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Syrian Researcher, formerly @TIMEPDC non-resident fellow & @orsamorgtr researcher. Interested in ME politics and OSINT #COYG Views are mine
Feb 8 12 tweets 3 min read
Disappointed to see a well-established organization like ICG hiring someone who pushes twisted narrative on Syria that aligns with the regime propaganda that dehumanize Syrian victims of atrocities ICG latest hire Nanar Hawach repeatedly parroted Assad regime and Russia propaganda, following the same mis/disinformation tactics that has been created and pushed to dehumanize and attack Syrian victims
Sep 26, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
#Syria 1- Qadri Jameel, the head of People's Will Party which recently signed a memorandum with Syrian Democratic Council, said Jeffrey told SDC the 5 points of US policy for Syria and the northeast told by special sources. Points below. (9:00) 2-
Said Jeffrey stated the following
-Turkey will not capture any new area, if so it would face sanctions
-pushing for the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue to establish a bigger opposition outside the SY coalition
-Cut\disengage the relationship with PKK
Sep 22, 2020 5 tweets 2 min read
#Syria the weak & unstable reconciliation in #Daraa reached #Damascus countryside. Clashes erupted between ex-rebels and regime forces in Kanaker town as regime forces tried to enter the town and arrest locals who protested yesterday after regime arrested 3 women on a checkpoint Tension in Kanaker has been escalating in the past few months after regime TV aired an interview of 5 young men and 1 woman accused of being affiliated with underground insurgency group Saraya Qasioun, they said they were responsible for IED attacks in Damascus & its countryside
Sep 14, 2020 5 tweets 3 min read
#Syria on Monday schools reopened in regime-held areas after 6 months, the Dean of Faculty of Medicine Dr. Nabogh al-Awa criticised the decision & the Minister of Education, today the Dean was replaced & he said he only heard the decision on Facebook not official channels The choice of Dr Darem Tabba'a as new Minister of Education was faced with criticism & sarcasm by Syrians because of his profession veterinarian, and the decision to not appoint a more suitable candidate with proper experience & knowledge of the education field #Syria
Aug 29, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
#Syria loyalist websites& fb pages claimed the new government will be announced tomorrow, notably FM Moualem will be replaced by Bassam Sabbagh the Syrian ambassador at OPCW, Janset Kazan to be new Minister of Social Affairs and Labour. In addition to other changes Moualem has been sick for some time and went into a coma last year, it would be interesting if Sabbagh not Jaafari nor Maqdad who are more famous and spent more time in MoF than him.
Aug 22, 2020 7 tweets 2 min read
بالنسبة لموضوع قطع المياه عن #الحسكة: بعد عملية نبع السلام توصلت روسيا وتركيا لاتفاق مشابه لاتفاق إدلب تضمن استمرار ضخ المياه الى الحسكة وريفها عبر محطة علوك مقابل استمرار استجرار الكهرباء لمناطق نبع السلام(١٥ ميغاواط) من محطة السويدية قرب المالكية عبر محطة تحويل الدرباسية بعد الاتفاق انسحبت قوات سوريا الديمقراطية من سد تشرين وسلمتها للنظام الي حول جزء من الكهرباء لمناطق سيطرته في ريف حلب مما زاد الضغط على محطة السويدية، لعدة مرات توقفت قسد عن تزويد مناطق نبع السلام بالكهرباء وردت قوات المعارضة المدعومة من تركيا بإيقاف ضخ المياه الى الحسكة
Aug 12, 2020 6 tweets 3 min read
#Syria first Turkish-Russian patrol on the M4 highway in south #Idlib since July 22, route is from Tranbe to Ayn Hoor as agreed in the March agreement. Could this be a sign that there will be no regime attack on Idlib? Too early to know but high possibility for now Regime tried to advance in Tal al-Haddade axis in Latakia northern countryside in an attempt to attack capture the area but failed, on Saturday Turkish army established a military point in the area which in an attempt to stop the attack which is what happened
Aug 5, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
#Syria Brigadier Mohamed Tareq al-Khadra the cheif commander of the Palestinian Liberation Army in Syria died today at 79 yo, sources said he died of #COVID19 Image The PLA was the armed wing of the Palestinian Liberation Front (PLO) it was formed in 1964 but later became under full Syrian leadership and a part of the Syrian MoD. Al-Khadra has been the commander of the Army for more than 40 years
Aug 4, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
#Syria escalation is rising in SDF-held #DeirEzzor especially the eastern countryside. Locals of al-Hawayge and Thiban attacked SDF HQ in the area after its patrol shot at protesters&injured some. SDF personnel retreated and the fighting stopped Protested erupted after some locals accused YPG\SDF-affiliated sleeper cell of assassinating Matsher al-Hafel a prominent tribal leader of al-Akidat tribe on Saturday while another prominent figure from al-Akidat (Suleiman al-Kassar) was assassinated on Thursday (claimed by ISIS)
Jul 28, 2020 8 tweets 2 min read
Thread on possible escalation in NW #Syria:
What is confirmed that the regime sent reinforcement to south #Idlib in the past few weeks, loyalist social media keep saying an operation is coming and the aim is to capture Jabal al-Zawyie and Jisr al-Shoghur While reinforcement are confirmed, photos published by pro-regime show no excessive amount of weapons, artillery or armory. Only infantry which is mostly Tiger Forces, 4th Division and other SAA forces but no major involvement of Iranian-backed militias
Jul 22, 2020 5 tweets 2 min read
#Syria regime police arrested the Mayor of Jdaidat al-Fadhel town in Damascus countryside trying to flee to Lebanon, the reason is corruption charges he committed when the town was unde lockdown. Local sources said real reason is dispute with NDF over bribes to smuggle locals #COVID19 situation is worsening in Damascus & countryside. Several locals, even pro-regime, said capacity of public hospitals is full&all unnecessary operations cancelled. No lockdown or measures by the regime except closing wedding&funeral halls despite the urgent need to do so
Jul 19, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
#Syria SDF is playing dangerous game in #DeirEzzor by responding to protests&unrests with force. Hammoud al-Nofal is the Head of al-Shheil local council who met Mazlum 2 weeks ago was arrested 2 days ago "for being ISIS sleeper cell" according to SDF\YPG media,later released Image Reason for protests in #DeirEzzor are various:
-new curriculum refused by majority of Arabs and Kurds in NE Syria
-distrust of locals against SDF commanders especially Siban Hammo
-continues SDF harassment against local figures after a new political body was formed recently
Jul 14, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
#Syria car bomb attack targeted Turkish-Russian patrol on the M4 highway in #Idlib, initial reports suggest it's SVBIED
#Syria no injuries among Turkish soldiers only material damage but 3 Russian soldiers critically injured according to Levent's tweet
Jul 2, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
#Syria Credit and Money Council raised the annual interest rate on deposits 3.5% for $ and 1 % for euro for deposits 1% for $ and 0.5% for euro for transfer deposits. Image The main change is the rate for transfer deposits, these transfer deposits accounts used by companies for import&export,giving this interest rate is an attempt to lure companies to use the accounts instead of accounts in foreign countries or money transfer offices
Jun 22, 2020 7 tweets 4 min read
#Syria HTS crackdown on radical Jihadi figures continue, 3 days after arresting Abu Salah al-Uzbeki HTS arrested today its former commander Abu Malek al-Talli the leader of Liwa al-Moqateleen al-Ansar which,with other Jihadi groups, formed recently "Fa Ethbato-Stand Firm" op room Image Abu Malek was Nusra commander in Qalamoun in Damascus countryside then continued to be HTS commander when he left to #Idlib, last April he left HTS due to disagreement with the leadership, he represent the radical wing of the Syrian Jihadis who oppose Sochi deal #Syria
Jun 17, 2020 4 tweets 1 min read
#Syria US sanctions targeted companies and personnel related to the two main real-estate projects (Marota City&Grand Town) including: Damascus Governor Adel al-Olabi,Nader Kalai,Khaled Al-Zubaidi,Nazir Ahmad JamalEddine and of course Rami and Ihab Makhlouf following companies:Damascus Cham Holding,Apex Development and Projects LLC, Tamayoz LLC,Bunyan Damascus Private Company, Telefocus Consultants Inc in Canada ,Telefocus SAL Offshore in Lebanon,Castle Investment Holding,Castle Holding GmbH Austria,Mirza Company,Rawafed Damascus 👇
Jun 17, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
الدفعة الأولى من العقوبات بموجب ⁧#قانون_قيصر⁩ تشمل بشار الأسد وأسماء الأسد وماهر الاسد والفرقة الرابعة في الجيش السوري والعميد غسان بلال وبشرى الأسد ومنال الأسد ومحمد حمشو وابنائه أحمد سمير وعمر وعلي و سمية حمشو ورانيا الدباس زوجة احمد سمير حمشو
#سوريا قائمة عقوبات جديدة تشمل عدة شركات واشخاص على ارتباط بمشاريع عقارية في دمشق مثل مشروع ماروتا سيتي وغراند تاون
نادر قلعي وخالد الزبيدي:
واستثماراتهم التالية: مدينة غراند تاون، فندق ايبلا، القلعة القابضة للاستثمار المسجلة في لبنان وسوريا، القلعة القابضة محدودة المسؤولية في النمسا
Jun 1, 2020 7 tweets 3 min read
Thread on worrying signs from regime-held areas in #Syria regarding #COVID19, last case reported today was in #Sweida for a family member of another case who was released recently from isolation facility after he came back from UAE despite MoH said his 2 swaps were negative The man who was discharged developed symptoms 2 days after and alarmed the local authority who took him to the isolation facility. In al-Thyabie in Damascus countryside another man developed symptoms after being discharged, MoH quarantined his building & others
May 23, 2020 5 tweets 2 min read
#Syria in a new post on his fb page, Rami Makhoud continue his plea to the security sector to release detained Syriatel eomployees adding that "the security forces should only chase corrupted criminals no the patriots loyalists" 👇 Image Makhlouf said 1.5 b SYP was transferred to Boustan Foundation and other aid organizations to help people in need in all #Syria especially "the countryside". adding that it supports 7500 families of "martyrs"&3500 injured soldiers and thousands of surgeries for soldiers
May 23, 2020 5 tweets 4 min read
#Syria Ministry of Health announced 11 new #COVIDー19 cases of Syrians who came back from Kuwait and now under quarantine. Number of cases now is 70 including 37 recoveries and 4 deaths.
Syrian Minister of Health said 1 Russian worker in Tartous Port tested positive of #Covid_19 then another test was done and came back negative, all port workers were allowed to leave after the port was closed. #Syria
May 22, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
#Syria Loyalist pages from Salamiyah, #Hama mourned the death of Jameel al-A'araj, a soldier of the 4th Division, was killed in #Libya fighting alongside Haftar forces. Recently, several pro-regime fb pages&accounts went publicly to lure young men into fighting in Libya Image So far Liwa al-Quds, 4th Division and small groups of former opposition groups affiliated with the 5th Corps sent fighters to #Libya under direct Russian supervision. Liwa al-Quds is promising up to 2000$ salary and claim the mission is to guard oil facilities.