning view of Lake Union.
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In Austin for #SXSW? Join us at the Austin Bitcoin Citadel for a series of events and speakers exploring blockchain's underlying technology: #bitcoin

Bitcoin is not dead. It's about to halven. Events include a Thunderdome, Bitdevs meetup, and more.…
Thousands of coins enter. One coin leaves. The Bitcoin Thunderdome is an evening with prominent Austin bitcoin champions battling it out to see who can make the most people panic buy bitcoin on spot. Stay humble, stack sats. The contestants please:
He lifts weights, wears cowboy hats and when he’s not crushing 72 oz steaks, @jimmysong authors distinguished literature (Programming Bitcoin / The Little Bitcoin Book) and trains the next wave of bitcoin developers. Come hear his talk on programming bitcoin.
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