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10 Mar 20
Unsolicicited advice to other countries: DO NOT underestimate #coronavirus. Politicians in #Italy told people to carry on suggesting it was just a little more than a flu. We’re now in total lockdown 1/n 1ttps://
Balancing containment measures with personal freedoms and the economy isn’t easy: governments face difficult choices. But if #Italy’s crisis can serve as a learning lesson to anybody the key takeaway is: forget the politics, focus on the science and work on communication 2/n
Experts like @WRicciardi and @RobertoBurioni called on drastic measures to contain the outbreak from the very start. Politicians focused on reigning in the panic, showing support to the affected communities and avoiding a catastrophic economic impact and ignored this advice 3/n
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22 Oct 19
Parlamentari 5S hanno proposto e votato un emendamento al DL Imprese per convertire in ente pubblico l’Associazione Alberghi della Gioventù il cui e' segretario dal 2012 il nuovo portavoce di Laura Castelli. Thread…
Tutti i gruppi parlamentari in Senato erano concordi sull'emendamento per la salvaguardia dei livelli occupazionali del AIG ma l'emendamento proposto da 5 senatori 5S ha fatto infuriare molti colleghi di partito (tanto che la seduta e' stata sospesa e sul dl posta fiducia)...
Il nuovo "Ente Italiano Alberghi per la Gioventù" avrà un organico di 57 persone e un budget per il 2020 di 1.7 milioni di euro e sara' sotto la vigilanza della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri. Vi domanderete a che serve un ente pubblico di questo tipo nel 2020?
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20 Aug 19
#THREAD to try to make sense of #Italy’s govt crisis: PM Conte will address the Senate at 15.00CET today. No vote of confidence is scheduled but it could be called by the League UNLESS PM uses the speech to announce his resignation. The latter is the most likely scenario. 1/n
If #Conte resigns Pres Mattarella will hear representatives from all parties & decide whether to: a) let PD/5Stars form a new govt; b) install a caretaker govt to pass the budget; c) call a snap election. Italy hasn’t seen a general election in the fall since 1919. 2/n
The reason for avoiding elections in the fall is the national #budget: deadline for approval is Dec 31. #Italy must send a draft of its 2020 one to @EU_Commission in early Oct. Running a campaign, an election and installing a new govt in the midst of it all is no joke. 3/n
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11 Jul 19
Italian weekly magazine @espressonline reporters @GiovanniTizian @StefanoVergine wrote about the October 18 meeting between Salvini’s aide & Russians back in February. They probably had the audio because they quoted from it but didn’t publish it. The news was largely ignored. 1/n
At the time Salvini vehemently denied the allegations. Now #buzzfeednews @AlbertoNardelli published the audio and the media is finally talking about it. Unsurprisingly Salvini denied the allegations again and Savoini (the aide) said the audio is "a manipulated fake scam." 2/n
The opposition asked the Interior Minister to address the allegations in parliament. But Senate Speaker Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati rejected 3 motions saying "the Senate is not a place to discuss journalistic rumors." 3/n
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