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Jul 28, 2022 8 tweets 6 min read
Exclusive: Some in int'l community trying to oust @RW_UNP, Minister Tiran Alles tells me. “Sections of the international community worked to topple President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, now they want to topple President Ranil Wickremesinghe, too.” (1)
#SriLankaCrisis (2) The UN, US, Canada, EU & UK expressed serious concern, the Norwegian Ambassador strongly condemned last week's pre-dawn military assault on the protesters occupying the presidential secretariat. Journalists & lawyers were among those assaulted. At least 5 ppl were abducted.
Jul 30, 2021 20 tweets 16 min read
#Thread: A Timeline of events since #HumanRights lawyer Hejaaz Hizbullah arrested by the police Criminal Investigation Dept on 14 April 2020 on suspicion of "aiding & abetting" of Easter Sunday suicide bomber Inshaf Ibrahim. Read… #SriLanka @Justice4Hejaaz (2) Prior to his arrest, his home & legal chambers were searched by the police. Mr Hizbullah is widely credited with convincing the Supreme Court to strike down the purported dissolution of parliament by the then Prez @MaithripalaS in Oct 2018. Read more -…