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𝐉𝐮𝐧𝐨 𝐍𝐞𝐭𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤: 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐮𝐥𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝 🧵
Juno is the most debated project in the Cosmos Ecosystem, and this thread will shed light on everything. Read till the end.
•Unveiling the Basics 🔥
•History & mistakes 🐻
•The bright future🌱 Image
𝐔𝐧𝐯𝐞𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐁𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐜𝐬 🛠️
@JunoNetwork is a permissionless smart contract network built using the Cosmos SDK and reaches network agreement via Tendermint Consensus. Thanks to the IBC, it is highly interoperable with all networks in the Cosmos ecosystem.⚡ Image
Juno supports the deployment of contracts in multiple languages via the @CosmWasm module, which comes with unique advantages compared to other popular Web3 frameworks such as: •Increased Security🛡️
•Efficiency & Performance🌊
•Interoperability & Portability🔌
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This past Thursday, April 27th @Reecepbcups_ hosted a @JunoNetwork Dev & Validator Call

Here is a summary thread 🧵
@Reecepbcups_ @JunoNetwork The goal of this call was to go over a more technical side of Juno for Developers and Validators, this includes Cosmwasm features added and features ideas that the team wants input on.

More specifically this one was about @JunoNetwork v15 upgrade
@Reecepbcups_ @JunoNetwork Firstly, @Reecepbcups_ talked about previous #juno upgrades:

How v12 security upgrade got pushed back to v13.
How v13 implemented FeeShare and TokenFactory modules, which have been widely adopted and will deploy on DAO DAO soon.…
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1. Audrey / Aiden Hale #nashville #audreyhale #aidenhale Mickey Mouse Mk ultra programming trigger, one eye club. Dogtags - usually associated with military. Audrey aka Juno #audreyhale #nashville #mkultra Image
2. Audrey the Artist with cat another symbol of mk ultra /monarch mind control #audreyhale #nashville #mkultra Image
3. Interesting Audrey should choose this as another artpiece #audreyhale #nashville Image
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Get ready for #Cosmos growth in 2023! Levana is excited to be a part of this adventure. The Levana path to launch is clear, and you can read our blog post… or scroll down below to learn more about Levana’s exciting plans for 2023

This tweet thread is long, touches on a wide variety of subjects and is targeted to a few different audiences: Cosmos Bulls, Perps enthusiasts, NFT fans, GameFi fans, and scifi/fantasy geeks.

For the best experience, you may prefer to learn more via these blog posts

2023 General Levena Update (start here)…

NFTs and Perps -…
Levana vs Other Perps -…
Levana Side Projects -…

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1) Curious Cosmonaut Research is excited to launch our platform in open beta, the most comprehensive research platform in Cosmos after a year of stealth! Featuring over 210 articles and over 90 platforms/writers to start. Please follow, retweet, and share with other Cosmonauts!
2) The website can be found here, and some of the coverage from day one is listed in this thread.
3) @agoric - smart contract blockchain focused on JavaScript

@akashnet_ - decentralized cloud and computing

#ATOM/@cosmos Hub - hub of Cosmos working towards being the IBC center and security of the ecosystem
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(1) DEFI
(3) NFTS


#Binance10M #BUSD #Airdrop $BTC
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So where do I start, I guess by saying everything I thought would happen for #VLRM and where the sp would be has been delayed by basically a year, with the GFSC approval taking longer than anticipated. So what does that mean now?!
Well for starters it has been de-risked with Valereum Approved to Acquire Gibraltar Stock Exchange expected to be completed 1st quarter of 2023 just for starters!!
In addition @Valereum will be launching its NFT strategy in the 1st quarter of next year linking real world assets via NFT ownership.
I'm expecting at least some news on NFTs partners / tech/ launch strategy this year in 2022!
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1/🧵 Chętnie odniosę się do pytania @rav_crypto odnośnie mojego podejścia do projektu #JUNO @JunoNetwork.
Na wstępie chcę tylko powiedzieć, że upatruję w nim kandydata do dużych wzrostów, ale wynika to raczej z pewnych przesłanek, a nie samego upodobania do projektu.
Zaczynajmy! Image
2/🧵 Ekosystem
Zacznijmy od tego, że standardem w ekosystemie #cosmos jest to, że większość projektów tworzy własne łańcuchy (app-chain) przez co każdy osobno pracuje na Siebie.
$JUNO jak na te standardy wybija się z tłumu i może się już poszczycić całkiem ciekawym ekosystemem. Image
3/🧵 Z czego to wynika?
Jak sam się określa, łańcuch $JUNO jest:
"A decentralized, public, permission-less network for cross-chain smart contracts."
Oznacza to, że każdy może tam tworzyć aplikacje bez pytania o zgodę. To także nie jeste standardem w #cosmos. Image
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#VLRM look to get final confirmation of the #GSX deal, morphing from basically a Spac into one of the world's first fully regulated exchanges crossing the digital divide, between #fiat & #crypto!
So for under 12 Million MCAP what's currently not priced in & what can we expect...
🔥The #GSX is a regulated exchange market (Tier 1 exchange) which also holds an Multi-Lateral Trading Facility ("MTF") licence for the listing of specific forms of security under MiFID.
#markets #StocksToBuy #stockstoinvest #Aquis #aim
🔥#Juno - 3 areas of licensed operations cover the formation & management of trusts & similar entities, the administration of funds, a broad range of activities, like fiat & crypto currencies & the formation & management of companies in #Gibraltar / jurisdictions worldwide.
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⚛️Cosmos Ecosystem - Q3 2022 Quarterly Report

This report dives into an overview of the @cosmos & the #Cosmos Ecosystem

💠Network Activity
💠Ecosystem Breakdown
💠Highlight Events
💠 #Kava #Osmosis #Secret #Juno Highlights

Let’s dive in 🧵👇

@cosmos 1/ Network Activity

1.1 Total Value Locked (TVL) of @cosmos Ecosystem

▪️ @kava_platform is ranked first with a TVL of $291,2 million.

▪️ Next is @osmosiszone with a TVL of $209M.

▪️ @THORChain came in third with $105.85M.

@cosmos @kava_platform @osmosiszone @THORChain @DefiLlama 1.2 Developer Activity

▪️ @osmosiszone & @cosmos are two projects with remarkable development activity

▪️With a total of 1865 commits in the third quarter, #Osmosis is in first place

▪️ #Cosmos is in the second position in the third quarter with 1,718 commits

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📣Juno Weekly News, August15-21 📰

What happened last week to @JunoNetwork
👉Answer: #BUIDLing 🚀

Let's have a look at #JUNO 's recent activity through @coinhall_org 's article and the picture below👇

#Junonauts $JUNO
@JunoNetwork @coinhall_org 2. This is #DeFi news

@Levana_protocol Launching Their Options Protocol on Testnet.

1) What are Options
2) How to learn to use them
3) Put Options & how they can be used similar to insurance

Learn more👇

#realyield #JUNO #Junonauts #IBC #Options
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Once regulatory approvals have been confirmed by the #GFSC on the purchase of #GSX & #JUNO, further news on #NFT open market place, update on market listing & partner news. I'm expecting a fabulous run for #VLRM.
With a 20Mil MCAP, 22p sp - x5 from here in the interim!
Long term - this could be eye watering and is dependent on adoption. I am looking at anything between £200m and £800m!

Currently nothing is priced in and we should be at 50p with a fair value of £1.37 sp pricing in potential deals if not more!
#blockchain #NFTsCommunity #AQUIS
The sector & this space is getting hot and regulation will only help regulated exchanges thrive and consumer confidence return! #VLRM aim to access multiple #Trillion dollar markets!@DavidLenigas
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1) Curious Cosmonaut Research has identified that information can be scattered around the Cosmos ecosystem; meet the monthly newsletter. If you are serious about #Cosmos this is a must. #stargaze #juno #secretnetwork #osmos #ibcgang #dydx #ethereum #evmos
2) First we recommend viewing this through our blog instead.… Developer Activity

First off, what is Github commits for us non-engineers? According to Free Code Camp… it means
3) “The git commit command will save all staged changes, along with a brief description from the user, in a “commit” to the local repository. Commits are at the heart of Git usage.
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COSMOS Weekly Update

🔹 3D Worlds 🎮
🔹 Decentralized ETFs
🔹 Staking Pools

1)@terra_money 🌎
2)@JunoNetwork 🌳3)@osmosiszone 🧪4)@SecretNetwork 🔍
5)@THORChain ⚡️

🧵👇 #Cosmos #Luna #Osmos #Thorchain #SCRT #Juno
2. @terra_money 🌍 (1/6)
@staderlabs next up is Stake Pools 👀

What are the benefits?

🔹Diversify stake in basket of validators

🔹Auto compounds rewards for you(tax benefits)

🔹 SD tokens rewards for Stake pools and also LunaX LPs @astroport_fi @terraswap_io @PhoenixFinan
3.@terra_money 🌍 (2/6)
Poker! @TP_TerraPoker

🔹Play to Earn against other players in Tournament Texas Hold’em

🔹Majority of the rake fees go to Stakers

🔹First protocol launch on @valkyrie_money

🔹Litepaper coming next week

🔹Airdrop & Giveaway event details 🔜
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1) Today #cosmos was the main theme of the Messari research from their “unqualified opinions” here is an overview of some of the information without the premium subscription. An enterprise subscription is required to read beyond. #atom #osmo #juno #secret #evmos
2) Title “Looking at the Cosmos, but not from the James Webb Telescope”

Evaluating the Cosmos Chain vs L2 Decision for Investors and Builders. Decentralized exchange dYdX recently made headlines in the crypto community when it announced it was leaving the Ethereum L2 …
3) ecosystem powered by StarkWare to launch its own #Cosmos chain. #dYdX was the biggest protocol by TVL on L2 at the time of the announcement. The move prompted questions from the #Ethereum community on the long-term attractiveness of L2s for builders.
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As always patience is tested in these markets & that also applies to #VLRM... everyone wants the #GSX approval done yesterday. But as with everything the best things come to those wait & remain patient. Purchasing the #Gibraltar Stock Exchange is a a major deal by any standards!
But these things take time, that's the reality especially when governments see these assets as very important for their financial sector stability & growth. Both @RPoulden & @FrontierFinance want this wrapped up quickly in order to move onto the next phase of there global plan.
Myself and all LTHs are in this for the major re-rate, it will happen IMHO - sooner than people think!The eventual plan is to create a multi billion global exchange. But as with anything it has to be done right first time and this involves working hand in hand with the GIB Gov.
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1) The Curious Cosmonaut Research team recently published an overview of all #IBC Chains. The article came out to 131 Tweets which we backed up into many (~75) transactions on the HUB, but why? #cosmsos #atom #osmosis #evmos #sifchain #stargaze #juno #sifchain #likecoin #akash
2) Medium can be modified and or censored. Twitter one day may be modified and or censored. The #Cosmos HUB, we believe, is one of the most resilent #blockchains in the entire industry.
3) By moving the content onto the HUB, we believe it will be permanent, immutable, censorship-resistant, recoverable, accessible anywhere, and potentially more.
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🧵on all IBC connected chains in Cosmos and how we came from no #IBC to around 48 active IBC chains and 70%+ in developer growth in 2021. We explore all #Cosmos IBC chains in an easy to digest thread. Or through Medium… #IBCGang #ATOM @cosmos
2) #Cosmos has been having rapid growth over the last couple of years. To give a little context Inter‐Blockchain Communication protocol (#IBC) was only approved on March 29th, 2021 from governance proposal #41.
3) According to a report by Electric Capital Cosmos had a 70% growth in developers in the #Cosmos ecosystem in 2021. This will only continue to grow as Cosmos technology improves and more tools come such as EVM-based chains.
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Three major considerations for successful crypto trading:
- assessment of the protocol
- assessment of the token
- timing of the purchase

A thorough explanation on my investment framework, applied to Cosmos tokens 🧵
The purpose of this thread is to explain the methodology I use to rank Cosmos protocols & tokens in the following document
Let's get the timing out-of-the-way first: in the context of investing, it means the decision of when to purchase or sell a particular asset

That decision must factor in the macro-economic situation, the roadmap, the upcoming milestones etc.
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Interchain security will be the most significant #Cosmos upgrade since IBC last year ; once it's implemented & sufficiently publicised, every new crypto project with ambition will at least consider starting their Cosmos chain. The why & the how 🧵
Cosmos is already the world leader in interoperable smart-contract blockchain, and has been since 2016.

The Tendermint consensus & the Cosmos SDK power close to 30 sovereign, scalable & configurable chains connected through IBC
Up until now, chains had to form their own validator set & create a staking token to secure the network, meaning only a small subset of a teams with the time & technical expertise could use the Cosmos stack

Think #Terra, #Osmosis, #SecretNetwork, #Juno etc.
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If #Juno becomes the new home of the #Terra dApps, it's likely that some Terra's validators will look to join the active set & #LUNAtics will need to figure out where to delegate ; so I thought it'd be interesting to look at the revenue of the validators on #Juno 🧵
(If you're not sure why Juno is a compelling host candidate for the Terra projects, this thread on CosmWasm might be interesting)
The average validator revenue on Juno is around $33,000 per month (mid-May 2022, Bitcoin around $30,000).

It was around $48,000 in early May with Bitcoin at $38,000, and $200,000 at Juno all-time (early March)
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It's been quite an eventful week in the #Cosmos ; and while today's round of Cosmos alpha is very Terra-heavy, it actually comes with a surprising number of bullish news for the entire ecosystem 🧵
First for #Osmosis. As Terra developers look for a new home, it's hard to imagine a better timing for the launch of their grant program & the Cosmwasm implementation. Osmosis co-founder @sunnya97 is on Twitter duty this weekend
@sunnya97 Second for #Juno who has already enabled permissionless CosmWasm contracts. Things are moving fast as a governance proposal carried by @KevinGarrison is up on Mintscan to use the community treasury for the creation of a Terra developer fund
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📚 Weekly news: Mai 1-8

What happened on the Cosmos ecosystem this week?

Here's a top 5 news you shouldn’t have missed on Cosmos 🧵

Stay up to date by reading this thread Cosmonauts 👇 ⚛️

#IBCGang #Cosmos #Evmos $ATOM $OSMO $JUNO
1. #Evmos claim for Keplr users is coming in a few days

The IBC channel Evmos <> Osmosis needs to be unfrozen before claiming and activating staking rewards.

This was supposed to happen on May 3rd, but additional steps are required to accomplish it.
Therefore, a network upgrade is scheduled very soon to fix those issues. Once this is done, Keplr users will be able to claim their #Evmos airdrop.

👉 Staking rewards will be enable once everyone is able to claim! Don't worry for that
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