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Recently got into NFTs, exploring the space and loving it. Also looking into fast, no/less-fee, clean energy transaction systems.
Feb 28, 2022 15 tweets 9 min read
A thread 🧵on 'validator specific' #airdrops in #Cosmos -- my views on such airdrops, a list of some validators I stake with, and planned airdrop info for some of them.

First, my views...


#CosmosEcosystem #ATOM #JUNO #OSMO 2/15) I usually stake with >20 validators (mostly outside top 20) on most chains to help decentralize.

Consequently, more often than not I benefit from this recent trend of 'validator specific' airdrops. In fact, I am already staking with some validators who announced drops.
Feb 27, 2022 12 tweets 12 min read
Compiling some of the news in the #Cosmos ecosystem that I came across this past week, including new launches, airdrops, snapshots and integrations.

A thread 🧵below:

1/12) 2/12) is an #nft marketplace on #JUNO that launches on 28th Feb.

I have mentioned about this before. @passage3d is doing exciting stuff, follow them.