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En ce jour de #WorldRefugeeDay #JournéeDuRéfugié il est essentiel de rappeler que personne n'affronte la mort sur la route de l’exil par simple plaisir et à quel point il est essentiel que les États se rappellent tant de la Convention de Genève que de son esprit.
Non, ces hommes, femmes et enfants ne risquent pas leur vie des dizaines de fois, ne laissent pas derrière eux tout ce qu’ils ont connu par volonté. Il n’y a pas de choix lorsque votre vie ou votre intégrité physique est en jeu et que la seule possibilité est de fuir.
A l’heure où la xénophobie ne cesse de se répandre, tout comme les allocutions démontrant l’ignorance de leurs auteurs quant à la réalité de l’asile, il est essentiel de se rappeler de ce qu'est le monde et de la violence qui sévit à des milliers de kilomètres de chez nous.
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1/10 During the Holocaust, European Jews cried out to the world for help, desperate to escape Nazi persecution. Without legal protection, their lives hung in the balance. Some were granted refuge in foreign countries. Most found nowhere to turn. #WorldRefugeeDay The Spanier twins, Ines and...
2/10 When thousands of Polish Jewish refugees arrived in Kobe, Japan, in 1940–41, the small Jewish community there coordinated a massive refugee relief effort. Norbert Swislocki, his pare...
3/10 A group of Polish Jewish children, mainly orphans, found temporary refuge in the Soviet Union. About 1,000 of them were later evacuated to Tehran, Iran. Members of the Teheran chil...
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La 25ème Formation intensive sur le droit des réfugiés a officiellement débuté 🏁

Fruit d'un partenariat historique entre @IIDHStrasbourg et @UNHCRfrance, cette formation de haut niveau à destination des défenseurs des droits humains internationaux s'est ouverte hier ! 1/3 Image
La Conférence inaugurale a ainsi été animée par Monsieur Mathieu Herondart, Président de la Cour nationale du Droit d'Asile, que nous remercions chaleureusement 🙏 2/3 Image
Des cours avancés en droit des réfugiés et en #DIH, des échanges avec des experts de terrain, un exercice de simulation de juridiction en présentiel...
Ces deux semaines au Centre Europeen de la Jeunesse s'annoncent passionnantes ! 3/3
#Strasbourg #WorldRefugeeDay #DroitsHumains Image
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"Education was about hope for the future - especially for us girls."

In the light of #WorldRefugeeDay, Arezo Kohistany, co-founder and director of Yalda Hakim Foundation shares what it means to be denied, fight for, and protect the right to education for girls in Afghanistan.
"Through new partnerships and a new organization called the Afghan Future Fund, we’ve grown our programming. We are working to provide scholarships and placements for 250 or more Afghan students evacuated to third countries."
"YHF’s current program is expected to support 40,000 students across 19 Afghan provinces. We hope to do more, including coupling food and healthcare delivery with education so that families can be further incentivized to permit their girls to learn." #LetAfghanGirlsLearn
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For the first time in history, over 100 million people have been forced to flee their homes, according to @Refugees.

On #WorldRefugeeDay, here are the numbers you need to know ⤵️

If the number of forcibly displaced people was a country, it would be the 15th-most populated country in the world.

🔗: | #WorldRefugeeDay
Did you know in 2021 the world’s 10 most neglected refugee crises were all in Africa?

@NRC_Norway says DR Congo is at the top of the list two years in a row.

🔗: | #WorldRefugeeDay
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I don’t know who needs to hear this (well actually, I suspect I do) but, here comes a 🧵 for #WorldRefugeeDay full of stuff I have learned as a @Care4Calais volunteer 1/ Image of a small boat in the channel full of people in life
There is nothing illegal about seeking asylum in the UK - however you get here - so long as you present yourself and immediately begin your claim. To conflate asylum with illegal immigration is to demonise the desperate and to misunderstand the solutions needed. 2/
Refugees don’t risk their lives in the channel for the chance of a hotel room or because people like me give them a cheap pair of trainers. They have no idea about the systems we have in place for processing asylum or what charitable help is available at any given time. 3/
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My sister-in-law is a refugee. She had to flee Ukraine with two small children and her elderly parents. I don't know when my brother will be able to see his sons. They don't live on allowance and pay for their flat in Spain 1/5
My best friend had to flee to Germany with her father who has cancer. He couldn't get a needed treatment in Ukraine, so they had to leave the country. Now my friend is looking for a job. Her husband fights russians somewhere in the south of Ukraine 2/5
A friend of mine can't leave Ukraine. Because she waits for any information about her parents who are in Mariupol. She doesn't know if they are alive, deported to russia or dead somewhere in the ditch. She wants to run from war wherever she can 3/5
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This #WorldRefugeeDay we would love you to pause for a moment and think what it means to be a refugee, why it matters to support refugees, and crucially, what we can ALL do to help 🧡✊
Because for refugees, the situation they have fled and the situation they find themselves in, can be massive, traumatic sticking points. Sometimes barely an escape at all - 'out of the frying pan into the fire', as it were. This #WorldRefugeeDay please listen...
This #WorldRefugeeDay please consider how YOU can act to help. Can you raise awareness on social media? At home, at work, with friends? Can you donate to organisations already fighting for refugees, like @JCWI_UK?
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NEW RESEARCH: Can refugees transform their lives with large cash transfers of $1000? And can it work in the context of the dual shocks caused by aid cuts and the COVID-19 pandemic? (1/10) 🧵
(2/10) Previous studies show that giving large cash transfers to people in poverty can help them boost their income & quality of life. IDinsight partnered w/@GiveDirectly to evaluate the impact of their cash transfer program in Uganda’s Kiryandongo refugee settlement.
(3/10) This #WorldRefugeeDay we share early findings from our impact evaluation of @GiveDirectly’s one-off unconditional cash transfer (UCT) program. IDinsight’s eval combined an RCT of 1,090 refugee households & a longitudinal qual study of 21 households.
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THREAD: As it is #WorldRefugeeDay and the start of #RefugeeWeek2022 let's have a little look at some of the common misconceptions, and plain lies, spread about asylum seekers coming to the UK shall we? 1/
Let's start, appropriately, with the common myth of "first safe country". Now this gets said a lot, but in reality there is no mention of first safe country in any internationally recognised legal instrument related to refugees. 2/
The closest reference you will find is in the Dublin Regs, which the UK has now left, and even then effectively first country of entry is at the bottom of a hierarchical list of criteria for determining which state should process the application. 3/
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This #WorldRefugeeDay I am thankful – and deeply ashamed

Thankful for the New Zealanders who welcomed my German Jewish refugee grandparents (pic) after they fled the Nazis

Ashamed of a British govt that abdicates our moral duty, to help refugees in their moment of need

My maternal grandparents had been made stateless and yet, with the help of friends of friends, they obtained visas for NZ, travelling via Calais, Southampton and Columbo, before landing in Wellington just weeks before the outbreak of war

Most of their family was not so lucky

My grandfather's parents: murdered in the forests outside Riga

My grandmother's father: committed suicide under weight of Nazi oppression

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Today is World Refugee Day, an international day organised every year on 20 June by the United Nations, to celebrate & honour refugees from around the world.

For #WorldRefugeeDay we are celebrating 21 refugee artists & sharing their stories #WorldRefugeeDay2022

A thread…
1/ Syrian artist Nizar Ali Badr creates depictions of the war in Syria - composed with stones. Each piece tells a story, & the stone scenes seem to come alive. The imagery is all too familiar. A family on the move, their meagre belongings carried on their heads #WorldRefugeeDay
2/ Laila Ajjawi is a graffiti artist born & raised in a Palestinian refugee camp outside of Irbid, Jordan. Her work focuses on women living in the Middle East, particularly refugees. She has created murals with Women on Walls a public art project based in Egypt #WorldRefugeeDay
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It's #WorldRefugeeDay and it's hard to think of a period when the international refugee regime has felt more under threat. It isn't just the government which is directly attacking the legal principles which were set out to protect them. 1/
Across the world refugees are demonised and discriminated against. Countries like Greece continue to operate illegal pushback operations which have already cost thousands of lives. The UK continues to enact inhumane policies, such as tagging and forced deportation. 2/
Denmark is attempting to follow suit and build on existing policies of confiscating asylum seekers valuables. In France both asylum seekers and those seeking to help them routinely face attacks from the authorities. 3/
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Over 💯 million people are forced to flee conflict, violence, human rights violations and persecution - at no time have more 👵👦🏿👩🏻‍🦰👨🏽👩🏾‍🍼🧕🏿 been on the move.

On #WorldRefugeeDay & every day, WHO stands #WithRefugees around the 🌏🌍🌎 to protect their health & well-being.
It's #WorldRefugeeDay

The right to health is a human right❗️

Refugees and migrants are among the most vulnerable people in the world 🌏🌍🌎. Ensuring that they have access to quality, essential health services is critical to achieve #HealthForAll. The right to health is a human right.
It's #WorldRefugeeDay

🛑 HEALTH does not begin or 🔚 at a country’s border 🛑

To achieve #HealthForAll, WHO is committed to ensuring that refugee & migrant health is incorporated into all health responses, everywhere.

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The Refugee Story Bank of Canada is a new initiative to collect and showcase personal stories by migrants who have sought protection in this country from violence, war, oppression, discrimination and persecution.…
Just before #WorldRefugeeDay on Sunday, the creators launched a website to expand what was a book project into a full repository for Canadian refugee stories.…
“All of our stories are authentic because they came from the hearts of the refugees. They are not polished," said Boban Stojanović, whose story is one of many featured by the initiative…
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On this #WorldRefugeeDay let's remember that:

👉🏾The U.S. has uprooted millions from their homes through war, trade agreements & interventions
👉🏾Climate change displaces people
👉🏾We're a rich nation.

So why welcome refugees & asylum seekers? Because it's our moral obligation.
Let's expand.

In the U.S., we often view immigration as a domestic policy issue. However, when viewing other regions of the world, it’s clear that government responses to migration today are creating a global human rights crisis.
With populations from North Africa in Italy and Spain, from Southeast Asia in the Middle East, and from Central American across the United States, migration is not the fault of the people that have to leave their homes.
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Beim Stellen eines Asylantrags auf europ. Boden und, im Falle eines positiven Bescheids, der Aufnahme in Europa handelt es nicht um Almosen, einen Akt der Barmherzigkeit od. Nächstenliebe, sondern ein verbrieftes Recht, das in und durch Europa erstritten wurde. #WorldRefugeeDay
Flüchtlingspolitik muss mehr sein als reine Sicherheitspolitik, mehr als Verwaltung von Lagern, mehr als Abkommen mit Drittstaaten.
Eine Sicherheitspolitik, die paradoxerweise chronische Unsicherheit für Betroffene (schutzsuchende Menschen) schafft und nur ein vermeintlich "subjektives Sicherheitsgefühl" für Europäer. Ob Ceuta, griech. Lager, türk. Grenze, Sterben im Mittelmeer - nichts daran ist sicher.
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A thread for #WorldRefugeeDay

In case you missed it ...
During the refugee crisis, the city of Berlin alone welcomed four times as many Syrian refugees as the whole of Britain. Yet Brexiters still screamed that we were "full up!".

This is a pro-refugee poster from Germany which captured the feeling of the vast majority in the country. It's translation reads: "Arrived Alone, Moving Forward Together"

Here is the great poem "Refugees" by @brian_bilston. A story to be read two ways.

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There are some 26.3 million refugees worldwide today.

On #WorldRefugeeDay, the Lancet journals highlight the health insecurity and inequities refugees face, exacerbated by the #COVID19 pandemic ⬇️

Applications for asylum and resettlement disrupted, blamed for spreading #COVID19, and inequitable #vaccine access.

Under the 1951 Refugee Convention, refugees are entitled to certain protections—our Editorial questions whether these are being upheld.
Failure to address migrant and refugee health as an essential component of health systems leaves everyone at greater risk of severe health, economic and social impacts when the next pandemic strikes.

Read the Commentary in @EClinicalMed: #WorldRefugeeDay
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Heute ist der internationale #WorldRefugeeDay.

🧵 Ein Thread darüber, warum die #Klimakrise schon seit Jahren eine DER Fluchtursachen weltweit ist, wer davon am meisten betroffen ist und was wir gegen diese Folgen der Erderhitzung tun können:
2| Die #Klimakrise destabilisiert, verstärkt Risiken & schafft neue. Häufig müssen Menschen vor ihren Folgen fliehen, um:

1⃣ ihren Lebensunterhalt zu sichern
2⃣ sich vor akuten Umweltkatastrophen zu schützen
3⃣ ihre unbewohnbar gewordene Heimat zu verlassen

3| Die häufigste Migration findet im eigenen Land statt:

2020 mussten wegen den Folgen der #Klimakrise 30 Mio. Menschen ihre Heimat verlassen und damit mehr als wegen kriegsbedingten Auseinandersetzungen.

Lest den Satz gerne nochmal. #Weltflüchtlingstag…
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On #WorldRefugeeDay, we ask: How come the 850,000 Jewish refugees from the Arab world after 1948 were all successfully resettled in Israel and other countries—with 0 refugees left today—yet @UNRWA has multiplied the number of Palestinian refugees from 700,000 to 5 million?
Most Palestinians under UNRWA’s jurisdiction are not refugees.

UNRWA ex-General Counsel James Lindsay: "UNRWA does not use the UNHCR criteria & does not engage in the sort of analysis required by the Procedural Standards for Refugee Status Determination."…
“UNRWA has become part of the problem. It supplies the ammunition to continue the conflict. By supporting UNRWA, we keep the conflict alive. It’s a perverse logic.”
— 🇨🇭 Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis…
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Today is World Refugee Day. I became a refugee almost a decade ago. Forced to leave home never wanted to leave. Left and thought it would be for a day or two. Left heart there and been living without a heart since then….

The minute I crossed the borders I got a new label and it stuck with me since then… “a refugee”
Wherever I go, whatever I do, whoever I got to interact with, I will alway have the label “refugee” accompanying me…
Ten years of my life, my entire twenties, have been identified by the very term “refugee”. Most of the time I didn’t care much about it, other times I was so furious about that…
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Thread: It is #WorldRefugeeDay and the end of #RefugeeWeek2021 today, so seems like a good time to break down some myths about refugees and asylum seekers, particularly in the UK but also globally, regarding how they may or may not enter a country. 1/
There are roughly 82.4 million people displaced in the world at the moment. Most of them (about 48 millions) are trapped within their countries of displacement. They are known as "internally displaced persons" (IDPs) and routinely denied support. 2/
If they are "lucky" enough to be able to cross an international border they may be classed as refugees. 86% of the world's 20.7 million refugees live in developing countries. 73% live in countries neighbouring those that they fled. 3/
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#Thread |

Since its independence, #India has seen and largely welcomed waves of #Refugees and migrants fleeing persecution and conflict in neigbhouring nations

#WorldRefugeeDay #IndiaNarrative

@RomeshNadir Image
#Theme2021 is 'Together we heal, learn and shine'

From the refugees of #IndoPak partition who were automatically the citizens of newly independent India to recent influx due to #MyanmarCoup, #India has been following this theme since millenia

#IndiaNarrative @ipacglobal @dhume
In 1959, when @DalaiLama along with more than 100,000 followers were forced to flee #Tibet, India opened its doors for Tibetian #Refugees fleeing #ChinesePersecution

#IndiaNarrative #worldrefugeeday2021

@DossierTibet Image
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