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I'm a 🤖 to help you read threads more easily. Reply to any tweet of a thread and mention me with the "unroll" keyword and I'll give you a link back 😀
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8 Jul
We just rolled out a brand new feature to automatically save your new PDF archives to Google Drive or Dropbox! You can now read your threads all stored nicely in your Google Drive or Dropbox folder, anytime!
Setting it up is super easy! Just connect our app with Google Drive and/or Dropbox on our website's "My Archives" page. After that, all the new PDF you create will automatically be uploaded to your folder!…
You can also use webhook on our site if you'd like to use other cloud services. We rolled this out first but it required many steps so it might have looked intimidating. The new way is so much simpler to set it up, we are archiving more PDFs ourselves! 😆
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26 Jun
We have new features on our site for authors who love writing Twitter threads!

1) Get PDF archives of all your own threads
2) Publish your threads to blog using Micropub

We are providing these for free to help authors spread their work!
1) Get PDF archives of all your own threads

In order to archive your own threads, please create a free account with us from the link below using Twitter login so we know which threads you authored.
After you login, you will be redirected to "My Threads" that lists the threads you unrolled, liked or bookmarked. You should also see a new tab "My Authored Threads" with all the threads that you authored. (if you don't see any, please go ahead and unroll!)
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30 Apr
Here's a fun feature we added on our site!

When people request us to unroll a thread, we reply with a link to the unroll. When you "like ♥️" that reply, that thread will be automatically added on "My Threads" on our website!
How does it work? First, create a FREE account with us (no need to sign up for Premium membership) and make sure you login using Twitter (or else we don't know if you liked something on Twitter!)
When you see a thread you want to unroll, check first if it's been unrolled already, then simply hit "like♥️" on our reply! Image
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18 Apr
Unfortunately, Twitter seems to be muting some of our unroll replies. For example many users may not see a reply for this tweet
But if you magically append ?s=20 to the twitter url, the reply appears Image
To get a quick unroll, you can always paste url of tweet thread into our search box at
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7 Apr
We now support Arabic, French and Japanese unroll requests! Instead of the word "unroll" use the following!

In Arabic, use the word "تنسيق"

In French, use the word "déroule"

In Japanese, use the word "まとめ”
We really like the word "unroll" as we think it's quite catchy (right?!) but we always wanted to support other languages to make it more relatable and easier for non-English speakers too!
So how does it work exactly? Let's use this thread as an example that was translated in 18 languages!…
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27 Jan
Did you know that you can "Retweet with a Comment" to unroll threads? This method could prevent redundant unroll replies and can be actually a better way to share fantastic threads right away with your followers.
Instead of clicking on the 🗨️Reply button, click on the ♻️Retweet button from any tweet of the thread.
Then select "✏️Retweet with comment"
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29 Dec 19
Some helpful users have detected that we are being deprioritized by Twitter today. This may be because of unusually high unroll requests. We are going to shutdown unroll requests for a couple of hours to see if this fixes anything. Thanks for your patience 🙏
Special shout out to @Moratel_Entles for not only helping "debug" this shadow ban but also helpfully alerting other users how to access the unrolls!
@Moratel_Entles We are turning back unrolls, but at a slower rate of reply; hopefully that will appease the Twitter gods!
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8 Jul 19
We are hearing feedback that some unroll requests are not being met. We are looking into this issue right now and have traced it down to Twitter not always sending us @ mentions programatically
Since it's sporadic it's hard to track down why... Please DM or email us if you are facing this problem. Some users have mentioned they think that they are shadow banned. So send us as much relevant details as you can
Rest assured, we want to state the obvious: Unrolls will always be free! You do *not* need to be a premium member for unroll requests. It's why we do what we do 🥰
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15 Jun 19
Looks like even though Twitter apologized for erroneously suspending us and restored our account, that suspension led to an automatic marking of our domain threadreaderapp dot com as spammy. This prevents us from tweeting the link to the unrolled request!
Hoping to get Twitter to fix this, but as you know Twitter is very hard to communicate *to*! Please let us know if you have ideas how we can attract @TwitterSupport 's attention
In the meantime, you can manually get the link to the unrolled thread to share on Facebook or email friends etc (just not on Twitter argh). Go to our homepage and paste the Twitter URL and hit "Find unroll." Read more on
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9 Jan 19
Several users have requested we prevent redundant unrolls for popular threads e.g. We want to help solve this!
But a big problem is Twitter shows different replies in different order for different users! Here is an example of how the replies looked different on two different accounts on the same thread!
So, we can't just show the first unroll and stop. But here's how we all can help:
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2 Nov 18
We are upgrading migrating a server right now. Should be pretty seamless but fingers crossed!
unrolls will delayed for the next few mins...
and we're rolling again! thanks for all the well wishes!
Any support is welcome see: 😘
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23 Oct 18
New to unrolling threads? Not sure how it works? You can practice here! Simply mention our name with the keyword "unroll" to any of the tweets in this thread so you can see how unrolling works!
What's a Twitter Thread anyway you ask? It's a series of Tweets by the same owner and looks like this (Dot line Dot line Dot line...)
Our bot 🤖 unrolls these Twitter threads in a blog format so it's easier to read the whole story without any noise! Pretty cool right?
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24 Jun 18
Today let's take some time to learn more how to use Thread Reader.
I've made a series of video tutorials for you.
Starting with the basics: How to unroll a Thread
Second important part of Thread Reader:
Login into your personalized account
Now you are in, let's see how to be a Premium member and access the Archive to PDF feature
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22 Jun 18
Thread Reader has a bug right now about subscriptions not updating your account page, also it is getting hard for some of you to connect too. It should be fixed quite soon (tomorrow hopefully)
A new version will be pushed online soon 🤞
hopefully it will fix most of your problems!
All Tests Passed
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20 Jun 18
Thread Reader will be down for maintenance this night at 10pm PST for about 1h. Thank you for your understanding!
Down in a few minutes, see you soon!
in progress ... database migration
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13 Jun 18
In a quest to crush a bug
not being so successful on this one...
found it!
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8 Jun 18
I need a little bit of time to get back on my feet, in about an hour everything should work as usual. I let the other @threadreaderap_ online a little for smoother transition. Meanwhile please support me
Also, I won't be able to go thought all the previous "unroll" mentions. Let's start fresh. Please re-ask the bot.
Thank you to everyone that supported #FreeThreadreaderapp
Many thanks to my users! 🙏
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17 May 18
Hello my dear users, I have a new "import your twitter archive" feature that I want to test, I'd need a few person that are interested to have all their threads unrolled on Thread Reader at once from their Twitter archive. Anyone interested?
Related Twitter documentation…
Also, if you are not premium, you get to be premium for the duration of the test (that could be up to a month)
I'll reach you by email, most likely the first 20 that should be enough for a good test session! Thank you for your participation :)
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7 Mar 18
Let's talk about Pricing and value:
Why isn't Thread Reader App free?
It is free! Thread Reader main service is and always will be free.
So why Thread Reader has Premium 💎 features?
You must know that Thread Reader is not a startup. It’s just one person @jrmgx working very hard to make it happen. Everyday I’m working on this project, doing marketing, support and development.
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22 Feb 18
Thread Reader service is still very limited, I did not find a viable solution yet, the bot is running on my personal computer right now (that is my trick). Please support.
So it is going to be offline for 30 minutes or so, time of my commute to work 😀
See you in a bit: bot is offline now
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22 Feb 18
Twitter is having issues on its API right now, the bot will be back soon.
Sorry Twitter still have some issues, the bot is back but could throw some error to you, if it is the case just retry in a few minutes. It should be better in an hour or so.
It is such a pain to be dependant of an external platform...
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