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One of the primary reasons #Azerbaijan emerged victorious during its conflict with #Armenia in 2020 was that the Turkish #Bayraktar drones completely dominated the technologically inferior Armenian defense forces.

1/n Image
The conflict portrayed the success and effectiveness of the #Turkish drone program and its combat capabilities.

Türkiye has been able to challenge industry behemoths like the #US and #Israel to capture market share in #drone exports.

Even in the #RussiaUkraine conflict, they were able to inflict considerable damage on #Russian forces.

They have striking precision capabilities and come with relatively lesser price tags compared to their US and Israeli alternatives.

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Attacking the 🇺🇸 and embracing the Global South.

🇨🇳 Foreign Minister Qin Gang’s 2-hour press conference offers an overview of PRC’s foreign policy priorities:


#China #ForeignPolicy Image
Q1: Priorities of 🇨🇳 diplomacy? (🇨🇳 Central Television)
A: In 2023, the top diplomatic events hosted by 🇨🇳 are:
(a) the China-Central Asia Summit &
(b) the 3rd BRI Forum for international Cooperation.

Qin also referred to the usual themes of 🇨🇳 diplomacy under XJP:
(1) defending 🇨🇳’s core interests, (2) opposing hegemonism, (3) new type of international relations, (4) openness & development, (5) rejecting decoupling & sanctions, (6) promoting multilateralism, (7) calling for the establishment of a community of shared future in the new era,
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#China struggles to pursue #foreignpolicy and great power #diplomacy

Jia Qingguo (CPPCC's Foreign Affairs Committee) sees 3 causes:

📍Contradiction China’s identity vs interests
📍Inability to process own rapid growth
📍Own unique features

Let's unpack his piece🧵 Jia Qingguo picture - sourc...Image
📌Who is he?

One of 🇨🇳 top foreign policy advisers

📍Member of Standing Committee of National Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
📍Member of CPPC's Foreign Affairs Council
📍Former dean of Peking University's School of International Studies [2/15] Image
📍China's confusing foreign policy choices often stem from conflicted identities, which are subject of domestic debate
📍China still lacks understanding of outside world
📍Consensus on need for assertiveness & preventing containment but debate on how to do it [3/15]
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Hi all!
It's a 10 minute warning on the start of #Democrat Congressional candidate in #PA01, @ashley_ehasz's #townhall on #ReproductiveFreedom and the role of Congress.

You can watch here:

We'll be live tweeting the whole thing!
If you attended the @ashley_ehasz #PA01 #townhall in person, you'd have seen this (#Antichoice #GOP extremist Brian Fitzpatrick) cardboard guy out front.

That's as close as any version of Fitz would get to a town hall. He sprints away from unscripted constituent contact!
In case you want a run down of the legislative goods on #GOP #Antichoice extremist Brian Fitzpatrick of #PA01, here's the rundown...

The TL;DR is that Brian Fitzpatrick has ALWAYS voted AGAINST #AbortionRights.

He's no moderate, don't drink the Kool-aid on that!
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The regime of #Iran, like virtually all in the #MiddleEast, is vile and we hope one day it’s citizens will be free. But what the international #msm is doing right now with its coverage is essentially trying to aid the US government in another regime change attempt.
1/ #Iran was a democracy in 1953, but unfortunately its Socialist-leaning government nationalized its oil industry which was a no-no for the Imperialist #USA and #UK so the #CIA & #MI6 collaborated as they often do to overthrow its government and install a bloody dictator. #Shah
2/ the US plays lip-service to wanting democracy in the #MiddleEast, but what it demands is FIELTY to the US Empire. Egyptian people bravely and at great cost overthrew a bloody dictator and established the Arab World’s biggest democracy. The new govt wasn’t pro-US and in 2013…
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Here are a few quotes that you can use in the #UPSC Mains exam for #ForeignPolicy especially as introductions and conclusions.

A thread 🧵:
1. “India’s multi-faith society is also an enormous contribution to global stability. In fact, that is what acts as a firewall preventing the spread of fundamentalism and radicalism from India’s West to its East.”
S. Jaishankar
2.”If America is a melting-pot,then India is a thali,a selection of sumptuous dishes in different bowls.Each tastes different & doesn’t necessarily mix with the next,but they belong together on the same plate,& they complement each other in making the meal a satisfying repast.”⬇️
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#DariaDugin, daughter of #AlexanderDugin, has been #Assassinated via #CarBomb near #Moscow.

#AleksandrDugin is a prominent #Russian strategist sometimes called #PutinsBrain. He’s thought to have inspired #Putin to pursue the annexation of #Crimea, the... [1/2]
...#SpecialMilitaryOperation in #Ukraine, as well as the concepts of #Novorossiya and the #FairWorldOrder.

The #Assassination of the #FWO strategist’s daughter #DariaDugina is comparable to elimination of #NWO strategist #HenryKissinger’s daughter. [2/2]
The elimination of #DariaDugin represents a potential #Escalation between #NewWorldOrder and #FairWorldOrder. If #Russia assesses that #NWO actors are involved, the #Russians are likely to pursue #TitForTat. If #Washington’s proxy in #Kiev is determined the perpetrator... [1/2]
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1/ #Indonesia 🇮🇩 President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo is heading to #Moscow to meet with Putin.

Why did Jokowi choose this moment to step up on the global stage? Here's a quick 🧵 primer.

article via @_KateLamb & @stanleywidianto…
2/ Since being elected in 2014, Jokowi has focused on #economic issues & paid comparatively little attention to #foreingpolicy. But, when the latter impacts the former, he tunes in.
3/ #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine sent food, cooking oil & energy prices up globally. For #Indonesia, this is exacerbating pre-existing economic challenges & could push tens of millions into poverty.
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"Using a laboratory rheometer, we measure failure mechanics of the eponymous Oreo’s “creme” and probe the influence of rotation rate, amount of creme, and flavor on the stress–strain curve and postmortem creme distribution." -- Owens, Fan, Hart, McKinley…
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Good morning and welcome to Day 2 of #Raisina2022.

We will be starting with the Welcome Address by V. Muraleedharan (@MOS_MEA).

Stay tuned for updates.
Watch it LIVE here:
.@MOS_MEA: #Foreignpolicy begins at home. The days of debates in the court are gone, and now the people are forming the decisions. Foreign policy is now driven by the people.

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In the past few days @sd270 and I have been frantically analysing the data we got from @ecfr latest poll on European perceptions of French diplomatic leadership. Unroll 🧵for an insight on our main findings (1/10)
European citizens want more cooperation on #security and expect the EU to provide it (2/10) #ECFRdata
Europeans are disillusioned with how the global system of international cooperation is handling today’s challenges. 71% believe that the system is not working on #climatechange. (3/10) #ECFRdata
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Our new polling shows: the steps taken at EU level since the #RussianInvasionOfUkraine seem to be the minimum the European public expects. Europeans are calling for deeper long-term cooperation on #security matters at EU level. | A thread👇 (1/9)…
Europeans are disillusioned with how the global system of international cooperation is handling today’s challenges. 71% believe that the system is not working on #climatechange. (2/9) #ECFRdata
Confidence in national political systems is at a low ebb across Europe, with a majority of Europeans (58%) holding the view that ordinary voters have almost “no impact” on today’s politics. 🇪🇺 But support for EU institutions, however, remains high! (3/9) #ECFRdata
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I dont have much insight into #ForeignPolicy . I do not understand the variables and dynamics very well.

But Philosophically India should be guided by the Framework of “Purushartha” in the Foreign Policy in general and situations such as Ukraine-Russia conflict in particular.

1. Artha

=> We should have a list of interests that we must protect that are key to our current existence and status. Eg., Arms for Security.

=> Nothing that we do should hurt our current strengths and positions unless a new strength/position can be gained

2. Kama

=> Once the non-negotiable Artha-s are secure, see what long standing desires can be fulfilled

=> Look for new possibilities

Eg., By taking a neutral position can we get something more from Russia. By partaking in Relief Operations, can we build new Relationships.

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#SOTU 🧵-- Tonight @POTUS will deliver his first State of the Union address. In addition to confronting the crisis in #Ukraine, @WhiteHouse says the President will speak in depth about his economic vision.
He will lay out a 4-point plan to lower costs including:
* Making more things in #America, strengthening #supplychains
* Reducing the costs of everyday expenses for working families
* Promoting fair competition, protecting consumers
* Eliminating barriers to good-paying jobs
While you will hear @POTUS tout practical measures like reducing prescription drug, health care and childcare costs, you may NOT hear the words "BUILD BACK BETTER." A senior administration official told me "It's not about the name of the bill. It's about the ideas..."
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/24/2022…
Omitting indoor air quality from COVID-19 guidance for shelters and long-term care homes is a grave mistake…
#COVID19, #BuildingGuidelines, #LongTermCareFacilities, #IndoorAirQuality
Russia Is Reenacting Its Georgia Playbook in Ukraine…
#RussiaUkraine, #ForeignPolicy, #MilitaryTactics
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How does the #Kremlin and the #Putin inner circle launder money? Short answer: just like the rest of us. #Russia uses the Western financial world as an element of its own power. But it's worth reviewing why this is before we cheer on the #sanctions brigade in the US and UK. A 🧵
Deep and internationalized #capital #markets are an element of Western power. By drawing global finance to #NewYork or #London, we make ourselves indispensable to global trade and investment. Use our #Dollar anywhere if you abide by its rules. This is why the yuan cannot compete.
The same market liberalization that has led to global prosperity with the US and the West at its center. But the same rules that make it easy to open your family business apply to anyone opening a "family business." You selling cookies and the Russians sell state assets.
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The #Iran-#China deal has entered the "implementation" phase. This has triggered a new, yet not unexpected round of #Sino-#Iranian "alliance" panic.

But recent events hint at the limits of the Sino-Iranian partnership. Let's review... (a #ForeignPolicy #IranChina #thread) 1/
First, it's worth repeating that many aspects of the promised deal are overblown and exaggerated, including the fabled "$400 billion" investment. The deal was, and remains, aspirational and with no specific details. 2/…
Iran may be forced to “Look East” in the wake of the U.S. withdrawal from the JCPOA, but the Chinese government continues to look in many directions at once. China has substantial relations with Saudi Arabia, Israel, and a number of other Iranian neighbors and/or rivals. 3/
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/07/2021…
Pre-Columbian Latin Text Proves Early Knowledge of the Americas…

#MedievalHistory #europe #latin #translations
Extinction and origination patterns change after mass extinctions…

#MassExtinctions #consequences #evolution
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1/ U.S. #energy policy is in serious need of a rethink. Energy policy is not just climate policy, it's #economic policy and it's #foreignpolicy. Our European allies' dependence on #Russian gas supplies is geopolitical malfeasance.…
2/ For decades, the U.S. was reliant on energy supplies from the Middle East, which dictated our foreign policy decisions in the region. The #shale revolution provided a brief, decade-long reprieve from the mercy of #OPEC.
3/ But rather than use our energy abundance as a geopolitical and national/economic security tool, we are ceding power back to those whose national interests are not aligned with those of the U.S.
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As someone who opposes Islamophobia, why should I vote strategically for a party that drafted a dog-whistle bill around it or that voted for it, over the NDP who didn't?

#Islamophobia #Elxn44 #cdnpoli
As someone who supports labour organizing, why would I vote strategically for a party who doesn't want to strengthen labour laws to support workers during strikes and lockouts, when the NDP does?

#canlab #strike #Elxn44
As someone who wants trade deals that are good for Canada and Canadian workers and don't contain harmful ISDs and respect our sovereignty, why would I vote strategically for any party who undermines that? #trade #cdnecon #Elxn2021
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