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11 Jul 20
I will never listen to GOP preach to me about law and order
let me be clear since I’m angry, I don’t do political parties. It’s not a useful expenditure of my time. But I’ve spent too much of my time in gov being preached to by high minded politicals about “law & order” & “national security” - no more
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6 Jul 20
Until these conservative politicians stop tweeting, they’ve not adopted the new app “Conservatives are flocking to a new 'free speech' social media app that has started banning liberal users”…
Until these politicians close their Twitter account, they’ve not migrated anywhere. There’s already many social media places where a homogeneous audience can go to congregate. All of them reduce the size of an audience that can be reached. Twitter does not
If @RandPaul @tedcruz and “@realdonaldtrump” can’t handle the tyranny of Twitter & seek a move to another app, then they should all close their accounts here in unison today. 😉bet they won’t do that
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26 Jun 20
Really can’t emphasize how much 🇷🇺 has kicked 🇺🇸 ass in last few years. They’re not scared at all “Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops, Intelligence Says”…
Really speaks to the timely writing of @HomelandSHO picking the confluence of factors playing out AFG in the final season
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20 Jun 20
We are witnessing a complete erosion and break down of the U.S. government and its institutions. How can we trust anything occurring in the Justice department at this point?…
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3 Jun 20
Do we even know if they are law enforcement? This is a no-go in America. Who are these guys? report to? their authority to enforce anything is? what happens if they injure or kill someone? If I'm a citizen, am I required to do anything these people say?
imagine this scenario: 1 of these fully armored folks tells me to move, I don't, i'm in a public space, they tell me again, I ask who they are, they hit me, i hit back, what would nearby police do? would a cop step in and arrest me? on what grounds?
last note on this. This very likely to lead to a bunch of impersonation of law enforcement. Militia type groups, vigilantes dressing up same way, using force without any authority "protecting businesses" and "property" etc. Terrible precedent
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2 Jun 20
absolutely baffled who thought this military deployment in the homeland was a good idea. Destroying trust in another institution, eroding public confidence, talking like U.S. streets are Baghdad, buzzing citizens w/aircraft, CJCS roaming the streets like it's some bizarre movie
i can't hardly look at the authoritarian content being pointed at us right now, there is no counter. Its just painful, the last three months, COVID-19 to protests and response, just divisiveness and sadness - American self destruction.
when everybody is wearing body armor, masks, helmets and goggles, the public doesn't know who is law enforcement, national guard, the military....they just see aggression - trust won't pop right back.
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1 Jun 20
Idea of deploying 101st Airborne Division or any other military division into streets is an absolute disaster. De-escalation is needed, and good police forces know how to do this. We should be focused on "Protect and Serve" for Americans, not "Close With And Destroy" tough talk
We've seen law enforcement/public safety in many places helping de-escalate without heightening tensions and firing projectiles. There's been community policing for decades where we can work with partners to calm things, rolling in more hummers and tear gas will further agitate
public is already confused at what they see. Police in some jurisdictions dressed like its Baghdad during the surge, some look at video on social media or on their street and already assume its the military, no way to know what's police, national guard, DoD - a mess
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31 May 20
Regarding the President, politics, law enforcement & Antifa - we have a problem. Here’s my story - for last 15 yrs been involved or teaching terrorism/counterterrorism courses to law enforcement around the country, last 3 years, it’s gotten weird.
For years I’d conduct an exercise for cops evaluate extremist threats in their jurisdiction. First decade AQ/ISIS, by 2015 mix domestic/Int’l then last 3 years - Antifa suddenly became #1 threat for majority class. Some in the classes from major cities never heard of it.
was confused, we’d nearly always just seen an ISIS or White supremacist attack in the news. I’d ask,”who is the leader of Antifa?” No answer. “When was last time someone from Antifa killed someone?” Silence. Usually amounted vague recollection of property damage might be Antifa
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31 May 20
Regarding President saying he’d designate Antifa terrorist group - uh, who’s going to do that in government? State Department designates foreign terrorist groups, no domestic terrorism designation. I’d be ok designating white supremacist groups, Antifa isn’t even really a thing
Discussed domestic terrorism designation last year at Senate. Little appetite for it, we’d have to run the #’s to figure it out, and Antifa wouldn’t be #1 White Supremacists would be…
I dare the White House to run numbers on domestic terrorism and use them to justify some form of terrorist designation
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30 May 20
Discussion regarding foreign instigation/amplification of US protests & violence - for sure, US adversaries will use the protests to divide us. Which leads to confusion over “Kremlin Agents” versus Agents of influence so reposting this @NBCNewsTHINK piece…
Question of foreign amplification or infiltration comes down to “what is foreign?/what is domestic?” And do the Americans in communication or direct contact with a foreign agents a) know the association And b) willingly conduct activities on the behalf of foreign power
Kremlin nudges extremists on the poles - no coincidence the leader of US domestic white supremacists group the Base allegedly resides in Russia…
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30 May 20
Let’s ask GENERAL FLYNN what would happen to a military commander who started making maneuvers on policy before a CHANGE OF COMMAND “Mike Flynn Asked Russian Ambassador Kislyak for Alliance Against Radical Islamists on Infamous Phone Call”…
For 2 plus years the Kremlin identified and sought to influence the US military with regards to Syria, and here we go. During this entire period Russia interferes in the US election on behalf of General Flynn’s team
C - omprise (legal trouble)
R - evenge (against Obama)
I - deology (Christians v. Islam)
M - oney (where those contracts?)
E -go (what was said on that stage?)
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28 May 20
This is dumb. decision that will backfire & will cause significant harm to US tech industry. In response, ALL tech companies should immediately block ALL PAC & campaign ads “Trump Signs Executive Order on Social Media, Claiming to Protect ‘Free Speech’”…
Goal of modern politics is to bring a target audience to a preference bubble, a social media app controlled by the party where they can mainline lies & propaganda into the minds of voters. No rebuttal, straight reality shaping
This EO represents nothing more than politicians trying to maintain an unimpeded information pipeline to voters. This is what happens when Congress does lay down boundaries and fulfill its function
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27 May 20
As politicians whine about fact checking on social media, reminder politicians are most corrosive force on social media & could have regulated social media at anytime since last election, but have not, for if they did, they wouldn't be able to use it to win their next election
Here's some data, and why these folks are so worried about social media companies fact checking them.…
Kremlin influence can continue on social media because of the lack of fact checking, rebutting, policing the partisan infowars of American politicians. Russia doesn't need to make fake news, American politicians are making PLENTY of it & Kremlin trolls just repurpose it
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19 May 20
Excellent point - an AQ terrorist attack in the homeland would have run wall to wall coverage for days. We’d be launching Counterrorism programs across the Arabian peninsula if this were 2010.
To add to #Pensacolashooting debacle, US spends billions to protect against AQ attacks, but highly probable, foreseeable attack occurs. Invited guest of Saudi, AQ recruits insider, insider acquires weapons in US, takes them onto base he has access & kills service member
Meanwhile, USG is pushing Muslim ban on many countries citing terrorism risks, but let’s invited people from Saudi enter with minimal to no screening, despite Saudi (not on the list) being the largest recruiting location for jihadists for 30 years
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11 May 20
“Why was that so important? Because the Russians would have known what Mr. Flynn and Mr. Kislyak discussed. They would have known that, despite Mr. Pence’s and others’ denials, Mr. Flynn had in fact asked Russia not to escalate its response to the sanctions.”
“Mr. Pence’s denial of this on national television, and his attribution of the denial to Mr. Flynn, put Mr. Flynn in a potentially compromised situation that the Russians could use against him.”
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30 Apr 20
In COVID19 tracking, ‘cases’ is worthless number when testing is limited, & reported ‘deaths’ doesn’t seem accurate either “U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Is Far Higher Than Reported, C.D.C. Data Suggests”…
In summary, these higher than expected death counts suggest we don't know: 1) how many people are dying of COVID-19 or 2) when the curve is flattened, which would be the reason for ending quarantine and the impetus for economy re-starting.
In short, despite all the briefings & reports, does not appear to me that we 'know' that much about COVID-19, how to treat it, or what's going to happen with this pandemic.
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21 Apr 20
Interesting insight in the newly released Senate Intel Report Volume 4 Review of the Intel Community...Open source was not sufficiently integrated into intelligence in the lead up to election 2016.…
Also interesting: how Russia hit the seam against U.S. Intel community by exploiting bureaucratic divide between foreign & domestic. This still plagues defense of election 2020, how can we defend when we can't discuss the candidates?
the consensus is:
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20 Apr 20
New from @FPRI #FIE2020 Our March 2020, update #3 "Russia's Media Mentions of 2020 Presidential Candidates" by @rjchernaskey - Hard negative Biden remains, but interesting downturn on Trump as well since we started tallies in November.…
About a 5% down tick for Trump out of Russia overt news since November 2019. 5% may not seem like much, but when President Trump gets more mentions than nearly all of the Dem field, that's a sizable shift, Here's last November…
Now that the presidential race has shifted to two candidates, the #FIE2020 will focus on some new project areas for election integrity and 2020. More to follow....
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11 Apr 20
Of all the disinformation about #COVIDー19 (Tons of it) this 5G conspiracy is the most interesting to me so far. This disinformation spread quickly & resulted in physical mobilizations inside the audience attacking essential capability in pandemic…
5G conspiracy has 3 key elements: hidden forces, health scare (real this time) & new technology. Remember last decade when we were all going to get brain tumors from talking on our cell phones? Difference then - no pandemic & far less social media penetration to spread fears
Remarkable about 5G/COVID19 conspiracies is people are destroying costly infrastructure 1) critical to #COVIDー19 response 2) essential to sustaining and kick starting economy. 1 conspiracy about pandemic makes it exponentially harder handle pandemic. What if telecom goes down?
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8 Apr 20
I’d not with regards to #COVIDー19 at least we know we are in an infodemic this time. We have not always been in the past. Awareness is half the battle.
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2 Apr 20
Today is #WorldAutismAwarenessDay - COVID19, social distancing, schools out indefinitely, no routine - tough times for all & for people with autism - really rough - but I found silver lining in similar circumstances "Hurricane Sandy Was a Great Day"…
I'm lucky that I have great daughter, family & support system, but many families, children w/autism are not so lucky. Social distancing isn't just during pandemics, its all the time. Months without school & services is debilitating for those with autism & those that care for them
During this #COVID19 trying time, if you can, check in on those that are alone and could use a break. And I've had some great moments with my daughter during this isolation stretch. She's handling it better than me. (Knock on wood) COVID19 hikes = pretty great.
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