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Starting a MEGA #niTROn2019 twitter thread here to keep things organized and provide you an update.

#Tron $TRX #BitTorrent $BTT #Ethereum $ETH #Bitcoin $BTC

2 days of updates, all in one thread; this one.

Be sure to RT and share for others! @JustinSunTron
1st 90 minutes of the Event (Intro, Justin Sun, Jordy COO of BitTorrent and 3 Exchange Representatives) 📽️📺 VIDEO OF INTRO & FIRST ACTS

#niTROn2019 #TRON $TRX

The price of #TRON $TRX is CLIMBING fast after hearing the professional thoughts and plans for the TRON NETWORK.

#niTROn2019 is off to a good start! #niTROn

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0/ Back from an amazing week in Hobart* to bring you a 24-part thread covering the latest from the #crypto space over the past day or two!

*S/O to @TasFireService & @NSWRFS for bravely fighting a near-month-long fire that's now burnt out 28,000+ ha of World Heritage-listed land.
1/ 🛰️ Leading #Bitcoin infra. #tech provider @Blockstream has launched its Blockstream Satellite API Beta.

Paying via the #LightningNetwork testnet (i.e., for free), users can broadcast data via Blockstream's satellite network. No #Internet needed!…
2/ 🛑 Ethereum's #Constantinople upgrade was postponed due to a potential vulnerability discovered by #blockchain security firm @Chain_Security relating to EIP1283 (i.e., cheaper gas costs for SSTORE operations). Next course of action to be explored during Friday's core dev call.
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Mes 5 prédictions Blockchain & Bitcoin pour 2019 publiées par @Instit_Sapiens (thread)…
1/5. La “dé-totémisation” de la “#Blockchain” devrait se
poursuivre : on comprendra de plus en plus que la “Blockchain” est
une notion ambigüe qui a suscité trop d’illusions et de fantasmes. Des
arnaques et projets absurdes continueront à fleurir mais en nombre
plus réduit
2/5. Le #bitcoin restera un tabou inquiétant pour les élites et la plupart
des observateurs qui continueront à le regarder avec une méfiance
superstitieuse et à l’accuser de tous les maux de la Terre
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Crypto Markets & Development

2013: Frenzy & Over-Promise
2014: Crash & Under-Deliver
2015: Consolidate & Ship
2016: Lift & Refine for Adoption

2017: Frenzy & Over-Promise
2018: Crash & Under-Deliver
2019: Consolidate & Ship
2020: Lift & Refine for Adoption

2021: Frenzy...
Naturally, this is an over-generalization, and I’ll be curious to hear peoples’ most poignant objections.
The most notable network to ship in 2015? #Ethereum.

I think we’ll see some cryptonetworks of similar import ship in 2019.
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0/ Using UTXO age dynamics across market cycles, we attempt to time a price bottom for #Bitcoin by understanding when selling pressure from long term holders will wane. Our analysis suggests a likely bottom for $BTC in Q1’19 (see report for detail)
1/ This analysis expands on the key takeaways we provided within the Short Term Outlook of our State of Bitcoin report (released last month). You can view our thread summarizing the report as well as the full report itself here:
2/ The green line represents the % of bitcoin that hasn’t been moved in at least 1 year. Box 1 indicates the period of rapid growth of bitcoin that hasn’t moved in at least a year (hodlers) while box 2 shows the price at which that bitcoin was last moved (people buying the rally)
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Second cache of 9/11 docs released by The Dark Overlord hackers…#september11 #DarkOverlord #TheDarkOverlord #ITsec #ITsecurity #IsraelDid911
According to @Forbes, the cybercrime group known as #TheDarkOverlord has acquired 18,000 documents, many of which are related to the 9/11 events, and are demanding #bitcoin ransom in return for the data. #DarkOverlord…
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The 10 years ago today in #Bitcoin was a three part series. Here are the three parts in case you missed the earlier ones: 👇
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#Bitcoin's software has been running for 10 years…

⚡87.6K hrs
⚡3.6K days
⚡370m TXs

To mark history, we’re launching our first interactive feature: #BitcoinAt10. The story of bitcoin, told by its builders:

Magic Internet Money Wizard? Rollercoaster guy?

Take the red pill to explore CoinDesk’s list of the decade's best bitcoin #memes. (Or don't. Honey badger don't care...)

READ: #BitcoinAt10

Don’t let the bearwhale get you. HODL to ride out the Flippening...

Can't make sense of the sentence? We list the 12 best #crypto words of the decade. Think of it as yourr #hyperbitcoinization guide.

READ: #BitcoinAt10
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1) Updated Executive Summary numbers from my #bitcoin cost & #sustainability model

- Avg Cost to Mine: $3,750 (ranging from $3000 to $4000)
- Total CO2e: 0.034Gt (0.06% of global)
- Total Energy: 63TWh/yr (0.04% of global)…
2) Changes in #Bitcoin #mining metrics
3) Major Assumption Changes:

- Since my previous report demonstrated that “$/GH is king” due to low electricity prices amongst most large miners, the Antminer T15 will be taken as the proxy benchmark #bitcoin ASIC for this update
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1/ 10 years ago today, Satoshi Nakamoto released version 0.1 of the #Bitcoin software. About two days later, the brilliant cryptographer Hal Finney (RIP), had downloaded Satoshi's code and was also running it, increasing the node count of the Bitcoin network to 2.
2/ As with many things related to #Bitcoin, Hal grokked its significance immediately.
3/ Today there are over 10,000 nodes running the Bitcoin software, dramatically increasing its resiliency and guaranteeing its revolutionary monetary policy.
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March 2014 The Hidden Bullmarket #Altcoinwinter 1 Forecasting using Emotion #humanbehavior 🔮…
March 2014 #bitcoin #btc #crascycle warning with target 160 🔮
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0/ What a start to the week in the fast-paced world of #crypto and #blockchain!

Below is an 18-part thread featuring the best bits from the past day or two. Let's get you up to speed, shall we?
1/ 🤑 #Ethereum-/#Web3-focused #crypto startup @ParityTech has received a $5M "scalability, usability and security grant" from the Ethereum Foundation!

Will help Parity fund its work on Casper, sharding, light clients, dev tools, QA, audits and more.…
2/ 🔛 Big announcement by the team from @RepublicOrg [ $REN ] - a dark pool exchange protocol for trading large volumes of #crypto - announcing the release of public Darknodes.

Submit a 100,000 REN bond to the Darknode Registry and you're good to go!…
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1/ A thread on the timeline for the arrival of Quantum Computers powerful enough to threaten the 256-bit ECDSA signatures that underpin #Bitcoin. We’ll hear a whole range of predictions from optimists and pessimists alike. Let's rock 💪
2/ Why care about this? Long story short, a powerful enough quantum computer could derive Bitcoin private keys from their respective public keys. A significant % of all bitcoin, namely Satoshi's wallet and others whose private keys are lost, are sitting ducks.
3/ Bitcoin’s devs have a solid plan to migrate to quantum-resistant signatures when necessary, but unlike centralized entities (e.g., banks), they cannot unilaterally upgrade the entire network. This will give rise to some serious challenges when powerful QCs do eventually arrive
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1/ Blockchains collapse the cost of digital asset creation, custody & transfer, enabling *programmable value* of all kinds.
2/ Money, while an important application of blockchains, is a subset of the broader programmable value universe.
3/ A money like #bitcoin is likely to be the greatest *single instance* of value capture within the programmable value universe, which is why many of the top #cryptoassets today are battling for this position.
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With the same reasoning as a DCF stock valuation model, you can use a discount rate in this model to calculate a valuation at any point in time. Instead of using dividends, one uses transaction fundamentals.

I present the DTF 😏(Discounted Transaction Fundamentals) model.
2/ The dividend discount model (DDM) values a stock as the present value of future dividends.

Vo = Dt/(1+r)^t
3/ Applying the same logic, you can value a (crypto)currency as the present value of velocity and supply-adjusted future transactions.
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The mainstream has almost entirely forgotten about #bitcoin again.
In conversations with people from home, many recall the #crypto hype from a year ago, but have stopped paying attention since.
Yes, there are a lot more “decisions makers” that have gained a basic understanding of #crypto, which is great.

And the technologists & financial folks that feed off the bleeding edge continue to pay attention, invest, or build, just as happened in 2015.
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0/ On a day that marked the 10th anniversary of the #Bitcoin #blockchain, the #crypto ecosystem has been ripe with updates and releases.

Below, I've pieced together a 15-part thread filled with developments from the past day or two. Hope it proves helpful!
1/⌛️ #Mimblewimble-based privacy #cryptocurrency BEAM (@BEAMprivacy) is scheduled to launch on mainnet today at 14:00 GMT!

The wait is over! Find out all about the release in the following announcement.…
2/ 🗣️ @NEOErikZhang (Co-Founder & Core Developer, @NEO_Blockchain) shared that NEO's developers are on the verge of completing a slew of improvements re its dBFT consensus algorithm.

A release before next month's #NEOdevcon2019, perhaps?
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1/ 10 years ago today, in an unknown location, a mysterious figure whose identity is still unknown, tapped a key on his keyboard, spurring his CPU into action.

In doing so, Satoshi reified his vision for a decentralized digital cash that he'd published 3 months earlier.
2/ The fan in his computer began spinning to keep the CPU, burning from the burden of work it had been given, from overheating.

The CPU in Satoshi's computer was searching for a special pattern, much like a digital needle in a haystack, that would secure #Bitcoin's first block.
3/ Here is that needle:


It is the hash of Bitcoin's "Genesis Block", which created the first 50 bitcoins ever to be mined (by a quirk of Bitcoin's protocol these 50 bitcoins can never be spent).
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1/ This next thread is going to be another trading self-help thread. This will be a bit more complex than what you are used to seeing on Twitter, but I trust you all are intelligent.

We're going to dig into the MACD and what it *really* means and how to read it.

#Bitcoin $BTC
2/ I hate to do it to them, but I'm going to have to use that chart from MagicPoopCannon once again as an example here.…

#Bitcoin $BTC
3/ Okay, so in this idea posted by MPC, he states that he is 'bullish' on #Bitcoin $BTC now (implicitly), and one of the main reasons he lists on the chart is because of the 'flattening' of the MACD curve on the weekly resolution.

So let's see: 'Is it bullish or bearish?'
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If you were in #crypto before it was called “crypto,” chances are you got your start as a #Bitcoin nut.
People diverged from there:

- Some stuck to only #Bitcoin (maximalists)
- Some ventured a bit and came to love a few other #cryptoassets (mostmalists)
- Some ventured to explore the full world of programmable value, often with #Ethereum as the gateway (polycoiners)
What’s fascinating to me is #mostmalists and #polycoiners largely all still love Bitcoin as an economic and technological system, even though many have had falling-outs maximalists.
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The term "cryptoassets" (conveniently the title of Chris's book) is hugely detrimental to investors' understanding of digital scarcity and sustainable comp advs in this tech.

The term scam, however, is *under used*. Ripple is the #2 coin by market cap for God's sake.
The entire altcoin complex would benefit if people were less forgiving of the 99% that are outright scams.

Of course, the line we are told to toe (by scammers) is to ignore the scams, be nicer, let the scams run their courses naturally. Lol
It feels very similar to the coinbase "education" initiative, that just fills your head with buzzwords like blockchain and cryptoassets, then they try to sell you their scams coins, that have no competitive ad except for pumpers and shills.
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¿De dónde viene el dinero? Esta pregunta sencilla, sorprendentemente, no saben responderla muchos economistas formados en las facultades que enseñan la doctrina ortodoxa.
El dinero actualmente no representa ningún metal precioso custodiado en un sótano del banco central.
Tampoco representa toda la riqueza de la nación ni cosas por el estilo.
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1. The main driver for global economic growth has been and will always be advancement in technology. The economic prosperity of 80s to 2000s was a result of information tech revolution (the internet, aka the third industrial revolution).
2. This info tech driver can no longer propel world economy after 38 years. Markets have become saturated; technologies sprung from the third industrial revolution are advancing only to provide marginal benifits. Your phones, computers from 2008 can get the same job done in 2018.
3. Without a real revolution in technolgy (the fourth industrial revolution), world economy will enter stagnation/decline. Governments around the world knew this. With no better option, they resorted to debt to keep economies from falling apart.
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0/ Whilst we were all catching up with family and friends, unwrapping presents, and stuffing our faces over #Christmas, many developments took place in the #crypto/#blockchain space.

Below is a 15-part thread covering what you may have missed over the past 24-48 hours. Enjoy!
1/ 🆕 @TeamHYCON [ $HYC ] unveiled the world's first implementation of the SPECTRE* protocol! Click to watch the team reflect on their development process.

*short for Serialization of Proof-of-work Events: Confirming Transactions via
Recursive Elections.
2/ 🛒 @OntologyNetwork [ $ONT ] revealed that its ONT_Dev_Platform #dApp has been added to Microsoft's @Azure and Amazon's @AWSmarketplace.

The #Ontology team expects to be listed on Google's online software store next month, too!…
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