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1/ "why is $DOGE pumping?"

pull up a chair, my friends, the answer is in plain sight

DOGE is up 500% over the last 7 days and is now $48B in market cap, making it the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

but why?

let's look at r/WallStreetBets
2/ on wednesday, ahead of the $COIN listing, the WSB mods changed their ban on crypto discussion to allow talk about 3 cryptocurrencies - #Bitcoin , ethereum, and... you guessed it... $DOGE

as you can imagine, the WSB community went wild
3/ not 24 hours later, the mods reverse that decision and announced they would ban all crypto chatter on the forum indefinitely

according to some reports, the ban was a response to this @business article claiming WSB mods were bowing to pressure…
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1/ today's #bitcoin sell-off has nothing to do with turkey 🇹🇷 banning the use of crypto in payments. at all.

it's the tail wagging the dog i.e. derivatives

traders were highly levered long going into the $COIN listing which everyone expected to be a catalyst for $BTC 🚀
2/ remember that leverage in crypto is EXPENSIVE AF.

cash borrow rates in crypto are now 20 – 40% while bitcoin borrow rates remain very low at 2-3%, highlighting the massive demand for cash borrow!
3/ coinbase listed. BTC moved, but not enough.

traders need volatility to profit. when volatility doesn’t materialize and cash funding is expensive, traders tend to close out positions

so those longs get unwound, cuz it's too EXPENSIVE to keep them open.
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30 Lessons from someone who became a millionaire in their 30s

(After starting $86k in debt at 29).

// THREAD //
1. Everyone wants to be a millionaire in their 20s/30s.

Very few are willing to do what it takes to get there.

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do." - Pele
2. Everyone talks about patience, but very few practice it.

You want to know the secret to investing?

The secret to progress?

The secret to success?


Those who can live the long-term and avoid decision by instant gratification win. Every time.
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Caribé compara o #Bitcoin ao esquema de pirâmides criminoso do Maddof. Vamos aos pontos...
1. "O Bitcoin não tem valor". No meu ver, o principal valor do Bitcoin hoje é ser um mecanismo de proteção contra o descaso de governos ante a sua política monetária...
Um exemplo foi na Turquia, em que o presidente Erdogan demitiu pela 3ª vez um banqueiro central, resultando em uma desvalorização de 9% da lira turca. Logo em seguida, a busca pelo termo Bitcoin no Google Trends mais que quadruplicou.…
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The news cycle is a confusing space sometimes;

- #ElectricCars are the future for the planet
- Mining #Lithium batteries is destroying parts of Bolivia/Chile/Argentina

- Decentralised #Cryptocurrencies are the future
- Mining #Bitcoin = huge energy consumption ImageImage
The narrative around everything nowadays is all about #Values

Corporates latch onto every opportunity

Individuals the same (just read some of the stuff on LinkedIn) 🧐

Life & business is essentially a game
#Winning is always key! (Be nice tho)

The rest is Perception=Reality ImageImageImageImage
I'm a #football fan & I see a footy angle in almost everything I read! 🧐

Not sure if these connections stand up, but here's what I saw;

- #Bolivia former President #EvoMorales was ousted in 2019. Evo a #SimonBolivar anti-imperialist styled leader


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🔓Reminder : #Bitcoin / cryptos are not safe not store savings :

A system is as weak as its weakest link. The blockchain itself being super secure is useless.

Hackers target 3rd parties (apps and platforms) people use to conduct transactions.

[1/5] 👇…
2/ People don't interact directly with the blockchain. They need private third parties of trust to store their wallets and conduct transactions. Those apps / platforms are poorly secured and hacked regularly :…
3/ A decentralized system requires people to store their wallets on their poorly secured devices (phones, PC, ...) : this is a dream for hackers.

In practice, cryptos are less secure than current bank systems. Wallets are stolen daily.
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An interesting thread on $LEO potentially springing up and uneven risk analysis. From Jeff Dorman

The other day, we saw $7.5B of $BTC from the 2016 @bitfinex hack start to move.

I noted that it has happened before and had done so in market peaks, usually assuming that the person moving it had opened a short.

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The year is 2035

#Bitcoin is only appreciating 3-5% per year. Business investment software platforms are in their infancy, and have re-defined how "loans" and "investment" work in a bitcoinconomy

You install the leading software "BitProjects" and fund your wallet with bitcoin
It asks you to assign trusted key signers as project "managers", you can assign people you know or choose from a market of third party managers with different specializations

You setup your account with 2 friends as project managers and a 3rd party manager with great reviews
You then search the marketplace to find providers who are looking to raise capital to develop projects.

You find one advertising a project to create a large scale pork production facility using barley feed instead of corn to create a low-PUFA pork product to bring to market
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Busco pequeños beneficios de forma reiterada y sin exponerme al riesgo.
De esta forma puedo operar con CABEZA FRIA, como las perdidas o ganancias, son chicas, no me dejo llevar por sentimientos, y cometo menos errores.
¿Cuales son los pasos que sigo?

1- Analizo la tendencia DIARIA en #Bitcoin, por que si el es alcista, todas lo son, y si el corrige , todas los hacen. Al ser ALCISTA, solo opero LONG, yendo A FAVOR de la tendencia, inclino la posibilidades a mi favor, y evito riesgos.
2- Analizo la tendencia en grafico de 4hs, no busco subirme a un movimiento ya en curso, EJEMPLO:
Si la zona critica de $BTC, son los 48, yo busco entrar en 50, NO en 55 (aun que sea alcista) ya que de corregir, tengo menos perdida a la baja, se entiende?
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1/ A common misunderstanding about #bitcoin mining is that it involves solving complex math problems.

Actually, what miners do isn't that complex at all. And that's a good thing.

Let's explain. 👇…
2/ If miners were solving complex math problems as many people think, supercomputers and quantum computers would pose a serious threat to the Bitcoin network.

In reality, mining is more like a dice game than a math exercise.
3/ Imagine you have a 1000-sided dice, and to win a game you just need to roll a number lower than 50. The more rolls you have, the higher your probability of winning.

The amount of rolls is equivalent to "hashrate" for bitcoin miners. Image
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As the bull market has gotten underway, I've started to receive many questions from friends & family interested in learning how they can jumpstart their own Bitcoin journeys, so I've put together a GETTING OFF OF ZERO STARTER PACK (Q2 2021 EDITION) #Bitcoin

A thread.... 👇👇👇
Open a @CashApp and/or @SwanBitcoin account and start stacking sats. Buy as little as $1 worth of bitcoin on Cash App or start an automated recurring buy regiment on Swan (low fee route!). Beware of the trappings of shitcoin casinos (Coinbase, Kraken, BlockFi, Gemini, etc.).
Download @bluewalletio to learn how self custody, seed phrases, sending/receiving all work on the Bitcoin network in practice. Once comfortable, graduate to a @COLDCARDwallet hardware wallet. Always test with small amounts of sats before moving fully into a wallet.
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⚡️ JPM | #Bitcoin mining statistics

🔹Bitcoin mining is highly concentrated in countries and regions that have relatively high emissions intensity and can account for a significant fraction of local electricity consumption
⚡️ The optics of increasing power consumption by the #Bitcoin network are becoming potentially problematic
⚡️ ...particularly since the location of #Bitcoin mining operations makes its power supply considerably dirtier than typical developed countries
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1/ When using #Bitcoin, there are generally 3 components involved:

- Private keys

- Signing device

- Wallet software

The differences between these can be confusing, but knowing them is important in order to understand the best practices in self-custody (🧵thread).
2/ Your private keys, often represented as a list of 24 words, are the secret information you need to prove that you know in order to sign transactions.

Anyone holding your private keys can spend your coins, which is why you must handle them as securely as possible.
3/ The private keys are used to derive #Bitcoin addresses, which the user can receive funds to.

Then, they're used again to produce a digital signatures for these derived addresses, when the user wants to spend the coins received.
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1/ #Coinbase $COIN- The Big Cryptocurrency Revolution,
The world watches as the largest #cryptocurrency exchange is now set to go public on NASDAQ through #directlisting. With 56M users, the platform is bigger than its traditional counterparts (#Robinhood, #Venmo , etc).
2/ Opening New Doors for Investors
The day will be marked as a historical event in the books of #WallStreet as it bridges the gap between legacy investors and the #cryptomarket.
The quarterly results have already shown a surge of 847% i.e. $1.8B revenue
3/ Why is now the right time to go public?
This move takes advantage of the current market conditions.

The last two quarters have seen investments of $7B in #Bitcoin. Major companies like $TSLA and @elonmusk have also shown keen interest in Bitcoin & Crypto
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Lo que voy a contarte en el siguiente hilo creo que podrá disparar el precio de Bitcoin por encima de los 100K en los próximos meses ⤵️
La SEC (Comisión de Valores de EEUU) podría aprobar los #ETF (fondos cotizados) de #Bitcoin ($BTC) si se cumplen los requerimientos necesarios en el próximo mes de mayo.

¿Qué pasará si se aprueba?

Históricamente cuando se ha aprobado un ETF de una materia prima su valor se ha disparado.
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You want to join the Crypto wave and don't know how? And want to buy and sell your #bitcoin or other cryptos? I'd recommend you use @BinanceAfrica #BinanceP2P I've made a video tutorial just for you.
You can sign up for a @binance
Account with this Link…
How to identify trusted vendors with high completion rate, and protect you from fraudulent persons
@binance #bnb #busd #BTC
Once payment is confirmed, the assets Will be released to you automatically 👍
#BinanceP2P @cz_binance @binance @BinanceAfrica @BinanceAcademy

#BTC #Binance #BNB
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When @brian_armstrong and I started @coinbase in 2012, a #bitcoin was worth $6 and only known by a few nerds on the internet. #bitcoin was the crazy idea that the world could have a digital money for everyone.

@coinbase had one mission: to make crypto easy to use.
Beginnings were not glamorous. @coinbase launched out of a two bedroom apartment we shared with another company.
We were far from conventional. For our first hire, we selected a whip smart fanatical lumberjack over a Google manager.
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We've got a new proposed #SEC #token #safeharbor that would let issuers offer tokens in the US. It's big. But, what's new? How is it different from the prior proposal? What's new? You guessed it. It's unavoidable, It's inevitable. It's a #THREAD. Let's dive in/1
Right off the top, we have the elimination of the "good faith" provision that was previously implied upon the issuers in a(1) & of a(4) which required the issuer to act in good faith to "create liquidity for users." /2
New section a(5) includes reference to the new "Exit report" which is a new requirment defined and explained further down but tldr; its a report issued by the issuer's counsel that asserts whether the tokens will be a security or not after the 3 year period. Good inclusion /3
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1/7 DAVID (@davidlin_TV): "I want to ask you if this boom in #Bitcoin prices over the last year has had anything to do with investors’ and consumers’ expectations of using #Bitcoin as a form of payment; if people were expecting #Bitcoin to be used in everyday life on a
2/7 “more regular basis and they might think, OK, now I need some digital currencies to make purchases? Recently, Visa, PayPal, they’ve allowed #Bitcoin to be used, not even as a form of — you don’t even need to convert it anymore, you can directly buy goods on those platforms
3/7 “using #Bitcoin. This is kind of revolutionary, don’t you think? Or do you not see #Bitcoin taking off as a kind of payment anytime soon? What are your thoughts?"

ALEX: (@Mashinsky): "That’s a great question. The galvanized best example of this is Tesla
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1/4 DAVID (@davidlin_TV): “Let’s go back to the money-printing aspect of this: If you’re creating more currency, if you’re creating more money, basically, is what the argument is here, what would happen to the value of our assets?”

ALEX (@Mashinsky): "So there’s no doubt that
2/4 “money creation eventually leads to inflation and debasement of the currency. In the history of currencies — I think there were just about over 800 fiat currencies in the history of the world — all of them went to zero, all the ones that created inflation went to zero.
3/4 “So I think we are running an experiment that we know how it ends. It’s not like we don’t have history. We have plenty of history with other examples of other nations just continuously printing money. So I think we are definitely playing with fire, and that’s why other
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1/36 #BITCOIN TO 100K?200K?300K TARGET SIR?

In this monthly update I try to show you where we stand in the current cycle, mostly based on sentiment, IMHO ofcourse.

I hope you guys think it’s valuable, tell me below!

TLDR at 36-38
Let’s go!

2/ Checking sentiment is sometimes just a gut feeling, but there is a whole lot out here to guide you through the swamp that’s called #CT.

Fear, greed, thrill, euphoria, disbelief. We’ve got it all inside, anyone who says he doesn’t is a robot.
But, if you can act like a salmon
floating up stream, you can come out as a winner.

We all know the saying that 90%+ of the market participants lose money and that’s all reflected in the price of a certain asset.

Feel extreme fear at the bottom, extreme greed at the top? You lose, market wins.
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1/5 DAVID (@davidlin_TV): "I think people are wondering what’s your secret sauce; how are you able to offer such high yields that even banks can’t offer right now? How is that possible?"

ALEX (@Mashinsky): "We use the equivalent to sec lending, or rehypothecation.
2/5 “So we basically create a lending product that uses the underlying value and we give back to the community, to our users, up to 80% of the value created. We’ve been doing that for 3 and a half years. We’ve paid over $320 million worth of interest, or income, to our community.
3/5 “And you can choose to earn it in kind, meaning in #Bitcoin or in gold or in Ethereum, or you can choose to earn it in CEL token. In CEL token you earn a little bit more and the CEL token, if it appreciates, you make much more than that.
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1/4 DAVID (@davidlin_TV): "In theory, you could do this with blockchain technology on any asset, right? You could create a digital version of a real estate-backed token, for example, or a silver-backed token, for example? Have you considered any other assets to peg this to?”
2/4 ALEX (@Mashinsky): "So that’s what Celsius does for the last 3 and a half years. We invented this category. We were the first to pay #Bitcoin on #Bitcoin and Ethereum on Ethereum and gold on gold and so on, so on. Today, we support 45 assets.
3/4 “We just added GMO, for example, which is a Japanese stablecoin. So you can buy yen and earn 10.5% in yen; yen on yen. So if you want to be yen denominated or gold denominated or #Bitcoin denominated, the only place in the world
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#Bitcoin / $BTC

#Bitcoin / $BTC

Alright, now make it happen.
#Bitcoin / $BTC

(It's happening)
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