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1/2: Met with US Treasury and US State reps with @USAmbSL along with @sajithpremadasa @KabirHashim4 n @EranWick. Appreciate all the humanitarian support via @USAID. Also met with the @IMFNews delegation. #SriLanka crisis is utterly complicated. Coming months will be very tough.
2/2: Fact is @IMFNews can’t lend to us until our creditors give an assurance on their agreement with #SriLanka on debt restructuring now complicated w case by A creditor. Haircut will be based on Gov of @GotabayaR agreement on fiscal consolidation.
3/2: As a responsible opposition we agree that much delayed major reforms must be undertaken to save #SriLanka. We must open up, break the shackles and engage w the world. So, we don’t want to scuttle the @GotabayaR @RW_UNP plan; but there must be one. Already very late.
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#SriLanka's National Audit Office has found that drugs shortages aren't just caused by the forex crisis. Officials are to blame. Computer systems aren't updated. There's no coordination. And procurement schedules are ignored.…
It also found a sharp drop in the financial allocation and expenditure for medical supplies. The Health Ministry’s total net allocation was Rs. 85.9bn in 2020, of which 99 percent went towards medical supplies...
...Last year, the total net allocation was Rs. 151.9bn, of which just 50 percent was for medical supplies. But this is STILL higher than the quarterly average expenditure for medical supplies this year....
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A thread: on claims that talking about 'other issues' - racism, militarisation, PTA, LGBTQ+, Sin-Bud supremacy, most often issues faced by 'minority' communities - result in 'diluting' & 'losing focus' of the aragalaya/GGG. #lka #srilanka #GoHomeGota
1. Everyone is feeling the economic crisis, though admittedly to different degrees. They are all suffering due to this govt's policies, especially already-marginalised folks. They therefore have every right to make themselves visible at the protest. #lka #srilanka #gohomegota
2. Many communities have been in struggles against Rajapaksa power long before the aragalaya/GGG. Most of those protesting now didn't know/care about those struggles. Communities bringing those demands to GF is not a dilution but a continuation of their longer, harder fight. #lka
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Scenes from Colombo's first ever Pride March yesterday, continuing the protest against the 'sTaBiLiTy' ie repression of the Gota-Ranil government. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota #Pride
Beginning at the Liberty roundabout, where the LGBTQ+ community gathered for the first time a few years ago to protest after Sirisena's homophobic 'butterfly' remark during the constitutional crisis. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota #Pride
This incredible flag colouring the whole stretch from Kollupitiya to #Gotagogama. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota #Pride
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Q&A: Inner City Press just asked IMF's M-D Georgieva about the US @FederalReserve's communication and antitrust including 2 mega-mergers by Canadian banks (BoM, TD) She said IMF cheered 75 bp rate hike. Now, to get UN to answer this:…
IMF Managing DIrector Georgieva's answer to Inner City Press, 2/x (this while not only UNSG @AntonioGuterres but even just @UN_Spokesperson @MelissaFleming have refused to provide even written answers to Inner City Press' Q e.g. on #SriLanka
IMF's answer to Inner City Press, 23x (this while not only UNSG @AntonioGuterres but even just @UN_Spokesperson @MelissaFleming have refused to provide even written answers to Inner City Press' Q e.g. on #SriLanka and @PressFreedom
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Our #Food and #Water crisis' are rapidly getting worse. Two of the founding necessities for human life and wellbeing are rapidly #collapsing.
In #Kansas thousands of cattle died from the heat and humidity. #WetBulb temperatures hit agricultural production hard.…
In #Ethiopia the #drought is so bad that monkeys are attacking children.…
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Central Bank of Sri Lanka explains the Background, Positive Impact, and Expected Outcomes of The Current Exchange Rate Arrangement.
@CBSL #SriLanka #Economy #SLNews #NewsAlert
#SriLanka @CBSL says The outcome of the initially allowed exchange rate flexibility fell short of expectations due to large overshooting by market forces and the delay in market correction. @CBSL #SriLanka #Economy #SLNews #NewsAlert
#SriLanka @CBSL says further pressures were added due to: forex shortages, continuous depreciation of exchange rate, delays of forex conversions by forex holders and high premium offered in the grey market. #Economy #SLNews #NewsAlert
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#SriLanka’s Sapugaskanda oil refinery to release 800MT of diesel to market.

#Sapugaskanda #FuelCrisisLK #CPC #EconomicCrisisLK #SLNews #NewsAlert…
#SriLanka’s Sapugaskanda will supply 800 metric tonnes of diesel to the market starting Monday (06) after being closed for over two months due to a lack of crude oil and a technical glitch, reports said. #Sapugaskanda #FuelCrisisLK #CPC #EconomicCrisisLK #SLNews #NewsAlert
The refinery that had been closed for over two months due to a lack of crude oil recommenced operations on May 27 but has been out of commission for a week due to a technical issue in one of its burners. #Sapugaskanda #FuelCrisisLK #CPC #EconomicCrisisLK #SLNews #NewsAlert
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Opening session of the 4th OIC Conference on Mediation "Experiences and Prospects" hosted by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the OIC in Jeddah on 5-6 June 2022…
Secretary-General, Mr. #Hissein_Brahim_Taha: #Mediation is of great importance to #OIC, as the 4th session of the #Mediation Conference is being held at a critical juncture, and at a time when the world is in dire need of mediation, dialogue & negotiations to resolve conflicts. Image
Secretary-General: 60% of the conflicts in the world occur in the #OIC Zone, so OIC Member States have a strong commitment to resolving the outstanding conflicts in a peaceful and lasting manner. ImageImageImageImage
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#SriLanka PM @ranil on Sri Lanka's "Twin Crisis": “We are only seeing the beginning [the of global impact of the Ukraine crisis] will get much worse as it goes along...most probably be a shortage of food [which] will go globally till 2024.”
#EconomicCrisisLK #Ukraine
@ranil #SriLanka PM @ranil on Sri Lanka's "Twin Crisis" says: "There's a shortage of fertilizer in California, there's a shortage of fertilizer in Brazil. Already countries are banning the export of food."
"There are going to be many countries affected by the Ukraine crisis. Some say 40, some say 70. But we are unique... until the Ukraine crisis took place [other] economies were normal. Not in our case. We [were] already suffering"-@RW_UNP.
#SriLankaEconomicCrisis #EconomicCrisisLK
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1. Is Sri Lankan disaster ecological?

As disaster unfolds in Sri Lanka, we see some ‘Development is the Only Nirvana’ blokes going at what they think is the jugular of the argument: Sri Lanka’s choice of organic on the recommendation of Vandana Shiva. Nothing can be more wrong.
2. Sri Lanka is collapsing because it created a lethal mix of socialist welfare state, development politics & crony capitalism. It was crony because the entire country is practically run by the Rajapaksa family with every contract awarded to family members.
3. In order to get away with that without turning into Izlamic dictators they started abolishing all sorts of taxes, without thinking of consequences about how the country will run without taxation. This was done without bringing down public expenditures.
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Cabinet decisions today @CabinetSL
Thread ⬇️

#SriLanka #Cabinet #SriLankaEconomicCrisis
@CabinetSL @CabinetSL Prime Minister @RW_UNP briefed the Cabinet on the economic crisis in depth-Cabinet spokesperson Bandula Gunawardena

#SriLanka #Cabinet #SriLankaEconomicCrisis
@CabinetSL The daily budget deficit of 1.7 billion rupees in 2014 has risen to 5.6 billion rupees in 2022- @BandulaDr

#SriLanka #Cabinet #SriLankaEconomicCrisis
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#SriLanka @CBSL chief at #PressClub event - “What we have is a balance of payment crisis. But now it’s has evolved into a political crisis and social unrest”
#SriLanka @CBSL chief at #PressClub event - “Suspending the debt repayment was the best option out of many bad options until we come to consensus with our creditors”
#SriLanka @CBSL chief at #PressClub event - “Suspending the debt repayment mean we do not have to find $2.5 bln for debt repayment this year. But anyway we have to pay for imports.”
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The Inflation in #SriLanka 🇱🇰

1. @CBSL says April inflation is: 29.8%,
2. @LankaSTAT says it's: 33.8%
3. @steve_hanke : 122% (seems✅)

Why do we have two different state institutes calculating the inflation in Sri Lanka & yet somehow feel they both are wrong?

@CBSL @LankaSTAT @steve_hanke Clarification: @CBSL value is based on CCPI and @LankaSTAT value is based on NCPI. Besides, neither CCPI based inflation nor NCPI based inflation actually reflects the situation on the ground, there is nothing wrong with the calculations.
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#SriLanka GCE Ordinary Level examinations commenced today (23) after a delay of 5 months.
Over 500,000 children island wide sat for the exams amid the worst economic crisis the country has ever seen.

"We received no support"-Student
"The kids just want to get it over with. My son said if this gets pushed back even more, he's not going to do his exams at all. They are in a huge amount of stress"-Parent of a child sitting for O Levels
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#SriLanka Litro Gas releases distribution plan for 23.05.22.
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A 250-man army contingent led by a brigadier were unable to prevent looting and burning of the home of Gnanakka, shaman to #SriLanka President @GotabayaR, media reports said.…
66 year old Gnanawathi Jayasooriya, aka Gnanakka, had not see the attack coming, but believed that the loss of property was due to a “sin” she had committed in a previous birth.
She had telephoned army chief @SilvaShavendra for help after receiving calls that her compound could be attacked, Sri Lanka’s The Sunday Times newspaper reported.
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#SriLanka updated list for Litro Gas distribution plan for 22.05.22. ImageImageImageImage
2/6 ImageImageImageImage
3/6 ImageImageImageImage
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#SriLanka Litro Gas releases distribution plan for 22.05.22

Link to PDF⬇️ ImageImageImageImage
2/6 ImageImageImageImage
3/6 ImageImageImageImage
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May 21, 1991: Most people I know, and who are in my age group, remember vividly where he or she was and what he or she was doing because of the shocking news of #RajivGandhi's assassination. If it didn't happen, remember, #DMK would have continued in power in #Tamilnadu.
The next #Tamilnadu election would have been in 1994. There would have been an #AIADMK for sure, but not #Jayalalithaa's servile party. In fact, I doubt if she would have been this important at all. The triumvirates who protected J from harm would have been very powerful too
#Rajiv would have come to power with a fractured mandate, but would have continued his reform path because of economic exigencies of that time. It would have been very possible that #Congress made yet another proper comeback in 1996, on the government delivering promises...
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Coming back after a few days off Twitter, thought I'd try and explain in a (hopefully) easy + visual way why, despite things being really tough right now, there's space for hope - even if it doesn't feel like it
#SriLankaEconomicCrisis #EconomicCrisisLK #SriLanka #aragalaya
Disclaimer - personal opinion of course, and this framework is a complete oversimplification, but hopefully this can serve as a useful introduction into why there's space for hope
Explaining this visually in a series of simplified graphs.

It maps the performance of the economy over time.

Here, economy is an overall measure of money, QoL, growth, etc. Up is good, down is bad. Image
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1. Ministerial Salaries & Privileges:

With the view of easing public expenditure; the new Cabinet Ministers of the Government will forgo ministerial salaries while a limit will be placed on other benefits enjoyed to date.

2. Fuel Shipment Update:

I have presented an update to Parliament today regarding the Fuel Shipments that has arrived and is scheduled to arrive.

3.Response to MP Patali Champika Ranawaka (A):

I have responded to the issues raised in the letter addressed to me. It includes;

oThe discussions with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Party Leaders on the next steps after the 21st Amendment has been presented in Parliament
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PEARL welcomes the Canadian Parliament’s official recognition of #May18 as Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day.

#SriLanka #TamilGenocide #TamilGenocideRemembranceDay #Mullivaikkal (1/4)
This historic recognition of the Tamil genocide is a milestone in the Tamil-Canadian community, and the broader Tamil nation’s, efforts to achieve justice and accountability for Tamil victim-survivors. (2/4)
We are grateful for the efforts of the multiple organizations that collaborated to pass this historic motion. We hope this work sets a precedent for other democratic governments to follow. (3/4)

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1. I have instructed the staff of the Prime Minister's office to slash the expenses of our office by 50%. We need to work towards instilling the correct financial discipline to hasten the country's economic recovery.

2. We are expecting to finalize the draft of the 21st Amendment by next week

3. I have today responded to the queries raised by MP Harin Fernando and MP Manusha Nanayakkara regarding our position on the issues raised by them.

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