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Drug Controller General of India has given approval to the first fully indigenously developed Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Conjugate Vaccine. This is the first indigenously developed vaccine in the field of #pneumonia

This vaccine has been developed by M/s. Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd, Pune. @SerumInstIndia first obtained the approval of DCGI to conduct Phase I, Phase II & Phase III clinical trials of Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Conjugate #Vaccine in India
Earlier the demand of such #vaccine was substantially met by licensed importers in the country since the manufacturers were all vaccine companies based outside India.
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1-So as most of you know, we published in @NEJM this week. This was so important for us for many reasons but fist a recap/summary of the…
2/In low resource settings, WHO recommends standard of care for management of common illnesses in non-school going children. These illnesses include diarrhoea, pneumonia, malnutrition ; among others.
3/ Pneumonia is commonly called ARI ( acute respiratory illness) and classified into no, mild or severe pneumonia. For our study we decided to study mild pneumonia.
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1/ How neglected is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome research?

@NIH funding for ME/CFS in 2017 was ~$25mill

Fair funding relative to disease burden should be ~$350mill

That means #MECFS research was short-changed by $325,000,000 (14-fold!) in just ONE YEAR
2/ Buckle up!

@CenterRes analysis found that even though the disease burden of #MECFS was double that of HIV/AIDS, #AIDS research received ~$5billion in 2017

Thats a 20-fold shortfall, amounting to ~$4,975,000,000 lost #MECFS funding in just ONE YEAR!
3/ And, the graph below shows that #MECFS research is woefully underfunded compared to similarly burdensome diseases

Note: the vertical Y-axis scale on the graph is logarithmic

So #IBS and #pneumonia actually receive 10x MORE funding than #MECFS
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Over the past week I’ve been getting so many calls from friends all over asking me to diagnose if they are #COVID infected. Honestly I’m no doctor but just an early test mule on the virus. My Q&A typically ranges as follows. I hope it helps some of you from needless paranoia.
1/n First thing to iron out is the difference between #regularflu Vs #COVIDflu. I’ve done some research and found this helpful table for you guys. 90% of you have just a regular flu owing to seasonal changes. Don’t panic ! However if you’re in the 10% read on.
2/n Assuming all your symptoms are #COVID in nature immediately #homequarantine in a separate room. Testing is hard to get by in #MaharashtraBachao #Delhi so don’t bother waiting for your turn. Begin treatment for novel Corona while taking care of not infecting others around
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Kali ini saya tidak ingin membahas "the new normal life". Silakan baca di media. Saya hanya ingin share, seberapa beratkah COVID-19 pada anak? Dr Anna Zimmermann, dokter anak ahli neonatologi di Amrik menceritakan kisah putranya yang diangkat @nowthisnews
Dr Anna menceritakan putranya, Lincoln, yang sempat dirawat karena sesak napas akibat COVID-19, di blog-nya @LittlesMighty… dan diangkat ke media, seperti @BBC @CBS dan @ABC Lincoln mengalami #pneumonia karenanya.
Masih berpikir COVID-19 ringan pada anak?
Apakah #pneumonia itu? Yakni peradangan di jaringan paru, akibat kuman masuk dari saluran napas atas ke bawah. Salah satu ISPA (infeksi saluran pernapasan akut) bawah. Penyebabnya bisa virus, bakteri, jamur. Virus SARS-COV2 adalah penyebab pneumonia COVID
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I am incredibly excited and humbled that the @US_FDA has approved trials of the drug my lab discovered (@pulmotect PUL-042) to fight #COVID19 #pneumonia in diagnosed patients (NCT04312997) and exposed #HealthcareWorkers and contacts (NCT04313023).
This has taken herculean effort by the @pulmotect team to get through the regulatory steps and by the @MDAndersonNews team to prepare for implementation.
A special thanks to all Evans Lab members, past and present, members of the Dickey lab, and the MD Anderson Department of Pulmonary Medicine, as well as all of our colleagues, collaborators and supporters. I truly think this will benefit people, and you all contributed critically
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ICYMI back on Feb. 7, 2020, I published: "A Harvester of Sorrow – First Wave of the SARS 2.0 Novel Coronavirus" / #COVID19 #1918Pandemic #Pandemic #Coronavirus #SARS… Image
San Francisco had the 1918 flu under control. And then it lifted the restrictions #COVID19 #1918Pandemic #Pandemic #Coronavirus #SARS…
#COVID19 #1918Pandemic #Pandemic #Coronavirus #2ndWave no kidding, use summer as a time to prep just in case, no matter what anyone says, bc a virus is much smarter than any of you...
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1) #WHO & #CCP

The story they told the world 🦠 THREAD 💥

January 12 2020 - WHO posted info with links🔗 to China Health Commission 🇨🇳
#coronavirus #COVID19 #Pneumonia
2) #CCP

Dec 31 2019 💥 #Pneumonia
27 cases
No obvious person-to-person transmission
Prevented & controlled by preventing indoor air circulation, avoiding public places where people are concentrated, wearing masks😷 when going out

South China Seafood City 🦇 #WetMarkets
2) #CCP 🇨🇳

January 1 2020 #Pneumonia

The South China Seafood Market in Wuhan has been closed, and there is a mature monitoring system for unexplained

South China Seafood City 🦇 #WetMarkets…
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Starting a series on clinical Pearls I am gathering in #COVID19 patients based on experiences of many experts

Will add as we go along

Feel free to add your own observations/experiences

#covidclinicalpearls /1
Anosmia is likely the most specific #COVID19 related symptom
30% of patients have anosmia as their 1st symptom
#covidclinicalpearls /2
Around 90% of patients have fever.
50% maybe afebrile at the time of presentation
Fever tends to be very resistant to routine measures in hospitalized patients
There is no consensus that NSAIDs are to be avoided in #COVID2019 patients

#covidclinicalpearls /3
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Lessons from past #coronavirus & #influenza #epidemics suggest that #viral #infections can trigger acute coronary syndromes, arrhythmias, exacerbation of heart failure owing to a combination of a significant systemic inflammatory response plus localized vascular inflammation.
#COVID19 may either induce new cardiac pathologies &/or exacerbate underlying cardiovascular diseases. A large proportion of patients have underlying cardiovascular disease &/or cardiac risk factors. Factors associated with mortality include male sex, advanced age, comorbidities.
Acute cardiac injury determined by elevated high-sensitivity #troponin levels is commonly observed in severe #COVID19 cases & strongly associated with mortality. Acute respiratory distress syndrome is also strongly associated with mortality in patients with #SARSCoV2 infection
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"@Tedros has defended #China despite its gross mismanagement of the highly contagious disease. ... @WHO took months to declare the #COVID19 outbreak as a #pandemic" 1/4


China and the WHO's chief: Hold them both #accountable for pandemic…
Sign & Share

"We strongly think @Tedros is not fit for his role as @WHO Director General. We call for the Immediate #Resignation of Tedros." 2/4


#Petition: Call for the resignation of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General…
"#Taipei alerted the @WHO at the end of Dec about the risk of human-to-human transmission of the new #virus but said its concerns were not passed on to other countries." 3/4


Taiwan says WHO failed to act on coronavirus transmission warning…
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Durée de vie du Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 selon une étude :

- Aérosols : Au moins 3 H (1/2 vie : 66 min)

- Plastique : 3 J (1/2 vie : 6:49)

- Acier Inox : 3 J (1/2 vie : 5:38)

- Carton : 24 H (1/2 vie : 3:30)

- Cuivre : 4 H (1/2 vie : 46 min)… Image
Russie : Des scientifiques de Novossibirsk affirment avoir commencé à tester un vaccin contre le coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 qui provoque la pandémie de COVID-19.
Jordanie : Vidéo qui documente les voitures qui sont aspergées avec un antiseptique à cause du coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 à Amman.

35 cas d'infection au COVID-19 ont été enregistrés.

À partir d'aujourd'hui, tous les résidents ne doivent quitter la maison qu'en cas d'urgence.
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THREAD - #COVIDー19 #coronavirus #SARS_COV_2 #FLU Do your home work on #VitaminD3 and #VitaminC. Not enough money in it? Why isn’t anyone promoting it? What’s the 25OHD serum levels of those infected or that have died?…
As an A1AD carrier and 15+yearly sufferer of chronic #bronchitis needing multiple antibiotics every year prior to ‘09 #swineflu scare - I thought if I got It I wouldn’t survive.
I read up on# respiratory issues and the benefits of #VitaminD3. So I started a 5000iu/day regime in ‘09 raising my 25OHD serum levels to 60 ng/ml. I have not had #bronchitis an antibiotic or the #flu since, no longer needed an inhaler for my asthma. Just wanted to put this out
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Iran : Photos qui documentent un contrôle routier dans la province de Mazandaran, qui a pris des mesures pour contrôler la propagation du Coronavirus COVID-19.
#WuhanOutbreak ImageImageImageImage
Chine : Le 1er rapport d'autopsie de victimes de COVID-19 a révélé des lésions de la maladie concentrées sur les poumons, aucune preuve suffisante pour montrer que d'autres organes étaient affectés

- La Nouvelle-Zélande déclare son 1er cas confirmé de coronavirus.
#WuhanOutbreak ImageImage
#Chine Mise à jour #Coronavirus #COVID19 :
- 83 369 cas confirmés au monde (78 927 Chine + 4 442 étrangers dont #Taiwan)
- 2 858 morts
- 8 052 sérieux/critiques
- 36 497 guéris
- 2 308 suspects
- 53 pays touchés
- 3,43 % décès
#Wuhan #2019_nCov #Pneumonia #WuhanOutbreak #China ImageImageImage
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Il y a eu des modifications (à la baisse) dans les chiffres, je vais republier une mise à jour...
#Chine Mise à jour #Coronavirus #COVID19 :
- 64 273 cas confirmés au monde (63 749 Chine + 524 l'étranger dont #Taiwan)
- 1 489 morts
- 10 608 sérieux/critiques
- 6 884 guéris
- 13 435 suspects
- 26 pays touchés
- 2,32 % décès
#Wuhan #2019_nCov #Pneumonia #WuhanOutbreak #China
Afin d'éviter toute confusion, j'ai supprimé un précédent tweet de statistiques qui prenait en compte des données qui ont été révisées à la baisse en raison de l'ajustement des méthodes de comptage des cas confirmés de #Coronavirus #COVID19
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#TipofTheDay in #Pneumologia: Atualização sobre #Coronavirus #2019ncov na #China #🇨🇳:
@JAMA_current publicou a maior série de casos ( 138 pacientes hospitalizados por #pneumonia pelo #nCoV2019 📲 link: @PneumoPR @spptpneumo @spt_rs @lmcarambei @sbpt
✔️ Relato da maior série de casos com pacientes internados por pneumonia (#coronavirus) em Wuhan;
✔️ Contágio nosocomial foi responsável por 41,3% ( 57) dos casos, destes 17 estavam internados p outras razões e 40 (29%) eram profissionais de #saúde @minsaude @saudepr
✔️ Entre os 138 casos ( 40 são em profissionais de saúde & 17 em pacientes internados);

✔️ Os sintomas mais prevalentes entre os 138 pacientes foram: febre , cansaço, tosse seca;

✔️ Idade média 56 anos; @sergio_grava @dr_maurogomes
@marionunes51 @jeffs_araujo35
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1) We are going to breakdown what these meds are here.

#Coronavirus #2019nCoV #WuhanCoronvirus

The first one.

Cefdinir capsule is an antibiotic used to treat pneumonia, otitis media, strep throat, and cellulitis.
2) 連花清瘟膠囊
Lianhua Qingwen

They have 2 of these boxes. This is a herbal medicine.
Interestingly studies show it to be more effective for treating flu.

#Coronavirus #2019nCoV #WuhanCoronvirus
3) 磷酸奥司他韦 胶囊

#Oseltamivir, sold under the brand name #Tamiflu, is an antiviral medication used to treat and prevent #influenza A and influenza B (flu).

#Coronavirus #2019nCoV #WuhanCoronvirus

Drug Ref:…
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The EW Vax Smackdown Series

The Most Destructive Vax Ever: MMR

A Tweet Series By EW

Somebody should have warned the Trojans. Beware of gifts bearing Greeks.
- David Gerrold, A Matter 4 Men

There are poisons that blind u, & poisons that open your 👀s.

- August Strindberg

As of this writing, per the Vax Adverse Events Reporting (VAERS) database set up by the federal government, there have been 481 💀s & 98,874 acute reactions to some combo of MMR (M alone, MR alone, R alone, etc). Per a federal study, less than 1% of vax reactions r reported..


The provaxxers will say but we had many more measles 💀s annually when the MMR vax debuted in 1971. Stand alone measles, mumps, & rubella vax’s had been previously licensed in 1963, 1967, & 1969 respectively.

So let’s investigate these claims.

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Como existem muitas dúvidas e muitas fake news sobre o coronavírus, preparamos uma thread sobre o assunto. Siga o fio e veja o que se sabe até agora sobre o 2019-nCoV:
Instituições de saúde se articulam para identificar e combater o #coronavírus no Brasil, onde já circulam variedades semelhantes ao microrganismo chinês, o chamado 2019-nCoV.
O 2019-nCoV causa uma #pneumonia severa, potencialmente fatal em pessoas idosas e com #saúde debilitada. É um quadro clínico similar ao da #Sars e ao da #Mers
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THREAD: The #nCoV2019 #CoronavirusOutbreak is a signal-to-noise problem. Signal = #coronavirus. Noise = cough/cold/#influenza/#flu/#pneumonia. How do you pick up the signal when there's so much noise?
Reduce the noise! Get your #flushot #influenza vaccination. If you're over 65 (or have other reasons to be high-risk), get your #pneumonia shot. It'll make it easier to detect #nCoV2019 #coronavirus and control #CoronavirusOutbreak.
We have a lot of room for improvement re: vaccinating against the #flu #influenza in this country. Only ~63% of kids & ~45% of adults got vaccinated in the U.S. last year.… #nCoV2019 #coronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreak
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I have decided to reconvene the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee on the new #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) tomorrow to advise me on whether the current outbreak constitutes a public health emergency of international concern.
Most of the 6000+ new #coronavirus cases are in #China – just 1%, or 68 cases, have been recorded to date in 15 other countries. But some person-to-person transmission in 3 countries outside of 🇨🇳 has been recorded. This potential for further global spread is why I called the EC
The vast majority of new #coronavirus cases have been recorded in #China. Most cases reported outside are in people with a travel history from 🇨🇳, or have been in contact with people who have been there. But there are some signs of person-to-person transmission outside 🇨🇳.
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¿Cómo se está extendiendo #Coronavirus en Twitter?
✅ Ahora, + de 300 publicaciones por minuto
✅ Desde el domingo más de 120.000 tuits diarios
✅ Más de 70.000 personas por todo el mundo utilizando el hashtag
El uso en Twitter de #coronavirus en estos días es brutal: solo hoy se han publicado más de 70.000 tuits; han utilizado el hashtag más de 50.000 personas en Twitter y el número de impresiones potenciales es alucinante: 2.384K (Fuente Symplur)
Ayer día 27 de enero, más de 120.000 tuits y 70.000 personas por todo el mundo utilizados #coronavirus (no se cuentan los retuits y resto de conversación sobre el coronavirus con otros hashtags)
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[THREAD] China Coronavirus Outbreak
A deadly virus is spreading from Asia, affecting hundreds of people and resulting in dozens of deaths, in what may become a gloabal health epidemic. This thread contains news about the outbreak.
#Coronavirus #WuhanOutbreak #ChinaVirus #WarWatch
On Dec 30, 2019, Chinese authorities confirmed cases of pneumonia of unknown cause in Wuhan, Hubei Province. A team of national experts was sent to carry out detection tests. Patients at a local seafood market were put in quarantine.
#Coronavirus #WuhanOutbreak #ChinaVirus
Liu Youning, a professor of epidemiology and respiratory medicine, told the Global Times that the #coronavirus found in #Wuhan appears to be far less serious than the virus that caused the severe acute respiratory syndrome (#SARS) or the Middle East respiratory syndrome (#MERS).
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