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5 May
Trump's nomination of John Ratcliffe as DNI is an affront to our Intelligence Community and imperils our national security.

We can’t afford an administration that continues to ignore intelligence warnings and that places Trump's interests over the national interest.
What Ratcliffe lacks in national security, he makes up for in loyalty to Trump.


➡️ Distrusts the IC.
➡️ Lacks experience and is unqualified.
➡️ Embellishes his credentials.
➡️ Abused his Congressional office to peddle conspiracy theories.
➡️ Blindly defends Trump.
Congress and the American people should be able to look to the DNI as a source of credible, unbiased information.

That's not possible with a Trump crony in the office.
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1 Apr
THREAD: Unsurprisingly, the President who has made more than 16,000 false or misleading claims during his time in office has failed to level with the American people when it comes to issues of public health and safety—an arena in which candor can be a matter of life or death.
As intelligence reports warned of China’s efforts to cover up the scale of the coronavirus outbreak, Trump lavished praise on Xi Jinping and hid the impending threat from the American public:…
As other countries relied on widespread testing for more targeted isolation of Coronavirus patients, Trump claimed in early March that “anybody that wants a test can get a test,” grossly misrepresenting the state of domestic testing capacity.
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25 Mar
BREAKING: More than 100 national security experts—including retired military officers, former Defense Department leaders, and other Cabinet-level officials—urge President Trump to utilize the Defense Production Act immediately and fully.…
"If the ultimate objective is to save American lives, there is no alternative to utilizing the Defense Production Act immediately and to the fullest extent."

Read the full statement from over 100 national security professionals:…
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28 Jan
We know what it takes to contain and combat a global health emergency like Coronavirus—and the Trump administration has done the opposite.

Here's how NOT to confront an epidemic:…
First, there's no substitute for preparedness—both home and abroad—but the Trump administration has taken an axe to investments by the previous administration aimed at global health security.
For example, Trump eliminated the post of Senior Director for Global Health Security and Biothreats on his NSC staff one day after the Democratic Republic of Congo confirmed an Ebola outbreak.…
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21 Jan
The impeachment inquiry surfaced overwhelming evidence detailing Trump's betrayal of our national security—and ahead of formal trial proceedings in the Senate, significant new evidence came to light, leaving no doubt that the President personally directed this scheme.
At the outset of this process, national security professionals came together to urge formal impeachment proceedings.

The urgency we felt then has only grown, as Trump and his allies have continued brazenly pursuing their scheme in plain sight.…
Holding Trump accountable is all the more important because his betrayal is ongoing.

If the Senate fails to send a clear, unmistakable signal that America’s national security cannot be mortgaged for Trump’s personal gain, he's demonstrated that he won't hesitate to try again.
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15 Jan
As Trump signs a so-called “Phase One” trade agreement with China, his usual pattern is coming into focus: once again, he stoked a costly crisis before claiming to have “solved” it with a bandage “deal” that does little more than stop the bleeding.…
Trump is now suggesting any subsequent steps may have to wait until after the election, meaning this may not be a first step—but rather a case of “phase one and done.”

All the while, the damage has mounted.
American farmers, workers, and consumers have paid billions in tariffs and lost revenue. Trump’s trade war has strained our alliances and the global economy while China gains economic influence in America’s absence.

America is weaker and worse off, with little to show in return.
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3 Jan
No one should mourn Qasem Soleimani, but the question isn't whether he deserved his fate.

The real question is whether eliminating him — and doing so in this way — leaves America safer and whether the Trump administration considered the serious consequences of this operation.
It was Trump's own recklessness and feckless strategy that needlessly brought us to this point.

Soleimani was targeted in a series of tit-for-tat escalations in the wake of Trump's abandonment of the Iran deal for his failed "maximum pressure" strategy.
The administration appears to lack any strategy to protect American personnel and interests and mitigate against further escalation.

Only this morning, for example, did the State Department instruct all Americans to leave Iraq immediately.
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2 Jan
Trump starts the new year facing foreign policy crises largely of his own making in the Middle East and North Korea.

Both crises stem from Trump’s consistent actions to place his own domestic political interests ahead of the national interest.

Read more:…
Trump’s failed approach to the Middle East—which traded a deal that permanently and verifiably prevented Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon for a failed policy of “maximum pressure”—created the tinderbox of conditions behind this week’s attack on our embassy in Iraq.
Meanwhile, Kim Jong Un’s New Year’s threat to unveil a new “strategic weapon” underscores that Trump has managed to place North Korea in the diplomatic driver’s seat by engaging in splashy but empty summits that prioritized photo opportunities over a substantive breakthrough.
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6 Nov 19
Trump and his defenders are still attempting to distract from his betrayal of our national security by circling back to the anonymous whistleblower—but every claim in the original whistleblower complaint has since been corroborated on the record.

1. Trump pressured Ukraine—by withholding military aid and the promise of a White House meeting—to investigate a political opponent.

This claim has been confirmed by testimonies of Trump administration officials... and a declassified transcript released by the White House.
2. Trump enlisted his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and Attorney General Barr into this pressure campaign.

Multiple officials have testified to Giulian’s extensive involvement in communications between the Trump administration and Ukraine.…
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10 Oct 19
Trump’s betrayal of his oath of office holds dangerous implications for our national security: he has effectively put our foreign policy up for sale to the highest bidder.

Read our full memo explaining the national security implications here:…
Trump has sent an unmistakable message to the world’s strongmen that they can extract concessions from the United States by satisfying his own political and personal desires, rather than taking actions that benefit the American people.
In signaling that America’s relationships with the world’s democracies are contingent on their willingness to further his own narrow political aims, Trump has mortgaged the personal security of individual Americans—as well as the security of our elections.
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6 Sep 19
Last week, Trump tweeted sensitive imagery from a classified U.S. spy satellite—providing our adversaries with information that could improve their ability to conceal illicit activity.

That was far from the first time Trump has put our national security on the line.

While hosting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago in February 2017, Trump discussed North Korea’s ballistic missile tests in the club’s public dining area, essentially turning it into a makeshift—but highly unsecure—Situation Room.…
While meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and now-former Russian Ambassador Kislyak in the Oval Office in May 2017, Trump revealed highly classified information regarding efforts to counter ISIS, imperiling Israeli sources and methods.…
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26 Jun 19
THREAD: As 2020 contenders gather in Miami to put forward their ideas, it’s another reminder that the only promises Trump has fulfilled have been those of withdrawal, destruction, and retreat on the world stage. His key commitments fester unfulfilled.
Iran: Far from achieving the “better deal,” Trump has brought us closer to conflict by withdrawing from the JCPOA and ramping up provocations. He has ensured that it is America, not Iran, that is now isolated, while Iran and its proxies are emboldened.
Middle East Peace: After promising peace between Israelis and Palestinians with the “deal of the century,” Trump's unilateral steps have put a durable peace farther out of reach, politicized the U.S.-Israeli alliance, and aggravated the humanitarian plight of the Palestinians.
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4 Jun 19
THREAD: Last week, @StateDept admitted to funding @IranDisinfo, which targeted human rights activists, journalists, & analysts in the US. It was the latest example of the Trump administration’s abuse of power to go after perceived political enemies.…
For example:

Since February 2017, Trump has repeatedly called media outlets, including the @nytimes and the @washingtonpost, the “Enemy of the People” for ongoing coverage of his administration.…
In early 2017, Trump officials reassigned @StateDept staff deemed insufficiently loyal to the administration. High-level White House officials disparaged career State Department employees as “turncoats” or “troublemakers” in order to get them fired.…
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14 May 19
THREAD: The Trump administration has accused Iran of a series of provocations. There’s no doubt that Iran has been a destabilizing force. The administration, however, has left unsaid the fact that it has leveled a series of threats and provocations of its own at Tehran.
On May 8, President Trump withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) despite Iran’s continued compliance with it, as Trump’s own intelligence advisors concluded.…
On May 21, Secretary Pompeo outlined the administration’s strategy in a speech at the Heritage Foundation, pledging to “apply unprecedented financial pressure” and vowing to “crush” Iranian operatives and proxies.…
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19 Apr 19
THREAD ➡️ The #MuellerReport paints a devastating picture of a corrupt President who surrounded himself with criminals and obstructed justice at every opportunity.

But there's a key element missing from the report: its national security implications.
The #MuellerReport is clear that the FBI took note of the counter-intelligence implications, which were omitted from Mueller's draft. We don't have a public accounting of the national security risks of Trump associates' behavior.
The #MuellerReport's scope is narrow. It tells the story of Russia's systematic efforts to interfere in our election, as well as the extent of the Trump team's involvement, and explains Mueller's prosecutorial decisions—but it doesn't answer the following questions:
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28 Aug 18
Time for a Twitter Q&A! @nedprice is here to answer your questions. Tweet them now with the hashtag #AskNatSec.
@nedprice In fact there is. We learned last week the WH blocked bipartisan legislation with strong bipartisan support that would take commonsense steps allowing state elections officials to best prepare for 2018 and 2020. Details:… #AskNatSec
@nedprice Congress' oversight role is now more impt than ever. We need the Senate and especially the House intel committee to set aside partisan battles and focus on what the admin is asking our intel professionals to do. (1/2) #AskNatSec
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8 Aug 18
We undertook a nationwide poll to test voter attitudes toward national security, and found that dissatisfaction with Trump has given Democrats the political advantage on key national security issues.

You can read a summary of the poll here:…
Tying national security issues to Trump gives Democrats new opportunities to go on offense: Trump's erraticism, the chaos he manufactures on the world stage, and the way he's muddied America's reputation in the world all resonate deeply with voters.
Voters trust Democrats over Trump on national security issues—and they prefer Congressional Democrats over Republicans when asked to consider their vote in terms of a Republican who would support Trump's national security approach versus a Democrat who would oppose it.
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3 Aug 18
By rolling back cleaner car standards, Trump is increasing our reliance on foreign oil—and as gas prices rise, so will the risks to our national security.

Learn more:

America’s military and intelligence leaders recognize that climate change threatens our troops and our national security. Why doesn't the Commander-in-Chief?

#CleanerCars ➡️
Rolling back #CleanerCars standards is far from the only black mark on Trump's climate record: he has consistently endangered our security by ignoring the risks associated with climate change.
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16 Jul 18
"If Trump was this compliant with Putin in public, as we all saw during that press conference, one shudders to think what his posture and disposition was toward Putin in private." — @ColinKahl on today's #TrumpPutinSummit ⬇️
What we witnessed today in Helsinki was, indeed, disgraceful. But it was also dangerous—as Trump essentially just gave Putin the green light to continue his attacks on our democracy. #TrumpPutinSummit
Trump’s Republican allies are enabling his dereliction of duty in protecting America and his willingness to play Putin's puppet. It's time for them to stand up for America—as the American president clearly won't. #TrumpPutinSummit
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13 Jul 18
Trump approaches foreign policy the same way he approached his failed businesses: spending all the leverage and capital he has to get only modest results, mortgaging our collective future in the process.
Trump's bankrupt approach to foreign policy is liquidating our national security, and America will have to reckon with Trump’s foreign policy debts.

If we don't hold Trump to account now, it’s the American people who will be left to pay the bill.
Trump’s approach to dealmaking is fundamentally flawed. Here's what Trump misses about the art of foreign policy negotiation:…
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13 Jul 18
The most important thing to remember about the upcoming #HelsinkiSummit, says @mikercarpenter, is the context under which the summit is being held—which is one of Putin's Russia continuing to act aggressively across the global stage.
Let's not forget that Russia is:

☑️ still meddling in upcoming elections, including the U.S. midterms
☑️ sponsoring disinformation campaigns around the world
☑️ bombing civilians in Syria
☑️ violating the Minsk agreement and the INF treaty
☑️ illegally occupying Crimea
Putin poses an active threat to global security, the safety and strength of our allies, and even to our very democracy.

Far from holding him accountable, Trump continues to embrace and make excuses for our most aggressive adversary.

The question remains: why?

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