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All views my own...I think, although I am open to correction. Artistic Director / CEO @axisballymun.
13 Jan
A wee thread on self help & #mentalhealth

“You can’t always get what you want but if you try sometime you just might find you get what you need.”

This has been my self help mantra courtesy of @MickJagger for many years.
I don't believe you can have all you want even if you can see it & believe you deserve it
You will just end up being disappointed, continually failing.

For me, I start from what I have
How I want to feel
What’s stopping me feeling that way.
Can I do something about it?
If I can’t myself then I need help
Sometimes help comes in strange places
It can come from the magical diversion of thinking about how to help someone else
Of taking a breath
Of reaching out

You might need support
From a friend, from medicine
Or from both
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23 Nov 19
Dublin's heart and charm is cluttered, cluttered with atmosphere not fecking 'quarters' with their chrome and their Costas. Dublin is a good second-hand shop, a Freebird records, Dandelion market, Kehoes, Mulligans, Marks Bros, where folk gather, share and hunt for diamonds....
It's Bewley's and the Savoy and tara street station and the piano at Pearse and Chapters bookshop and get the last of your wrapping paper and the walk to Croker and the canal end heaving and Patrick Kavanagh chilling on the canal..
It's the glow of the Aviva and the dart rattling in and the excitement of Grafton Street and the velvet of the Gaiety, the sticky floors and sounds of the Olympia and Thomas street with artists and those that might be drinking pints as the toilet rolls are sold on the street
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