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1 Apr 20
1/ I am officially shifting my attention to the anti-corruption and election reform movement.

Without election integrity, none of our candidates would become the nominee or president.

Bernie, Stein and Tulsi are just 3 leaders.
2/ They have their own mission and career path towards their mission.

Stein is an activist. Bernie is doing his progressive wing thing. Tulsi’s dream is to become a commander-in-chief.

We did it all wrong by relying on them and even expecting them to do what we wanted them to do.
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19 Mar 20
1/ .@TulsiGabbard's announcement: ★ The best way I can be of service at this time is: ✪ to continue to work for the health & well-being of the #People of Hawaii & our country in #Congress; ✪ to stand ready to serve in uniform should the Hawaii #NationalGuard be activated
@TulsiGabbard 2/ …★ Democratic Primary #Voters have chosen Biden to be the person who will take on Trump; ★ I may #Not agree with Biden on every #Issue, but I’m confident that he will lead our country guided by the spirit of #Aloha...
@TulsiGabbard 3/ ★ I offer my full support to Biden in his quest to bring our country #Together. ★ I will continue to advocate for a 21st century foreign policy, one that’s based on mutual respect & #Cooperation.
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23 Feb 20
1/ Carl: "What are some of the techniques you use to help deal with difficult people, still get your message across & accomplish your goal?" @TulsiGabbard: "Thinking of who it is you're fighting for..."
@TulsiGabbard 2/ .@TulsiGabbard: "... Leading with #Aloha allows you to get past 'I'm so offended, why are you hurting my feelings?' That's not what it's about. You can call me any name. I don't care. 'Cause it's not about me..."
@TulsiGabbard 3/ .@TulsiGabbard: "... It's about my brothers & sisters in uniform who I'm fighting for, because I don't want to have a commander-in-chief in the White House who doesn't know what the hell they're doing..."
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22 Feb 20
1/ “Even if a new president proposes sweeping reforms, Congress would block or severely #weaken them. In #foreignpolicy, however, a new president could reshape the world with a few strokes of the pen. @StephenKinzer
@stephenkinzer 2/ “A president could bring the U.S. back into the Iran nuclear deal; lift sanctions on Venezuela; offer to begin peace talks with Russia & China; pull American troops out of the ME; stop promoting the overthrow of foreign governments @StephenKinzer
@stephenkinzer 3/ 3 candidates are fully wedded to the paradigm of #conflict & #confrontation that shapes American #foreignpolicy: #JoeBiden, #AmyKlobuchar, & #PeteButtigieg.
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12 Feb 20
1/ #Tulsicrats, we’ve learned from the NH primary that we have built a strong foundation & that our leader @TulsiGabbard is uniquely talented at running a lean campaign.
@TulsiGabbard 2/ Other candidates spend a lot & they will inevitably drop out if their spending doesn’t bring results by or before Super Tuesday. We, tens of thousands of diehard #Tulsicrats support @TulsiGabbard, not because she's popular, but because we believe in her.
@TulsiGabbard 3/ We will easily keep her in the race while the field narrows because of low spending as long as we adjust our strategy:
The reason we are sad is that we have had high expectations.
@TulsiGabbard used to say she’s a turtle 🐢. She’s running an unconventional campaign.
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3 Feb 20
⚠️ #Iowa4Tulsi #IowaForTulsi ✅ Go EARLY ❇️ If they tell you there are too many people inside, do NOT leave! ❇️ If you are told they (1/7)
are relocating the venue, stick around, & be sure other people are (actually) going to this new venue. ✅ Do NOT leave ❇️ If you go (2/7)
outside the venue for any reason, even if you’re told it’s OK to go (even to bathroom), you will not be allowed back in. If you're (3/7)
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23 Jun 19
#Rational thinking is the ability to consider the #Relevant variables of a situation and to access, organize, and analyze #Relevant information to arrive at a #Sound conclusion. Confine oneself to the facts as they are. Do not add to it with your #Bias.
@TulsiGabbard was referring to this one incident only: at a fundraiser in New York on Tuesday night June 18, 2019, Biden tried to back up his claim that one of his greatest strengths was to “bring people together.” 1/
Biden then used an extreme example of people with whom he had major disagreements but still “#GotThingsDone” within the Senate. But today DEM and GOP Become enemies. 2/
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