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SUPER-THREAD: Lots of folks whispering about this year’s SXSW Music Lite: aka Snack Size #SXSW . The renewed emphasis on bands, not brands, is worth celebrating, but at what cost? Here’s a contrarian argument for more brands/bigger name bands.
What’s it say about faith in SXSW’s utility and/or future when the biggest players in the game- Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora- opt out, or significantly downsize their roles?
They not only used to spend big on big-name talent but also throw their weight behind the rookie class on their bills and online before/during/after
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What a phenomenal conversation with @theblindcook Christine Ha here at #SXSW! Christine, you're my superhero! Keep an eye on this thread for a link to the audio and video from this session when it's available, all!
We talked about Josh Marks, the other finalist in Season 3 of #Masterchef, who was diagnosed (too late) with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, and took his own life. Disability has many faces, and to @theblindcook's point, we are ALL "temporarily able."…
Please give if you can to the Josh R.. Marks Memorial Fund in his memory. Thank you.…
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I'm leaving #SXSW and we haven't talked about @ElaineChao yet.
She started the event 15 min late and spoke from the podium for about 15 min. The top part was a "thoughts and prayers" statement about Ethiopian Airlines. No strong action here from the person overseeing FAA! ...
But what happened next was better. She sat down to be interviewed BY A MEMBER OF HER STAFF where she repeated her statement.
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Here are the funny highlights & serious takeaways from my #SXSW keynote with Instagram's Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger… 1/
The super hero origin stories of Instagram's founders? Kevin messing with booter programs to kick people off AOL Instant Messenger while Mikey hit "View Source" on everything. 2/
Instagram's ex-CTO recalls the "Incredi-bad" days of melting servers as the app got popular. He once revived Insta while drunk in the middle of the night and didn't remember the next day. 3/
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I’ve heard @kevin publicly talk about Instagram’s copy & paste of Snapchat Stories many times. But at #SXSW just now, he made the point that they were observing people linking to their Snap accounts in Instagram.

“It was clear people were trying to bridge the two products.”
... So Instagram bridged it for them! And @kevin notes it obviously worked. Now Instagram is trying features like “Close Friends” in Stories to try and keep the friend graph as controllable as possible. This is the inherent problem of every public, broadcast network. (RIP Path)
It’s very clear in this keynote that @kevin and @mikeyk are not going to disparage their ex employer. But reading between the lines, Systrom doesn’t seem to be fully onboard with Facebook’s plan to unify its messaging apps. Closest he gets is saying “bravo” for making a bold bet.
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"There are at least two Elizabeth Warrens — Bankruptcy Law Liz and Michelob Ultra Betsy."

A @TIME dispatch, with video, about my interview with her at #SXSW. @ewarren @TexasTribune…
@TIME @ewarren @TexasTribune We spoke at a tech conference, a day after she proposed to break up some of the biggest tech companies.

Which is sort of like Nietzche doing a “God is Dead” book panel at the Vatican.
@TIME @ewarren @TexasTribune We learned that she does NOT want to #AbolishBillionaires.
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The Instagram co-founders are doing a joint interview at #SXSW — pretty sure it's their first public interview together since leaving FB abruptly last September
You can watch it here online if, like me, you aren't in Austin
30 min in & finally chatting about why these two left FB. Short story: IG lost autonomy inside Facebook. Was that a bummer? Systrom says IG was so successful that Facebook HAD to take more control.

Losing autonomy was “an unavoidable thing if you’re successful,” he said
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Sad broken Bird scooters strewn across the grey #SXSW landscape, their barcodes defaced
Discarded Limes, squeezed of juice, reduced to two-wheeled trash
Did I not serve you well, human masters? What shame did I commit that I might deserve this pain
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#sxsw session notes: Creativity in the Age of Invention with Nick Law.

Technology has always been essiantial in creativity.
New technology uses the grammar of the technology that came before. (Early film looked like theatre.)
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1. Howard Schultz derides the Venezuelan-style socialism. You forgot to mention that as Starbucks CEO he set up a no-strings attached free college tuition program for 150,000 employees, established paid sick and family leave, + raised base pay far above the federal minimum wage.
2. In 2016, Starbucks cited a study by the National Survey of Children's Health that more than two million people had to quit work outright because of child care issues. So Starbucks rolled out a new benefit: emergency backup child and adult care.…
3. Starbucks has also achieved 100% gender and radical pay parity - which even the federal government hasn’t achieved in its 200+ years. Howard Schultz has said that many of the benefits and ideas he has implemented at Starbucks will become part of his platform if he runs.
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Now on stage at #SXSW: South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.
At #SXSW, @anamariecox asks Pete Buttigieg where he gets the "nerve" to run for President- Buttigieg admits "When you think about the presidency and the demands of the presidency and the intensity of it, there’s something obscene about anyone thinking they belong in that office."
At #SXSW Mayor Pete Buttigieg says he "changed his mind on Mike Pence," after the passage of an Indiana religious freedom law that allowed businesses to refuse to serve the LGBT, which made Buttigieg realize Pence "was now in a place where somebody like me could never reach him."
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I'm at What's Next for News #SXSW panel with @sarafischer featuring NYT, BuzzFeed and CNN and I was about to tweet a quote and the woman next to me told me to stop typing or move seats (because I guess I type too loud ... sorry ... I moved over one seat)
@sarafischer "We're really focused right now on the kind of journalism the NYT does really well: enterprise reporting. First dollar goes into that. Then we see a real opportunity in our digital product experience itself." - @meredith_levien #SXSW
@sarafischer @meredith_levien "We still have a really stable and thriving newspaper. That product is still the single largest source of revenue at the NYT, and we will print it and we will distribute it as long as there is revenue." - @meredith_levien #SXSW
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Here at #SXSW where @karaswisher is interviewing @amyklobuchar. First topic: eating salad with a comb.
Klobuchar on tech policy: “Yes, we can be as good as Iceland.”
.@karaswisher says most people in tech are “vomiting on their Allbirds” following yesterday’s announcement that she wants to break up Big Tech.
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First question to @amyklobuchar from @karaswisher: What was her reaction to the NYT story? #SXSW
Klobuchar says the comb incident was a "mom thing," where she had to "MacGyver" her way through the situation. Swisher: "There are a lot of sh*tty bosses. Why do you think this has stuck?"
Five minutes in, Klobuchar has a more specific policy answer than anything we heard from Shultz: Universal rural broadband by 2022. "Yes, we can be as good as Iceland."
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Howard Schultz now onstage at #SXSW, reliving the first weeks of his exploratory bid. "I said I was considering running as a centrist independent outside the two-party system." No one applauds. Let's see how this goes.
Four minutes in, Schultz gets his first applause for: "The two-party system is broken, dysfunctional, and in need of great repair."
Schultz kind of backing down from his "un-American" line when asked about Warren/AOC/"partisans": "They love the country. They have their core beliefs. But you have to ask themselves, is any of this possible?"
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