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I'm afraid I totally understand the establishment focus on the #muellerreport. It wasn't only meant to be a distraction: it served another insidious purpose. It kept us divided and from focusing on what's important.
What's important is that the duopoly has way more control than it should. This sham of a report just allowed them to weaken the paid opposition: @TheDemocrats. After the midterms, the GOP (also the paid opposition) was feeling a little weak.
Focusing on the sham report weakens the Democrats so that there's less opposition to Trump in the ways that help America. If the Democrats wanted to impeach Trump, they didn't need the #MuellerReport. All they had to do it focus on his business dealings while in office.
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1. #News ~ President Trump returns to calling journalists 'enemy of the people' as media face reckoning over #Muellerreport - aide says president plans to 'play it to the hilt'…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #TickTock
2. #News ~ 'Trump is the devil!' Alec Baldwin, Cher are among shell shocked Hollywood celebrities reduced to madness by #MuellerReport clearing the President of collusion…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #MuellersReport #GreatAwakening #TickTock
3. #News ~ Donald Trump will 'go full animal' on his opponents after Mueller cleared him of colluding with Russia, Steve Bannon says…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #MuellersReport #GreatAwakening #TickTock
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Here are two fun facts that everyfuckingbody knows:

1. If there was nothing in the #MuellerReport that is bad for Trump, it would be released in its entirety without hesitation.

2. Barr was hired specifically to help Trump hide the Mueller Report from the public.

Well, here's a freebie that somebody's gotta say:

We are in a constitutional crisis the magnitude of which is unprecedented in our history, in which the #Republican party is not only complicit, but criminally negligent . . . and supported by hateful bigots and racists.
. . . . in the name of patriotism.
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What the world is saying about the #MuellerReport 🌍a collection of top tweets using translation, original tweet will appear on top. Spoiler alert: they’re laughing at Democrats. First the French: “everything falls like a soufflé” 😂 “an hour that must be remembered”
Still France. “A stinging defeat of this Russiaphobic plot” “Very likely @realDonaldTrump will be re-elected if Democrats don’t wake up” (TOO LATE)
“Brings life back to Trump” and “the worst fake-news (pushed by France) is unmasked!” #Witchhunt
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1. I'm strongly leaning to some concerted effort likely commenced within the last 30 days where the end of the Mueller probe was perhaps ordered. It evolved an organized disinformation operation that was well sourced but with flawed execution when Barr missed the Sat pm deadline
2. It's possible that the simultaneous existence of a roll out operation was the result of leaks. But the fact that Barr's memo was so poorly crafted and facially specious, raises questions that cast doubt on the legitimacy of the entire Report wrap up operation.
3. There are few things more dangerous in American civil society as a corrupt prosecutor. Barr needs to be fully transparent and if he did something dumb with the #MuellerReport he best come clean now.
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To #Patriots "trigger happy" on #Spygate perps: #Graham hearings REQUIRED to set stage 4 #Huber, imho. Consider #Q3178:
Is [1] #BarrTestimony? #MAGA #KAG #QArmy #QAnon #WalkAway #USConstitution #QAnon
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1. #News ~ TRUMP CAMPAIGN Releases Video: The Collusion Hoax!

— Text “Witchhunt” to 88022

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA

#Failed_Coup_Attempt #Propaganda


2. #News ~ Video: President Trump to Reporters Asking About Mueller Report: “America Is the Greatest Place on Earth”

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #MuellerReport #MAGA
3. #News ~ Why Did Former AG Sally Yates Lie About Michael Flynn Being Compromised by Russia? And Will Sally Face Jail Time for Lying to Congress? (VIDEO)…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump
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1. When defending force allows propaganda to work the attacker wins.
Attacking forces use propaganda to exploit weakness in resolve, destroy morale, sew confusion & create a sense of despair & hopelessness.
Yesterday the US was attacked by US Attorney General with Soviet methods.
2. AG Barr is a former CIA agent and likely well trained in disinformation that he is now using against the American People. House leaders must be strong and resolute. If @SpeakerPelosi can't get full #MuellerReport she must begin impeachment proceeding directed to AG Barr.
3. At a minimum, a resolution should be presented to the House demanding the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate Barr and his failure to recuse and his fraudulent memo corruptly intended to obstruct Justice. Investigate his children for possible bribery.
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon No. 3176...
Images - Tweets from [D]'s w/a new talking point & #TIME Mag Cover showing the #Kremlin morphing over the #WhiteHouse.
Text reads about facts related 2 #DSMedia & how ppl are awakening 2the fraud.
#FakeNews #Justice #Pain
2) #QAnon No. 3177...
Text relates 2 #RR.
He was fired 4the wire conspiracy, was allowed 2stay & signed off on the #MuellerReport, he signed #FISAWarrant apps & appointed #Mueller (& later the parameters of his investigation).
Optics R key 4controled moves.
3) #QAnon No. 3178...
The only way forward is thru transparency & prosecution of those corrupt elements that have conspired (in countless ops).
Here we see ==> [1]... #Q has placed this notation squarely on #RR in the past. Many hope No. 1 is #HRC or #Hussein, but Q context...
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1) Just a few thoughts on the #MuellerReport and hopefully, debunking the lies.
Collusion proved to be just that, a fraud. We all knew it, and now, Robert Mueller has said it in explicit terms and William Barr and Rod Rosenstein secured the end of the Witch Hunt.
2) Desperate leftists keep clinging to "Mueller didn't exonerate Trump on obstruction!" but as I wrote here, the legal significance of this is worthless. It relies on testimony by proven liar Jim Comey [scoffing].
3) Practically, you now have Democrats like Jerry Nadler claiming that Trump tried to obstruct a crime that never happened? How? By tweet and speech (aside from the comey memos we talked about earlier)? Right, the President "obstructed" by exercising free speech in broad daylight
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Ok, let's reorientate this week, in light of recent news.

1. Please remember: the House passed #HR8 on February 27th. It's the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019.

Today is a good day to call Senators and ask them to take it up.…

(Scripts at end)
2. This week is also the week the House is expected to set up votes to override Trump's veto on the national emergency.

(The speculated date is tomorrow, 3/26 - be aware). Definitely call and ask your House members to support the veto override. We need 290 in the House.
Link to original story:…
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#Russia's state TV propagandist, Putin's friend, Vladimir Soloviev summarizes the #MuellerReport:
"Trumpushka is innocent!"
Soloviev predicts that Trump will now strike back against the Democrats and there will be such a tussle that "#Ukraine is already crying."
Soloviev adds:
"Great job, Donald Ivanovich!"
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What seems most obvious to me about the reception of the #MuellerReport is that media, and citizens, on the left and the right have not yet learned that taking extreme positions on something that, as yet, we know very little about. THREAD
For example, go ahead and crap on #WilliamBarr if you like, but we do not know that he has not characterized the report correctly BECAUSE WE HAVE NOT YET SEEN IT.
My friends on the left take the absence of a condemnation of Trump in the letter as evidence of more corruption. And surely, even though we have been repeatedly warned that removing the President has perils, somehow waiting to defeat him in an election seems intolerable.
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A hot take on hot takes in the aftermath of the #MuellerReport:
A few years ago I realized that being a news junkie was doing little else than providing a constant flow of negative emotions & low-ROI distractions. I started reading articles less and essays & books more, & subsequently became more bearable on social media & in meatspace.
I never worried that I’d miss something important— if it mattered that much someone would tell me, & I still see articles posted on social media. What I didn’t anticipate was how quickly I’d lose interest in being up to date at all.
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@cenkuygur 1. So #Mueller & the FBI invested massive resources, over 2 years, helped along by most of the MSM & some bloggers who seem to only have a #TrumpRussia-life & yet Mueller could not find reasons for further indictments: Looks like it is time to rest your case!
@cenkuygur 2. The constant anti-#Trump-rants cost the MSM a lot of credibility: They even build their "case" on the likes of #conspiracy-queen #LouiseMensch ("death penalty for #Bannon", "#Hatch to be POTUS soon"), who even wrote a #NYT opinion-piece.
With credibility gone, readers go!
@cenkuygur 3. So you can now return to sanity & attempt to return to good & critical #reporting again (#TrumpRussia was often more of a disinformation & #propaganda-exercise) or you end up being a "Resistance-#FakeNews-sender!
Having a left or liberal slant is OK, going full retard is not!
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Have been tweeting about it for months, former boss Janet #Napolitano and her #ArizonaMafia...they were previously involved in weapons trafficking with Mexican Cartels in #FastNFurious, Obama's biggest scandal. Everyone resigned. Still a mystery. Now the Witch Hunt
I'm telling you, all roads are going to lead back to Janet Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia, No-Name McCain, Dennis K. Burke (who I am now suing for defamation in Massachusetts federal court) #Mexico's fingerprints are going to be on the #MuellerReport. It is more proof of
Mexico meddling in U.S. politics like at no point in history. My former colleagues are their enablers, I've been writing about it here on Twitter for more than eight months now and many of my tips have proven true. Open your eyes...#Mexico is more involved than you think. #TRUTH
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Now that @POTUS has been exonerated....

Ever heard of Military Tribunals?

No? Familiarize yourself. The [END] will not be for everyone.

#WWG1WGA #MAGA #MuellerReport
Dear Democrats,

People you’ve looked up to.
People whom you trusted.


I am not talking about prison.

All you weak-kneed liberals who’ve boasted this lie and attacked those who’ve supported our President for two years—do me a favor.

Look those traitors you’ve so revered in the eyes, as their lifeless bodies pay the price for TREASON.
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1. If the #MuellerReport truly exonerated Trump, do you think for one minute #Barr would keep it secret? It would be plastered all over the front page.
2. Barr says "a" primary consideration . . . was whether any Americans - including individuals associated with the Trump campaign - joined the Russian conspiracies to influence the election . . ."
But when Trump people sat in Trump Tower with the Russians they had reason
3. to know the Russians were committing a felony soliciting the commission of a felony campaign finance violation in violation of 52 USC 30121. The failure of Trump campaign attendees to report that was a clear federal crime.
See Misprision of Felony 18 USC Sec 4.
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Ok, now that we have your attention, here's what we mean by "rogue Russia" being behind 15% of 2016 election interference and why the #MuellerReport is a nothing burger(I love that. Stealing from a rogue). #ReleaseTheFullReport #MuellersReport #NoCollusion
Louise Mensch was the main "Resister" to peddle that theory because she was paid by #RudyGiuliani to cover up the real truth about the election rigging and about #TrumpsTraffickingRing Many other "Resistance" groups were paid off as well to feed off that narrative. The core
group of #TeamAvocado @TheTrueMockingJ @theliontriumphs @CharlieWinBrad @roguejas have been offered millions to back away from the truth but we have continued to spread the truth to our small but loyal followers. We've had friends killed, raped, tortured, trafficked, shot,
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A common type of propaganda is called “DISTORTION OF DATA or OUT OF CONTEXT or CARD STACKING: This technique is used to convince the audience by using selected information and not presenting the complete story.” #ReleaseFullMuellerReport 1/
2/ Example: "A study was done that showed eating peanut butter causes liver cancer" (the fact that later the study was later shown to be flawed or funded by the peanut butter haters and therefore suspect, is not revealed).
3/ Republicans are master propagandists. We must stop falling for it over and over. Let’s stop it now with the #MuellerReport. We should not mourn or celebrate that which we have not seen. The only thing that should make us furious right now is that Barr is concealing it.
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I've been too black for too long in America to be shocked or even disappointed that a major investigation into a high profile crime results in none of the highly powerful white guys who everybody knows are guilty somehow avoiding any conseqeunces. Color me not surprised
While a lot of the far left Russia Skeptics & Far Right Trump apologists are attacking the press for their coverage of the Mueller investigation were these groups similarly tsk tsking after the end of Benghazi or Clinton's Emails ? Nah, not really
#MuellerReport was a 2 year investigation launched by a GOP led congress & administration into their own president. Of course the media was going to cover it. As to whether some anlaysts gave viewers 'false hope' that Mueller was gonna 'get Trump' that's a bit chicken & egg to me
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Ok folks. What ‘Barr’s Brief’ of Mueller’s report barely touches upon are the prosecutions which have been farmed out to a number of USAOs. It also doesn’t mention any state AG actions which were also coordinated with Mueller’s team. Further, it doesn’t discuss prosecutions /1
in which Trump is named as a co-conspirator - Stone and Cohen’s. Barr did an injustice to America today. He took the hard work, over two years, of a couple dozen patriots and gave us a very narrow and skewed view of their product. He doesn’t discuss what actions Gates or any 2/
other CWs - cooperating witnesses are engaged in nor how many potential prosecutions are forthcoming. Not to mention Trump’s own attorney, Cohen, implicated him in numerous felonies. Barr did a disservice to the Republic today. I know it’s tough but the fight for our Republic 3/
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1. #MuellerReport ~ FULL LETTER: AG Bill Barr Releases Letter Summarizing Mueller’s Report:



#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump
2. #MuellerReport ~ Shady Nadler to Call AG Barr for Testimony After Mueller Throws Stink Bomb at Innocent Trump w/ Refusal to Exonerate on Obstruction
- Gave Job To Barr Who Exonerated our President…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #TickTock
3. #MuellerReport

Let the Spin Begin!

Nadler: Mueller Scope was ‘Limited’

‘Look at a Broader Picture’…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #TickTock
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