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When I posted that video of Donte and Rashon being unjustly arrested at that Philadelphia Starbucks for not buying a cup of coffee, I hadn’t considered the fact that I was putting their trauma on display to prove to white people that it happens. 1/6
I wasn’t educated or aware enough to understand the meaning behind what I did. But now I know that we white people have always needed to see Black people’s trauma to believe...2/6
...and even worse, when we see it we often don’t believe it (which is one of the reasons so many people asked me if there was “more to the story”). 3/6
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The Doctor-Friend

Here's the message the doctors gave your family:

"We think you should notify family members to come. Things have worsened. We suggest they get here soon."

You texted this update to me, your doctor-friend. The one who'd been talking to you all along.

Wait. Does that mean he's dying now? You want to know.

"Get here."

That's the code that doctors use to convey the urgency of death or dying. But it isn't really a code.


I am honest. Yes. That is what I think it means.
As I think of it,"get here" is no code at all.

Because codes are things that one has to decipher. Being called in because "things have taken a turn for the worse" and "get here" require very little interpretation.

Especially compared to all that preceded it.
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Dear #SC #Resisters
If you are in the #Lowcountry area or can get to Downtown Charleston tomorrow by 5:30 or so (tardiness is no problem!), grab some friends and come on down to #MarionSquare! This pre-impeachment House vote rally may be the single best time to have our...1/5
voices heard by our Do-nothing, trump butt-kissing, corrupt af senators @LindseyGrahamSC and @SenatorTimScott! We need to #ShowUp #SpeakOut & #GetLoud! We have to make #LeningradLindsey sweat hanging onto his comfy seat! Make the #GOP more afraid of losing re-election than...2/5
they are of #PutinsPuppet and his Twitter account! Make them FEEL the need to #DustOffTheirResumes! I know it's a work day & night; apologies but if you can make it, your presence will definitely be of great service to our Democracy! 3/5
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Moderator @mshannabrooks kicking off our #HousingVoterForum @seattleu tonight, where we’ll talk about the role of #housing & #homelessness in our City Council election. Follow along on @tech4housing YouTube channel.
.@mshannabrooks says she’s attended 30+ candidate endorsement meetings thus election season, & she observes a lot of candidates know the language to use to talk about #homelessness, but not necessarily what it means.
For example, says @mshannabrooks, everyone talks about #HousingFirst; but when you ask their policy, some have said they want FEMA-style tents. [For the record, tents aren’t housing.]
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On the anniversary of #Charlottesville, join the movement @privtoprog and tell your network that you will NOT BE SILENT! #ShowUp
On April 12, @MichelleSaahene and I sparked a national conversation with the video of two young men being unjustly arrested @starbucks for doing what people who look like me do every day without incident.
That conversation started a movement to build awareness that when allies educate themselves, speak up in their everyday lives and amplify on social media, they choose to be part of the solution.
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Are you sick of me tweeting about how white people need to #ShowUp against racism?
We’ll get used to it because it’s about to get a lot more intense.
8/12 is the anniversary of #Charlottesville and on that day, @MichelleSaahene and I and everyone @privtoprog will ask you to join our movement. How?
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Okay allies, I just had a productive conversation with a well-meaning white friend about microaggressions. This is how it went.
Her: Sends me article about racism written by black man with this text "Smart, articulate man who expresses his experience fabulously!"

Me: It's a great article. I want to ask you something. Bear with me.
Me: So, if the writer had been white, would you have identified him as a smart, articulate man?"

Her: ...

Me: Really think about it.

Her: ...

Me: You're thinking. Thank you!
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Please explain to me why the people calling the police are not committing a crime. Really. Explain it to me. #ShowUp
Hey #lawtwitter this is a real question. Is there any instance in which calling the police is a punishable crime?
Today’s reminder: Doesn’t say selling water, sitting in a coffee shop, going to the pool. Calling the police is for EMERGENCIES. #ShowUp
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It's time to rally, white allies. If you have been silent because you believe the fight against racism is not your place or you don't know how to get involved, the first step is to speak up--on social media and in person. It matters. #ShowUp
There are way too few of us speaking up in our circles of influence. Your voice is needed. You can set an example of how allies can #ShowUp against racism.
YOU can be the person that models how to #ShowUp, how to use your privilege for progress.
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Important facts for white allies:

If you are white, 93% of your social network is white.

White social media users only share about race 8% of the time.


#ShowUp and use your privilege for progress.
You may see many posts about racism. You may also think that your circle of friends is of a like mind and therefore they are also seeing them. BUT...
I know, from firsthand experience when I posted the @Starbucks video, that I was WRONG IN THAT ASSUMPTION.
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Happening now in Philly #keepfamiliestogether #ShowUp
.@MikePenceVP holding fundraiser in hotel here
This is how we #showup #keepfamiliestogether
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The #resistance is needed now more than ever, and not just because the #Mueller investigation is getting closer to blowing this group of grifters out of the water: <THREAD>
Trump, and everyone that supports him are at war with the values that could make us a better nation.

On nearly every level, Trump and his racist republican ilk are doing everything they can to be on the wrong side of history. It's straight up villainy.
Inequality, racial tensions, corporations with too much power, imprisoning brown people in private prisons, healthcare, taxes, the environment, public safety, and of course, common fucking decency. All that and more is at stake.
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