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0/ I have written a lot about #rollups & data availability lately. Thought it might be worth putting together a thread of threads with my rollup/DA posts 📚

Your ultimate guide to rollup scaling, data availability, L2 #airdrops & more ✨👇

#L222 🧵 (0/13)
1/ Rollups - An introduction to scaling $ETH on rollups:

2/ Rollups - An overview of the $ETH rollup landscape:

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Here's a list of projects on #Arbitrum that still do not have a token

Interact with them to increase your transactions on Arbitrum and, hopefully, get some project #airdrops

Let's go!

P.S. Don't forget #ArbitrumOdyssey. It is almost certainly a precursor to an Arb token
1/ @SlingshotCrypto to swap tokens

Slingshot does not have a token as yet, although it has a NFT. If you can, then maybe buy one as well

Note: All swap providers in the Odyssey have tokens. Use them for the Odyssey NFT eligibility and Slingshot for all other swaps
@SlingshotCrypto 2/ @yield is participating in the Odyssey. And it does not yet have a token. So maybe do a bit more than what they ask you to do?

That way, you get your odyssey NFT and increase your chances for a Yield airdrop when it happens. See screenshot from their FAQ section on discord)
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1) Last night I released a #Moonbirds at 19e (in at 31.9e); then took 6 #goblins without hesitation. I am still fully optimistic about Moonbird's long-term value, but today I want to share how this historical-level ghost project #goblintownnft makes me feel.
by @Wilsonchen1101 Image
2) The first time I saw #Goblin (5/22) at 11th place in the OS trading volume, after 5 seconds, I said "Fuck what? What a shit", I closed it because it was ugly! Ugly enough not to take a look at its #Twitter and official website.
3) Later, I heard from various channels, nothing more than unbelievable #ugliness and unbelievable #floor #growth... Yesterday I saw many ppl tweeting "Goblin language", I realized, I almost missed a #bluechip with most potential. I started to seriously study the gob project
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🪂 Sunday is the best day to share #alpha 🪂

Today, I have another #airdrop info for ya.

When the market is bleeding, somebody is building a #CurveFinance on the BNB chain.

Here's what you have to know to qualify for the CONFIRMED drop:

⚡ 🧵
(1) @WombatExchange is a DEX for stable coins, currently launched on the BNB chain.

However, they are designed for being #mulitchain.

(wrote about it a couple of weeks ago)
@WombatExchange (2) Here are a couple of facts:

-> they reached $40M in TVL
-> they are supported by Jump Crypto and Wormhole
-> they are accelerated by #binancelabs

And... they are in BETA now 😋
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Last week, we covered the contagion effects of $UST's downfall on other (un)stablecoins.

This week, we look at some other #DeFi protocols that were affected 👇🏻
In its relatively short lifespan, $UST had been integrated into at least 12 other chains according to @DefiLlama.

For an ecosystem that was deemed too big to fail just weeks ago, this means the effects of its destruction were also felt far and wide...
Protocols that were hit the hardest includes @kava_platform, @stablegains, @alice_finance, @MushroomsFinan1 just to name a few (out of many, many others).
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1/22 Hey anon, got caught by on-chain detectives 🕵️ @gzeon or @raise_exception sybiling $HOP #airdrop? 😱
We love #airdrops 🪂 but strictly against abuse 🙅‍♂️ .

Check our reasoning why sybil farming is not sustainable and why devs should implement measures against it
@gzeon @raise_exception 2/22 first things first: does it still make sense for #Web3 projects to airdrop instead of just conducting a token sale or #LBP?

Reminder of desired outcomes for having a token:
✅ high degree of decentralization
✅ genuine users taking responsibility
@gzeon @raise_exception 3/22 likely outcomes for 2 different token distribution methods:

1⃣ LBP:
👎concentrated ownership stakes
👎available to non-users

2⃣ Token sale:
👍allocation per person basis
👎mandatory KYC
👎available to non-users
👎not web3
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Layer 2 season is coming, and here's a thread on token releases

In this 🧵, we will cover:
• Why this is the best time for #Layer2 to launch tokens.

• Preparation for "hunting" #airdrop

• Where to look for potential #airdrops on L2s
So why is this time suitable for L2s to launch tokens?

• Those users who stay and use the product in a bear market are those who have a high level of loyalty and truly care about and use the product

• Many Layer 1 Blockchains are currently saturated or even rekt
• The Ethereum Merge has been postponed. Now is the ideal moment for L2 projects to take advantage of the delay to further develop the ecosystem.

→ A token launch now or within 2-3 mths can both gain attention and take advantage of the downtrend market.
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1/15 GM anon, we hope you didn't get rekt by the recent market events 😭 - we are back with some 🔝 alpha: earn NFTs 🖼️, Token rewards 🤑 and maybe even #airdrops 🪂 on @arbitrum

🧵👇 Image
@arbitrum 2/15 Last few days showed us that #decentralization IS important. The recent narrative of scalable but affordable alt #L1 blockchains is now under question. Now comes the time for a better solution - #L222 on top of the arguably most secure L1, @ethereum Image
@arbitrum @ethereum 3/15 Assume by now you've heard about the upcoming #ArbitrumOdyssey? This 🧵 will drop some alpha about it 🤫 that not many are talking about yet. Read on if you want to find additional ways to earn and get yourself some potential rewards 🤑 Image
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Even though the retweet was not UpTo 20 I will go ahead with the thread 🧵
still 😔
Get your needles and machines ready🚀🚀
One can Earn passively from airdrops either by interacting with platforms, staking, hodling tokens or participating on airdrop task, etc.

You can however, position on the @cosmos chain ecosystem to be eligible for future Airdrops.
@Cosmos_Spaces #DeFi #Airdrops
Cosmos is commonly referred to as the internet of blockchains containing an ecosystem of apps and services.

You can make passive income just by holding,staking or providing liquidity for all or some of the major tokens on the chains:
(1) ATOM
(2) OSMO
(4) JUNO
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Many community members have reported missing on significant #airdrops by making small but quite consequential mistakes. I thought it would be useful to go over what you can do to optimize your decisions, so here’s my Ultimate Cosmos Airdrops FAQ thread 🧵
Why do Cosmos projects airdrop?
Most chains in Cosmos are built using the Tendermint consensus & Cosmos SDK, and several received $ATOM grants from important actors like @interchain_io and @ignite_com. Airdrops are a way to acknowledge the help received from the $ATOM community.
More importantly, airdrops are great community builders. It brings a lot of interest and loyal supporters to a project and promotes greater a decentralisation of the token. In #Cosmos, this is often reflected in the long term price performance
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1) I was talking about the @BoredPuzzles NFTs on @StargazeZone.

Bored Puzzles Genesis NFTs is not a PFP Collection, but let's dig into why I minted a ton of these.

If you are a #NFT collector, and you don't own these, I think you're not seeing the bigger picture here.

🧵 Image
2) I've researched it thoroughly. Let's start with the team: 9 team members are working to pull this project together, and deliver quality results. With credibility under their belts, I personally expect nothing short of achievement of their promised roadmap & utilities.
3) Their strenght lies in the utility: The piece itself represents ownership over the MMO Jigsaw Puzzle Game Engine that will never be offered again in the history of Bored Puzzles LLC. They also aim to airdrop dividends from how they monetize this engine.
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If you've staked $ATOM in 2022 and haven't received any #airdrops yet, here's a piece of comforting data: the average time between snapshots and claims is currently 4.5 months (134 days), so you're probably being included in snapshots now. A quick thread 🧵
For $JUNO the snapshot was 18-February-2021 and the claim was 1-October-2021 meaning 225 days later
For $OSMO the snapshot was 18-February-2021 and the claim was 15-June-2021 meaning 117 days later
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Top 22 lessons have learnt so far from my 4Years #Crypto Journey 💣

A Thread 🧵:
#DeFi #Alpha #altcoin #alphas
• Learn before you Earn.
• Never invest more than you can afford to lose.
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I did the math. If you had staked 25 $ATOM (i.e 150$) on 1-Jan-2021, you'd have 2400$ today. That's a 16x. The breakdown, and how it compares to other majors coins 🧵
Staked $ATOM qualifies you for #airdrops. And unlike most crypto airdrops, #Cosmos airdrops usually come from innovative & serious projects.
So with 25 staked $ATOM you'd not only have your
25 $ATOM worth 611$ today, but also:
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SteakHut is your one-stop-shop for #JOEWARS🧵

Come enjoy boosted yields with us 🧑‍🌾🐮

Think Joe, Think SteakHut

From Day 1, Steakhut has been built for Trader Joe!

Our boosted pools are built for $JOE farmers. SteakHut's dApp, UI, and branding have been designed to make our humble Joe farmers feel right at home. 🏠

It just makes sense...

Security is our top priority 🔒

SteakHut has chosen @0xPaladinSec to provide smart contract audits ahead of our launch!

Paladin is trusted by @traderjoe_xyz themselves, having worked with their MasterChef contract, making them an easy pick for us.

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1) Follow up on the recent thread where I've written a run-through the #CosmosEcosystem. Let's dive a little bit deeper into the history of @cosmos and where it all started.

This thread also covers @osmosiszone & @EvmosOrg.


2) Blockchain software architect Jae Kwon founded Tendermint in 2014 and created Tendermint Core, a blockchain engine that creates Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithms. Ethan Buchman went on to refine the Tendermint consensus algorithm that now powers #Cosmos.
3) The two Tendermint co-founders published the Cosmos white paper in 2016 under the name: A Network of Distributed Ledgers.
The ICO of the $ATOM token in 2017, was incredibly successful raising 16.8 Million USD.
Tendermint, one of the core contributors building…
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1) Why the #CosmosEcosystem? A run-through...🧵

$ATOM powers an ecosystem of blockchains designed to scale and interoperate with each other. The team aims to create an Internet of Blockchains, a network of blockchains able to communicate with each other in a decentralized way. Image
2) $JUNO is a Layer 1 platform built on top of Cosmos. It is a sovereign public blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem, which provides an environment for deploying interoperable smart contracts. To make a long story short, It's heaven for building decentralized applications.
3) $OSMO Osmosis is a decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain that people can use to create liquidity and trade #IBC enabled tokens. The Osmosis blockchain is made up of free, public, and open-source software.
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🚀 DeFi Growth Hacking 🚀
10 Steps To Increase Liquidity & Moon those Multiples

1/ Reward & encourage WASH TRADING
(树上开花 part 1)

Start off by paying all your users more wash-trading rewards than what they bleed out in trading fees:

e.g. Let ‘em buy at 40K, sell at 39.9K, get +0.2K rewards… buy at 40K, sell at 39.9K, get +0.2K rewards… Repeat.
When the masses catch on, now you switch up the game:
only half ur users gain more in rewards than they bleed.

By the next trading epoch the bottom half'll be competing tooth & nail trading even more to get to the top.

Sit back & watch ur `volume per user` count 📈📈
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Here we go #Coffeegang! The @Fortisoeconomia TLDR…

What a ride learning about $FOT has been! 🎢

*Sips Coffee*

Are you ready to add some #Airdrops into your morning Coffee? 🪂☕️

Let's go #Cosmonauts, into the Castle!🏰


1/22 ☕️🧵
🚨I’m going to be as real as I can be here, anything that you invest into this project EXPECT it to go to $0.00!

🚨That's as clear as I can get about the RISK FACTOR we are talking about here!

🚨I DO NOT think this is a scam project but it’s MEGA HIGH RISK!


🥄The task of the $FOT token is to reward the behavior of the participants of Fortis and other connected Ecosystems.

🥄$FOT is also the Governance token of the Fortis Ecosystem

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@SecretNetwork #Airdrop season is upon us, so lets go over all the airdrops that I know of on Secret Network.

A 🧵 to hopefully catch all of them & even get bonus airdrops....
1/ For groundfloor knowledge on acquiring & staking $scrt check my previous thread, where we dive into:
-Buying $scrt
-Staking $scrt and practices to optimizing airdrop chances.

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A dude just shared in a space that he’s quitting his stable 9-5 job…

Without #crypto trading experience, he’s taking family savings, and going full-time degen #nft flipping

I can’t tell em what to do.
But can share some tools that might help em get less REKT…

In no particular order.

Tracking n’ analytics : (solid)
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Good Day #Cosmonauts! The Wait is Over!

Your Thread for @oraichain is here!

*Sips Coffee*

And Yes, There Will Be #Airdrops!


1/x ☕️🧵

🥄Oraichain interconnects AI and Blockchain

🥄Services all major blockchains

🥄Uses both Optimism and Zk-rollups

🥄Verifiable and Trustless AI execution

🥄Decentralized Data and AI platform

🥄Standardized protocols for high applicability

Use Cases:

🥄Data Hub

🥄Oraichain AI Marketplace

🥄 AI - Yield Farming

🥄Face Authentication in Smart Contracts

🥄Authenticity checks on products and news

🥄Credit Score Checked Loans

🥄In Game Pricing for Blockchain Games

More to be developed

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- Overview of ALL upcoming & rumoured airdrops 🪂 (📸 & claim date)
- How to optimise wallet for airdrops?
- Resources to keep up-to-date w/ cosmos airdrops
- Links to best cosmos airdrop threads 🧵

If you found this, you probably already are an airdrop hunter. I'll start with the interesting stuff for the hunters. Then give you a collection of cosmos airdrop threads, resources for further study

Tl;dr: Serious students, keep reading till the end 🧵👇

More info on each below

(rumoured 🪂 after this section)
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Who doesn't enjoy #crypto #airdrops?

I know I don't mind! 🤑

Updates regarding the $CRAFT #Airdrop just for the #IBCGang 🎁

A game owned by the community, for the community.💯
The $Craft #Airdrop Everything You Need to Know!

The highly anticipated airdrop will coincide with the main launch of Craft Economy.

Will be a P2E economy server on Minecraft.🤯

Fairdrop Groups

The airdrop is dedicated to the delegators, validators, and community members
that have supported the start and development of Craft Economy and the wider Cosmos Ecosystem thus far.

This includes:

☑️ $Osmo Delegators
☑️ $Akash Delegators
☑️ $Atom Delegators
☑️ $Juno Delegators

Also :Current list of Relayers:
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