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11 Jan 20
Thread about today's @WhipClyburn's Fellowship Fundraiser BBQ by @scdp...
I got to shake this incredible man's hand and tell him how much we appreciate his commitment to SC and all of us! 1/15
So excited to meet @MPowersNorrell #SC44, my hero for fighting for women & our Rights! I also nabbed a quick selfie with presidential candidate @MichaelBennet who delivered a wonderful speech! Great to see my friend & Dem candidate for state senate #SC41 @samskardon 2/15
I was thisclose to getting a selfie with @KimpsonForSC AGAIN but missed him 😭He gave a fiery speech and got us #FiredUpAndReadyToGo πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ & introduced our #SC01 Congressman @JoeCunninghamSC who I assured we support his re-election & appreciate him!
#ChillOutAboutTheVote 3/15
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16 Dec 19
Dear #SC #Resisters
If you are in the #Lowcountry area or can get to Downtown Charleston tomorrow by 5:30 or so (tardiness is no problem!), grab some friends and come on down to #MarionSquare! This pre-impeachment House vote rally may be the single best time to have our...1/5
voices heard by our Do-nothing, trump butt-kissing, corrupt af senators @LindseyGrahamSC and @SenatorTimScott! We need to #ShowUp #SpeakOut & #GetLoud! We have to make #LeningradLindsey sweat hanging onto his comfy seat! Make the #GOP more afraid of losing re-election than...2/5
they are of #PutinsPuppet and his Twitter account! Make them FEEL the need to #DustOffTheirResumes! I know it's a work day & night; apologies but if you can make it, your presence will definitely be of great service to our Democracy! 3/5
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20 Nov 19
So, I was busy this afternoon going door to door handing out flyers for #SC15 #TownHall by our State Representative. This a.m. the GOP defense of trump was: He's not military & therefore doesn't understand the difference between a favor & a bribe/extortion. He's CinC πŸ™„ 1/3
It got dark so, I ran to the store & got coffee filters (DESPERATELY NEEDED!) & decided to make cupcakes for Thursday because people love free snacks & who doesn't love cupcakes? Now, I see the defense has changed from this morning to: Well, trump...2/3
didn't bribe or extort Kelensky of #Ukraine in the first call; therefore, he's exonerated. For any of these Republicans to think, let alone say, that this #ImpeachmentInquiry is because Democrats are bored or revengeful is Ludacris. #DayThree
πŸ’™πŸ’ͺ🌊 Back at it tomorrow! 3/3
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