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I am a Follower of Jesus; Saved by Grace Alone; & I Live Life One Moment at a Time, with my Lord & Savior, Christ Jesus! I Love my family, my kitty. And πŸ™4πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
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Mar 6, 2021 β€’ 10 tweets β€’ 6 min read
@freedomsbride 1) Back when I was in my #FreshmanYear in college, I had been going to this wonderful Christian Campus Ministry Center. A few months later, a friend (who was older than me), invited me to join this Christian Clown Troupe, that was run through the Center. So, I gave it a try! It @freedomsbride 2) became one of my #FavoriteThings about being in college there! It was called "Foolish Wisdom Christian Clown Troupe"; and had been started 2-3 years before I got there. I got to dress up, & we each created her/his own "clown's face". But, the best thing about it was that we
Jan 16, 2021 β€’ 28 tweets β€’ 51 min read
@tracesoffaith 1) After I started to Listen to @amygrant 's music, in 1985. And, I began to listen to #ChristianRadio , regularly. BUT, then, 17 years later; a teaching colleague of mine invited me to "Give This #BibleStudy a try." The teacher was a lady I had Only known from listening to @KSBJ @tracesoffaith @amygrant @KSBJ 2) B4 & After School & she & the #DJ , were broadcasting Live, in downtown #houstontx & it was a #WatermelonSeed #SpittingContest ! #Hilarious ! A month later, I found out This #BibleStudy was a One of it's kind; bc it was going to be #OnlineToo ! It was #BelievingGod2002 ! By...
Jan 5, 2021 β€’ 10 tweets β€’ 15 min read
@CDCgov 1) My Mom had #BeenSmokingCigarettes for 30 #Years when she had gotten #pneumonia 2x's during the Winter of 1989-1990. Her doctor told her if she didn't #QuitSMOKING , she would #VeryLikely get #pneumonia again. Then, he Highly recommended that she #GiveNicotinePatchesATry . She @CDCgov 2) decided to try them; for #ThreeEntireMonths , as the amount of #Nicotine in the patches is reduced each month; even though they caused her to get a small amount of hives! πŸ˜ƒ By that time, she was down to #Smoking 1 or 2 #Cigarettes a day; instead of her usual #PackADay Habit!