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将军, Jiāngjūn.

is how to say "checkmate" in Chinese. #lka #SriLanka
China KNEW we can't pay the LOANS, including many other poor countries with highly CORRUPTED governments. But they gave the loans worth of BILLIONS anyway.

China's genius trillion-dollar plan to dominate global trade through #SilkRoad

#lka #SriLanka
Assuming Sri Lankans will keep voting like this for decades, Sri Lanka not in a position to save both economy & sovereignty anymore.

However, we can save the economy by strategically embracing Chinese influence. (with huge freedom & human rights sacrifices) #lka #SriLanka
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Faces behind #Kashmir Intel #Thread

Let us know, what's the motive and who are/were some of the people running handles like Kashmir Intel (@Kashmirosint), which claim themselves to be voice or source of information of #Kashmir.
NIA in Sep 2020 filed a charge sheet against 5 operatives of #IslamicState Khorasan Province, including the #Kashmiri couple who were running Kashmir Intel for allegedly conspiring to utilize the anti #CAA protests to instigate #Muslims against #Indian government & provoke riots
Here is how the couple, Jahanzaib Sami Wani & Hina Bashir planned to exploit gullible Muslim youth
They were conspiring to create unrest during anti #CAA protest by coining seditious slogans & making graffiti at public places, highlighting the same on social & international media
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Some Pakistanis welcomed #Pakistan's "realpolitik" approach to #Myanmar, which sidelined their usual #Rohingya rights rhetoric. The issue was never about rights, which Islamabad already takes on selectively, it was about building a useful narrative.

#Pakistan U-turned from "#rohingyagenocide" to being one of a few controversial nations visiting the military coup leadership's parade on Armed Forces Day- the same ones accused of #Rohingya genocide & more currently, violent crackdowns. Again, it's about interests not rights.
If @ImranKhanPTI & @SMQureshiPTI repeat same Muslim rights rhetoric afterwards, there was no genuine U-turn, but selective application- no wonder #SriLanka/#France recently rebuffed #Pakistan. Obviously selectivity previously harmed Pakistan's #Kashmir cause:
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A stone and a coin from the era of #Shriram !
#Rameshwaram, the pilgrim place is situated on the east coast of the state of #Tamilnadu. Eleven kilometres to its south is a city called #Dhanushkodi. The proximal part of
#Ramsethu is called #Dhanushkodi (meaning the tip of a bow) because 17.5 lakh years ago #Shriram had selected this spot as the site to construct a bridge to enter #Srilanka (Lanka of #Ravan), using the tip of His heavy bow. Image
Even today we can see shrubs in a row on huge boulders as remnants of the bridge. The #Ramsethu is a unique architectural wonder of #Nal amd #Neel. Image
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Sri Lanka have agreed to borrow a $1.5 billion loan agreement from China, the country's central bank announced on Tuesday.

Details on the thread below:

Picture Source: AFP / Handout / Sri Lankan Presidential Media Division
They have done this to prevent the SLK exchange rate from falling further as the country grapples with a major foreign exchange crisis and debt repayments.

Continued below:
Colombo had been negotiating for months to get a loan from China as the country’s foreign exchange reserves have slumped amid the pandemic.
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LIVE- British parliament debates the 'UK’s commitment to reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka' #UK #SriLanka #UNHRC46…
Siobhain McDonagh, MP for Mitcham and Morden,

'I have stood alongside my Tamil constituents on the road to truth, justice and accountability. 12 years that has presented them with so many challenges, so little progress, and so much pain'. #SriLanka #Genocide #Tamil #UNHRC46
'The most recent peak of genocidal killings against the Tamil people was committed by then President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brother Gotabaya, the current president. They are the present-day link to the atrocities of the past' #GenocideSriLanka
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1996 Cricket world cup 25 years ago #OnThisDay was truly memorable and cherished by Lankans to this day

Here is a thread On my XI defining moments for the Victory

#1996worldcupwin #96worldcup
#lka #SriLanka #srilankalegends
1)The Will
Combined India Pakistan team Wills XI visiting SL to play a friendly before the world cup. With Australia West Indies boycotting world cup matches due to security issues, this friendly gesture (by two foes) sent a strong message and strengthened SL team resilience.
2) The Preparation
Getting the right team and also the right support staff in the likes of manager and coach Dave Whatmore and the physio Alex Kontouris ensured the team had the right skills, fitness condition and a good team bonding.
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Another ITJP infographic summarising the various information sources regarding estimates for the death toll in the 2009 war in #srilanka:


Let’s look first at the UN contemporaneously collected data (Petrie report) - 54,715 casualties (including injured some of whom may not have survived) in just 4 months in a tiny area of land in #SriLanka - 7,737 of the names of dead were corroborated by 3 sources.
The UN contemporaneous data did not include the most devastating final weeks of the 2009 war - rough estimates for which below - but there was nobody able to count by then. #lka
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1. Thread on #ForcedCremations in #SriLanka.
Original gazette issued by @MoH_SriLanka
2. Then the media institutions such as @adaderana and @hirunews along with massive sections of the Sinhalese press started the government policy of #OneLawOneCountry using #ForcedCremations as a platform.
3. How can you forget senior government ministers like @MahindanandaA in full agreement with @chaturaalwis in pushing for #ForcedCremations
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Ryan Neticumara passed away under tragic circumstances at 12.30 am on Thursday 25th after been prescribed a dose of medicines at Durdans hospital for an ongoing sleep disorder. The hospital prescribed a cocktail of medicines after been admitted. (1)

#lka #srilanka #murder
without checking previous history of medications consumed causing him to have a serious fit and cause hyper activity. Ryan was not attended by any of the staff on duty even at the helpless cry of his girlfriend asking for help who stayed with him while at hospital.(2)
Ryan encountered an episode of behaviour and paranoia causing him to seek an escape from the ward attempting to climb out of a toilet window in his room on 10th floor that eventually led to his fall to the 5th floor leading to his death.(3)
#lka #srilanka #murder
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LIVE - At the 46th session of the UN Human Rights Council, Tamil Guardian will be providing continued coverage of the Council's response to the High Commissioner's report on Sri Lanka #SriLanka #UN #HRC46
Britain's Minister for South Asia and the Commonwealth, H.E. Lord Ahmad expressed the UK's shared concern over reversed progress and highlighted the risk and recurrence of past violations.

His statement also highlighted increasing surveillance ...
@tariqahmadbt @UKMissionGeneva
the militarisation of the civilian government, and the impact of the government’s forced cremation policy.

Ahmad also highlighted that Sri Lanka's 'previous domestic commission have all failed'.
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LIVE - At the 46th session of the UN Human Rights Council, Tamil Guardian will be providing coverage as the UN High Commissioner @mbachelet presents her report on Sri Lanka. #SriLanka #UN #HRC46
. @mbachelet - "This is a key junction for the Council's engagement with Sri Lanka [...] Domestic initiatives have repeatedly failed to ensure justice"
. @mbachelet - "The space for civil society and independent media is now rapidly shrinking... Tamil and Muslim minorities are being excluded by divisive rhetoric"
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Thoroughly enjoyed @HudsonInstitute discn w/ @ShivshankaMenon & Jayadeva Ranade on #India #China relations / 🧵below w/ key quotes by each panelist 1/n
Quesn to both panelists: How does the #Indian strategic community view #China? What impact have the recurrent border standoffs and China’s deepening presence in South Asia had on India’s China policy? 2/n
.@ShivshankaMenon "Opinion in strategic community in India has turned increasingly negative on China & not just because of what happened on the border last summer or the situation right now. Several factors that have brought stress into the relationship." 3/n
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Got email from Ontario Centre for Policy Research & London Initiative around the upcoming Geneva sessions of @UNHumanRights. Clearly a hatchet job by the government employing post-2009 tactics in 2021, but was curious about the Canadian org in particular. domain registered in 2020 & is a really strange site. Gives off the appearance of a human rights organisation, but primary thrust very clear. Instrumentalisation of @CanadianPM's statements by distorting them very revealing. #Canada #SriLanka
For e.g., statement by the Prime Minister on the 11th anniversary of the end of the armed conflict in Sri Lanka, as it appears on omits a key sentence in the original calling for the Govt in #SriLanka to focus on accountability.
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Why a certain power is trying their best to ruin the image of Adani Group Reliance Industries Limited??

#Adani is testing #Chinese financial authority in #Australia and #SriLanka by stowing enormous agreements in Force, Mining and Infra area.

#Ambani is contracting space for American Enterprises in India by engaging in organizations like 5G and Retail.

#ModiGovernment has made it practically incomprehensible for front associations Ford Foundation, Greenpeace, Amnesty and so forth of CIA to work without any potential repercussions.

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Putting on my #lunarnewyear vest on top of my sweats & stopping virtually by the #SericaGala2021 to give a hand 👏 to @supchinanews #AnlaCheng & to Dr. Richard Park, Founder & Former CEO, @CityMD & now CEO, #RendrPhysicians—a Serica 2021 #SocialImpact Leadership Award Honoree. 👋 ImageImageImageImage
#Rockefellers on my 🖥. Congrats to legendary philanthropists Susan & David Rockefeller, Serica's 2021 #SocialImpact Legendary Award Honorees! #sericagala2021

A legacy of #China-#US partnership including via the Asian Cultural Council… #family #art #nature ImageImage
Congrats & cheers to all the Serica honorees!
Jane Sun, Dr. Richard Park, Sharon Chan, Susan & David Rockefeller

@supchinanews #sericagala2021 ImageImageImageImage
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Interesting interview w/ @Keheliya_R esp. ~14mins in when he talks about (social) #media regulation & which countries Govt is looking at for inspiration Goes on to talk about Geneva which may interest HR activists. #SriLanka
On SM reg’s have concerns re all 3 countries noted but will save that for later. Interesting Singapore no longer model though others I understand may beg to differ? Ideal if all those architecting reg’s in Govt spoke to each other. @charith9
Glad to hear @Keheliya_R is open to consultation & openly notes is pushing back against more draconian recommendations including criminal defamation. Fear remains he & @charith9 a minority within a Govt increasingly baring fangs & interested in (permanently) silencing dissent.
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What are accounts from #China on #Facebook doing in #SriLanka? Following up from last thread (& w/ thanks to @mann_ra again) dug in a bit deeper into phenomenon others have clearly flagged w/ concern too… What's going on here?
Looked at the accounts running ads on #Facebook in #SriLanka at the moment + few more. Table highlights several red-flags. Dates accounts created. Number & location of admins on each page & between pages. Bizarre page types which bear no relation to content's timbre & thrust.
Note however the high #'s of followers across all pages and even those which were created just a few months ago and squarely aimed at Sinhala speaking audiences in #SriLanka. In fact, let's start there.
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One country, one law.

**ᵀᵉʳᵐˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ᶜᵒⁿᵈᶦᵗᶦᵒⁿˢ ᵃᵖᵖˡʸ

#SriLanka #COVID19 #Politics #Hypocrisy
Exhibit 1 - Covid task force head breaks his own private gatherings rules
Exhibit 2 - no forced vaccinations, but yes to forced cremations
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Surprising no one, coverage of the @UNHumanRights report on #SriLanka on 28th January largely absent or selectively framed on #Facebook. Did a quick comparison of prevalence with posts feat. President's name ගෝඨාභය vs එක්සත් ජාතීන්හේ, මානව හිමිකම්, රතු එළියක්.
There are over twice as many posts feat. the President's name as there are featuring keywords related to the UNHCHR report. Coverage of President present every single hour of the day, peaking mid-day. UNHCHR report is, by design, out of sight, out of mind. #SriLanka ImageImage
Posts feat. the President use photos, which are key to vitality. Arguably, 16 pages of disturbing textual material not as visually compelling! UNHCHR generates angry & haha as reactions. GR generates love & dominates comments, likes & shares. #SriLanka ImageImage
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Hey .@LowyInstitute you should consider some narrative analysis to your Covid-response ranking. Did you the know the #SriLanka govt is forcibly cremating its #COVID19 victims (inc. 20-day old infants) disregarding the religious & human rights of its citizens? #forcedcremations
Also did you know .@LowyInstitute that SL cabinet ministers have promoted an unknown potion made by some quack as a "miracle" #COVID19 cure? And are refusing to accept responsibility for their part in it?
Did you know .@LowyInstitute that thousands of SL migrant workers are without proper food, water, housing or money stuck in the middle East because our govt is not repatriating them back home? And when they do, it is not the state bearing a significant part of the cost of it?
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#SriLanka #Colombo #Coronavirus

Thousands of people in Sri Lanka have drunk an alleged miracle drug that is said to protect against corona. But meanwhile a minister who had taken the drink like other high-ranking politicians had to go to hospital.
Piyal Nishantha de Silva, who is responsible for women, child development and education on the island nation, told reporters and on Facebook that he had Corona.
The drink was brewed by an influential so-called holy man who claimed that he had received the recipe from the Hindu goddess of destruction, Kali.
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Looked at prevalence of "භූමදානය, burial, ආදාහනය, cremation, cremate, bury, Muslim" terms across ~2.3k #Faacebook pages I study, from 1 Jan-31 Dec '20. Snapshots of data follow. Search terms highlight a key issue over '20 & Govt's policies #SriLanka #lka
From the time of Govt's announcement in April…, content spikes feat. these terms correspond to the 2 waves of #Covid19SL in #SriLanka in 2020. Focus on cremation of Muslims much more pronounced during 2nd wave & in Dec.
#Facebook acts as a feeder to content published on respective websites feat. these terms. When reading through comments to posts, clear many haven't read related article (i.e. clicked through) & that conversation feeds off from how the first comments framed (i.e. echo chamber).
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Complementing 2020's observations of #Covid19SL… did a quick survey of pandemic's coverage on #Facebook. Worth noting that after Oct. '20, cases/deaths saw a much greater & very troubling spike in #SriLanka than 1st half of year…
Searched for කොරෝනා, Covid, Covid-19, Coronavirus, quarantine, නිරෝධායනය, cluster, පොකුරු,, ප්‍රජා සම්ප්‍රේෂණය, සම්ප්‍රේෂණය, community transmission terms amongst the ~2,300 pages on #Facebook I study, from 1 Jan to 31 Dec. Some snapshots of data follow. #Covid19SL #lka #SriLanka
Bewilderingly (though caveats follow in this thread) content/conversations (measured by # of posts published) pegged to these terms *declines* over 2020, even after emergence of far deadlier 2nd wave post-October. Distraction, strategic silence & denial emerge as leitmotifs.
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