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10 Jul
Welcome to the Macro Media Index: The most important macro content for June 2020.

This was an INSANE month. Social unrest and market disconnect. The Hertz bankruptcy bet.

If you want to understand the macroeconomic story right now, this thread is for you.

Let's dive in! 🧵👇
2/ A quick note! If you’re more of the audio type, I did this best of macro content as a @BreakdownNLW podcast as well.

Check it out on @coindesk…

Or subscribe and listen directly:…
3/ The month kicked off with the realization - a stunning one to many to be sure - that not only had the market come screaming back after March lows - it had done so with record vigor.
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23 May
Another great thread from @RaoulGMI about dollar danger.
To learn more about the unique position of the dollar, check out the docu-style podcast I did with @CoinDesk

Why The Dollar Has Never Been Stronger Or More Set Up To Fail [Money Reimagined Pt. 1]…
Or check out this week's episode with @LynAldenContact

Why a Strong Dollar Is Bad for the US and Bad for the World…
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22 May
The fact that edu Twitter can’t tell whether the UC system ending SATs is a good or bad thing says a hell of a lot more about the absurdity of higher ed in general than it does about the SATs specifically.
Crib notes:

SATs super benefit kids who can spend a ton of money and time prepping and learning how to take the SATs.

Flipside, even WITH that it’s basically the most “objective” measure most colleges have.
So what’s the answer? There’s none. It’s rigged either way.

So maybe the better question is how to design paths to success between childhood and adulthood that don’t require playing entrance games.
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20 May
As if #bitcoin didn't have so much else going for it right now, the absolute fucking *intrigue* of the living history of it is insane.
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19 May
Holy shit can you even IMAGINE how much Spotify must have paid Rogan for the exclusive? Serious moves.
Also does this mean that Spotify is going to roll out native video?
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14 Mar
Nearly everything about Coronavirus is bad.

But if there is one good thing, it’s this...
I WFH. Because of that, every single day of my 16-mo old daughters life, I’ve gotten to see her laugh, learn and grow up.

Being around your kids isn’t good for your work. Seriously. Figure out your space.

But being around your kids is really good for your soul. Revel in it.
There’s no amount of money we’ve invented that would make me change the time I’ve had.

That’s not the right choice for everyone. But I hope on the other side of this more people and more companies feel like they have more options on how to make things work.
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13 Mar
🔥Friday Fire INCOMING🔥

Just when you thought it was safe to decompress, I'm dropping the last Breakdown in the craziest market week in a decade.

@PrestonPysh on what happens to #BTC & the world after inevitable intervention:

When. Currencies. Fail.…
We dig deep on:

🧐How bond markets will react to the wave of stimulus
🤝The challenge of global coordination for a new Bretton Woods
💪Why governments might turn to #bitcoin
☠️The three factors that lead to currency failure

Listen & subscribe NOW…
Join the conversation
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3 Mar
Live footage of the Fed fixing corona with monetary policy.
While you’re here, let’s get your hot take on a key political question
aaaaaaand there it is…
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3 Mar
Do you use Discord?
For science...

Do you use Telegram?
Screw it let's round this thing out.

Do you use Reddit for bitcoin/crypto?
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27 Feb
Is Bitcoin A Safe Haven or 'Schmuck Insurance'?

As #BTC falls alongside everything else, the safe haven narrative is taking a *beating* but in today's Breakdown, I argue that 'safe haven' & 'uncorrelated' have been lumped when they're quite distinct.…
Featuring @chamath comments on CNBC today.

Episode also covers:

Central bank digital currency (CBDC) news: Canada's disinterest + China delays

The six-year anniversary of Mt. Gox’s lost 750,000 BTC coming to light.

Listen wherever:…
@chamath BTW if you aren't familiar with the genesis of the Schmuck Insurance line - this 2013 essay by Chamath will become a must read historical document in the history of Bitcoin.…
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19 Feb
@alexisohanian 1/ Okay, so, let's dive in.

One imp thing is that there is growing specialization based on focus, which I think you could roughly divide into:

1. Bitcoin only
2. News/Analysis
3. General Interest Interview
4. Investor/Institutional
5. Technically-oriented
6. Idea adjacent
@alexisohanian 2/ First up, we have our bitcoin-only's

@WhatBitcoinDid w @PeterMcCormack
@TFTC21 w @MartyBent @matt_odell
@BitcoinMagazine podcast

+ a number of others
@alexisohanian @WhatBitcoinDid @PeterMcCormack @TFTC21 @MartyBent @matt_odell @stephanlivera @BitcoinMagazine 3/ Next, our news/analysis programs

Actually a surprisingly newer category

#TheBreakdown w me (dist on @CoinDeskPodcast)
Markets Daily w @GamerAndy on @CoinDeskPodcast
@laurashin has Unconfirmed and Unchained, w/ Unconfirmed being more of the news react pod
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11 Feb
Digiday on the challenges slowing down the "podcast gold rush"

h/t @BradMichelson
@BradMichelson Effectively, there is a squeeze on the middle part of the market.

To compete at the highest levels, you actually need to produce something substantially differentiated - which takes serious resources.

On the other end of the spectrum, individuals can serve niches well.
@BradMichelson @benthompson talks about something similar in a very different context in today's @stratechery - which is that catering to niches (in the podcast case - information/interest niches) - is going to be better suited to individuals or smaller operations.
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11 Feb
“We are now a snake eating its own tail searching for yield. But this is not a solution.”

@ArtemisVol on @HiddenForcesPod
The full excellent episode…
Excuse me - quoted the company not the person in the first tweet. Quote comes from @vol_christopher
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9 Feb

5 themes that defined the week:

The sociological impact of Coronavirus
Crypto VC and M&A
$1B locked in DeFi
The Fed joins the game of coins
@HesterPeirce proposes safe harbor

Plus, why psychological barriers like $10k #BTC matter…
@HesterPeirce A few of my favorite threads:

@Melt_Dem on central bank digital currencies
@brian_armstrong on what happens when payments become as cheap and ubiquitous as messaging
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7 Feb
I'm recruiting 3 roles for NLW&CO (the brand & content marketing consulting biz):

+Writing (could be combined with above)
+SEO (basic consultation for clients who don't want to totally biff the web)

Recommend in the thread, DM, or (my handle) at (website url in bio)
All remote, all part time project-based
Thanks to everyone reaching out! Will be reaching out throughout the weekend!
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7 Feb
Today on The Breakdown:

As @Melt_Dem brilliant put it, the Fed had its 'come to Satoshi' moment and has officially said that they're researching a digital currency.

The latest player in the battle for the future of money has arrive.…
@Melt_Dem Japan meanwhile is screaming that the Fed needs to counteract China's digital yuan, while a BIS group of 6 central banks gets ready to report study findings in a few months.

Listen directly here or on your favorite app…
@Melt_Dem *BRILLIANTLY! Goddamnit @jack edit button!

Just kidding. Me looking like a fool with grammar is worth the public record of everyone.
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6 Feb
Planning on building out the site for The Breakdown podcast.

Need yer hottakes on URL (use comments for Other)
Also any kind souls retweeting for a broader sample size are much appreciated
Thanks all for voting! You can also make this easier on me by just subscribing directly
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31 Jan
Live footage of 70%+ of Bitcoin Twitter conversations for the next 3 months.
Massive h/t to @joonian for surfacing this gem
Wait fixed it cc @nic__carter
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31 Jan
Here's a #FollowFriday Binge for you.

The entire @WhatBitcoinDid beginners guide to bitcoin from @PeterMcCormack is epic.

1. @aantonop Why We Need Bitcoin…

2. @parkeralewis What Is Money…

7. @danheld Bitcoin's Monetary Policy…

8. @valkenburgh @jerrybrito How Is Bitcoin Legal…

and finally, today's release... 9. @nic__carter Altcoins, A History Of Failure…
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31 Jan
Everyone is going to be asking today "What are Brexit's implications for [ X ]?"

So I'll do it for bitcoin and the crypto industry.

Now that Brexit is happening, what are the implications for the European/British crypto industry (if any)?
Cc'ing folks who may have a perspective - feel free to tag others @PeterMcCormack @sytaylor @jamie247 @richardmuirhead @joonian

Also, have you seen anything written about this?
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30 Jan
Breaking news on China’s digital currency - new report with key details:

+DCEP aims to replace banknotes

+Centralized management system (duh)

+Central authority can surveil all transactions; commercial banks cannot

And caveat - I’m using Google translate.
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