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Are We About To Witness A Potential Black Swan Event?? 😱

You NEED to read this!
1/ On June 30th the FED hiked the interest rate by 75bps effectively starting the shrink of its balance

This will be the catalyst for July 4th... A Federal Bank Holiday that could shake the whole crypto market 💥

Here's why 👇
2/ Starting 1 July until July 5th we could potentially see a mammoth move to the downside...

🔴Risk assets will once more rediscover how much they loathe the Fed-sponsored quantitative tightening of USD liquidity conditions.
No fiat can be deployed until Tuesday, July 5.
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1/ I'VE BEEN THINKING MORE abt the #bitcoin ETF. For yrs, I've said ETFs are a double-edged sword for bitcoin (bc ETF mkt makers are permitted by law to create more claims to the underlying asset than the quantity of the underlying, which distorts the price of the underlying).
2/ But, as I wrote in @Newsweek this week, the SEC's decisions to reject spot #bitcoin ETFs don't exist in a vacuum. They must be viewed in context of the SEC's decisions in 2015 to approve 1 (& only 1) fund structure for bitcoin--& not another until 2021.…
3/ The decisions from 2015-21 + the inherent structure of closed-end funds (which can trade at very different prices than their underlying asset) created a massive market distortion, as detailed in my @Newsweek post. That market distortion brought in the fast-money #WallSt crowd.
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Wholesale e Retail CBDC, sorveglianza e fiducia nelle banche centrali. E' il "sistema monetario del futuro" pensato da @BIS_org nell'Economic Report 2022.
La distopia monetaria, tutta nero su bianco.

Fuori ora l'analisi di #BitcoinTrain🚂
Il report analizza la diffusione e i limiti del mondo “cripto” per poi spiegare come ereditarne alcune tecnologie per disegnare il futuro del denaro: le CBDC.
Una delle maggiori critiche che viene mossa al mercato delle criptovalute è quella di essere “frammentato”.
La frammentazione è un problema perché il denaro ha la proprietà "winner takes all": l’effetto network porta alla convergenza verso uno standard monetario. Se utilizzassimo troppe di forme diverse di moneta i prezzi di ogni bene dovrebbero essere indicati in tutte le valute.
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So #Voyager invested money in #3AC and #Celsius. Celsius as well invested money in #3AC, only #BlockFi was more contained, yet still a huge liability of 14 billion $. ImageImageImageImage
SBF paying 240M for a company that held 14B$ as of March 2021 is a steal in bright daylight.

Offering Voyager a 'credit-line' that didn't materialized was just a PR stunt so he can fill his shorts-selling.
Because #Voyager was already deep inside since #Celsius went HODL mode.

Everything is like 2008 mortgage crisis filled with junk assets.
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Big B, little b

#Bitcoin is a network that offers three properties:
1. Absolute scarcity: 21m hardcap
2. Uncensorable transactions: everyone everywhere
3. Unconfiscatable money: yours, always.

#bitcoin is the token that accrues value to people who value the network properties👇 Image
Bitcoin is opt-in

If any, or all, of those network properties seem valuable to you, then you can choose to earn, buy or mine some bitcoin; millions have people have, and more do each day.

But there is no marketing team, no CEO and no force compelling you to do so👇 Image
Bitcoin is open and transparent

There is no gate-keeping in Bitcoin, no group with special powers. The source code for the software is open source. Anyone can run the software, interact with the network or own bitcoin

It's extremely important and vigorously defended👇 Image
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I can't imagine what type of degen gambler you must be to still bid shitcoins and #Bitcoin after last night shitshow.

What type of hopium some must consume to hope for another momentum ignition.

Even more what type of greed you must have mentally to think and hope that way?
Just took a look on $ETH and $SOL chart right now. It looks like somebody is extremely sadistic and unpatient.

Has zero knowledge of cycles. Without a good consolidation and real macro economics change this pump and dumps are doing more harm then actual good.
But I don't feel sorry for them, because I saw their reaction last night on the momentum ignition moment.

A lot of them where "organic growth dude, stfu" Image
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My first #Bitcoin essay.

How the fiat standard drained the value out of more than just money. It eroded relationships and the sacred bond between man & woman

Thankyou to @BitcoinMagazine for publishing
@saifedean, @GhostofSvetski for the inspiration…

2/ My journey as a psychologist and relationship therapist has taught me much, but when I started going down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, I learned that much of the problems of the present, seem to stem from this strange situation where money is issued by the “state.”
3/ I had always had the feeling that something was wrong with society. Everything is connected, of course, but to discover the cause of what is screwing everything up, just blew my mind.

The world is deeply confused.
Can #Bitcoin fix this?

Let's explore...
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A 🧵 for the #BTC bear market:
Fifty years ago, unelected bankers stole the people's money (gold) and gave them paper. Fifty years is the blink of an eye in terms of monetary history. The system is unraveling before our eyes.
2/ It makes zero sense to have a handful of people making economic decisions that impact the lives of billions in the dollar hegemony system. The dollar's store of value, the US Treasury, has waining demand and with explosive deficits, inflation is not going anywhere.
3/ Even more terrifying is central bank digital currencies (CBDC) are coming. These monstrosities will watch your every financial move. What's worse, it can be used to shape your behavior to that of the planners. They could allocate you only a certain amount of fuel, for ex.
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What makes #Bitcoin unique from all previous forms of money is that it alone enables financial #sovereignty
That means, among other things:

* Nobody can change my #Bitcoin without my express consent

* I require no authority or intermediary to move my funds. They move to whom I say, when I say, with no intermediary who can gatekeep.
#bitcoin is not majoritarian. We have majoritarian money already. It's called "fiat."
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今天因为GlassNode的问题尚未修复完成,所以还是只能有 #BTC 的数据,而 #ETH 和资金的相关信息只能等了,从我开始使用GlassNode以来,这应该是第二次出现类似的情况,希望今天可以修复吧,否则估计就要到下周二了。
截止到今天晚上21点29分的 #Bitcoin 持仓价格分布,从早晨八点到美股开盘前的数据中可以看到,久违的低流通量终于回来了,而 #BTC 低流量的回归说明了大量抛压的恐慌情绪已经逐渐消失,在目前资金短缺的情况下,抛压的减少就代表了大规模下跌的可能性进一步降低,也说明了价格开始逐渐的稳定。 Image
当然目前看到的数据还是以亚洲和欧洲的时区为主,美国的主力交易所时间才刚刚开始,仍然需要注意 #BTC 的地址变化,从长期跟踪的历史数据来看,如果白天并没有出现大规模的转移的情况下,美股开盘后的一段时间还是会保持相对的平稳,即便有价格的变化也更多的会在美股闭盘后发生,也就是凌晨四点以后。 Image
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My favorite stocks and ETFs for the second half of 2022

I hope there is a unique idea in here for you…

9 Stocks, 2 ETFS, 1 Crypto: Image
I will review each opportunity quickly, and then show you the metrics on each

Dividend: Annual Diviend Yield
PE: Price to Earnings Ratio
Price: Price / Share
Buy Rating: % analysts giving it a buy rating
$V - Visa

Visa is a payment AND data company.

Who knows your spending habits and patterns better than Visa and Mastercard?

They sell this data behind your back so merchants know how to market to you.

Dividend: 0.76%
PE: 33.36
Price: 196.50
Buy Rating: 67% Image
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Now can we all agree even bull or bear that the #Bitcoin / #Crypto market is fully manipulated by persons with dominant position in #Bitcoin ?

And that @CraigSalm from @Grayscale is tripping for nothing and is just a PR Stunt and a lawsuit that is guaranteed that they will lose Image
And that few hours ago a 800 billion marketcap market has been induced into a 'Momentum Ignition' by @FTX_Official .…
Now this looks complete mission by @AlamedaResearch ImageImage
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How #Monero is Eating #Bitcoin's Lunch – And Ten Other Things You Didn’t Know About Monero.

A Tweet Thread for the Monero curious 🧵👇
#Monero transactions are higher than ever. In particular, Monero’s total number of transactions compared to Bitcoin (ratio) are rising. This means more people are choosing to transact with #XMR instead of #BTC.

Are other privacy coins being used today? No, unfortunately not. #Monero vastly makes up for the total number of private crypto transactions, with over 98% of volume.

(src: @JEhrenhofer)
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Governance is a crucial component of #Decentralization

This is something that #Bitcoin & #Ethreum conveniently ignore

But, #Cardano is built based on 1st principles & governance is a key focus of development

Here is a thread on Governance, Voltair era & Project Catalyst🧵👇
Like the way, democracy unshackled regular citizens to grab power from the feudal lords

#Bitcoin was the 1st movement

Enabling regular citizens to grab power from the flawed financial institutions

To create a fair, transparent & inclusive financial system

To bank the unbanked
But #Bitcoin has a fundamental flaw, which #Ethereum inherited

"Lack of Governance"

This lack of governance resulted in major community splits

Ethereum & Ethereum Classic as a result of a hack in 2016

Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash over the debate of the network's scalability in 2017
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Adiós, oro.

Hace 1 mes vendía el oro (físico) que compré al inicio de la pandemia y venderlo... fue una ODIESA.

La empresa de transporte me PERDIÓ la mitad (temporalmente). Fue cuando quise "gastarlo" que salieron a relucir (nunca mejor dicho) todas sus desventajas.

👇🏼 Ojo
❌ Tiempo perdido preguntando en tiendas
❌ Diferencia de hasta 6.000€ de lo que me pagaban una tienda u otra
❌ Me pagaron lo mismo que pagué pre-pandemia 😅
❌ La empresa de transporte me perdió la mitad, y falló x3 veces en venirlo a recoger

👇🏼 Hay más
En la 2ª Guerra Mundial transportaron 4.000m en lingotes de oro de 🇬🇧 a 🇵🇱

Piensa en el coste de personal, logístico, geográfico, de tiempo...

En 2020 alguien mandó más de $1.000 millones en bitcoin AL INSTANTE...

Pagó menos de 3€ de comisión
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当前总结:七月新一天的到来,迎接大家起床的是 #BTC#ETH 的上涨,希望是一个好的兆头,这和看空看多关系不大,毕竟只有价格上涨了才能说明市场对于数字货币依然保持着积极乐观的情绪。尤其是目前的宏观情况并不算好,仍然有大量的资金选择进入了美债。而价格的拉升并没有带动太强烈的成交量。
截止到今天早晨八点的 #Bitcoin 持仓价格分布,从昨天晚上美股开盘到现在的数据,主要是美国主力交易时区和部分的欧洲交易时区,从 #BTC 的链上地址变化可以看到,相比昨天的数据变化量稍微有些缓和,从两边的极端价格来看,远古持仓的筹码变动量继续保持较大的离场,转移超过2,000枚BTC。
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O problema com as cryptos #BTC hoje é uma suposta benevolência de regulamentação dos legisladores.

Tentar regular redes peer-to-peer descentralizadas é como tentar regular o vento que sopra na beira-mar. O máximo que eles podem conseguir são algumas manchetes de notícias ⬇
- e algumas pessoas se dando tapinhas nas costas até ficarem entediadas e deixar pra lá. Na verdade, isso pode ser melhor para #Cryptos , já que as exchanges centralizadas são um ponto fraco, é melhor usar mercados descentralizados peer-to-peer darknet como o #Bisq
- e a regulamentação, especialmente se for uma regulamentação pesada, os tornará muito mais populares. É na luta que nos fortalecemos! Não é isso @alan_schramm @38bitcoinheiro ?

E isso foi provavelmente exatamente o que os governos estão tentando evitar ⬇
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1/ Today, the EU finalized #MiCA, a sweeping #crypto regulation that will profoundly impact Europe’s future competitiveness and the viability of its #Web3 industry. This was Europe’s chance to regain market share lost in Web2, but did the EU seize the opportunity?

🧵A thread…
2/ TLDR, no. MiCA doubles down on the failed notion of “leading in regulation” rather than prioritizing innovation. But, it could have been worse.
3/ In recent months, we at @Ledger spoke out about these proposals, even calling on you to get engaged against the worst ideas. We opposed the #Bitcoin ban that came just 4 votes from passing the EU Parliament.…
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21 #bitcoin Revolutions 🧵 Image
#bitcoin is the revolution of separating money from state.
#bitcoin is the revolution of moving sound money in time and space.
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Zoom out a bit and see 18.7k level is critical for bulls to hold

Nice bounce so far. Eyeing a long to this gap. Sitting on my hands for now Image

Zooming in, a pullback to this area and bounce would trigger a long for me

Trade with me here:
Promo code: HaloCrypto Image

Perfect bounce. Lets go Image
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free alpha: how to buy the #bitcoin bottom?

you're typically told that trying to buy bottoms is the best way to lose all your money. but is it true?

let's find out: 🧵 Image
1/ i'm going to walk you through the simple process of buying the bottom, or near the bottom.

remember: simplicity = wisdom. not the other way around. and this method is really simple: you buy high time frame support, or reclaim of htf support.
2/ and you sell when htf support is broken. you can even short if a retest is given.

by doing so *consistently* you may very well be buying THE bottom (or near) when it eventually occurs and in the meantime, you're definitely buying near local bottoms.

what does that look like?
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#Bitcoin is currently functioning how markets are supposed to work.

A bunch of dodos raised a large amount of fiat which they used to purchase #bitcoin. They then leveraged those holdings in mal-investment ponzis which led to a sweeping liquidation cascade as...
the credit market contracted.

The capital of the leveraged mal-investment ponzis is now liquidating at a discount and 3rd parties come in and buy up their Bitcoin.
The purchasing power of bitcoin goes down when this happens because malinvestment destroys previously accumulated capital.

This is why a market based system is superior to our current form of monetary socialism.
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Some perspective on the market action (thread) (1/11)
This is the worst start to a year for the $SPX since 1962 so don’t let anybody fool you. This year is TOUGH. (2/11)
This is the first down June since 2015, and the worst June since 2008 (3/11)
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I spend an hour a day reading books.

They're a great way to learn new information, gain unique perspectives, and develop both as an investor and as a person.

🧵: Here's what's on my must-read list. 👇
The Bitcoin Standard (@saifedean)

This was the book that first helped me grasp the power of #Bitcoin and how it fits into the current monetary landscape.

Essential reading for both new and existing crypto enthusiasts (my go-to recommendation for anyone getting into crypto). Image
@saifedean Atomic Habits (@JamesClear)

This book changed my life from a productivity perspective.

It teaches you the importance of building habits, and how even the smallest changes can lead to the biggest results.

If there's one book that could change your life, this is it. Image
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