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A Delhi Court begins hearing the anticipatory bail application filed by #NikitaJacob in relation to the farmers protest toolkit case.

#farmersprotest #toolkit Image
Irfan Ahmed APP: Shantanu's bail application is listed for 9th.
Rebecca John appears for the accused, Nikita Jacob.

John: If it's not for the 9th, I would like to argue it as a stand alone application.
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#FarmersProtest enters day 96 on borders of Delhi & day 160 in Punjab.

1. The farmers who died while protesting against the three farm laws were remembered during the Punjab Assembly’s session. Today’s session is likely to be slightly calmer.
2. Farmers in Umraya village of Chhata sub-division in Uttar Pradesh destroyed crop in a four-acre area yesterday to protest against the contentious farm reform laws.
3. Rajewal has said that farmers will block the KMP Highway on Saturday from 11am to 05pm.
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Oct 11 2018: "The #WorldEconomicForum, an International Org. for Public-Private Cooperation, has opened the Centre for the #FourthIndustrialRevolution #India. The centre is the fourth of its kind in the world after San Francisco, #Tokyo & #Beijing."…

"With Centres in 13 countries the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network works w/ governments, leading companies, civil society, innovators & experts from around the world to pilot new approaches to technology adoption & governance."…
"Projects will be scaled across #India & globally. As part of the WEF's global network, the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution India will work closely with project teams" across the globe.

Founding partners/members include #Microsoft, #Salesforce, #McKinsey, #Gavi: Image
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#FarmersProtest enters day 95
1. SKM has clarified that none of the farmer union leaders has given the call for hike in milk prices. The announcement has been made by some Khaps of Hisar.
2. Dalit Panchayats have extended their unanimous support to the #FarmersProtest . Panchayats from Punjab, Haryana and UP announced their unconditional support to farmers protest.
3. As per the legal panel ten bails have been applied for today. Expecting all of them to be approved by the end of the day. Mohinder Singh Khalsa’s hail to be applied later this week. Work being done in Ranjit Singh’s Case as well. #ReleaseRanjitSingh

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#FarmersProtest enters day 94 on the borders of Delhi.
1. SKM legal panel has said that some people/ orgs are collecting donations in the name bailing out farmers or legal aid to farmers. Bhangu said that all aid is provided by DSGMC & SKM. Avoid paying to any org & individual.
2. A Khap Panchayat in Hisar of Haryana has announced that it will raise the price of milk to 100/- litre. This is not a unanimous decision of MILKFED & AMUL or dairy corporations.
3. Shiv Kumar’s family has been denied permissions to meet him for third time. #ReleaseShivKumar
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#FarmersProtest enters day 92.

1. SKM is addressing global audience in its webinar to create awareness among people on the three farm laws and protests.
2. #NodeepKaur’s bail plea will be heard today. State had taken time to submit her medical in last hearing.

3. SKM has requested supporters of #FarmersProtest to not appear in police stations if they get notices. It should be noted that people have been detained deceptively in recent times. SKM has said that gherao of police be done without violence when they come to arrest.
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#FarmersProtest ⚡️ updates.

1. SKM has extended its support to Bharat Bandh tomorrow. Bharat Bandh call has been given by traders and Transport bodies. SKM has appealed to keep Bandh Peaceful.
2. SKM will address global audience tomorrow via a webinar to answer common questions about #FarmersProtest and the three Farm Laws. Webinar can be followed on official page @Kisanektamorcha ‘s Facebook & YouTube. Keep notebook & pencil handy.
3. There are reports of increasing shortage of water at #ghazipurborder . NGO’s are requested to address the issue.
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Ini peta percakapan tentang Clubhouse dan @joinClubhouse di Twitter dari 11 - 24 Feb 2020.

Cluster yang muncul baru dari Thailand @ClubhouseTh. Mereka ngerumpiin kerajaan di CH ini.

Sisanya masih scattered, blm kuat, termasuk dari Indonesia blm ada cluster.
Semalem saya ceritain SNA ini di Clubhouse room MataNajib @ainunnajib. Sebuah tntangan menggambarkan SNA dengan cerita.

Saya ndak tahu apakah pendengar melihat gambar spt ini di kepala mereka ketika saya cerita haha. Kalau ndak, berarti storytelling saya blm pas.

Trennya naik, tapi belum eksponensial. Masih linear, dan cenderung landai. Mungkin nunggu versi Android dirilis, biar userbasenya naik.

Secara isu, sejak awal sudah mulai terlihat adanya potensi masalah. Contoh: penyebaran hoaks covid19.
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A team of government doctors has placed on record evidence that Shiv Kumar, a 24-year old Dalit labour organiser detained from the farm protests site at Singhu on Delhi’s borders on 16 January, was tortured in Haryana police custody.

Kumar was found to have multiple fractures, torn toe nails and was “mentally and physically abused in the police (sic) remand”, said the report by a medical board of Chandigarh’s Government Medical College & Hospital. @farmoftruth
The report was submitted to the Punjab and Haryana High Court on 23 February by the superintendent of the district jail of Sonipat, where Shiv Kumar has been incarcerated for 23 days.
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#FarmersProtest enters day 91.

1. Shiv Kumar’s medical report has revealed that he has serious injuries. He was beaten on soles, buttocks, chest and back. His injuries indicate third grade (military level) torture. #ReleaseShivKumar
2. SKM has written to the President of India to release all the farmers unconditionally and also look into cases of tortures.
3. Narendra Tomar has said that if Farmers consider the proposal of government then we are ready to talk. Proposal here means the suspension of laws.
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Lies and moral depravity of some in Indian media seem limitless.

Labelling farmers as separatists and terrorists; then moving onto Punjabi singers, global trade unionists, aid charities, climate activists and anyone speaking for #FarmersProtest human rights is beyond a farce.1/3
Don’t need lectures about patriotism from biased outlets when my grand & great-grandparents fought for Indian army.

Rest assured, baseless diatribe (further exposing shoddy journalism to global audience) won’t silence me from speaking truth to power & standing up for farmers.2/3
This comical “research”, which actually demeans journalism, accuses me of speaking at events I haven’t attended, receiving funding from Palestinian and Pakistani links, and being a racist too for good measure!
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'Jats' have been irking the eyes and ears of many, who oppose the farmer protests,
Jats = privileged and oppressor of the lower castes,
forgetting Jats are one with them. The lower ones, peasants.

But how can peasants be individuals of high status and morale?

Answer is Sikhi.
"Most of the new converts came from the Jat community of the central Punjab. These peasants, low in the hierarchy of caste, had for centuries been denied a respectable position in a society ruled by Manu’s varna system.
Since the philosophy of the Khalsa clearly and firmly rejected all distinctions based on caste, wealth and profession, the Jats, like other socially backward classes, welcomed it with great joy and enthusiasm.
[Pic. credit : Jvala Singh]
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#FarmersProtest enters day 90.

1. Rakesh Tikait has said that farmers will march to parliament if the three laws are not repealed. He said that farmers will move to parliament with 40lac tractors if laws are not repealed.
2. Two more farmers Jaswinder singh and Oversiar singh were released from Tihar yesterday.

3. #NodeepKaur ‘s and Shiv Kumar’s suo moto petition on illegal detention and abuse along with bail of Nodeep will be heard today.
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Let’s talk about the original Kisaan Anthem, ‘Pagdi Sambhal Jatta’!

Sardar Ajit Singh, Uncle of Sardar Bhagat Singh, spearheaded the “Pagdi Sambhal Jatta” movement in 1907, to protest 3 farm laws enacted by the British.

The movement got its name on March 22, 1907, at a meeting in Lyallpur where Lala Banke Dayal, editor of Jhang Sayal, recited his poem “Pagdi Sambhal Jatta.”
The protests lasted 9 months and ended with a complete repeal of all three laws.

In the late 1800’s the Brits created a canal to draw water to an uninhabited but promising area in present day Faisalabad, Pakistan. They promised free land to the farmers who would settle there.
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#FarmersProtest enters day 88.

1. A Mahapanchayat will be held in Bathinda today. Large crowd expected to be present.

2. The notices by police have appeared at Tikri Border calling for immediate vacation of site. Notice calls the agitation a drama and calls for end.
3. Mohinder Singh, resident of Jammu has been arrested from Jammu. He was called by police & was handed over to Delhi police. There is anger among Sikhs of Jammu. The rampant arrests of Sikhs across nation continue. He was supporting #FarmersProtest…
4. SAD has decided to boycott the budget session in Punjab Assembly and will do gherao of Punjab Vidhan Sabha.

The Sanghi strain of not accepting people’s wishes stays with SAD. SAD is upset over loss in elections & calls it a conspiracy.
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🧵: Sandeep Singh, Ravi Kumar & Rajinder Singh tonight released from Tihar Jail tell journalists how they were arrested.

Using their vehicle registration numbers they were told to come into police station as witnesses and then were held for over 2 weeks under bogus cases which—
potentially have 10 year sentences.

If anyone is called to the police, get in touch with the legal team:

For Legal assistance, please contact the following numbers:
(a) Adv. Jasdeep Singh Dhillon (9910499840)
(b) Adv. Jaspreet Singh Rai (9810725372)
(c) Adv. Daljeet Kaur (9990241405)
(d) Adv. Indrajeet Singh (9454603668)

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Hey @nstomar, have you read the bills? If not, lets start talking! I find the gaslighting abominable. And we're not asking for an amendment. We're asking for a full repeal.
and how about you take your head out of your behind and go look at the crowds.
1. Bill does not allow the farmer to approach the court. If there is a dispute, SDM will decide. If the decision is not acceptable then the farmer must approach the Joint Secretary of central govt.
a. Imagine 2-acre farmer putting a fight with Corporations or SDM or Joint Sec
2. Bill waives tax (Punjab 8.5 & Haryana 6%) collected by Mandi boards from private buyers.
a. This removes competition for private players from Mandi boards.
b. This revenue is collected from central agencies to build rural area infrastructure. Who will now fill that tax hole?
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#FarmersProtest enters day 87.

1. SKM has made some announcements yesterday in its PC. It has decided to celebrate Naujavan Kisan Divas on 26th Feb.

2. Farmers have vowed to intensify the agitation from 28th. In addition to this 24th will be marked anti repression day.
3. Kirti Kisan Union’s Punjab President Datar singh has passed away due to heart attack. He was member of SKM. He was admitted in Amritsar and could not survive.
4. Karamjeet Singh s/o Gurmail Singh Of village kipyal has passed away due to an accident while on his way to Singhu border. This is 8th Farmer death due to accidents in the ongoing #FarmersProtest
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Thread: #FarmersProtest

In 2018, Tamil Nadu farmers held protests while adorned with the bones of family members who committed suicide due to deep debt & government neglect.

#TamilNadu #SouthIndia
For years, Tamil farmers have been voicing their desperation’s to save their livelihoods.

After holding several symbolic demonstrations & protests, the government provided false promises to remedy the farmers plight.
Government promises unmet led to the continued increase of farmers suicide in the South Indian region.

Suicides have reached the 10,000+ margin in the past decade.

Tamil Nadu now stands 7th in India for farmers suicide.
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Hello! Let's talk MSP! What is MSP? Simply put, minimum support price is an agricultural product price, set by the GOI to purchase directly from the farmer.
MSP was created to ensure a minimum profit for the farmer in case the market price was below the cost of harvesting produce. GOI set prices for 23 commodities twice a year
This allowed farmers to ask for competitive rates for produce because they knew they had a guaranteed buyer if deals didn't go through.
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#FarmersProtest enters day 86.

1. A massive rally will be organised in Barnala by BKU Ugrahan and Punjab Khet Mazdoor Union.

2. DSGMC has said that some more people will be released today from Tihar Jail.
3. 26 members of SKM were detained yesterday from Azad Maidan in Yavatmal, Maharashtra. Police says that they had conveyed a week in advance that permissions have been denied. R Tikait who was also supposed to attend had cancelled his visit after denial of permissions.
4. Captain Amrinder Singh urged Prime Minister to resolve the farmers issue at the earliest. He also urged the prime minister to pay the pending GST compensation to Punjab which is now mounting to 1300Cr.
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Delhi Court begins hearing Disha Ravi's bail application in connection with #Toolkit FIR.

Hearing before Additional Sessions Judge Dharmender Rana.

Yesterday, Ravi was sent to judicial custody for three days.


#DishaRavi #FarmersProtest
Ld ASG SV Raju will argue the matter..he will come at 2 pm: Public Prosecutor Irfan Ahmed.

You should have told me. I came for this matter : Court

Court interacts with ASG Raju virtually.

We'll have it at 2 pm : Court

#DishaRavi #Toolkit
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#FarmersProtest enters day 85.
1. Good news to start the day, three more youth Joginder Singh, Balwinder singh and Gurdiyal Singh have been released from Tihar with the efforts of DSGMC.
2. Punjab Assembly will be presenting the budget session from 1st March and budget will be presented on 8th. All eyes on the allocation to peasants in the budget.
3. Naresh Tikait has said that they have announced boycott of BJP and that no one should invite BJP leaders to events. He said that BJP leaders of invited by anyone will lead to penalising the person.
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India, Farmers Protest, Monsanto, Bill Gates

Monsanto and the Poisonous Cartel of GMOs in India

The accurate word for Bill Gates' faux philanthropy would be “fail anthropy." As country after country bans the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)…
"Monsanto is trying to subvert India's patent laws: Protection of Plant Variety and Farmers Right Act, Essential Commodities Act and Competition Act."
"In another theatre, Monsanto and Bayer are merging. They were one as MoBay (MonsantoBayer), part of the poison cartel of I.G. Farben. The controlling stakes of both corporations lie with the same private equity firms."
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