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4 Jul 20
#ListenToStudents campaign

👉Worst nightmare of DU students came true today. Mock online test turned out to be a mockery

👉Ministry had 3 months but did next to nothing

👉We need to back our students. I spoke to some students to understand what happened today. #Thread 👇

👉Many students didn't get the OTP required to log in DESPITE SEVERAL ATTEMPTS

👉E-mail Ids of students APPROVED by DU were shown as 'INVALID'

👉Some couldn't even reach the login page as the website crashed. Many students kept getting '502 Gateway timeout' error message

2/5 ImageImage

👉DU's Political science students tell me they received BA prog question paper!

👉Some students tell me when they tried downloading the question paper or uploading their answer sheets, THEY COULD NOT DO SO. Imagine spending 3 hours writing a paper IN VAIN

3/5 ImageImage
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17 Jun 20

👉This thread by me will show how Zee news, Republic & India TV thrive on ads of products having Chinese investment

👉These hate-promoting channels make YOU dump Chinese TVs, phones & APPs

👉Like always, they make YOU give Qurbani, while they eat 'Biryani'

👉ZEE NEWS mints money from ads of these products with Chinese investment- LENSKART, VIVO & UDAAN

👉That's how this hate machine fools you. Preaches nationalism but is anti-national itself

👉Take ZEE's DNA test & ask it to drop these ads FOREVER & support #ChinaMuktMedia

👉INDIA TV mints money from ads of these products which have Chinese investment- VEDANTU, XIAOMI & UDAAN

👉It preaches nationalism but will it dump the MONEY it gets courtesy China?

👉Ask India TV to drop ads of all chinese products FOREVER & support #ChinaMuktMedia

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4 Jun 20

👉I spent last 2 hours to read & pick portions of the order in which @SafooraZargar was denied bail today

👉Judge said, "even if no direct violence is attributable to Safoora, she cannot shy away from her liability under UAPA's provisions." READ ON

Safoor Zargar bail order

👉Judge said, "When you choose to play with embers, you cannot blame the wind to have carried the spark a bit too far & spread the fire"

👉"at this stage, the court is NOT CONCERNED with the SANCTITY of the material available on record, however.."

#Thread on Safoora

👉"..considering material on record, it cant be said that there is no prima facie case made out against Safoora"

👉"Mere violence is not the gravamen of UAPA(charge u/s 2). Any activity wld obviously be treated as an unlawful activity within UAPA which..

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30 May 20
#Verified #OperationHospital

👉#CoronaWarrior Laxmi is a lab tech. at Delhi govt's Acharya Bhikshu Hospital

👉Wasn't tested for 18days despite being highly SYMPTOMATIC. Her hosp is a test centre!

👉2 days after testing +ve, she tells me she been ABANDONED by her hospital


👉When she asked her HoD to help her & family, he said, "Khud kahi admit ho jao aur ab kya karna hai wo KHUD DEKHO"

👉When she asked him, "is halaat mein kaha jaungi", he DISCONNECTED the call

👉'Called MS & 1075(corona helpline), but NO HELP for 2 days


👉'Protocol violated at my hospital. Staff meant to collect corona test samples also made to work in other wings including the OPD'

👉When we protested, our HoD said, "You are over-panicking. Aaise nahi hota corona"

👉'I am +ve. My mom & bro have fever'

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21 May 20
#VERIFIED #OperationHashtag

👉Reality of the hashtag- #Hinduphobic_Bollywood & how twitter trends are managed

👉Syndicates use private facebook groups to make such hashtags trend

👉I managed to get a source inside one such group who took me deep inside it. READ ON😁

👉This hashtag was trended because of #PatalLok which they feel is Hinduphobic

👉They began by trolling #PataalLok producer @AnushkaSharma & then @imVkohli

👉Soon it became about the entire bollywood & usual suspects came on their radar, like- @sonamakapoor & @ReallySwara

👉This pvt group has both men & women

👉Some of its members were SAD that #CycloneAmphan was trending above #Hinduphobic_Bollywood. How humane!

👉For instance, take a look at this comment made while celebrating hashtag's success by a member of this private Facebook group👇

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17 May 20


👉Metro, air & train TO REMAIN SHUT

👉Sport stadiums can open MINUS spectators

👉Inter-state movement of your private vehicles & buses with mutual consent of states/UTs involved, ALLOWED in non-containment zones

👉Within Red & Orange, 2 NEW ZONES created- CONTAINMENT & BUFFER. In containment zones, ONLY essential acts allowed

👉Centre has NOT put ANY RESTRICTION on e-commerce of non-essentials, markets, Private taxis or malls.

👉This means they are ALLOWED in non-containment zones

👉NOW, it's for states to decide whether they want to allow these activities or NOT in non-containment zones

👉It's been put on shop owners to ENSURE 6 feet gap among customers. Also, only 5 persons allowed at a time at a shop

👉Night curfew to continue from 7pm to 7am

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10 May 20
I have #VERIFIED from @savelifeindia

👉Detailed #THREAD on Migrant workers killed in accidents while returning to their states. 64 DEAD & 152 INJURED during Lockdowns

👉Mar27, Rajasthan- 1 died. Hit by a truck while walking from Surat

👉Mar28, UP- 1 killed. Hit & run case

#THREAD on Migrant workers

👉Mar28, Telangana- 8 killed including a toddler

👉Mar28, Maha- 4 killed. Truck hit them while walking

👉Mar29, Gujarat- 2 killed. Hit by a TRAIN

👉Mar31, UP- 1 killed. Speeding car hit him & wife

👉Apr7, UP- 3 died, 2 in a bike collision

👉#THREAD on migrant workers' casualties APART from 16 killed by train

👉Apr23, UP- 2 killed while walking to Bihar

👉Apr27, Andhra- 2 killed as their cycle was hit

👉Apr27, MP- 1 died as truck overturned

👉Apr28, Rajasthan- 1 from MP killed. Hit by a vehicle

3/6 READ ON 👇
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9 May 20

👉It's day 46 of lockdown, but India is still forcing the Migrant workers to walk

👉It's important to give face to each of these migrants. Hence putting these 5 stories of just last 24 hours. 💔 details I'm personally vouching for. Read on & #KeepAsking👇


👉Story #1- Location- South Ex

👉2 women & a man with 4 kids.
They started a 500 KM journey on FOOT from Outer Delhi's Rama Vihar to UP's Jhansi. Used to work at construction sites but been without money since March. Sent back to Rama Vihar by Police


👉Story #2, Location- Delhi-Gurgaon border

👉These migrant workers belong to UP & used to work at a Restaurant. Along with them, there were 8 others from Bihar. They were misinformed that a bus will depart from Gurgaon

👉Not allowed to proceed by cops

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8 May 20
👉Images from the railway track where a train ran over 16 migrants

👉Look at their left overs- Roti, Kapda, Mask, Chappal, Bag, Oil ki shishi- Jo jo unhone maanga, sab diya. Train bhi.

👉Rich? Cuteness. Poor? Cruelty
👉Names of migrant workers killed as a train ran over them. They can't be reduced to a mere statistic or token condolences

👉Dhansingh, Nirlesh, Buddharaj, Rabendra, Rajbohram, Dharmendra, Shreedayal, Suresh, Santosh, Brijesh Bigendra, Pradeep, Nemshah singh Munim singh, Achelal
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1 May 20
👉Lockdown 3.0 RULES #THREAD

👉India divided into 3 zones- RED, Orange & Green

👉Green- Districts with NO CASE for 21 DAYS

👉NO metro, air, rail or any inter-state buses in ANY ZONE

👉Buses with 50% capacity in green zone

👉No cinema, Gym,Mall,hotel, college, school anywhere
👉Lockdown 3.0 rules #THREAD

👉In All zones, movement of persons by air, rail & road to be allowed ONLY for select purposes permitted by MHA

👉Movement for non-essentials in all zones PROHIBITED from 7pm to 7am

👉Orange zones, 4 wheeler with 2 passengers allowed,including cabs
👉Lockdown 3.0 rules #THREAD

👉Stand alone ALCOHOL shops allowed in Green & Orange zones

👉IMPORTANT- E-commerce of even NON-ESSENTIAL items ALLOWED

👉In red zones, E-commerce of only essential items allowed

👉In all zones, those aged 65+ to stay home, except for essentials👇
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27 Feb 20
👉Delhi violence hearing begins

👉Tushar Mehta tells court that considered opinion of police that current siutation not conducive for any such decision like an FIR coz it will not help in restoring the peace

👉Will continue to put real time updates from inside the courtroom
Colin for harsh mander tells High court-

Protests were going on peacefully barring issues like traffic jams.

The slogans raised in hate speeches directed people to go kill. Goli maaro saalon ko became the favourite slogan of a political party. This is hate speech
Harsh Mander's counsel tells the court,

👉No matter who you are, once you tell people to kill YOU SHOULD BE ARRESTED

👉And there's documented proof. Videos. Which were played in this courtroom yesterday. Videos which haven't been denied.
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24 Feb 20
👉I went inside Delhi's riot hit areas to record

👉Shop still on fire in Maujpur. Took the camera inside that shop

👉Despite police presence, Young boys raising provocative slogans with Stones-Lathis in hand

👉Will put more ground reports

👉My another ground report from INSIDE Delhi's riot hit areas

👉Torched vehicles, shops & homes.

👉Stones & smoke all around

👉Will put more ground reports with VERIFIED inputs. Situation still tense.

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18 Feb 20

JAMIA Alumni association FILES COMPLAINT against Delhi Police for POLICE BRUTALITY seen in CCTV clips.

More details in this #THREAD.

Complaint says,

"Cops in blatant abuse of state
machinery & in colourable exercise of power, without any provocation or warning, started firing tear gas & stun grenades at both Jamia students & alumni peacefully protesting outside the University & non-protesting students.

Complaint against Delhi Police says,

"Police in its assault trespassed Univ gates by THRASHING Ex-Servicemen deployed as guards & fired tear & stun grenades & also broke glasses of the library which led to eye irritation, suffocation,mental trauma, & physical injury to students"
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17 Feb 20

FULL Jamia CCTV with testimony of a student who was INSIDE this library. He spoke to me on condition of anonymity. This part of the footage was NOT earlier released. This answers a lot. Read this #THREAD to know how.

Full Video👉

With the release of this CCTV & my conversation with student who was inside answers the following-

1. Were students inside Jamia library since 2 pm or did they come in the evening after rioting outside?

2. Why some had masks on?

3. What triggered the panic?


1. A student who was inside the library tells me, "At 27 seconds in this CCTV, a student showed us a clip he was whatsapped. Clip showed cops inside #Jamia. The clip was a SOS call by another student. We panicked. We decided to block door with desk for our safety"

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16 Feb 20
#Breaking #THREAD


Jamia students(& coordination committee) tell me that in this cctv, students can be seen in a panic stricken state & running for cover as cops were lobbing tear gas shells & wielding lathis.

Jamai Coordination panel tells me,

"With regards to above CCTV, Students hid in the room & dragged the desk to the door to ensure they remain safe. Students also later switched off the lights & made SOS calls. This has ALREADY been stated in statement given by students to NHRC"
Jamia coordination panel on the above CCTV footage tells me,

"It's a no secret that students locked themselves in library rooms & washrooms. It's ON RECORD in statement given to NHRC. Students then made SOS help calls to their loved one stating the very same version"
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6 Feb 20

Jamia shuts down haters.

Jamia organising team tells me they'll open the road on February 8th due to #DelhiElections

Jamia students to restart protest from 8th night post voting
Statement from students,

"We make it abundantly clear that upholding the democratic ideals of the country is at the forefront of our movement against CAA. We recognise and reiterate that the electoral process is an essential element of the democratic functioning."
Statement from Jamia students,

"Rspecting the model code of conduct which prohibits canvassing by political parties within 100mtrs of a polling station, we have decided to move our protest to Gate no. 4 of the university, even though we are not a political party"
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4 Feb 20
They are here.

Radicalized youth marching openly on the road near #ShaheenBagh & #Jamia IN FRONT OF THE POLICE

Chanting, "Desh ke gaddaro ko, goli maaro saalo ko".

Will update with more info.
They are marching towards Jamia university.

Here's another VIDEO.

Will keep updating with VERIFIED information & VIDEOS here & on my YOUTUBE

They have reached Jamia university. And still chanting. In front of the Policemen.

Will keep updating with VERIFIED information & VIDEOS here & on my YOUTUBE


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2 Feb 20


Students of #Jamia just rang me up to say that a gun shot has just been heard near gate number 5 of Jamia university.

I'll share verified updates and video soon.
Video from Jamia.

Students say, "2 goons fired from a vehicle whose last 4 digits are 1534"

I'm trying to get a word from the Police. Will keep sharing VERIFIED details & videos.👇👇
According to students, "one of the gun attackers was wearing Red Jacket and driving a Red Scooty having Vehicle no. 1532."

Not 1534.

I'll keep sharing more VERIFIED updates & videos
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28 Jan 20
Oh my poha!


@msisodia releases this video to show that the school @GautamGambhir visited to show "non functional schools of Delhi" HAS BEEN SHIFTED.

Can see the notice in this video. Sisodia says, " GG interested in jalebis"


On the 2nd video by Parvesh Verma, @msisodia says,

"The school has both- an old building and a new building. Some classes are still going on in the old building. Video has been shot carefully to hide hiding the new school building"


On Hans Raj's video, @msisodia says,

"He went there at 7:30 pm. He THREATENED the estate manager, got a room opened. There is a multipurpose hall - where there is a 'dari ' where children play.

Multipurpose hall की दरी दिखा कर कह रहे हैं कि डेस्क नहीं हैं"

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21 Jan 20

Here's how AAP will campaign.

-@ArvindKejriwal will hold 8 town hall meetings, from 23 to 30 January*

-Apart from townhalls, AK will hold roadshows. 1st roadshow tomorrow in Burari assembly area from 9 am

-@msisodia, @SanjayAzadSln @ @AapKaGopalRai to hold padyatras across Delhi

- Kejriwal's 2nd roadshow tomorrow evening from Krishna Nagar to Shahdara

-From 23rd January onwards, Townhalls to begin. First one at Siri Fort Auditorium. Townhalss to continue till 30th

AAP's #DelhiElections

-AAP volunteers will receive a training session on the 23rd and from 24th January to 2nd February, a door to door campaign will be conducted, during which volunteers will present Arvind Kejriwal's Guarantee Card to every household in Delhi

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6 Jan 20

-Presenting FIR copy & CHRONOLOGY of violence

-Attached FIR copy raises QUESTIONS over Police’s conduct & REVEALS facts not known before

-This FIR is based on the version of a cop inside JNU

-Police FIRST got to know about violence at 3:45 PM on Sunday


-Cops got to know that 40-50 miscreants were indulging in violence in Periyar hostel

-40-50 masked miscreants with rods & sticks were SPOTTED by cops

-On seeing cops, miscreants FLED

-Police FIR CONFIRMS that Police GOT MANY SOS calls after that


-At 7pm, Police was told that 40-50 people were now doing violence in Sabarmati hostel

-Cops immediately reached Sabarmati & saw those miscreants doing violence.

-Cops then made ANNOUNCEMENTS to WARN them to not do violence & DISPERSE peacefully

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