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It’s Budget Day in #Somerset! Join me from 10am for live coverage as @SomersetCouncil sets the first budget of the new #unitary authority, which officially takes over in April 1. #LDReporter #Budget2023
We're live - here's the link to the video if you want to watch the proceedings from @thecanalside in #Bridgwater:… #LDReporter #Somerset #Budget2023
Cllr Mike Best (#Crewkerne) is in the chair - and he has announced the passing of former @SomersetCouncil and @MendipCouncil councillor Alvin Horsfall :(… #LDReporter #Somerset #Budget2023 #Frome
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Pop stars’ reactions to the Roe v. Wade abortion ruling have been swift, fierce, occasionally melodic and often expletive-laced.

@BWheelerglobe takes a look at some of the responses.
“Wanna hear a secret, girls?” Lorde asked on stage Sunday at England’s Glastonbury Festival. “Your bodies were destined to be controlled and objectified since before you were born. That horror is your birthright.”
Many artists at #Glastonbury called out the Supreme Court, including Olivia Rodrigo who brought out British singer Lily Allen for a specific condemnation.
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Having watched & enjoyed @PaulMcCartney’s set at #Glastonbury on TV last night, after his set I was appalled to see him come back onstage waving an outsized Ukrainian flag, accompanied by that “Butcher’s apron”, the UnionJack. If this isn’t the opposite of all that Glastonbury 1/
stands for, I don’t know what is! #Glastonbury was established in the spirit of hippiedom and the 1960’s counter culture, anti war and anti establishment. The Beatles were once actually a part of this counter culture supporting peace and love! 2/
#Ukraine’s #Zelensky on the other hand, does not seek peace, but continues to demand more and heavier weaponry in the US/NATO proxy war against #Russia. He is the West’s puppet in ensuring the escalation of hostilities to the point of embedding actual Nazis in Ukraine’s army 3/
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😲 Wow Blackbird 😍

#Macca #Glastonbury
Macca singing in the dead of night...
Paul McCartney did a warm-up gig last night for 400 locals at the Cheese and Grain in Frome, Somerset

bit of a contrast to the Pyramid stage tonight
#Glastonbury #Macca
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Macca at 80 burning bright. Old songs still sound brand new. Still playing in the ol’ tempo. Got to get you get you into my life indeed. #Glastonbury2022 #Glastonbury
As for the voice. It carries the sound of over 60 years on the road. Yes it’s not what it used to be. But he’s still there under the crackle and boy when he rocks out at the high end. Better than many half his age 🔥 #Glastonbury2022 #glastonbury #PaulMcCartney
This man wrote some of the best songs ever and the fact that @PaulMcCartney can still deliver them alive and kicking at 80 years of age is astounding. I’m in awe. And what a band he has!!! #Glastonbury2022 #glastomac #Glastonbury
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bit in love with Paul McCartney's drummer tbh #Glastonbury
Family legend of my granny at a very early Beatles gig, asking everyone to politely sit down because she couldn't see.
These songs were my lullabies omg.
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MACCCCCAAAA!!!! #Glastonbury
Nobody wants to hear the new songs, Paul. Play the bangers everyone knows! #Glastonbury
this is a BANGER #Glastonbury
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Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen team up at #Glastonbury to sing ‘F*** You’ to US Supreme Court…
‘I wanted to dedicate this next song to five members of the Supreme Court,’ declared Rodrigo
On Friday, the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of a Mississippi law that outlaws abortion at 15 weeks of pregnancy while also overturning key precedents established by the 1973 decision in Roe v Wade
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Olivia Rodrigo and Billy Eilish giving the finger to all the Supreme Court Judges and then singing "Fuck You Very Much" to 10K+ people all is just a very special moment, Glastonbury 😲❤️♀️💪

#FuckYouSCOTUS #Glastonbury2022
#RoeVsWade Image
And Greta Thunberg at Glastonbury speaks for the planet
& Nature
& those displaced by the Climate Crisis
& the young people who will inherit the mess that the rich countries & people of the world have created
the systems that allow it

we have been lied to
we can act for change Image
Emily Eavis, I don't know if you reached the goal of 50/50 women but this @glastonbury is so strongly female & you should be very pleased with what you have achieved 🙏
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Glastonbury proving once more that it is the cultural smorgasbord of Britain.
It's ok to like Crowded House *and* Idles, you know?
And everything in between & over the other side.
Music is love & life & hope & joy & rage & comfort & more
Thank you Michael & Emily ❤️ @glastonbury
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TLC doing Waterfalls at Glastonbury and the whole of West Holts singing along 🤩😍❤️❤️❤️

Honestly if you need to see something wonderful then watch Griff @wiffygriffy completely blow the John Peel Stage away with such glorious artistry, beauty & joy 🙏🤩😍

Wow, Phoebe Bridgers @phoebe_bridgers so powerful on a dark day for Women of America #FuckSCOTUS but also so wonderful musically & then with Arlo Parks @arloparks too??!! Divine 😍🤩❤️

Full glory to you both & the band too 🙏❤️
#Glastonbury #BBCglasto…
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#Zelensky entrenched in his work for the #MinistryOfTruth and spouts US/NATO propaganda at #Glastonbury.

The people of Donbas do not agree with you! They have been shelled by #Ukraine for 8 years! You are not for peace, you are for war!
#NoWar #NoWarInUkraine! Image
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1/. #DidITellYouAboutTheTime I was in #Glastonbury trying to interview a mono-syllabic @billybragg

Frustrated, I tried a new tack

“You know Billy, my friend’s sister almost didn’t make it this year ‘cos she’s saving to get my buccal pads removed”

“Buccal pads? What are they?”
2/. “That’s what I said, Billy. Buccal pads? What are they”

“They’re are the bits of fat on top of your cheeks,” she explained

“But those ARE your cheeks!”

Billy liked the story

We started chatting about how #Glastonbury has changed but has also remained a deeply political.
3/. Glastonbury - like festivals throughout the ages - is about the gathering of the tribes

People from across the nation come together & create a pop-up society where they live & dance side-by-side

Building a Utopia is a political & politicising thing…
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🚨 Here’s what I believe are the main tips for a perfect Glastonbury 🚨

Some may be controversial but be nice, it’s taken me about 45 mins to do this!

#Glastonbury #Glasto Image
1. First and foremost; don’t overdo the Clashfinder. Pick 3/4 acts per day and be harsh with the ones that need cutting. The offering everywhere you go is mind blowing. Before I went I was assuming I wouldn’t be up for @glastotandc for example - how wrong I was. Image
2. Don’t be weird with the group if nobody wants to do your thing or vice versa. If you’re not doing things how you want to do them you’ll regret it, it’s the best place in the world and it’s YOUR time. Be selfish and encourage the others to be!

#Glastonbury #Glasto Image
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There are a lot of different regeneration projects on the go in #Somerset at the moment (as I pointed out in last week's #LDReporter newsletter). And with updates for a couple of schemes on the horizon this week, here's a handy thread to help you keep track of what's going on :)
Here's a handy map - I'll zoom in on the relevant settlements as we go through each part, and I'll be going by parliamentary constituency from west to east. #LDReporter #Somerset #Watchet #Wellington #Taunton #Bridgwater #Chard #Yeovil #Glastonbury #Wincanton #Frome
Let's start in #Bridgwater and West #Somerset - we've got two settlements which have been targeted so far, one by private investment (#Watchet) and one by the @mhclg #townsfund (Bridgwater). #LDReporter
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1. St Joseph of Arimathea was a member of the Jewish Sanhedrin, but a faithful disciple of Jesus. It was no small proof of his great piety, that, though he had riches and honours to lose,
#StJosephofArimathea #Aug31 #Bible #Jesus Image
2. he feared not the malice of men, but at a time when the apostles trembled, boldly declared himself a follower of Jesus who was crucified; and with the greatest devotion embalmed and buried his sacred body.

St Joseph of Arimathea is the patron of Glastonbury, where a church
3. and hermitage, very famous in the times of the ancient Britons, were built by the first apostles of this island: among whom some moderns have placed St Joseph himself, and Aristobulus.(Excerpts fr. Fr Butler's Lives of the Saints) #Glastonbury #ENGvPAK #England #Christian
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Waiting to see any verified Left-wing condemnation of the 8 months pregnant woman stabbed to death in London yesterday @DavidLammy @GaryLineker (all the usual suspects) are they conveniently offline at #Glastonbury to signal their hatred of #Brexit to the point of not caring? 1/6
They prefer the company of white middle class #Remoaners off their faces on class A drugs, whilst non-ironically cheering on a foul-mouthed, drug-taking (if his lyrics are to be believed) rapper, without any comprehension of the damage drug culture is doing to the country. 2/6
This disproportionately affects the lives of the very people they claim (falsely) to be in support of. @stormzy is a joke, a hypocrite which is why he is adored by the Left but hated within his own community for the damage he & his music are doing to it but he is not alone. 3/6
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